Tiny Stray Kitten Follows Guy Home And Never Leaves | The Dodo Soulmates

22 nov 2020
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Jo was out walking his dog when he found a tiny kitten who needed his help, and they've been inseparable ever since!
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  • "I really became his mom" Captions: *Leo's Dad*

    Koen BerendsKoen BerendsTimme sedan
  • I loved this Someone told me I have to many cats I have 2 Me: "this is not enough cats I want more" ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Luna_chan editzLuna_chan editzTimme sedan
  • The fact that this kitten taught a grown man to love himself just makes me so unconditionally happy.

    jance sparrowjance sparrow4 timmar sedan
  • This kinda reminds me of chi’s sweet home

    ree reeree ree5 timmar sedan
  • 1:40 Leo: *lemme touch it dad*

    Monkey BoiMonkey Boi5 timmar sedan
  • Aww

    Jeramie BenderJeramie Bender7 timmar sedan
  • jo: this kitten is my emotional support animal the dog: am i a joke to you?

    thegameruwacht hthegameruwacht h8 timmar sedan
  • I used to have 2 max and surina but surina ran away never saw her again and max died😭🤧

    Leeland FugateLeeland Fugate21 timme sedan
    • I poison max and kidnap surina haha

      Jason ChenJason Chen15 timmar sedan
  • 0:40 but curiosity killed the cat

    Trenty22Trenty22Dag sedan
  • Adorable fur baby,for an adorable(and very hot) man.😍

    Jessica GrossJessica GrossDag sedan
  • “The people at the gym were pumped.” Honestly that’s so adorable, just a bunch of buff dudes petting a kitten

    PepperTheDemonPepperTheDemonDag sedan
  • Some would say that you saved him that day. I say that he was sent to save you...the Great Goddess Bastet gave you a gift, Blessing you Once..may She Bless you always....

    LucianCorrvinous Son of HekatéLucianCorrvinous Son of HekatéDag sedan
  • there is just something about a big strong guy in a gym gently holding a baby kitten that warms my heart

    Elaine IrwinElaine IrwinDag sedan
  • depression:exist Leo:it free real eastate

    hady asryhady asryDag sedan
  • That is just so precious!

    Yol Riin LaskYol Riin LaskDag sedan
  • hear me out, kittens in the gym... I'd go everyday!

    Ane CalvoAne CalvoDag sedan
  • Me : i will not tear up Leo : i'll ruin this girls plans and make her heart melt with my meows😾

    Mary AckermanMary AckermanDag sedan
  • Now that’s my kinda cat

    Kristin StearsKristin StearsDag sedan
  • That's the sweetest. I had a similar experience with finding my first Scottish cat. Now I have four. Oops! lol.

    Linda MaddocksLinda MaddocksDag sedan
  • I'd take him to the gym, took him to work. Took him on walks. Taught him how to balance business expenses on my laptop.....

    gwg5640gwg5640Dag sedan
  • So what happened to the dog hM

    AthenaAthenaDag sedan
  • Me: what happened to the dog-?

    Felix SabadoFelix Sabado2 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact: When a cat hug your leg it means it's grateful of what you gave to him/her

    PogPog2 dagar sedan
  • I wish i were leo

    Alan knAlan kn2 dagar sedan
  • He looks like my cat so funny cute kind he's just like a cat of mine named spanky

    Monica PalmerMonica Palmer2 dagar sedan
  • Awww

    Audrey MccreaAudrey Mccrea2 dagar sedan
  • This is really cute but what happened to his dog?

    Official RodriguezOfficial Rodriguez2 dagar sedan
  • gym rat meets gym cat

    sliddjursliddjur3 dagar sedan

    Celia ZerroukCelia Zerrouk3 dagar sedan
  • His dog: 😑

    jacerr.jacerr.3 dagar sedan
  • Leo is better than any wife (Joke)

    Safvet KilicSafvet Kilic3 dagar sedan
  • Is the cutest thing I saw

    Gacha_Hoodie GeminiGacha_Hoodie Gemini3 dagar sedan
  • Oh my God I simply love the relationship between the two of you. He is flipping fantastic. You're both fantastic. So glad you've shared

    BBBB3 dagar sedan
  • Cats never follow me home, puppers never show up at my door...what is wrong with me🥺🥺🥺😷🇨🇦

    Margot GullifordMargot Gulliford3 dagar sedan
  • God whu u depressed God a minute idea I shall send this heavenly kitty to cure ur depression

    Harry HanslipHarry Hanslip4 dagar sedan
  • Awww this soooo cuteeeeee

    Harry HanslipHarry Hanslip4 dagar sedan
  • We all hope that he hasn't forgotten to clear up that search history 1:13🤣 from the laptop!

    Ebrahim BongerEbrahim Bonger4 dagar sedan
  • Awh man i need a kitten in my life too. He is soo cute !!!

    CooperCooper4 dagar sedan
  • It speaks to a person's character that they can admit they're in distress. And to credit their pet/fur baby in being a part of their healing, is even more indicative of who they are: a genuinely caring person.

    lovelosesloveloses4 dagar sedan
  • Cat-Dog 😯

    Anthony LimAnthony Lim4 dagar sedan
  • 1:11 Pro cat move

    Noelle And RyanNoelle And Ryan4 dagar sedan
  • My friends hate kittens they say dogs are the best and kittens suck? I showed her this video and she became quiet.

    Aisha MohamedAisha Mohamed4 dagar sedan
  • Shortest motivational speech: *mew!*

    Vital RicecakesVital Ricecakes5 dagar sedan
  • Bruh thats not a two week old kitten

    Vital RicecakesVital Ricecakes5 dagar sedan
  • Jo:This cat change my life The dog:Am I still a good boy?🥺

    CoreVintageCoreVintage5 dagar sedan
  • I wish my cat was like that 🥺 she hates me, but I love her...a bit. It’s a love hate relationship lol

    _GAMERAZING __GAMERAZING _5 dagar sedan
  • Animals are the best thing in this world. Leo is very cute!

    eupia eupiaeupia eupia5 dagar sedan
  • Omg! You’re soooo 🍀❤️

    Joe ShmoJoe Shmo5 dagar sedan
  • My goodness, he grew into a very handsome fellow!

    Roger LuedeckeRoger Luedecke5 dagar sedan
  • awww

    - Arctic Fox -- Arctic Fox -5 dagar sedan
  • aw.

    kay kaykay kay5 dagar sedan
  • 0:47 his ears are flapping as he’s eating PLZ🥰🥺😭

    Limited HappinessLimited Happiness6 dagar sedan
  • Why are these ppl finding stray kittens who actually wanna approach them??? I wish I could find more here

    28 Stab Wounds28 Stab Wounds6 dagar sedan
  • Andrew Yang

    Lynx VetementLynx Vetement6 dagar sedan
  • me:"watching this video with my cat" my cat:"DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT- I AM NOT GOING OUTSIDE!"

    ꧁DearCheshireKitten꧂꧁DearCheshireKitten꧂6 dagar sedan
  • Ahhhhhhhhhh too... Much ahhhhhhhhhhhhgh too cuteness ahhhhhhhh

    Mohamed FarhanMohamed Farhan6 dagar sedan
  • There's something of the duality of a man who goes to the gym with a kitten that's so great to me

    Tanya MusasiwaTanya Musasiwa6 dagar sedan
  • Okay I don't know why 500 some people gave this video a thumbs down really? I think it's great what a super guy to take care of a little stray kitten. That is character that is love and how many guys would do that not a lot so you know what you're amazing. And what a sweet little fur baby oh my God he goes everywhere on the leash that's great. And I love that you guys work out together that is way cool❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😊😊😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍👍👍🐱🐱🐱🐱

    Indigo WolfIndigo Wolf6 dagar sedan
  • 😺😸😻💕your cat is gorgeous 😍

    Evelyne RobinsonEvelyne Robinson6 dagar sedan
  • I thought he said I came home with about 300,550 dollars worth of stuff and I was like :O

    Nighttime RobloxNighttime Roblox7 dagar sedan
  • So what happen to his dog?

    CEO ATiana AmberCEO ATiana Amber7 dagar sedan
  • 👉🏽👈🏽 the cuteness almost made my brain pip

    Satanic SquashSatanic Squash7 dagar sedan
  • This was a lovely video.

    Luminya MLuminya M7 dagar sedan
  • Absolute Chad I'm talking about the kitten btw

    Eren SenpaiEren Senpai7 dagar sedan
  • 300-500$ in stuff for a cat

    Soul Of CinderSoul Of Cinder7 dagar sedan
  • Doggy couldn’t give enough love, he needed someone else, doggy found kitten and they work together to make him happy and step out of the depression state and be loved by pets

    Lazy Potato_playzLazy Potato_playz7 dagar sedan
  • People : Get into a real tough moment in their life Random cat : My time has come

    Mélissa MontarouxMélissa Montaroux7 dagar sedan
  • Good stuff

    Logan LandrumLogan Landrum7 dagar sedan
  • hes a gmer

    Kyle VelentisKyle Velentis8 dagar sedan
  • That is the cutest little kitten

    GrabYoPopcornGrabYoPopcorn8 dagar sedan
  • Evander Kane

    Gigi BartchGigi Bartch8 dagar sedan

    tahani ashgartahani ashgar8 dagar sedan
  • I was playing with my bestie and they same happend with me but it was not a kitten it was a pup and now it gave babies and he after few years died i miss my mia i hope she is in heaven

    Crystal PlayzCrystal Playz8 dagar sedan
  • Boss: hey, what is that? no stuff on the Meeting! Cat: mew Boss: understandable, have a nice day

    ExuExu8 dagar sedan
  • Time to throw my egostic girlfriend to nearby dustbin and buy a cat !

    Hrishikes S LalHrishikes S Lal8 dagar sedan
  • he looks like the camera guy at LTT

    dualKeyboarddualKeyboard8 dagar sedan
  • Men and kittens. Who can resist?

    Victoire Gerkens SanbornVictoire Gerkens Sanborn8 dagar sedan
  • God will bless me with a cat or rabbit. The dodo is making it hard😮😮✨🙏🏽

    1L0NEL0VE CLUB1L0NEL0VE CLUB9 dagar sedan
  • Gym boss:no animals aloud. Kitty:meow. Gym boss: on second thoughts 🐻🐹🐰🐥

    Silvija GorelaSilvija Gorela9 dagar sedan
  • His dog: 👁👄👁

    Narezj15Narezj159 dagar sedan
  • 1:12 I Know Why The Cat Was Playing On The Laptop He Was Trying To Open EpicGamesLauncher To Play Fortnite

    Itz_NoahItz_Noah9 dagar sedan
  • Awwwwww

    baoyuan gaobaoyuan gao9 dagar sedan
  • Jo: Leo became my emotional support animal. Jo's Dog: Really, Dude?

    Marc StridironMarc Stridiron9 dagar sedan
  • Everyone forgot about the doggo about 30 seconds in the vid

    Merima's MangaMerima's Manga10 dagar sedan
  • Hm

    {Distorted}{Distorted}10 dagar sedan
  • Why don't people realize that animals I the best thing for your soul and yet people just toss them aside like garbage

    Ursula MullikinUrsula Mullikin10 dagar sedan
  • Men with cats are something else

    Chloe GowerChloe Gower10 dagar sedan
  • Meanwhile the dog is just like: 👽

    Angelo SteinbachAngelo Steinbach10 dagar sedan
  • Animals are the best medicine

    Michelle StewartMichelle Stewart10 dagar sedan
  • All animals are babies at heart

    Ahjahli Lula AmadeusAhjahli Lula Amadeus10 dagar sedan
  • The fact he keeps saying “was” is making me feel worried

    BizawgooloopbopbopBizawgooloopbopbop10 dagar sedan
  • who put wasabi in my eyes and why are things so blurry

    hamsnerdhamsnerd10 dagar sedan

    hamsnerdhamsnerd10 dagar sedan
  • You save a cat; a cat saves you - happens all the time. Congratulations on being rescued by the right kitten

    Maria G.Maria G.10 dagar sedan
  • This proves that not all cats are selfish. I love it.

    Ruby CatRuby Cat10 dagar sedan
  • Kiss kiss time :) 1:35

    Sara AmraniSara Amrani11 dagar sedan
  • OMG I love this story! 💖 God sent you each other when you both needed it most 😻😇 I wish you lots of fun and happiness together! 😊

    Donna MorganDonna Morgan11 dagar sedan
  • Meanwhile My cat when i try to touch my cat always bite me yells at me Yaa 🙁

    Sakshi BangtanSakshi Bangtan11 dagar sedan
  • protect this dude at all costs

    Fareez FauziFareez Fauzi11 dagar sedan
  • I cried having to hear about Jo with low self-esteem and depression, because I happen to have this problem to. There was a quote that represented me: "The reason I stay positive is because I lie, and I can't escape it because the more I do it, the more I can't resist," or something like that. God, I really want a cat as similar as Leo.

    Eugene JacobEugene Jacob11 dagar sedan