7 apr 2021
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After rebuilding my wrecked VW Golf R MK7.5 i decided to increase the performance, first i went stage 1 then headed to @Awesome Cars to grab all the hardware for stage 2. I want the Lamborghini to race the Golf R but not before heading to @Mallory Performance to get a Stage 2 Tune. The outcome is insane!
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  • F*ck fabian 😂😂😂 #dmo

    9999995 dagar sedan
  • Pop and bang will kill your cat.

    Stringfellow 1983Stringfellow 19835 dagar sedan
  • Epic

    Luke CronjeLuke Cronje6 dagar sedan
  • Wide body kit when?

    Joey JongerdenJoey Jongerden6 dagar sedan
  • I dont know whos side im on, mats or ryan taylors, who do u think is gunna win

    IbbyIbby6 dagar sedan
  • your spark plugs are gonna get it

    rastamanfbrastamanfb6 dagar sedan
  • Search dmo up you have to watch his video quick

    battleman 216battleman 2166 dagar sedan

    Nathan HodkinsonNathan Hodkinson6 dagar sedan
  • Hey man would be good if you uploaded more content each week

    Taylor FarndellTaylor Farndell6 dagar sedan
  • Impressive Mat!

    GalyphiaGalyphia6 dagar sedan
  • AK's in the back!

    ButterMilkJesusButterMilkJesus7 dagar sedan
  • I don't understand why matt doesn't have the subscribers his content is unreal man.

    Curtis GraysonCurtis Grayson7 dagar sedan
  • Holy shite....it sounds just like an Escort RS Cosworth Rally car from the 90s.

    CGDeluxeCGDeluxe7 dagar sedan
  • nice sound, but way too many pops and crackles for my taste..i prefer it 2-4 but loud bangs if u get me....keep on with the cool videos

    forjancekforjancek7 dagar sedan
  • Love the Maserati build

    Brand NewmeBrand Newme7 dagar sedan
  • You need to make it SPIT FLAMES 🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽

    Remus aka ciuciusRemus aka ciucius7 dagar sedan
  • Hi I'm from the Caribbean and I love your channel awesome content! I love the energy and I must say you make some very fun and enjoyable content keep up the good work!

    Brandon GoberdhanBrandon Goberdhan7 dagar sedan
  • so all this money and not even +100 hp? Am i missing something?

    Haris KarvounisHaris Karvounis7 dagar sedan
  • omg stop with the spam of sponsors one and another and another, and then youtube spam, so annoying

    Marc Romo de VivarMarc Romo de Vivar8 dagar sedan
  • wait what happens if you hit 200 launches?

    ReeveNNNNNNNNNReeveNNNNNNNNN8 dagar sedan
    • I assume it just doesn't allow you to launch it anymore to preserve the engine and all

      inherentmetal24inherentmetal246 dagar sedan
  • Mate you got some good car can I have one

    Niall SmythNiall Smyth8 dagar sedan
  • Love the golf!

    Jerry BJerry B8 dagar sedan
  • The Gallardo doesn’t have launch control?

    IgnascootIgnascoot8 dagar sedan
  • I need an exhaust like that for my audi a3 sline. I know its not a performance car but i need the sound. Too good when down shifting.

    Wycliffe KipkogeiWycliffe Kipkogei8 dagar sedan
  • anyone know the tune that plays on matts outro? been trying to find it but it's doing my head in

    David AyresDavid Ayres8 dagar sedan
    • @David Ayres It is indeed 👍😀

      Martin LongMartin Long7 dagar sedan
    • @Martin Long must have done the song wonders, fair play though it is a banger!

      David AyresDavid Ayres8 dagar sedan
    • @David Ayres Ha ha, well done David! On SEworld Ryan Gillmour - In My Bloodline, most of the comments are along the lines of Mat Armstrong vids brought me here 👍😁

      Martin LongMartin Long8 dagar sedan
    • @Martin Long what is it then? Because I googled all the lyrics and still couldn't find the right song!! Oh god i found it!!! In my defense, I was looking for it from the early days of the chanel and couldn't see it on the results!

      David AyresDavid Ayres8 dagar sedan
    • Come on David, have you heard of google, took me about 30 seconds to find it from the lyrics on Mat's vid 😁

      Martin LongMartin Long8 dagar sedan
  • Bigger turbo, fuel pumps and oil management.. I’m curious to see what this golf will produce at stage 3.

    iMann iFailiMann iFail8 dagar sedan
  • Don’t forget 2 at A Panoramic glass sun Roof 🌝😩. Ohhh and Customs Golf 5 GTI seats 🧨🕺🏾🔥🇿🇦

    Kamogelo TlabyaneKamogelo Tlabyane8 dagar sedan
  • pops and bangs are for children

    NagataNagata8 dagar sedan
  • looking forward to the race 😎

    lazyarse pielazyarse pie8 dagar sedan
  • Poor rims

    Q HassanQ Hassan8 dagar sedan
  • Everybody sleeps on the Golf R, Golf R32’s & the GTI. They are fun little cars and make some insane power. The Golf R is faster than a Ferrari 458 Speciale and it costs $200,000 less

    Bryce AlcornBryce Alcorn8 dagar sedan
  • respect for 50 fps upload!!!

    Sergei SSergei S8 dagar sedan
  • The torque is too much brother for the stock internals you are going to run into problems unless that dyno isnt calibrated well enough. There are plenty of topics about people blowing up the engine above 530nm on stock internals :) stay safe

    Golden ShotsGolden Shots8 dagar sedan
  • Dude i had an mk7r with a stage 2 tune, didn’t get intercooler but did some other stuff like apr coils and snow performance stage 2 meth kit. Mann it was quick as hell try these mods

    Rashod JaberRashod Jaber9 dagar sedan
  • Definitely will feel better with a TCU tune and rip tyres.

    Benjamin LawsonBenjamin Lawson9 dagar sedan
  • Song at 3:00?

    Constantin BelzConstantin Belz9 dagar sedan
  • I like what you are doing to your Golf

    Lloyd NgobeniLloyd Ngobeni9 dagar sedan
  • Quality mate great video

    Mathew AshMathew Ash9 dagar sedan
  • That lambo looks absolutely perfect the way you have it.

    Jack LeonardJack Leonard9 dagar sedan
  • I thought todays sponsor was gonna be manscaped or surfshark. You've upset me mat

    Luke MurrayLuke Murray9 dagar sedan
  • Plz give me the golf!!!🔥

    North Side vlogsNorth Side vlogs9 dagar sedan
  • Please big turbo the golf

    Damian SnymanDamian Snyman9 dagar sedan
  • Beast love the dsg pops and bangs can’t wait to have mine stage 2+ soon :)

    Nick GriffithsNick Griffiths9 dagar sedan
  • Fabian at it again

    CarterCarter9 dagar sedan
  • put it this way, i had a cupra 280, it made 425bhp 400ibft, it did a 100-200kmph run at 7.7, a ferrari 458 owner posted his time earlier, 7.57 at 562bhp, these mqb cars are fast, very very fast.

    Arron LowleyArron Lowley9 dagar sedan
  • He need this car on a carwow race 😏

    Prince BreezyPrince Breezy9 dagar sedan
  • i see u most days in mallory and i love the golf

    theroargamer 2018theroargamer 201810 dagar sedan
  • It’s all fun and games speeding on public roads until you kill a kid

    Hugh JanusHugh Janus10 dagar sedan
    • @Mat Armstrong I think you work a thousand times harder than all the other SEworldrs and your videos are very entertaining so thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and I wish you and your girlfriend and Kevin all the best and you deserve every hard earned penny you make. Thank you for putting my mind at rest.

      Hugh JanusHugh Janus9 dagar sedan
    • @Hugh Janus the road is a national speed limit road and is also a dead end. Believe me I am more than careful when I shoot these videos I don’t fly round 30 zones next to school grounds. I enjoy my cars as do most of the viewers, this is a passion of mine and of the audience. It’s a huge industry hence all of the car enhancement companies. They wouldn’t be making 200mph road cars like Lamborghinis if people didn’t enjoy speed when driving. I’m extremely sorry to hear that and my thoughts are with you. But you won’t be seeing any illegal speeding from me on a public road all speeding will be done on track, but thanks for your concern 👍🏼

      Mat ArmstrongMat Armstrong10 dagar sedan
    • And I do appreciate you taking the time to reply to me,thank you

      Hugh JanusHugh Janus10 dagar sedan
    • @Mat Armstrong at 10.15 on your video you do 0-60 on a public road, why not take your vechicle to a proper track and FYI my daughter was killed by a streaming blogger racing his car so this does happen, why promote getting your vechicle to go insanely fast when you only shoot your videos on public roads

      Hugh JanusHugh Janus10 dagar sedan
    • @Hugh Janus never on any of my videos am I breaking any speed limits at all 🙄 yes there is spirited driving as I enjoy my cars and so do the viewers but none of it is illegal

      Mat ArmstrongMat Armstrong10 dagar sedan
  • the problem is the Lambo sounds and looks like a Lambo and the Golf doesnt. I can appreciate a nice tuner, but its hard to compete with the awesome sound of a lambo or a ferrari

    RawsawnRawsawn10 dagar sedan
  • I love the fact that he’s got his seat belt on while on the dyno

    d Jd J10 dagar sedan
  • What octane are you running on over there i uk..

    blackhubbiblackhubbi10 dagar sedan
  • Why is it limited to 200 launches ? Is it because of potential damage ?

    music musicmusic music10 dagar sedan
  • If you dyno tested the car in each mode, eco, normal & race would it show a difference or is it just throttle response?

    ALx99ALx9910 dagar sedan
  • Did you get the front sensor sorted

    Keith GreenKeith Green10 dagar sedan
  • Turbo upgrade next??

    FishFace TvFishFace Tv10 dagar sedan
  • Wow I cant believe how fast the Golf is now! deffo keep up with the Lambo I think!

    timothy claphamtimothy clapham10 dagar sedan
  • Please tell me that isn't the fabian who ripped dmo off with the van ?

    gareth whittlegareth whittle10 dagar sedan
  • Subscribed 😎

    NabtuneNabtune10 dagar sedan
  • Love your content matt🤟

    UkBoostUkBoost10 dagar sedan
  • Just a heads up Mat: It’s a myth that the Golf R can only be launched 200 times. The ECU counts the number of launches only, it doesn’t limit them. This myth wrongly stemmed from the fact that a small batch of the old S6 had a limit of 200 launches. When people found the counter on the S3 and Golf R, they wrongly assumed the limit would carry over too.

    Ethan ClarkEthan Clark10 dagar sedan
  • All Fabians must be bad if ya know ya know 🤣

    Jackooo 123Jackooo 12310 dagar sedan
  • 3.5 seconds 0-60mph Jesus Christ 😳 please DO NOT GET RID!! this is probably my one of the best looking Golf R’s I’ve ever seen, those wheels are great 👌.

    Richard PearsonRichard Pearson10 dagar sedan
  • IN... SANE!! Love it!

    MoeMoe10 dagar sedan
  • Are you doing 1/4 or 1/8 mile at the track....or both

    Justin BJustin B10 dagar sedan
  • You deserve all of this! I’m here since Audi TT project.You are honest,genuine ..I hope you get bigger and bigger and more successful because i repeat YOU DESERVE IT! Much respect and love from Romania 🇷🇴

    Remus SerbanRemus Serban10 dagar sedan
  • just saw the podcast with OG. and i just wanted to say ur videos make my day. Your energy is so motivating. keep goin!

    RMIRMI10 dagar sedan
  • Love the mods on the Golf. Never been one of my fave cars but love what you done with it. Can’t wait to see it against the Lambo 👍👍 Should beat it 0-60 then reckon the Lambo will kill it? Also can’t wait for the Lambo after Turbo fitment. Great content. Also what’s the latest update on the M3 engine ? Jeff

    Jeff FoleyJeff Foley10 dagar sedan
  • Matt would offer a Huddy with a hem and the cuffs & mabe a zip to fit the lager sizes as iam a body Bulder?

  • Hummm... makes me wonder if it was a manual drive would could stay in gear longer (pushing the car in its red).... when an automatic plays safe

    Stephen HughesStephen Hughes10 dagar sedan
  • What a Machine 😌😌😌

    That’s cool that’s amazing That'sThat’s cool that’s amazing That's10 dagar sedan
  • Understand your sponsors support the channel but all the SEworld adverts are a joke

    Scott GoodchildScott Goodchild10 dagar sedan
  • Matt laughing was infectious.

    garage90garage9010 dagar sedan
  • looking at this golf R makes me want to mod mine but i have the 6speed, no launch control:(

    Guerrero ProductionsGuerrero Productions10 dagar sedan
  • Those pops and bangs are awful. I'd tune them out.

    wrevilowrevilo10 dagar sedan
  • That’s not the same fabian that fkd dmo over is it ?

    craig wolstenholmecraig wolstenholme10 dagar sedan
  • How come you launch in manual not sport?

    Bradley leachBradley leach10 dagar sedan
  • Honestly out of all the projects something normal like a golf r build is absolutely ace

    Jubair AhmedJubair Ahmed11 dagar sedan
  • Insane! 😁

    Matthew CoatesMatthew Coates11 dagar sedan
  • Ill swap u my car for yours ! 😂

    JJ11 dagar sedan
  • IS this the British Variant of "The Stradman"?

    christopher wimmelchristopher wimmel11 dagar sedan
  • What a sound....loved it

    timshattocktimshattock11 dagar sedan
  • 5:32 What happens after the 200th launch?

    Jameel QureshiJameel Qureshi11 dagar sedan
  • I would like so see some of your cars on the Carwow drag strip. You should try and get in touch with Mat, Matt... lol

    GSD GuyGSD Guy11 dagar sedan
  • I would love a video on the BMW. That thing looked an absolute beast!! What’s it’s story!?!?

    GSD GuyGSD Guy11 dagar sedan
  • Why is there a limit on the amount of launch the golf r can do?

    1Ummah1Ummah11 dagar sedan
  • Think it is time to stop calling it your "wrecked" Golf R unless of course that is what you expect to happen to it once you hit 200 launches! Really entertaining content as always, I really wish I did not have to worry about boring stuff like warranties and insurance and could indulge myself like you do but back in the real world I will settle for letting you do the hard work and just buy a ticket or two when you decide to move this one on, just leave me a few launches please!

    Stephen CollinsStephen Collins11 dagar sedan
  • Since when is a 3.9s 0-60 embarrassing lol ?

    Neil McMahonNeil McMahon11 dagar sedan
  • Great video! Would be cool to see a classic car to replace the golf, RS cosworth .......

    Trucker HoppeTrucker Hoppe11 dagar sedan
  • Nice Vid mate...I have a Renault Megane RS 265 Cup 2013, it does make bangs and pops (In sport mode) but there are just not as loud man, well at-least most of the time...what exhaust system should I buy.

    Muzadzi GamanyaMuzadzi Gamanya11 dagar sedan
  • You love this guy “lambo” but you know what I love? That’s right, it’s your channel I love it 👍🏻

    James YaoJames Yao11 dagar sedan
  • Hate the pops and bangs but love the car and love the content so thumbs up 👍🏻

    Chris HemmingChris Hemming11 dagar sedan
  • Personally I hate those childish pops and bangs, but I did expect to hear it on this golf r 😁😁😁

    Justas -no-info-Justas -no-info-11 dagar sedan
  • “Fuck Fabian”

    stepbak123stepbak12311 dagar sedan
  • That road you try your cars out should be named as :MATTS LANE.

    Michael PMichael P11 dagar sedan
  • Wait fabian from dmo deejay 🤔😳

    OSSwayz _OSSwayz _11 dagar sedan
  • Should do a Golf 0 - 60 without Launch.

    DaveRogers1985DaveRogers198511 dagar sedan
  • can’t just be me wondering why he’s wearing a seatbelt on the dyno lol

    CallumPlayzCallumPlayz11 dagar sedan
  • What’s the total cost to get the extra 89 ponies Matt?

    Kevin SirrellKevin Sirrell11 dagar sedan
  • Can’t stand dsg boring

    Gavyn PopeGavyn Pope11 dagar sedan
  • Off to autotrader to check Golf R prices!!...............................

    Hooj ChoonsHooj Choons11 dagar sedan