12 jul 2019
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Complete Tarantula guide video:
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Intro and outro song:
Dendrobates auratus
poison dart frog
jungle nymph
Heteropteryx dilatata
psytalla horrida
spiny assassin bug
platymeris sp mombo
giant african land snail
tityus stigmurus
Neoholothele incei gold

  • how do you regulate the temperature? I always use heatpads on the backside but I see you have backgrounds so you probably don't use heatpads on the backside.

    martmart26 dagar sedan
  • What do you feed your stick insects?

    Nathalie prevostNathalie prevost29 dagar sedan
  • I like watching videos about communal setups but I would never do it. I had 12 rats at a time a couple years ago and every time I opened the cage door all hell broke loose. I can't imagine what it would be like with insects, scorpions, or Ts.

    Saoirse SigurðardóttirSaoirse SigurðardóttirMånad sedan
  • His page should be called Noah’s ark haha

    lukariseagainstlukariseagainstMånad sedan

    mr eggmr eggMånad sedan
  • Make your next video the rebuilding of the frog tank!!

    Anthony AllenAnthony Allen2 månader sedan
  • scorps females grow abit faster and alot bigger than males :) so you may have 2 maybe 3 females there :)

    BoopSter YTTVBoopSter YTTV2 månader sedan
  • Which camera are you using? Thanks

    fatih Şennikfatih Şennik2 månader sedan
  • I owned two stick insect types eurycantha calracta male and female names lenny and twiggy both passed away though now i have a baby one called jimminy

    Tom richo -_-Tom richo -_-3 månader sedan
  • love the frogs!! brought joy to my day and my grandma's 😊

    Baldi BaldimoreBaldi Baldimore4 månader sedan
  • wow the circles into the webs were perfect

    a girl named bretta girl named brett4 månader sedan
  • Love the's great that you use the Latin names as it is teaching me how to say them, with a bit of a Croatian accent.

    Fee ManFee Man4 månader sedan
  • I have seen a D auratus in the wild! Was so cool!

    azureprophetazureprophet4 månader sedan
  • I know I'm late but sometimes when you have communal enclosures and some of the animals in them are noticeably getting bigger then the rest it could possibly be a sign that those ones are bullying the others for food and not letting anyone else eat. You may want to separate them if this continues.

    Rose GoldRose Gold5 månader sedan
  • I love the communal enclosures! I'm not sure exactly why, they just fascinate me. Especially when you can't see any inhabitabts at first, then they all appear from nowhere 😁

    Hollie SHollie S5 månader sedan
  • Oil your doors .

    Evan AtkinsEvan Atkins5 månader sedan
  • That snail enclosure is pretty lame bro 😂

    Otto CornettOtto Cornett5 månader sedan
  • i have got spiny assassin and white spot assassin bugs

    animal Kinganimal King6 månader sedan
  • I forgot the names could somebody give me a list? Ty

    Deomiel CatignasDeomiel Catignas7 månader sedan
  • I generally hate «insects», but the way you love them, makes me love them. Now im thinking of adopting a tiger spider of my bathroom...

    HisuiChoHisuiCho7 månader sedan
  • its a annam stick insect or medauroidea extradentata

    animal Kinganimal King7 månader sedan
  • The frog enclosure is stunning

    Horsegoddess DoddHorsegoddess Dodd7 månader sedan
  • 3:35 it looks like the frog is talking in your voice

    JeSuis AlucardJeSuis Alucard8 månader sedan
  • @ 11:08 what is the little white bug in the bottom right corner ?

    RenardedblueRenardedblue8 månader sedan
  • love your videos, felt so bad when you saw the leak. but glad it wasn't a complete tear down.

    JohnJohn8 månader sedan
  • 🥰🥰🥰

    DDbrasterDDbraster8 månader sedan
  • 🕷❤

    Caden world reviewCaden world review8 månader sedan
  • A good communal pet is also stone centipedes. They are like small versions of larger ones with the same care. But they can be kept in numbers. And are like 20 dollars on underground reptiles.

    MartialArts.Stunts321MartialArts.Stunts3218 månader sedan
  • whats the species of 13:00 ???

    Omar EnríquezOmar Enríquez8 månader sedan
  • Those dart frogs are so cool. Their enclosure in cool as well

    GaystationGaystation9 månader sedan
  • I can see ur videos all day long. I'm ur big fan from India🇮🇳

    Siddharth BiswasSiddharth Biswas9 månader sedan
  • Silicone grows old and brittle after 2/3 years so you have to change it sometimes!! :)

    Jessiga LolJessiga Lol9 månader sedan
  • What dimensions does the spiny assasin bugs terrarium have?

    Mariusz MieszkowskiMariusz Mieszkowski10 månader sedan
  • I LOVE this channel sooooo much!! 🕷️🕸️🕷️🕸️

    Chloë WrightChloë Wright11 månader sedan
  • You forgot mantis communal

    Matúš JančiMatúš Janči11 månader sedan
  • Please do an update

    christian aeron taparanchristian aeron taparan11 månader sedan
  • Update about ur M. Balf

    christian aeron taparanchristian aeron taparan11 månader sedan
  • love ur vloggs so intresting

    lac 74lac 7411 månader sedan
  • Ill take the african snail shells off your hands for my hermit crabs if you like XD

    Little BrittleLittle Brittle11 månader sedan
  • Bom

    Rato imundoRato imundoÅr sedan
  • At 5:50 there is a free spider just chillin! You messed up his web! XD

    MrSkillzor7MrSkillzor7År sedan
  • Hey where do you buy your containers, or what are they called? sorry your glass enclosures . Thanks

    dougowdougowÅr sedan
  • The one that hatched from eggs u got is STICK BUG

    Donald GamesDonald GamesÅr sedan
  • Arachnid communism

  • The stick mantis can be a "Phaenopharos khaoyaiensis" ( I was thinking also, that it might be Diapheromera), but i lean more on my first conclusion. (If it has a wing it's a Phaenopharos khaoyaiensis if not then it's a Diapheromera(Northern Walkingstick or other name Diapheromera femorata) ).

    ZoulkillZoulkillÅr sedan
  • Those random spiderwebs around your den got me thinking... Did you lose them or set them free to catch loose bugs? 😝

    Katherine BeckettKatherine BeckettÅr sedan
  • I want spoods ples

    Droop LoopDroop LoopÅr sedan
  • My giant african land snails stopped growing too until i put them into a huge tank and they grew 4 times as big . Their foot was bigger than my whole hand and you could see the thousands of teeth and they nibble my hand but not hurt, when they eat cucumbers it is very loud crunching sound , so funny. They will grow to fit their environment, if it is huge they grow huge and are sooo sweet faces :)

    z0mbie Baitz0mbie BaitÅr sedan
  • You know I just found out that it is illegal for people to own those giant snails in the U.S. isn't that weird!!!!

    Becky BelmontesBecky BelmontesÅr sedan
  • Man, once I see a new video I am like, Not watching memes today! I am watch The Dark Den!

  • What is the name of the orange scorpions? I couldn't understand what you said... Sorry

    Brennen CanfieldBrennen CanfieldÅr sedan
  • 10:10 it's acetic acid. They use it when they feel threatened and it smells really bad.

    Chat WatcherChat WatcherÅr sedan
  • Petko, I'd love to visit your place sometime! I noticed you offered it to someone on here. Where are you from?

    Kyle cleetusKyle cleetusÅr sedan
  • Let the snail eggs hatch so that when the adult dies, the young carry the colony on.

    Sean LeungSean LeungÅr sedan
  • i love your videos they are great.

    Ronnie EmoryRonnie EmoryÅr sedan
  • To the Vivarium with the frogs: you dont need to completely take apart the enclosure! You can just add silicon from the outside which should work. just try it !

    DerPsychoDerPsychoÅr sedan
  • Communal enclosures give a sence of it being like the wild

    Its_Me_Romano _Its_Me_Romano _År sedan
  • Your enclosures are amazing!

    Pogi AKOPogi AKOÅr sedan
  • You’re videos are awesome man!

  • Sorry but you need to feed your dartfrogs more. They are way to skinny for adults. I recomend waxworms to boost weight :)

    PumpkinPoemPumpkinPoemÅr sedan
  • I also was afraid of spiders til I found him. Plus that voice helps a bit! Lol love the channel

    Lizzy JorisLizzy JorisÅr sedan
  • Those last ones where so pretty

    LegandaryWolfieLegandaryWolfieÅr sedan
  • This video canvinced me to get a Monocentropus Balfouri communal setup going 😍

    Couchlocked ArachnophobiaCouchlocked ArachnophobiaÅr sedan
  • cool video as usual Petco!

    OliviaOliviaÅr sedan
  • "Molts are falling, all around me" xD don't now why i associate Your words "Molts are falling" with this song xD

    Piotr TrojanekPiotr TrojanekÅr sedan
  • The stick insect the one that actually looks like a stick i remember walking in the woods one day when i was like 8 and one fell on me and i freaked out like got goosebumps because that was the first time i ever seen one... Really freaky moment lol and it fell on my shoulder.

    Pro ToughPro ToughÅr sedan
    • Pro Tough when I was in Boy Scouts I was messing with a tree with some kids from my troop and one crawled onto my leg, obviously being this young I thought it was an alien we all screamed and ran away.

      Rhino Does StuffRhino Does Stuff10 månader sedan
  • Did a leg get removed here? 17:01

    tendertoxintendertoxinÅr sedan
  • Esas dendrobates están muy delgadas....

    Miguel GarcíaMiguel GarcíaÅr sedan
  • You should you aquarium grade silicone and this wouldn't happen

    ashdean86ashdean86År sedan
  • Favorite youtubers 1. The Dark Den 2. Exotics Lair 3. Pewdiepie

    michaelmichaelÅr sedan
  • Do you ever inspect your creatures under UV light?

    Ike ForrealIke ForrealÅr sedan
  • They are wishus and have nasty wenom

    Abigail WinterAbigail WinterÅr sedan
  • I was worried you’d forget the Balfuri 😊 they’re my favourite of your communals 💗

    HumbleFireworkHumbleFireworkÅr sedan
  • Boi, your snail "terrarium" is really sad! 😅 They need some hiding spots and a shallow water dish at least. But I know what you mean, I currently have 20+ of these slimy feckers and oh man, how I wish I could get rid of all of them and only keep 3. Id like to make space for other animals but my parents wont let me get new ones unless I can get rid of the other ones. 😒 Looking into crabs, jumping spiders, scorpions and insects.

    Aura VerdigrisAura VerdigrisÅr sedan
  • Which one was the last species you day.

    Zarathos05Zarathos05År sedan
  • You are my favourite channel :D me and my kids are obsessed! You’re the reason we are getting our first T soon

    Fay LockyerFay LockyerÅr sedan
  • Probably to late, but could you use flex seal tape on that area with out taking the tank apart? Then pull the black covering back over to cover it ?

    Matthew TMatthew TÅr sedan
  • i really want to keep scorpions in a communal.. but I don't know where to buy the species he featured...

    DayytonDayytonÅr sedan
  • whats names of scorpiones, that you have at this video ?

    Emil RasiewskiEmil RasiewskiÅr sedan
  • I didn’t finish the video yet but what happened to the super venomous sand spider? They were one of my favorite things on the channel.

    Mark MohlerMark MohlerÅr sedan
  • Assassin bugs are a species of stink bug. That is why they smell

    Aidan BattrickAidan BattrickÅr sedan
  • Are those poison dart frogs?

    Wyatt .b.Wyatt .b.År sedan
  • M. Balfouris are so adorable!

    Jameson EliasonJameson EliasonÅr sedan
  • What are all the little white bugs crawling around in the Giant Snail enclosure, does it bother them?

    Sam WisemanSam WisemanÅr sedan
  • personally I prefer the name spiny assassin guys :D

    Sarah AyalaSarah AyalaÅr sedan
  • just build a whole new frog land yayayh

    450peen450peenÅr sedan
  • You should add a black widow and brown recluse to your collection. I know they’re venemous but black widows are gorgeous and brown recluses are super interesting imo.

    Greg SeitterGreg SeitterÅr sedan
  • What kind of scorpions are those?

    J LJ LÅr sedan
  • can we all agree on, that petko is the keanu reeves of all tarantula/exotic animal channels.

    Lars XOLars XOÅr sedan
    • Lars XO OMG I could not have picked a better comparison!

      Fay LockyerFay LockyerÅr sedan
  • Maybe some flex tape would work for the leak?

    Michael RobbinsMichael RobbinsÅr sedan
  • Something!

    Marvin KrügerMarvin KrügerÅr sedan
  • You're lucky ur on the first floor) otherwise you could flood neighbors downstairs))

    8921 89228921 8922År sedan
  • Petko will your little froglets boink and make tadpoles ever or are they all the same sex? tadpoels and tiny baby frogs would be so amazing. and can they eat other stuff too like very small crickets or cockroaches. or does it have to be fruit flys

    Super LoopsSuper LoopsÅr sedan
  • How are you clean your stick insects terrarium? I mean they are poop a lot, and in your terrarium, theres dirt and plants stb.

    Samuel J.Samuel J.År sedan
  • the balfori hideout looks like the lair of a demon king xd

    painclawpainclawÅr sedan
  • Zasto pricas engleski

    FicoMkdKing FMKFicoMkdKing FMKÅr sedan
  • You are KILLIN it Petko! Still my favorite content creator, from the day I first watched one of your videos. N. incei gold was one of my first 4 tarantulas. (3 of which are still fat and happy, one, not so much) Mine seems to web massively. A similar setup to your M. balfouri communal would be interesting and visually outstanding. Long live sexy time!

    dwight gliddendwight gliddenÅr sedan
  • What do your m baldouri tanks look like before they web it up. Ive only kept p Metallica but am super interested in communal Ts.

    HRGiger88HRGiger88År sedan
  • hey my name is Chris an I'm a new tarantula owned. I already have a sling Chromatopelma Cyaneopubescens (GBB), an I was Abt to purchase another T, an they are offering a freebee with my purchase. so my question is would a Nhandu coloratovillosus (Brazilian Black and White Tarantula) be a good started T for some new to the hobby?

    Offical Wicked TwinzOffical Wicked TwinzÅr sedan
  • You are so lucky we cant have those snails in the state's its illegal such a shame i think they are so cool

    Sherry BaileySherry BaileyÅr sedan