The Legend of Technoblade - King of Minecraft

4 okt 2020
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The Legend of Technoblade - King of Minecraft. In this hour long documentary I give an overview of the complete story of Minecraft legend and SEworldr Technoblade. I will cover everything from the MrBeast $100K Dream VS Technoblade duel, to Minecraft Championship, SMP Earth, Minecraft Monday, The Great Potato War, Minecraft Ultimate and even the Bedwars Winstreak World Record!! This Minecraft Documentary is the first in a line of new content I want to post. I’m very excited to test the boundaries with each and every upload!! Make sure you are subscribed for more content of this quality. Let me know your favorite part in the comments!!
Big thanks to my sister Kaiya and friend Konner for helping with sections of the script!!
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Intro: (00:00)
The Origin of Techno: (00:36)
Hardcore With a Steering Wheel: (02:54)
Bedwars Winstreak Record: (03:51)
Minecraft Monday: (08:05)
Hypixel Skyblock: (16:22)
The Great Potato War: (17:46)
SMP Earth: (24:13)
Minecraft Championship 1-4: (27:51)
Dream Rivalry Begins: (34:57)
Dream VS Techno MCC: (36:40)
Minecraft Ultimate: (43:09)
Final Events Set in Motion: (46:05)
Dream and Techno MCC: (47:00)
100K Duel Announced: (52:16)
Dream VS Techno Duel: (54:16)
The End: (58:32)
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  • Legend of Dream Part 1 is out!! Go check my channel to watch it!!

    EvanMCGamingEvanMCGaming2 månader sedan
    • Millions OF skyblock coins, not In, as that implies cash to coins, which would be incorrect, but also fucking insane

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    • Your content is f-ing amazing! Slamming that sub button!

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    • Part 2 for techno in the dream smp

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    • @Zyndy sssssssssßdßz

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    • POGGERS!

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  • The halo music made it that much better...

    Kevin ChoKevin Cho29 minuter sedan
  • Let me get 1 thing straight. Techno isn't best an average potpvper could destroy techno and ppl who say techno/dream clutches good. And no they don't clutch very well. There are many people that can do 37 blocl clutch. And techno is like top 10k i can beat him :)

    VilmaniVilmani44 minuter sedan
  • bbh made one majir mistaje in biding on dream HE BID POTATOES!!!

    Tiger 887Tiger 887Timme sedan
  • "IBallisticsquid has some previous minecraft experince" Bro.....he literally made the childhood of so many kids in 2013 with minecraft

    emanuel5867emanuel5867Timme sedan

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  • Dream and techno are like those 2 football tryhards in school pe

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  • Evan did I make ur day cuz I subscribed :)

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  • The guy is 21 and he has done all of this, and this is with out talking about the 1 v 30 on dream smp

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  • Ok look, you can call me a Dream Stan but because techno won the duel that doesn’t mean he’s the best minecraft player. That means that he is the best pvper in minecraft. Can techno speed run? No he can’t. Call me a dream Stan all you want but in my opinion dream is better at everything else.

    Cre3paCre3pa7 timmar sedan
  • I just watched an hour of content on a pig man... no regrets 😏

    Peanut_Butter &_JellyPiePeanut_Butter &_JellyPie8 timmar sedan
  • bruh techno is so better lol

    Xiaotian (Carlos) MaXiaotian (Carlos) Ma8 timmar sedan
  • Dream : Nothing is more fun then winning Technoblade : More pressure, more power

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  • Love this new style of content! VERY NICE

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  • 27:00 don't mind meee jsut a time stamp for where I left off at

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  • Lol 20:42 look at alex338 his skin is dream

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  • Wtf Dream simps Techno 20:45

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  • did you just played hexagon force as bgm near the end XD

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    • seriously tho, epic vid man, techno never dies

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  • 53:48 dude thinking he would 8-2 🥶

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  • The amount of information i've gotten in only 25 minuets is cazy.

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  • Wow. He beat dream. Chalanging him to a fight now is basicly suicide.

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  • 25:28 one man will threaten it all.... shows tommy brandishing and breaking a keyboard lol

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  • 0118

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  • bedwars still better

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  • -PewDiePie and even MrBeast

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  • mans got twitch affiliate in a month smh

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  • 21:00

    Lyla zLyla zDag sedan

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  • :0000000000000000000000000

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  • when i saw technoblade win i remember screaming my butt off and my cousin just screaming too

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  • Lol do you use I movie?

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  • I watched to whole movie lol I did not even skip

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  • 6:22 that person must've confused as hell

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  • Techno bested his dream

    Lorrence LlesolLorrence LlesolDag sedan
  • Yep true mister beast fashion. Haha

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  • to be fair I still think both Dream and Techno are the greatest players but Techno is just better in the previous versions and Dream is better in the later versions

    owen lionelowen lionelDag sedan
  • I don’t think that techno blade is 100% better player if you take into consideration the dream does more speed running and techno blade is a bed wars in PVP player you can tell that the Comparison isn’t completely correct dream tries to beat the game techno tries to play PVP so it’s not a huge shocker that techno is a better PV play player but if you had them go up in a speed run my guess is dream would win

    Jake HershkovitzJake HershkovitzDag sedan
    • Your dream cheat his luck by 1/10 million

      SkySky15 timmar sedan
  • Dream is still better

    bruh momentbruh momentDag sedan
    • Both are good

      Saguria SynoSaguria Syno2 timmar sedan
    • L

      MemeistMemeist15 timmar sedan
    • Techno beat dream get over it stan

      MemeistMemeist15 timmar sedan
    • bruh moment agree

      Влад НемановВлад НемановDag sedan
    • dream stan

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  • how is schlatt there???

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  • and I LOVE THE SMP

  • this was a very good vid and sry for my grammer:cuz im 9

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    SwarmGaming TDSwarmGaming TDDag sedan
  • Minecraft just became the most unexpected anime series.

    DerekshonDerekshonDag sedan
  • You could do one with tommyinnit

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  • When you realize technoblade is the creator of Minecraft

    Roblox HighskyRoblox Highsky2 dagar sedan
  • He is not the king. He is only good at PvP. Loo for someon ewho is good at building, Redstone/Technical MC, AND PvP

    SleepySleepy2 dagar sedan
    • @Sleepy ok

      Asriel KujoAsriel Kujo2 dagar sedan
    • @Asriel Kujo I never said Dream was the best Minecraft player lol

      SleepySleepy2 dagar sedan
    • @Sleepy i dunno name one good build dream ever did lmao

      Asriel KujoAsriel Kujo2 dagar sedan
    • @Asriel Kujo Name one good build he's done

      SleepySleepy2 dagar sedan
    • true, but he is the number 1 in pvp, and also a good builder

      Asriel KujoAsriel Kujo2 dagar sedan
  • insane

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  • I turned 10 when he got 1mil subs

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  • When i watch rn 256k subs after i watch 258k also me not 269k bruh meme

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  • can we take a moment of silence that Evan spent almost 1 hour talking about techno-

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  • No one gonna talk about 31:51

  • I love the transitions

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  • techni took sudden interest on the floor lol

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  • The blade never dies

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  • This man literally just leeching off of techno. P.S. techno is not the best Minecraft player. There are people way better than him.

    Raj ThapliyalRaj Thapliyal2 dagar sedan
    • okay?

      glideglide18 timmar sedan
  • See Techno and Dream has a rivalry but they are always friends none of them are better it’s not competition both of them are the best players of Minecraft Dream for his speed runs and TECHNOBLADE for mcc hypixel and bedwars win streak

    Ayaan GamerAyaan Gamer2 dagar sedan
  • I clicked the video this is gonna be epic Ad:*NOT SO FAST*

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  • Why did I watch this two times am I ok

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  • Karens: *YOU CAN’T BE SUCCESSFUL OFF SEworld* Technoblade: *no.*

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  • The legend of Tommathy

    Simonkijktyoutube OsibavSimonkijktyoutube Osibav2 dagar sedan
  • 8:33 halo theme in background easter egg

    Sarita VermaSarita Verma2 dagar sedan
  • Halo music in the background*

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  • Is sad that i was betting on dream and he lost the 100K Tourney

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  • This has completely changed my view on technoblade and I thank you for this

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  • And this doesn't even include Dream SMP...

    Jeffrey LastnameJeffrey Lastname2 dagar sedan
  • Dream is better at 1.9 pvp and Techno is better at 1.8 pvp so really it mattered based off the coin flip because if dream started with his mode then dream would have gotten 5 points before techno. One duel doesnt crown the worlds best mc player. But I am glad that techno won the duel. Was rooting for him.

    NotChristianNotChristian2 dagar sedan
    • That’s not true at all, because while dream won once on 1.8 pvp, techno won twice on 1.9 pvp. Technoblade is the better pvper

      Greyson RosenblattGreyson RosenblattDag sedan
    • Not really lmao

      Council of RogueCouncil of Rogue2 dagar sedan
  • bro, one of the most best videos I watched in a while

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  • i cant find song thats on 47:00 can somebody help pls

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  • I was supporting since techno started the bed wars streak

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    • Oh that's cool

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    • honestly who cares?

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  • Yeeessss the great potato waaaaar!!

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  • Okay this is a first for me, and you now have my sub, however, let me explain. I am only 15 minutes into this video, I suck at Minecraft, have no clue who Technoblade is, and yet; you managed to make my blood rush with adrenaline hyped excitement from your commentary. Simply amazing.

    Doug LoremasterDoug Loremaster3 dagar sedan
  • Tommy is literally a toddler How can you even joke about him being a threat

    Senior-exec DebilSenior-exec Debil3 dagar sedan
  • The Meaning of Never Give Up

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  • Literally all of Evan’s vids: Everything changed when TommyInnit attacked

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  • 2.8k Dream stans disliked this video.

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  • I wish school documentaries were like this

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  • Fine play on version 1.7

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    DabGodDabGod4 dagar sedan
  • He is a legend but he should've played on the oldest anarchy server that exists and modded hardcore survival

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    • why? 2b2t is basically whoever has the better hacked client wins

      Lone RangerLone Ranger3 dagar sedan
  • I can't believe fresh actually played in Minecraft Monday you can see his head

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  • a certified techno classic

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  • Technoblade goes like i like yu cut g others go run run run

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  • Tbh techno and dream are bad at minecraft in general, sped running and pvp good Building and Tedstone trash tho

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  • I found technoblade through SEworld advertisements

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  • tecnoblede is so nood

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  • Tecno will win

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