Surprising Avani With A Custom iPhone & Airpods! | ZHC Crafts

16 nov 2020
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We surprised Avani and LuvAnthony with hyper realistic custom airpods and a custom iphone | ZHC Crafts
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  • It’s such how they do this

    Demi LouiseDemi Louise22 minuter sedan
  • Hi I’ve been subscribing for months and haven’t got and iPhone

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  • i love ur videos and i rlly want 1 iphone (but i want ip 8 plus)hah

    Aleksandra KrośniaAleksandra Krośnia2 timmar sedan
  • You should give more to people who can’t afford these things not rich TikTokers

    13ea13ea2 timmar sedan
  • You guys mean so much to me u have inspired me to the world of art and calmness

    Aya ElabidAya Elabid3 timmar sedan

    Aya ElabidAya Elabid3 timmar sedan
  • i subd

    priya singhpriya singh5 timmar sedan
  • Describe the lead channel I really want one of your iPhones are so good

    Magdalena KrutulMagdalena Krutul8 timmar sedan
  • Wow just wow this is so amazing.... idk what to say

    Ninuk BachmannNinuk Bachmann9 timmar sedan
  • Can you customise stuff from dragon tamer?

    Elena LeeElena Lee10 timmar sedan
  • I watch you on my cracked iPad

    Jayden WrightJayden Wright10 timmar sedan
  • ZHC

    Mystic MadiMystic Madi11 timmar sedan
  • I am from india

    sateesh ravulasateesh ravula13 timmar sedan
  • Can you pls design a puppy themed iPad Pro or is that to much to ask for and I subscribed you are so talented 🥰🥰🥰🙂🙂🙂😇😇😇

    Mace BradleyMace Bradley13 timmar sedan
  • cani have one pleaase

    kerrin hoterenikerrin hotereni16 timmar sedan
  • Avani is actually so pretty

    MaryThe BlueBerryMaryThe BlueBerry19 timmar sedan
  • After they finish customizing the first phone when they were showing it to the camera Viv was looking at the wrong camera most of the time, 2021 XD

    ClizCTClizCT19 timmar sedan
  • Looks so good 😁

    Stella MccroddenStella Mccrodden20 timmar sedan
  • Plz meeeeeeee

    Lexie Munoz ZapataLexie Munoz Zapata20 timmar sedan
  • Done

    Norma NaulaNorma Naula23 timmar sedan
  • I love your videos 🥰

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  • I want iphone 11 pro max plss i'm your bigest fan plsss i don't have phone😭😢😥🥺🥺❤🙏🙏🙏

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  • "phone" why: because my family doesn't have a phone and even if we have emergencies we wont be able to call anyone

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  • Done i like your video and i was subscribed i want the purple please

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  • You should do a car for larray saying cancelled on it and some of the words

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  • can you make me a turquiose tiger phone

    kayla-rose weston-kingkayla-rose weston-kingDag sedan
  • ive watched you for ages

    kayla-rose weston-kingkayla-rose weston-kingDag sedan
  • ive dreamed to have a iphone 12

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    • plzzzz

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  • And I am a girl

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  • how many phone do they have to have i mean she already has one

    Vedant KumarVedant KumarDag sedan
  • Zhc when he becomes president, “Today we are gonna be customising the whole White House in under a month”

    NK YEET BossNK YEET BossDag sedan
    • Omgod ha lmao

      Aya ElabidAya Elabid3 timmar sedan
  • Zach is literally so kind even though he was only supposed to do it for anothny he still gave avani something

    Lavender MaeLavender MaeDag sedan
  • don´t be shy, make one for me 😌😂😍

    TheGrandesHouseTheGrandesHouseDag sedan
  • Did anyone notice that zack called her babe

    Ron GrajqevciRon GrajqevciDag sedan
  • can i take 1iphone for my school

    Eurika & Louize worLdEurika & Louize worLdDag sedan
  • Aww I wanna have I am sub and I like good lucky :) :(

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  • I followed you Tiktok and sub to SEworld

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  • Wait is that his new girlfriend the one in the blonde that helped him do the iPhone

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  • “Phone” Why? My iPhone 11 is stuck in a boot loop, and I’m on a iPad. Sense i make roblox videos, my iPad is laggy and isn’t the best quality and this iPad is all I can use. Sincerely, Maddy.

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