Giannis 49 Points vs Durant 42 Points! 2020-21 NBA Season

3 maj 2021
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  • I want to see a try hard series no injuries then We’ll know who the better team is.

    Thrilla BabyyThrilla Babyy6 dagar sedan
  • Kyrie’s statement about him and KD being able to hit them last shots not holding up lol. One game they both missed game winners 😂😂😂

    TooSlick 3xTooSlick 3x7 dagar sedan
  • Kd landing on the last shot was terrifyin

    RAY KabyRAY Kaby7 dagar sedan
  • Lakers dont have player that casually score 35+points

    Raihan RumiRaihan Rumi7 dagar sedan
  • Jrue had Kyrie in Jail

    Mahmoud DahoudMahmoud Dahoud7 dagar sedan
  • Kd reminds me of jamal Crawford

    Nikeem HopperNikeem Hopper8 dagar sedan
  • Kyrie misplaced his trust, KD missed the last shot... buda kyrie is gnna have to take the last shots 😂😂

    Philip HestonPhilip Heston8 dagar sedan
  • Kd just can shoot when or wherever he wants

    Lee McnairLee Mcnair8 dagar sedan
  • 1:20 clearly a flop😭😭

    Suleyman MuradovSuleyman Muradov8 dagar sedan
  • You know the rules

    Lawson ShawLawson Shaw8 dagar sedan
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    FH THE KINGFH THE KING8 dagar sedan
  • 😤😤😤😤

    FH THE KINGFH THE KING8 dagar sedan
  • Greek freak is getting better

    Carlos GCarlos G8 dagar sedan
  • Man you forgot the highlight of the night. Giannis absolutely stuffed Durant on his step back mid range. Man I have never seen anybody block kds step back, but I guess Giannis can.

    Line HagenLine Hagen8 dagar sedan
  • KD was pulling on Akumpo all night, but that poster Akumpo put on Durant tho...sheesh..

    Must_Tang BossMust_Tang Boss8 dagar sedan
  • 👍🏻

    مهندمهند8 dagar sedan
  • 76ers vs Jazz finals

    samuel clarksamuel clark8 dagar sedan
  • oh yes daddykumpo

    Elisha AgyemanElisha Agyeman8 dagar sedan
  • i thought the thumbnail was youngboy for a sec 🤣

    Adam IsmaelAdam Ismael8 dagar sedan
  • No poster?

    Elie DissoElie Disso8 dagar sedan
  • Ramadan KD missed last shot for a religous purpose 😂

    Royal MeRoyal Me8 dagar sedan

    Karl JosephKarl Joseph8 dagar sedan
  • Should have showed the block on Durant Giannis had!

    Bryce McDonaldBryce McDonald8 dagar sedan
  • I'd love to see Bucks vs Nets in the ECF

    lé Happértlé Happért8 dagar sedan
  • These highlights straight up dissreepect giannis

    rtms tanartms tana8 dagar sedan
  • They lucky they do not have Harden

    Tre BrewerTre Brewer8 dagar sedan
  • Why is everyone talking about Kd gianns just dropped 49 give gianns some credit

    Chaz ChazChaz Chaz8 dagar sedan
  • Greek freak ain’t no joke! 🤣 👊🏾

    MarkyBo 1204MarkyBo 12048 dagar sedan
  • Gianni lowkey deserves a 3rd straight MVP

    Clippers FanClippers Fan8 dagar sedan
  • I don’t understand how they didn’t put someone else on giannis seeing how DJ was getting dominated by giannis

    Brian ChavezBrian Chavez8 dagar sedan
  • Giannis is getting near to his final form👀

    Nick 34Nick 348 dagar sedan
  • We just not gonna talk about giannis 49? Aight

    Com3dy Trio GamezCom3dy Trio Gamez8 dagar sedan
  • where is Giannis block and poster on Durant?

    Antonis VasileiadisAntonis Vasileiadis8 dagar sedan
  • I love KD

    sercan torsercan tor8 dagar sedan
  • Where is the Giannis dunk and block on KD??

    Max KellermanMax Kellerman8 dagar sedan
  • I think the only reason Durant doesn't miss is because they accidentally made his release timing to 100% green

    Shuayb KhanShuayb Khan8 dagar sedan

    DevastinatorDevastinator8 dagar sedan
  • I miss Harden

    Jeff EJeff E8 dagar sedan
  • giannis and kd are two walking cheat codes

    THE GOATTHE GOAT8 dagar sedan
  • The disrespect on giannis, leaving him open for a three so often lmao😅

    Ronaldo ZakolliRonaldo Zakolli8 dagar sedan
    • @Nicolas Kauttmann pretty cool

      Ronaldo ZakolliRonaldo Zakolli8 dagar sedan
    • @travi i know he is, i just emphasized it

      Ronaldo ZakolliRonaldo Zakolli8 dagar sedan
    • Because he’s a bad three-point shooter and you live with those when he makes them

      travitravi8 dagar sedan
    • he hit 4 tho

      Nicolas KauttmannNicolas Kauttmann8 dagar sedan
  • Smoove you gotta react to the extended highlights

    M. EM. E8 dagar sedan
  • MIL have tucker, giannis, middleton, holiday, connaughton and lopez. Damn

    Rhondel BriginoRhondel Brigino8 dagar sedan
  • Nothing to worry about Kyrie is fasting and they missing harden Brooklyn in 4

    StafaTheGOATStafaTheGOAT8 dagar sedan
  • Yo look at the youtube link lol

    JulianMinerJulianMiner8 dagar sedan
  • The url lmao

    iRushtoniRushton8 dagar sedan
  • Gifted kd

    Arnold AsareArnold Asare8 dagar sedan

    Ellhnas KinezosEllhnas Kinezos8 dagar sedan
  • 1:15 Imagine smoove pulled out the "Slowpez"

    BurningElementBurningElement8 dagar sedan
  • KD listening to to much Pooh shiesty

    Julio FernandesJulio Fernandes8 dagar sedan
  • If Giannis scores 50 in a dub then imagine what Embiid will do.

    TyChaserTyChaser8 dagar sedan
  • I’m a Kyrie fan but Jrue put the clamps on my guy. GG Bucks, see y’all Tuesday (and maybe in the ECF)

    Bonez001Bonez0018 dagar sedan
  • why not show Giannis blocking KD in the clutch

    YatanYatan8 dagar sedan
  • Today’s cooked dish: Deandre Jordan😂

    Neeraj SabuNeeraj Sabu8 dagar sedan
  • Kd hesi pull up is the most unstoppable move since kareem skyhook.

    RezdagoatRezdagoat8 dagar sedan
    • it’s actually no hesi

      zamvsu Tvzamvsu Tv8 dagar sedan
  • yea smoove is officially zo hater, no video whatsoever after his career high?

    Renaldy AndreanRenaldy Andrean8 dagar sedan
  • Skirtttttt

    NoTaPRoGamER498NoTaPRoGamER4988 dagar sedan
  • Harden just chillin lol

    Jey CalcJey Calc8 dagar sedan
  • Game of the year? 👀

    Ty2DaMoonTy2DaMoon8 dagar sedan
  • If nets want a chance at that prize, they should adjust their interior defense any bigs now just a monster against them.

    Aj ZhengAj Zheng8 dagar sedan
  • Everytime KD gets injured, he gets better.

    colinz fncolinz fn8 dagar sedan
  • Donte DPOY

    Alex CarusoAlex Caruso8 dagar sedan
  • does anyone know when will harden be back? they already are a scary team without him!

    Dimpus ASLDimpus ASL8 dagar sedan
    • @zamvsu Tv dam i thought he was gonna be back earlier... thanks!

      Dimpus ASLDimpus ASL8 dagar sedan
    • playoffs probably second round

      zamvsu Tvzamvsu Tv8 dagar sedan
  • So that Giannis block on KD wasn't worth a highlight reel?

    sikelela Mbathasikelela Mbatha8 dagar sedan
    • I know right.

      Aiyan ShamshadAiyan Shamshad8 dagar sedan
  • Nets are chillin rn wait till playoffs

    Med BaMed Ba8 dagar sedan
  • that Kyrie quote about KD being clutch aged beautifully

    JmistJmist8 dagar sedan
    • @xXHeartlessxxGamersXx stop projecting child

      invalid usernameinvalid username7 dagar sedan
    • @invalid username What??

      JamesenJamesen7 dagar sedan
    • @ryan green facts joel embid has higher per 36 than mj does make him better these stats don't take situation to account. Scoring a regular season game winner is different to playoff

      Musa GamingMusa Gaming8 dagar sedan
    • Bronsexual make my blood boil

      Musa GamingMusa Gaming8 dagar sedan
    • If you idiots kn the comments think that kd isn't clutch and only trust basketball stats. Then you are a casual. If we go by those standards than I guess MJ, Kobe, LBJ, Dirk, Hakeem, and many others aren't clutch due to percentages

      ryan greenryan green8 dagar sedan
  • As a nets fan i dont want facing the bucks in the 2nd round so that 1st seed is important to us

    Gio MercadoGio Mercado8 dagar sedan
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo stats: 49/8/4 21-36 FG (58.3%) 4-8 3PT (50.0%) 3 blocks 1 turnover

    Naveed ThalappilNaveed Thalappil8 dagar sedan
    • @Managed that's how everyone plays Gainnis what do you expect?

      Greek Young buckGreek Young buck8 dagar sedan

      ManagedManaged8 dagar sedan
    • 4 3s??? Oh no

      Black ObitoBlack Obito8 dagar sedan
  • Kd make it looks so easy, d guy is just gifted.

    Abdul MakeraAbdul Makera8 dagar sedan
  • Giannis has improved his shooting

    Zach LaVineZach LaVine8 dagar sedan
  • KD could drop 40+ every game if he wanted to, he a walking bucket

    Felipe ArceFelipe Arce8 dagar sedan
    • yeh on 30+ shots a lot of players can do that if they are allowed

      NG 7NG 78 dagar sedan
  • Giannis was cooking Deandre Jordan whole game

    Ben AgyemanBen Agyeman8 dagar sedan
  • dont even show the giannis block on durant..

    MansoorMansoor8 dagar sedan
  • I want the same energy from giannis in the playoffs because hes trash in the playoffs

    Vince CruzVince Cruz8 dagar sedan
  • They let giannis shoot unlike durant

    Carlos SalamancaCarlos Salamanca8 dagar sedan
  • Giannis scored 49 becoz of that bad Def of dj,jeff and bg.

    Carlos SalamancaCarlos Salamanca8 dagar sedan
  • Match up of the Season 🐍 vs Greek Freak

    B WB W8 dagar sedan
  • If Harden doesn't come back Bucks might sweep Nets so Nets gotta take the first seed cause we all know 76ers wont sweep the Bucks…

    Jey ReyJey Rey8 dagar sedan
  • The fact that KD has only played 30 games in 2 years and still drops 40 is insane. Yall should appreciate him

    Kevin DurantKevin Durant8 dagar sedan
    • Kd wat u doin on a burner again

      Yxng J4ys0nYxng J4ys0n8 dagar sedan
    • Who says we dont appreciate it? Come on cuh!

      Ron Paulo RamosRon Paulo Ramos8 dagar sedan
    • I’m telling you of the best to ever do it

      ManagedManaged8 dagar sedan
  • nets once harden comes back gonna be scary

    Mr. NobodyMr. Nobody8 dagar sedan
  • how u go show giannis hitting 1 three dnt be shy show the other ones

    McGloxKMcGloxK8 dagar sedan
  • Imagine the scenes if KD made the last bucket man 😭

    Kevin DurantKevin Durant8 dagar sedan
    • @☁️CLOWD☁️ I know man I'm just rusty bro it's been a while. I should have checked the time

      Kevin DurantKevin Durant7 dagar sedan
    • You choked vs. a non-shooter

      Clutch3BallClutch3Ball7 dagar sedan
    • Bruh you had time to stop on the dime pump fake him/ let him fly by and pull up GG anyways

      ☁️CLOWD☁️☁️CLOWD☁️8 dagar sedan
    • Ong😭...haters finna be going crazy

      ManagedManaged8 dagar sedan
    • Fake

      NoTaPRoGamER498NoTaPRoGamER4988 dagar sedan
  • Why do I feel more confident on KD making every shot he does than Lebron

    Ice 23Ice 238 dagar sedan
  • Deandre jordan got cooked!!!!!

    willwill8 dagar sedan
  • Smoove wheres the Giannis dunk on Kd?

    Paul LackPaul Lack8 dagar sedan
  • Bruh, KD's crossover be across the pacific ocean in another dimension.

    Hypotheticals Are PointlessHypotheticals Are Pointless8 dagar sedan
    • @Kev is fye 🤣🤣

      Hypotheticals Are PointlessHypotheticals Are Pointless8 dagar sedan
    • Bruh deadass man 🤣🤣

      Tre McRaeTre McRae8 dagar sedan
    • That made no sense, but you not lying lol

      Kev is fyeKev is fye8 dagar sedan
  • KD: Chokes Game-Winner Stephen A: AHIHIEEEEEE!

    Yuriel CundanganYuriel Cundangan8 dagar sedan
  • KD: Chokes Game-Winner Dame: I Barely sent u Home!

    Yuriel CundanganYuriel Cundangan8 dagar sedan
  • KD vs Giannis is always a fun matchup, they always put a great showdown for real

    Maximus LafayetteMaximus Lafayette8 dagar sedan
  • Giannis’ block on KD’s jumper was amazing

    ASadDepressedBlackManASadDepressedBlackMan8 dagar sedan
    • @Vince Cruz Did anyone ask?

      RiqueTC 00RiqueTC 008 dagar sedan
    • @jonathan Fit He block A fade

      Moraad AssabriMoraad Assabri8 dagar sedan
    • You just wish they got the stop after that. Why did Kyrie have to make that tho? 😭

      Joshua HendricksJoshua Hendricks8 dagar sedan
    • Yeah it was nice ig

      ManagedManaged8 dagar sedan
    • @Usman Akhtar yea I ain’t gonna lie it was , I’ve never seen someone blocking KD from upfront I’ve seen from the back without him knowing but from upfront is crazy

      jonathan Fitjonathan Fit8 dagar sedan
  • Giannis 😤😤

    Selim BütünSelim Bütün8 dagar sedan
  • KD is a walking bucket, but is a one-dimensional player.

    Margad-Erdene AmgalanbaatarMargad-Erdene Amgalanbaatar8 dagar sedan
    • @Usman Akhtar If he had that something which lacks in him he would be compared to Jordan.

      Margad-Erdene AmgalanbaatarMargad-Erdene Amgalanbaatar8 dagar sedan
    • I have a feeling you don't understand what you're saying.

      Leroy GreenLeroy Green8 dagar sedan
    • @chris anthony one-dimensional?

      Usman AkhtarUsman Akhtar8 dagar sedan
    • @Usman Akhtar something called the truth

      chris anthonychris anthony8 dagar sedan
    • Tf are u talking bout?

      Usman AkhtarUsman Akhtar8 dagar sedan
  • when giannis shoots consistently it’s over for the league 😭

    LaMelo BallLaMelo Ball8 dagar sedan
    • @Chromie Dealer o

      LaMelo BallLaMelo Ball8 dagar sedan
    • Would agree but you have your name as lamelo ball and he’s your profile pic so I can’t take anything you say seriously

      Chromie DealerChromie Dealer8 dagar sedan
    • @Kevin Esquer HUH?

      Hilkeejah Jaydon DésiréHilkeejah Jaydon Désiré8 dagar sedan
    • So why do you have your account based on lamelo and not giannis

      Kevin EsquerKevin Esquer8 dagar sedan
  • giannis jumpshot is getting better

    LaMelo BallLaMelo Ball8 dagar sedan
    • Eh

      travitravi8 dagar sedan
    • Very True Lamelo

      Com3dy Trio GamezCom3dy Trio Gamez8 dagar sedan
  • KD is the best scorer the nba has ever seen

    LaMelo BallLaMelo Ball8 dagar sedan
    • @Uri Poutiga KD > Lebron as a scorer

      LaMelo BallLaMelo Ball8 dagar sedan
    • Cringe

      Uri PoutigaUri Poutiga8 dagar sedan
  • Potential playoff matchup, gg

    Scrotie McBoogerballsScrotie McBoogerballs8 dagar sedan

    yourrageyourrage8 dagar sedan
  • The thing that shocked me was Giannis only had 4 rebounds

    My stay fly No capMy stay fly No cap8 dagar sedan
    • He had 8 which is still low for him but still

      ASadDepressedBlackManASadDepressedBlackMan8 dagar sedan
  • The one thing that shocked me that g

    My stay fly No capMy stay fly No cap8 dagar sedan
  • Holiday kept Irving in a horrible percentage. My god he is a hell of a defender.

    aricatalX oparicatalX op8 dagar sedan
    • @Usman Akhtar KPJ the goat tho you haven't heard?

      Obi ChukwuraObi Chukwura7 dagar sedan
    • @Usman Akhtar he wasn’t serious that time . He had to stored his energy as he had back to back

      Epic ExperimentEpic Experiment7 dagar sedan
    • @Paul Lack Couldnt Clamp Curry or Kevin porter jr the best player of all time

      Paul BIGGSPaul BIGGS8 dagar sedan
    • @Reign Is CrackedHe coudn’t drink water the whole game

      Aryan JindalAryan Jindal8 dagar sedan
    • @CashoutKid23 what do you mean by that

      Reign Is CrackedReign Is Cracked8 dagar sedan
  • Kevin Durant had an Achilles injury and somehow got better...

    EightyEightEightyEight8 dagar sedan
    • @Yxng J4ys0n that dude always incredible in regular season then playoffs come n he disappears 😔

      XzealXXzealX8 dagar sedan
    • Kd is healthy he would be rehabilitating if he was not

      Musa GamingMusa Gaming8 dagar sedan
    • @xXHeartlessxxGamersXx when does 49 became 50?? back in 2019 when Harden and Booker scored 59 i never heard anybody saying they score 60. c'mon bro 🤣

      EDCM AkainuEDCM Akainu8 dagar sedan
    • @EDCM Akainu that’s 50 bro I’m sorry

      xXHeartlessxxGamersXxxXHeartlessxxGamersXx8 dagar sedan
    • @Eruptic How is Giannis choking?

      Caleb dejounCaleb dejoun8 dagar sedan