How Oldschool ROM Cartridge Games Worked

11 sep 2016
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In this episode I take a look at how ROM cartridge games worked, what their advantages and disadvantages were.

  • these guys got a retropie. i'm almost sure. xd

    Arianna ArianninaArianna Ariannina2 dagar sedan
  • Mr meekseeks brought me here. I need dat shirt

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  • There's something about cartridges that I like. My first console was ColecoVision - maybe that's the reason....

    burterikssonburteriksson3 dagar sedan
  • We really need cartridge games back. Those things looked fun and probably feel fun too, despite me never owning a nes, sega genesis, or atari, but I have played these pixal like games before, and they are fun. Nowdays we have cgi, 3d graphics, smooth animations, things that really sucked the fun out of video games. I'm not saying modern games suck, they're fun too. But they just don't feel the same, what happened to simple stuff like mario saving the princess, beating your friends in a bike race, or climbing a icy mountain just to get that damn eggplant from the flying teradactul. Now we have things like choose your own story, build your own world, get thing from bad guy before world ends, video games are good nowdays, but no cgi, enhanced graphic, story built, cd will ever beat the magic of a simple, straight to the point, pixalated cartridge. #bringcartsback

    Gavin BarnettGavin Barnett5 dagar sedan
  • what about the atari 2600

    Dougie FuocoDougie Fuoco6 dagar sedan
  • Use a pencil eraser to clean the great and it's fast.

    TravisTravis7 dagar sedan
  • Who here doesn't even have a gameboy? Oh just me

    Ever ElectraEver Electra8 dagar sedan
  • sega genisis cartridges had some odd forms.

    Sheila olfieWaySheila olfieWay8 dagar sedan
  • whats that music at the end?

    AvehandvidsAvehandvids8 dagar sedan
  • I always wanted to know how the actual game code was installed into a cartridge to run. Would you please make a video about that? Thanks in advance. :D

    Carlo 5McCarlo 5Mc10 dagar sedan
    • There is a algorythm that checks to see if the code matched the many codes the algorythm can execute. With understanding of this algorythm, you can get any code possible.

      SharkBreadSharkBread9 dagar sedan
  • i used to copy my TRS80 coco 2 cartridges on tape by simply putting a piece of tape on pin0 of the cartridge, which had the effect to not launch the cartridge program but the BASIC interpreter. With some Basic+assembler code i was able to put cartridge content on tape, and also read it back for loading it into the 32k RAM which was at the same memory space of the cartridge.

    Louis CroisezLouis Croisez10 dagar sedan
  • why are the plastic carts bigger than the actual game circuitry?

    Autistic GingerAutistic Ginger10 dagar sedan
  • Magnavox Odyssey 2 from my childhood before the NES came out?

    MM11 dagar sedan
  • Right cartridge if anyone is curious:

    AngeLeo CorroDeadAngeLeo CorroDead15 dagar sedan
  • "Game Systems as new as the Nintendo 64" Have to back-edit that, because the Nintendo Switch still uses ROM cartridges when it was released in 2017.

    GreyWolfLeaderTWGreyWolfLeaderTW16 dagar sedan
  • I like dicheads who still think about the past technology and collect them

    Priyanshu ChoudharyPriyanshu Choudhary16 dagar sedan
  • My first video game console was disc-based. Because it was the original PlayStation!

    Jasmine JohnstonJasmine Johnston19 dagar sedan
  • Quality content!

    Max MustermannMax Mustermann21 dag sedan
  • 10:59 no it isnt, that is the twin famicon

    Edward BrocklesbyEdward Brocklesby21 dag sedan
  • Well i don't actually know how but we still have home a old Atari. It's fantastic

    Moonlover 55Moonlover 5524 dagar sedan
  • it's not ram? rom ram are in computers and are normaly fixed. it's basis of computers. There were rom probably in cadridges too.

    Pierre LucasPierre Lucas27 dagar sedan
  • The durability of the cartridge witness that it will reign supreme long after the rot has eaten all the CDs and those disks been demagnetized. All hail the cartridge!

    HighwindHighwindMånad sedan
  • I absolutely do not care, this is absolutely useless information and I loved every second of it..

    karlwashere123karlwashere123Månad sedan
  • Wait - aren't certain BIOS on ROM today? I guess it's battery assisted RAM since you can write to most of it and update it but I thought modern PCs still had some ROM on board... I need to delve into UEFI BIOS specifics a bit more lol.

    ManjushriManjushriMånad sedan
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  • 12:50, I never thought that my country did somehow made/manufacture a sound chip

    Elly VElly VMånad sedan
  • 13:00 sounds like nin the perfect drug right before the drum solo kicks in.

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  • Do you have friends

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  • Once tried sending Ultima 3 through 2400 baud modem to my VIC 20 cassette tape. True story and yeah, it didn't work...

    Jason McAllisterJason McAllisterMånad sedan

    I'm sucotikI'm sucotikMånad sedan
  • New Nintendo 2DS XL Would Be The Actual Latest Console Using Cartridges, Cause The Nintendo Switch Looks To Be Using SD Cards.

    ThundersnowThundersnowMånad sedan
  • both of you guys are so cool

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  • Pro Tip: the best way to clean the contacts in your cartridges is to use a simple pencil eraser. Just rub it up and down until the contact is shiny again.

    Byron JonesByron JonesMånad sedan
  • What kinda famicom is that mate

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  • Good old old school. Yep, I remember way back in time when I used the old school approach to self discover the Einstein Special Relativity(SR) phenomena, and to independently derive the SR mathematical equations. I have no idea how they do that these days. Come to think of it, I have not heard of anyone doing it these days. Ah yes, the good old days, back when my brother skipped a grade, but I was even smarter than him and so I skipped the entire university.

  • I think droplets of spit gets on the contacts when blown.

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  • 10:10 is that a scar?

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  • obsolege geeg have twin fonicon realese by sharp

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  • onko se suomalainen kanava?

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  • but there gold tips ... mix with other metals.

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  • I watched *Hi Score* in Netflix, and can understand much more this episode. Super FX chip maker appeared in *Hi Score*.

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  • 4:10 Game question: "How high can you get?" Snoop Dogg: there is a limit?

    J.P.J.P.2 månader sedan
    • Willie Nelson: "Nah, man. There's no limit."

      Andrew WallaceAndrew WallaceMånad sedan
  • The BBC micro had an internal ROM socket you just plopped a chip in, none of this fancy pants cartridge business. Quite a lot of software, especially productivity stuff was distributed on a chip.

    meetoo594meetoo5942 månader sedan
  • My brother bought a VIC 20, and it disappointed me because I wanted the 64. However, I did come to love the VIC through typing game code from Compute's Gazette magazines into the computer.

    Bernhard WallBernhard Wall2 månader sedan
  • 0:35: ...and even game systems as new as the Nintendo 64. 3DS and Switch: *i'm going to pretend you didn't say that.*

    RadoMiamiRadoMiami2 månader sedan
    • This is about ROM carts. Carts used on things like the 3DS or Switch act more like SD cards, which is why they actually do have loading times instead of instant loading.

      Pepperoni SecretPepperoni Secret2 månader sedan
  • Back to my childhood.

    MarkMark2 månader sedan
  • No one wanted to make backups... we wanted to make copies to and from our friends. In Brazil there was companies like Blockbuster except that it rented Atari cartridges... I started early as an electronics technician and assembler programmer. We pretty soon came with a little spiffy hardware (really, just a connector and cable to plug on a computer bus) and the software to read the cartridges into a Z80 microcomputer and save the memory location to a diskette. Since most of the games at the time were two or four kbs, we could save dozes of games on simple diskette. I then made a cartridge with a ZIF socket where I could then erase and reprogram an EPROM and have "my own library". Fun times....

    AllbbrzAllbbrz2 månader sedan
  • When was the moment when computers and game consoles really separated.

    Bouslama KarimBouslama Karim2 månader sedan
    • 1995 with the release of win95 imo lol

      maffmaffMånad sedan
  • What is the music at the ending?

    Immortal HunterImmortal Hunter2 månader sedan
  • My first computer was the Tandy Color Computer which also took cartridges. I think I tried the same trick as you did, but I learnt quickly that the program was stored on the cartridge and not the computer itself. Best computer ever - I learnt so much on it.

    Apples AnonymousApples Anonymous2 månader sedan
  • cool answer key ball blazer game

    Tomy PowerTomy Power2 månader sedan
  • I was this old when I learned the speak and spell had ROMs that my parents were too cheap to buy....

    Michael BermanMichael Berman2 månader sedan
  • 4:10 r/theyknew

    grovermaticgrovermatic2 månader sedan
  • Pokey chip was made in the Philippines. interesting.

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  • 16kb or RAM! SPONGEBOB ARE YOU MAD!? (~°O°)~

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  • Cool. Sehr gut erklärt. Ein gutes Video.

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  • Holy Frick, so this is how PCI was born.

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  • El titulo esta en español, pero la voz en ingles, podias subir el video en español.

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  • 2:47 ah yes, downloading more RAM in the 90s

    Werty 980Werty 9803 månader sedan
  • the right slot i guess is like dlc. or maybe an area for an extra cart like ram extension, both for basic. and during play for games that might require it. or could offer something more

    kilgarraghkilgarragh3 månader sedan
  • so, at 12:10 You are telling me that there is a BATTERY inside my precious old cartdrige ? ( I think long dead, by now....)

    Richard SorgeRichard Sorge3 månader sedan
  • 2:44 Wow! Totally not a 16K RAM Cartridge!

    Saud TahirSaud Tahir3 månader sedan
  • Does anyone know the name of the game in 5:21?

    Kenneth VelaKenneth Vela3 månader sedan
  • 1k people accidentally clicked dislike

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  • Star Raiders FTW! Nice to see some coverage of the Atari home computers

    dauchandedauchande3 månader sedan

    Ian ProductionsIan Productions3 månader sedan
  • I found a bunch of my dads old cassette(reel to reel just like with 80s and 90s music) games looking for nes games the other day. I also found a few cassette deck but I have no idea what systems they are, if they work, and I don't have the nostalgia required to find the patience to try and load one. I used to always play pitfall 2 but never really got anywhere. same with ghostbusters c64

    neononeneonone3 månader sedan
  • Just a thought, even though it is never recommended to insert a cartridge while the machine is running, your idea of ripping the cartridge to disk I guess should be possible if you first write an assembly program that puts the computer in a ready to save state with a custom saver (and for replay a custom loader). Switch out the basic and halt the kernal interrupts. Insert the cartridge then press a key like 'S' to save. Then, providing the vic20 had any ram expansion that mapped the ram with the 8kb size at the same area that the cartridge rom was mapped I suppose the custom loader could load the saved rom image into ram and jump to it. It would of course need the same constrained environment that switches out any basic or kernal functionality running.

    Lars WadefalkLars Wadefalk3 månader sedan
  • Not 8-but, but I’d love to hear about the cartridge slot of the Atari ST.

    Carl JacksonCarl Jackson4 månader sedan
  • ...8:54... Always blow before use.. Always. Standard procedure :D

    TeemunatorTeemunator4 månader sedan
  • The atari 6500 has 128 bytes of ram then how it supports 4kb games or does the 6500 has rom in the system

    TechMaxTechMax4 månader sedan
  • Im watching this with my 4 gb ram mobile..... Saying my mobile have very small ammount of ram.....

    Pavan p 4HG19CSO28Pavan p 4HG19CSO284 månader sedan
  • Thank you for helping me understand how old and retro stuff works! Me: *Get this man 100 million subscribers*

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  • I love cartridges to but wow neo geo big cartridge lol

    Sexy Peaches Retro Collector games vhs fashionSexy Peaches Retro Collector games vhs fashion4 månader sedan
  • The Amstrad CPC classic was the same as Apple ][ ---> The expension port would had allow it to have cartridges-based game, but they simply didn't do it, maybe because it was supposed to be a cheap computer line so the game themselves may had been cheap too. (Note that they reverse it on CPC PLUS line, which have his specific games on cartridge while fully k7/floppy compatible with CPC classic line)

    David 'Rahow' KaminskiDavid 'Rahow' Kaminski4 månader sedan
  • So basically, you can run a code in RAM which copys the ROM and writes it to tape

    Jakiki6Jakiki64 månader sedan
  • 12:49 I didn't ever know that the Philippines created chips for Atari Cartridges...

    Christopher RagaChristopher Raga4 månader sedan
    • When I first time opened my Atari 800xl, I was very surprised, that most of the chips were labeled Made in Philippines. So I discovered, that world is small, and no more white places on maps of technology are there ;)

      Zbyněk ČápZbyněk Čáp4 månader sedan
  • SUCH A PITY! It would be so awesome to have acces to all that Internet knowledge when we was kids. It would be mind blowing...

    Jacek-JanJacek-Jan4 månader sedan
  • There was one memorable example of a right-side cartridge for the Atari 800, called the Monkey Wrench. This added a set of extensions to the Atari 8-bit BASIC and also had tools for assembly work. Also notable is the protective door on Atari first party cartridges. This was unique because Atari patented the design, which largely avoided problems with the contacts. Nintendo's solution was to have plastic covers packed with the games for protecting the edge connector when not in use but they later dropped it as a cost cutting measure.

    epobirsepobirs4 månader sedan
  • Weird talking about cartridges and not mentioning MSX systems...

    AstrolabioAstrolabio4 månader sedan
  • While the Aladdin Deck Enhancer tried to make NES games cheaper by having all of the bank switching and other important chips in the deck enhancer while the smaller cartridges for it would have nothing but ROM chips in them so it would be cheaper to mass produce them but Camerica went out of business just before the Deck Enhancer was released so it was never officially released but got onto the internet through bankruptcy liquidators and old stockpile batches of abandoned stock being discovered more recently! So it could of been possible for all of the bank switching to be handed by dedicated hardware within the system so manufacturing and overall costs of cartridges could be significantly reduced! :)

    Techno UniversalTechno Universal4 månader sedan
  • Hi nice video dude!

    William ClarkWilliam Clark4 månader sedan
  • 5:32 what is the name of the game? I loved that game but don't remember the name.

    Daniel PamboukianDaniel Pamboukian4 månader sedan
    • Ghosts 'N Goblins for the C64

      Jake BohrJake Bohr4 månader sedan
  • Hi why computers arent in keyboards like commodore ?

    Gabriel HynekGabriel Hynek5 månader sedan
  • 9:36 - an eraser is much simpler

    szt1980szt19805 månader sedan
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    Elisa LoveElisa Love5 månader sedan
  • Licking the contacts works.

    TheJimKingReport☑TheJimKingReport☑5 månader sedan
  • 9:04 it does work, I've had to do that quite often for my SNES games. merely removing and re-inserting them doesn't work.

    TheZombiesAreComingTheZombiesAreComing5 månader sedan
  • I tried an emulation of the Ghostbusters game and it was incomprehensible to me.

    scotty1timescotty1time5 månader sedan
  • 10:10 can tcacacac contain

    TailstheFox92TailstheFox925 månader sedan
  • I always thought it was weird that different carts can be different weights while working for the same system.

    Keegan ReevesKeegan Reeves5 månader sedan
  • There you are McLovin

    Joshua LynamJoshua Lynam5 månader sedan
  • 04:11 yes

    José IslanioJosé Islanio5 månader sedan
  • You look like Bruce Willis :)

    Mateusz KozeraMateusz Kozera5 månader sedan
  • 0:36 what about the switch or 3ds

    Vince the DevVince the Dev5 månader sedan
    • The "game cards" for the DS/3DS/Switch are not actually ROM cartridges, but rather flash storage. Data has to get loaded into RAM first, it's not directly mapped into address space like a real ROM cartridge. The GBA was the last Nintendo system to use real ROM.

      Jeremy LeviJeremy Levi5 månader sedan
  • My parents had a Casio with a ROM expansion port but we didn’t have any additional cards, boy was that an enigma to my young brain. Trying to imagine what that did and how it worked, getting a glimpse into a labyrinth dimension of almost inconceivable complexity. it’s that mysterious enigma that attracts us to electronics for life.

    Paul AbbeyPaul Abbey5 månader sedan
  • The reason blowing in the cartridge works is because it introduces moisture onto the contacts, which helps to establish a better connection somehow. I found this out because I used to breathe into it like a kid breathing on a window to fog it up, and it would work almost without fail. Blowing instead of breathing worked somewhat, but only if I put it in quickly afterwards.

    Leviathan MistLeviathan Mist5 månader sedan

    Gavyn FranklinGavyn Franklin6 månader sedan
  • 5:42 hum... it looks like something I know..

    Scuud52Scuud526 månader sedan
  • So we technically make an NES cartridge that has a quite modern GPU to do the rendering and only use the onboard PPU to write to the screen buffer and have really high-quality 3d games, and with bank switching, we can have maybe gigabytes of rom. Someone needs to make an assassin's creed 2 NES port.

    LazieKatLazieKat6 månader sedan