Dan Bell ATWR Total! + New Olympia Dates + Shanique Grant Calls Out Olympia + Blessing + Juji + MORE

23 feb 2021
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#Powerlifting #Olympia #Bodybuilding
0:00 Intro
0:08 New Olympia Dates and Location Confirmed
3:30 Dan Bell 2,607lb Total ATWR
5:00 John Haack
5:34 Labrada
6:04 Jujimufu Powerlifting Meet Results
7:14 Blessing Awodibu Physique Update
8:47 2x Ms. Olympia Shanique Grant Calls Out Olympia for Low Pay
10:51 NEW Bodybuilding Trading Cards?!
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  • TIMESTAMPS BELOW 0:00 Intro 0:08 New Olympia Dates and Location Confirmed 3:30 Dan Bell 2,607lb Total ATWR 5:00 John Haack 5:34 Labrada 6:04 Jujimufu Powerlifting Meet Results 7:14 Blessing Awodibu Physique Update

    Nick's Strength and PowerNick's Strength and PowerMånad sedan
    • @Jack Van Note I do whatever I want, you know, in sports or elsewhere. If some people organize a competition with such and such prize money, no one is forced to enroll. If some other organizer are not driven by profit by the athletes, good for them and incidentally for some lucky athletes. What I can say is that 99% of the businesses rely on profit, not on benevolence.

      Pierre-Yves ChauvetPierre-Yves ChauvetMånad sedan
    • @Pierre-Yves Chauvet I'm neither new to the sport nor a spring chicken. So with Joe's (Weider) blessing, advice and help "I been there and done that" as they say. And over 20 years ago. For the years I did it; it was a blast, for everyone concerned and if you truly love this sport the way I do and the way most of the diehards do there is no such thing as an undeserving competitor nor an unpopular one. Now in your defense I nor anyone else at that time had the range of divisions there are today So maybe the element you call unpopular we just didn't have to deal with back then because it didn't exist. But the sport is growing bigger and more diverse now and that can only be a good thing. I respect and value and enjoy those from every division. I will tell you back then the women's division was extremely popular and they deserved as much as we could come up with for them and I did. I suspect the new head of the sport, Jake Wood, feels the same way having rescued the women's division when AMI unceremoniously gave them the boot. Don't know you well enough to be sure in my opinion but you are thinking like those AMI pencil pushers who bought Weider out but really didn't know anything about the true history or value of the sport nor its athletes and failed miserably because of it. I also don't know what you do but suggest you stick to it and leave the logistics of the sport to those that have given their lives to it of which I very humbly include myself. Jurassic Jack ®️™️Mr Mass Media (x6) Grand Elite Masters Champion (x2) Founder of BBBB/SSBB {The Benevolent Brotherhood/Sensational Sisterhood of Bodybuilders) Subsidiary of JAV Communicative Enterprises "Putting Muscle in Media"

      Jack Van NoteJack Van NoteMånad sedan
    • @Jack Van Note I suggest you organize a bodybuilding competition and give great prizes to everyone, including the ones no one is interested in watching.

      Pierre-Yves ChauvetPierre-Yves ChauvetMånad sedan
    • @Pierre-Yves Chauvet I'm not quite sure what in my writing gave you the idea I think you're trying to convey. Like all aspects of economy, supply and demand ultimately govern finances and pay scales. Thus, the bodybuilders generating the most demand and sale of tickets and streaming sales deserve the highest pay. That being said, this must also be modulated with a sense of what is fair. Those doing equally hard work in the other divisions deserve to be accorded a fair pay scale as well. Thus at present the 212 division, Classic division, and all the women's divisions are; as I wrote shamefully underpaid. What about that statement made you think I don't want them to receive or feel they deserve as much money as the organizers can possibly pay them? It's a rhetorical question no need to reply.

      Jack Van NoteJack Van NoteMånad sedan
    • @Jack Van Note So, people should not be payed based on the popularity and money made by the organizers?

      Pierre-Yves ChauvetPierre-Yves ChauvetMånad sedan
  • That trading card game is going to be fire sign me up!

    manuel martinez IImanuel martinez IIMånad sedan
  • Shanique is another victimhood mentality black. Big surprise. And she’s a woman. The sport doesn’t need manipulative people like her. You join the sport knowing the payoffs and the risks. Don’t cry when you get what you deserve.

  • Grant has to understand that the majority of people really don't wanna see women taking it TOO far when it comes to building up there physiques... especially men. So, that explain why the woman's divisons in Physique & woman's bodybuilding don't bring in a lot of money, because nobody's interested. This is why the Bikini and Wellness divisions are becoming very popular because it shows women having a more "Feminine Tone" to their physiques, rather then rather overdoing it to look more masculine. I'm not knocking the hard work that the women put themselves through for Physique and Bodybuilding, but when it gets down to truth… Most people are not intrested in say a woman looked incredibly masculine, especially men. So that might explains the wage gap.

    Will I am MusiqWill I am MusiqMånad sedan
  • Bro I really hope you have a booth this year. You are just as important and popular as most of the bodybuilders on the stage. You have done extremely well my man

    Hydroplane ConvoyHydroplane ConvoyMånad sedan
  • Hiya babe! 😄😃I hope your OK sweetheart! Missing you very much😞Xxxxxxxxx

    Steven NaylorSteven NaylorMånad sedan
  • It's crazy how easy those 500kg looked ...

    schwunschschwunschMånad sedan
  • What percentage does men’s physique get compared to open?

    Andrew W.C.Andrew W.C.Månad sedan
  • If Blessing doesn’t hork down a fistful of protein powder and wear a horse mask in his posing routine, what’s even the point?

    Andrew W.C.Andrew W.C.Månad sedan
  • It ain’t a NS&P video until you hear AWW YEAHH *URRGH* *GRUNT* *glugglugglug*

    Andrew W.C.Andrew W.C.Månad sedan
  • You will get paid by the value you bring to the market. There isn't much value in women's bodybuilding. So, their pay reflects that value.

  • I’ve got a feeling C bum is making more than most of the top six in the open. Be a hustler and marketable and the prize money is your petty cash.

    Julio RiveraJulio RiveraMånad sedan
  • Blessings legs are looking decent. He’s gonna look pretty fucking great if he gets conditioned. Gets more impressive by the week.

    Julio RiveraJulio RiveraMånad sedan
  • I’d be SHOCKED if Arnold agreed to move that show. Too much connection to Ohio. Too much concern for protocols to head to the land of Desantis.

    Julio RiveraJulio RiveraMånad sedan
  • Maybe she should look into modeling? Tom Brady the Goat makes 10 percent of what his wife makes.

    ROACHROACHMånad sedan
  • I love the trading card idea, but I just want it to be exorbitant...

    awesome369awesome369Månad sedan
  • Not meaning to disrespect women's classes but, how about they prove they deserve a bigger piece of the pie by holding their own event WITHOUT men's open and see if they can support the financial costs while paying themselves more prize money. I think we all know the answer.......

    Mike PetersMike PetersMånad sedan
  • The Arnold Classic has essentially become Kai Green.

  • the only bodybuilding cards there should be is bodybuilder top trumps

    Jeremy HeatonJeremy HeatonMånad sedan
  • So thats where Juji has been!

    Lewis HumphriesLewis HumphriesMånad sedan
  • womens physique gets 10% of the viewers im sure....

    rubbiebubbierubbiebubbieMånad sedan
  • how tf you got 200lb + more on squat than deadlift

    Bryan FranksBryan FranksMånad sedan
  • Run the events Separate and truly find out what revenue they generate

    Brent DuBoisBrent DuBoisMånad sedan
  • Nick, you rule, bro! If the trading card pony makes a decent run...and they do media cards - will you sign one of yours for me?! It may be a long-shot...but I think you would deserve one for all you do for the sport! Love ya mah dude! []Kai for Mr. O 2021[]

    Festered, Pestered and SequesteredFestered, Pestered and SequesteredMånad sedan
  • Whatever generates the most revenue gets the bigger rewards. That's actually equitable though it wouldn't seem so just looking at prize money. For a more fair comparison, how much are the prizes for men's physique vs women's physique? I'm sure their prize money is comparable. Equate women's physique to Classic division may be more fair tbh. Separate out those shows on completely stand alone days and see where most of the sales are going to be I'm willing to bet it'll something like Men's open > Women's bikini/Men's Classique > 212 > women's fitness > men's physique/ women's physique > women's BB. This is like the notion that WNBA players should be paid on part with NBA players. Pay is a percentage of revenue generation. Should one expect the manager of the local computer store which sells software and hardware to make the same as Bill Gates whose company does the same thing? Ridiculous to think right? Silly comparison? Exactly!

    Kevin WeekesKevin WeekesMånad sedan
  • You’re comparing apples to oranges at this point at least compare it to men’s physique which makes a fraction of what men’s open actually does also!! Even though men’s physique is bringing in just as much if not more eyes than the men’s open, women’s physique is bringing in very little revenue and they should not be paid the same as other higher revenue earning categories if anything this should be the argument for men’s physique making more not women’s physique. you are missing something sweetheart.... a brain

    Daniel RDaniel RMånad sedan
  • Womens bodybuilding gets paid bad because no one watches it. It’s that simple

    Petrosilius ZwackelmannPetrosilius ZwackelmannMånad sedan
  • 5:07 Wow cool, Stephi is the lift judge :) Also, good to see something from Juji, his channel has been dormant over a month.

    kmidst_fnkmidst_fnMånad sedan
  • I was in the comment section of the Shanique post... just a bunch of feminazis saying she was right without any sort of logic. She eventually reposted it and turned the comments off because she knew everybody else was right 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Cameron MarshallCameron MarshallMånad sedan
  • Yea l agree classic is good

    douglas cowledouglas cowleMånad sedan
  • Jay cutler was right lol

    ArcesTMArcesTMMånad sedan
  • Women's bodybuilding is not the one

    DoubleTapThatDottyDoubleTapThatDottyMånad sedan
  • Bodybuilding skills don't pay the bills. Get a real career job with benifits.

  • Lmao that girl can say whatever she wants classic physique should be paid way more before we start speaking about women's physique lmao

    Cedric FortierCedric FortierMånad sedan
  • This is why I wasn't surprised Shanique Grant retired as great as she is, she is almost perfect it doesn't pay that much, prep food, supps, coaching, and "vitamins". It's probably not cost effective for her not worth her time. She can do other things and still get sponsors make more and payout less. Plus she has wins under her belt already.

    Ken_Ken 20Ken_Ken 20Månad sedan
  • Wow the cards is a cool idea I wouldn’t collect them

    HadoukenHadoukenMånad sedan
  • These chicks are too much man...they bring in a fraction of viewers than their male counterparts but want the same pay

    Luke LabareLuke LabareMånad sedan
  • 1st place classic physique should win at least $100,000

    Matt UllerickMatt UllerickMånad sedan
  • Olympia should move around one in a while. I know is cheaper for the organizer to do it in LV but it may attract more people.

    Abelardo RuizAbelardo RuizMånad sedan
  • If they want equal pay bring the same amount of money to the olympia 🤷‍♂️

    Zack OwenZack OwenMånad sedan
  • Nick, no offense, but your SEworld cover pic just looks too 2000's. Update it

    AnonymousTVAnonymousTVMånad sedan
  • Man now this is going to cause some feminist drama, and one or two year down the line this exact post will be taken without context to back of the claim of extreme feminist. Fighting for equality is not bad but taken to extreme is always harmful to everyone as a whole.

    SON GOKUSON GOKUMånad sedan
  • Men's bodybuilding was the original sport. The other divisions sprouted later. As popular as the other categories are, men's bodybuilding has a reason to be at the level.

    Rohit's Form and FitnessRohit's Form and FitnessMånad sedan
  • Pay is based on demand. When people demand to see masculinized women with large muscles, more than men’s open bodybuilding, they’ll get paid more. Stop crying about pay. All sports, for the most part, involve seeing the biggest, strongest and fastest athletes. Sorry but these are always men. This is reality.

    Jon SmithJon SmithMånad sedan
  • The crazy thing about Dan Bell, he made all those lifts look easy.

    Abe JavadiAbe JavadiMånad sedan
  • That deadlift by Dan went up so easy...

    Gilbert HernandezGilbert HernandezMånad sedan
  • The vast majority of people come to see open bodybuilding. That's why they make more.

    3 Percent Mick3 Percent MickMånad sedan
  • Stfu Shanique

    Ali LoAli LoMånad sedan
  • Classic deserve equal pay, I mean C BUM has all the fans.

  • Well, it's not their fault if no one cares about women's bodybuilding

    Elvis LoboElvis LoboMånad sedan
  • I don't know anything about women's physique and I'm generally more interested in powerlifting/strongman than I am bodybuilding but just from casual viewing I find the more classic Arnold look a lot more appealing than the mass monster look and maybe something along those lines would serve the women's division more? Although I can certainly see the appeal in seeing the spectacle of a Ronnie Coleman like physique.

    DDdastard06DDdastard06Månad sedan
  • she wants more money she should change her line of work to a more profitable one then

    Dénes KissDénes KissMånad sedan
  • Love the trading card

    Walter SampsonWalter SampsonMånad sedan
  • Remember when the women’s world cup team tried to sue saying they’re underpaid. Then a judge decided that in terms of the revenue they generate they’re actually overpaid.

    joseph darockijoseph darockiMånad sedan
  • You get payed if people want to look at you.

    Johan SkoogJohan SkoogMånad sedan
  • I think men's classic winners made less than women's physique.... The difference is men's classic actually brings fans soooooo

    bobbo857bobbo857Månad sedan
  • Yes... Bring on the cards..

    Dewel HiltonDewel HiltonMånad sedan
  • With respect I have to disagree with Ms. Olympia Shanique Grant. I will use boxing as an example. Chicks protest the same thing. To the point in which they have invaded male undercards in superstar fights. If the main event is the dude and people are paying to see the dudes. Well you get the point. They are are the main event. The pay is fair. If you proof you need only to separate the men and female competition. Don't have it the same event. And you will see. The men are attracting the majority of the audience and money. No the chicks. Chicks in sports should stop wanting what it's rightfully the dudes 💰. Again I say this with respect. It is not men's fault that they can't attract a larger female audience. It's logic. They blame dudes for it and want them to pay forcefully for it as well. It's not just in bodybuilding. It's in pretty much every single sport out there.

    LJ COLJ COMånad sedan
  • Definitely think there is a 2 big difference in pay. Classic has become huge and is growing the Sport beyond measure. All divisions should earn more including womens

    Barry SmithBarry SmithMånad sedan
  • Regarding prize money, if the prize money for other categories is raised where is that money coming from? I don't have any inside information on MrO's margins, but I would wager it would be impossible to significantly increase Classic Physique prize money without lowering Men's Open prize money. Should Men's Open be paid less?

    Benjamin SanchezBenjamin SanchezMånad sedan
  • Watch out Tuomas Hautala 410 raw deadlift he is 100% natural powerlifter.

    Hencca bf1942Hencca bf1942Månad sedan
  • Women physique Winners make more than the mens physique Winners, 40 000 vs 35 000 what ist she talking about?

    OleOleMånad sedan
  • ?

    Ar - JayAr - JayMånad sedan
  • I thought you had to have your heels on the ground During bench press which Juji clearly didn’t have?

    Snoop DoggSnoop DoggMånad sedan
  • Women bodybuilders get paid 10% of what the men get but probably bring in less than 10% of the audience so...

    WoollyWoollyMånad sedan
  • Who else is here after watching NS&pokemon first lol

    Jamey LaRoseJamey LaRoseMånad sedan
  • Big Ramy has put the sword to aesthetic physiques....big is best now....Nick Walker has arrived at the right time

    Kevin Leighton JazzKevin Leighton JazzMånad sedan
  • Blessing is looking like a similar bigger version of Keone

    Jason RobertsJason RobertsMånad sedan
  • 😲😳 that dan dude just wow.

    Joshua WalkerJoshua WalkerMånad sedan
  • Women’s bodybuilding doesn’t pull the same attention as male bodybuilding so why would it pay the same. If you don’t bring the same money to the sport don’t expect to get paid as much as the people pulling in the viewers

    Callum GillCallum GillMånad sedan
  • Women's B.B. is the T- Rex division---- soon to be extinct. Again!💯

    James XavierJames XavierMånad sedan
  • They should move the Olympia to florida permanently, make the calipro the NevadaPro too

    Estevan CanalesEstevan CanalesMånad sedan
  • It’s supply and demand. When demand for women’s physique goes up, so will the pay

    Rian ARian AMånad sedan
  • I think each category besides men's open gets screwed in pay, they should all get paid alot more than they do but at the same time poll the fans on who they are there to see and if theres attention to certain divisions then those divisions should be compensated more

    Long Live the KingLong Live the KingMånad sedan
  • Do an only womans bodybuilding show and see how many people show. I wouldn't even attend if the tickets were free.

    Alex QuinonezAlex QuinonezMånad sedan
  • Lmao shanique grant deactivated her instagram

    Leopold sLeopold sMånad sedan
  • Womens physique doesnt even generate t 10% of the profit of what open bodybuilding generates

    Leopold sLeopold sMånad sedan
  • The pay is equitable to the revenue generated by each classification. Take away the men’s open bb class and see how many people show up..... Take away female bb, and I’d be willing to guess that the same amount of tickets would be sold . Get out of your feelings. It’s not personal folks, It’s just Business.

    Jay RinehartJay RinehartMånad sedan
  • They should do a survey on what people are interested and what divisions bring people to tha Olympia, then pay according to that

    •Månad sedan
  • Women's Physique brings in NOWHERE near the crowd, thus doesn't make as much money as Men's Open. It's the reason why the WNBA players don't make a lot of money compared to NBA players.

    Poke ScrotesPoke ScrotesMånad sedan
  • Women’s physique, classic or any other category is way easier compared to open bodybuilding. If they start making more or same kind of money then why you need to get so big and put your health at risk . Open is the only real bodybuilding... period!

    Warrior GillWarrior GillMånad sedan
  • Female bodybuilders need bodybuilding. Bodybuilding does not need female bodybuilders. Bring bodybuilding more money, take home more money. Simple.

    Matthew DiazMatthew DiazMånad sedan
  • Also a lot of comments about how little the women's divisions bring in with absolutely no evidence of how much they actually bring in 👀. Let's see some numbers.

    Anthony WestendorfAnthony WestendorfMånad sedan
  • I think she's got a very fair point. Is men's open even bringing in more cash than classic? I doubt it. Also nothing wrong with more equity across the board.

    Anthony WestendorfAnthony WestendorfMånad sedan
  • Gravity laughs at us but fears Dan bell how can anyone keep smashing those total superstar

    Michael chapmanMichael chapmanMånad sedan
  • There are to many categories. Olympia is about the best body builder in the world. Not board short wearing, figure dancing or what every they have going these days. Bodybuilding...period

    Shane HalonaShane HalonaMånad sedan
  • The reason female athletes make less is because for the most part their sport generates less. You see this argument for WNBA when in fact they are paid a greater percentage of the total income from the sport. This could be different for bodybuilding but I would highly doubt it.

    Josh SwensrudeJosh SwensrudeMånad sedan
  • I think is prrtty dumb MP is paying better than classic

    Julio MoralesJulio MoralesMånad sedan
  • Open body builders put more on the line including health

    jim damasjim damasMånad sedan
  • 10:30 I think the government should pay them more. They are paying for everything else. What's a few more million?

    mrstudiodaddymrstudiodaddyMånad sedan
  • 8:47 if it only makes 10% then why would you expect equal pay? It would need to make at least 100% for equal pay to make sense.

    sarethumssarethumsMånad sedan
  • The one with blessing is the same picture on both sides

    Ronnie WoodallRonnie WoodallMånad sedan
  • If a category or division of a sport thinks they are getting underpaid then it's up to them to show some evidence and make a strong case of why they deserve more pay... if they are bringing in money, interest and fans and not getting compensated fairly then they should get more of a cut.. if your case is basically "I'm a woman so i deserve more" well... it's not very strong

    Jarrod GeikieJarrod GeikieMånad sedan
  • Please make a video on Orville Burke...

    DhimanDhimanMånad sedan
  • Everything other than the mens open Mr Olympia is just fodder they're all just extra divisions

    T aT aMånad sedan
  • I dunno man even though classic physique gets hype I still feel open pays the bills. Im sure there are some issues with pay gap BUT the IFBB must use some calculation based on income generated from categories which collerates to relevant pay

    Solomon TanyanyiwaSolomon TanyanyiwaMånad sedan
  • Big Ramy is going to win his second Mr. Olympia in October 2021

    Official FilmilenOfficial FilmilenMånad sedan
  • Women's physique is nothing but a bikini contest at least with men's physique they do bulk up and get into some shape. But far is her argument that women's physique should make as much as men's open bodybuilding give me a break. This is the same argument the women's soccer had against the males, they felt they should get paid as much as the men do. The fact is women do not drawing crowds like men hence why the men get paid more more crowds more money athletes get. Maybe when the female bodybuilders or women's physique drawing more crowds maybe they'll get more money until then that can just shut the hell up and quit there bitching.

    Scott ThorpeScott ThorpeMånad sedan
  • I think the female versions of these bodybuilding trading cards is going to be a big hit for their respective divisions. Definitely more profitable than men; especially women's bikini, figure, wellness (bigger legs and booty), and physique.

    Wylde StylezWylde StylezMånad sedan
  • I mainly watch the MR O for mens open idc about the women at all 🤷‍♂️

    John BracewellJohn BracewellMånad sedan