2 Minecraft Speedrunners VS Terminator

8 apr 2020
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2 Minecraft Speedrunners VS Terminator. This was actually insane. What if herobrine is like this...
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This is a 1.14 / 1.15 survival challenge using baritone, impact, and a custom server plugin. A terminator, which is a minecraft bot, tries to prevent me and my friend from beating the game. The bot is extremely good and can use diamond tools and blocks to help it. It also has infinite health.
Can we beat the enderdragon?
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Minecraft But challenge

  • George said in the nether, “ how is there no STRONGHOLD here.” But do they mean fortress. (Not being mean it was just funny)

    M CampM CampTimme sedan
  • omfg

    aubrey lynnaubrey lynn6 timmar sedan
  • 0:01 Wait for it... *Wheeze* Me:XDDDDD

    Dr. SunwingDr. Sunwing6 timmar sedan
  • George:How come there is not a stronghold here Dream:I don't know Me:Lmao Dream:We need to go to the End Fortress M:Rofl

    Aditya MoudgilAditya Moudgil6 timmar sedan
  • This is very crazy video🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    wasik kotekwasik kotek10 timmar sedan
  • I cup

    Nicki playzNicki playz10 timmar sedan
  • 10:20 This is the guy who started DreamSMP? My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

    A Shattered Puzzle With Endless Desires.A Shattered Puzzle With Endless Desires.11 timmar sedan
  • Someone's gonna be your 1Mth liker.

    Nicholas AntinarelliNicholas Antinarelli12 timmar sedan
  • Dream calling george and george calling dream

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  • oogabooga is a funny name

    LegendGamer0810LegendGamer081014 timmar sedan
  • ha hahaha perfect joke this was funny

    LegendGamer0810LegendGamer081014 timmar sedan
  • lol lol lol lol lol bruh

    Tim RichardsTim Richards15 timmar sedan
  • it was so cringe when goerge knocks the robot int the lava right!

    Tim RichardsTim Richards15 timmar sedan
  • LOL

    Rayhan GendutRayhan Gendut18 timmar sedan
  • That scream at 4:38 just hit different

    Rowan ConnorRowan Connor20 timmar sedan
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    Gliched MatrixGliched MatrixDag sedan
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    Endless ContentEndless ContentDag sedan
  • Dream your vids are awesome broo!!!!!!!

    Sunburst CopperbottomSunburst CopperbottomDag sedan
  • KTO из 2021

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  • Like dreams vid man he's just a god

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    Ren Ren ShortyRen Ren ShortyDag sedan
  • They called the nether fortress a stronghold at least twice and the. Dream called the stronghold the end fortress at least once. Lmfao. They were so stressed during this. And dream kept making dumb mistakes. It’s hilarious

    Caroline PiperCaroline PiperDag sedan
  • Nice

    Dream's SisterDream's SisterDag sedan

    Brinnon BowmanBrinnon BowmanDag sedan
  • No dream😭

    Bertha Solier RomeroBertha Solier RomeroDag sedan
  • i hate you

    Ryan EmersonRyan EmersonDag sedan
  • George is in almost all the videos-

    Linda MezsargaLinda MezsargaDag sedan
  • It was funny when I want to have dream like on my comments my brother say baffle him and I’ll say I’ll love you

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  • Yoooo George is screeming lol

    Semika JayawardanaSemika JayawardanaDag sedan
  • hello skedadudlers

    Human Haker9Human Haker9Dag sedan

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  • 11:10 I'm curious that if you managed to get the sweep attack of the bot hit iron golem it would killed it?

    Dev GamexDev GamexDag sedan
  • 5jgumyfggggg

    Maciek 2.0Maciek 2.0Dag sedan
  • 4:42 adam korkudan türkçeyi örendi jajajajajajjajajsjsjsjsjsjaj

    _ G̤̈Ä̤L̤̈Ä̤K̤̈S̤I __ G̤̈Ä̤L̤̈Ä̤K̤̈S̤I _Dag sedan
  • i thought they were being chased by a terminator not living in the nether and george said "there is no strongholds here."

    PixelPixelDag sedan
  • What if the terminator is Herobrine😂

    Sonny TazSonny TazDag sedan
  • This is the hardest that I have laughed 😂😂

    ZyxLoZyxLoDag sedan
  • Up

    AshtonaholicAshtonaholicDag sedan
  • Im nam ber wan

    Pogiye u42tehdSadamPogiye u42tehdSadamDag sedan
  • Les fayt im wan 1v6

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  • alternative title: a robot chasing a green man and a glasses boy

    SaurishgamerYTSaurishgamerYTDag sedan
  • 10:45 he's scaffolding lol haxx

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    Sh arkSh arkDag sedan
  • George surprise moment Dialog: oh WHAT THE HELL DREAM! DREAM! AHH DREAM!HES AFTER ME!AHH!AHH!AHH!

    Sh arkSh arkDag sedan
  • Guys I think the terminator has reach and scaffolding hacks Terminator: no u Me:oof

    My Name is Sunniergnu00My Name is Sunniergnu00Dag sedan
  • Alguien ve estos videos siendo latino

    German RodriguezGerman RodriguezDag sedan
  • Dream: we need to get stone Subtitles: we need to get stoned

    Cut the rope TutorialsCut the rope TutorialsDag sedan
  • Everybody gangsta until "OogaBooga has made the advamcement Eye Spy"

    ottoottoDag sedan
  • Yo le ganó a dream

    Alejandro xxAlejandro xx2 dagar sedan
  • 4:30 is my favorite part

    Spunky TokenSpunky Token2 dagar sedan
  • 4:37 that scream tho xD

    Henry YinHenry Yin2 dagar sedan
  • @Dream Next run, make the Terminator hit a zombie-pigman that would aggro them and keep him busy in the nether xD

    Johann NelJohann Nel2 dagar sedan
  • Yo hablo español no ingles xxxxdddd pero me la pelan

    Heraclio Cruz AlarconHeraclio Cruz Alarcon2 dagar sedan
  • Brasil?

    ARTHUR GAME 174ARTHUR GAME 1742 dagar sedan
  • I like your videos

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  • was minecraft

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  • mi run

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  • Noo

    Alex MattAlex Matt2 dagar sedan
  • imagen trying to program dream's clutch plays like with the boats

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  • Hello Dream

  • The Terminator Keep Watching the Ground LOL

    Whaaaa haaa! Whaaaa haaa! 2 dagar sedan
  • you so good

    gglittlestargglittlestar2 dagar sedan
  • Bro cool

    Samir AliSamir Ali2 dagar sedan
  • What about getting out of nether and break the gate?

    أحمد إيادأحمد إياد2 dagar sedan
  • 4:32

    kyvillekyville2 dagar sedan

    Krishnav #4Krishnav #42 dagar sedan
    • George was broken

      Krishnav #4Krishnav #42 dagar sedan
  • For some reason this reminds me of the Karasuno vs Shriatorizawa match from Haikyuu. I can't exactly tell why it reminds me of that, but it does.

    idkjustputsomethingidkjustputsomething2 dagar sedan
  • You know their true friends when dream asked for iron leggings and George gave him his!!!😩🥰 21:19

    Zolyeenah BoldenZolyeenah Bolden3 dagar sedan
    • meh they need to survive tho

      RedStone576RedStone5762 dagar sedan
  • That’s a person..not AI..

    Exohunter239Exohunter2393 dagar sedan
  • George: *Gets Bullied by OoogaBooga* Dream: *UNCONTROLABLE WHEEZING*

    Anthony GonzalezAnthony Gonzalez3 dagar sedan
  • Captions says dream is choking when he laughs XD

    TheThunderous ControllerTheThunderous Controller3 dagar sedan
  • only dream can reply dream will you let skeppy join dream team

    Juan Pablo San RomanJuan Pablo San Roman3 dagar sedan
  • Looks like humanity has peeked

    Epic LogibearbossEpic Logibearboss3 dagar sedan
  • sleep lol

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  • 4:37♡😂

    Maja ZmelonekMaja Zmelonek3 dagar sedan
  • Part 2?

    GoofballGoofball3 dagar sedan
  • Dreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaam helppppppp georgeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • Somebody posts a lame joke on face book 40yo moms: 14:37

    UD plays GamesUD plays Games3 dagar sedan
  • i love dreams

    fabrizio 312fabrizio 3123 dagar sedan
  • 4:32 George screaming like a girl lol

    Exper TylerExper Tyler3 dagar sedan
  • I think they should do 5 speed runners vs 1 terminator. Idk if that will be easy or hard. Probably easy Got the idea from Blowup Bloons

    TerryTerry3 dagar sedan
  • Logan Paul

    rayhanrayhan3 dagar sedan
  • alternative title:minecraft but it’s baldi basics

    卂Ҝ丨尺卂卂Ҝ丨尺卂3 dagar sedan
  • it wouldve looked like a movie if the bot didnt take fall damage the moment he started hunting them

    Allan HernandezAllan Hernandez3 dagar sedan
  • Pior que o dream tipo ele fica com 2 coração e não grita não corre não ele corre de vez em quando

    Lara BoeiraLara Boeira3 dagar sedan
    • I had a stroke

      RedStone576RedStone5762 dagar sedan

      Lara BoeiraLara Boeira3 dagar sedan
    • No América

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    • YOU the portuges KASKASKAS não sei se escrevi certo

      Lara BoeiraLara Boeira3 dagar sedan
  • Trim kenapa kamu kok secepat itu larinya gimana caranya dream

    Wandi SuwandiWandi Suwandi3 dagar sedan
  • هل في عرب؟

    صاحب - Nemesisصاحب - Nemesis3 dagar sedan
  • Dream why didn’t you destroy the nether portal he would’ve been stuck there forever than you could’ve when the the game easily

    Zhyya HaoZhyya Hao3 dagar sedan
  • you should do 4 speedrunner that are sapnap george dream and bad boy halo and 2 terminator

    Viergil PlaysViergil Plays3 dagar sedan
  • Dream do you play roblox I wanna play with you🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Amoni McRaeAmoni McRae3 dagar sedan
    • He dont want

      Legends never DieLegends never Die3 dagar sedan
  • Has anyone noticed that George said stronghold instead of netherfortress and Dream said netherfortress

    Pey DollarsPey Dollars3 dagar sedan
  • Top dreeam

    Eduardo GamerEduardo Gamer3 dagar sedan

    Zeinab HZeinab H4 dagar sedan
  • Dream: Can I beat Minecraft before The Terminator? Me: *Looks at time* Nah, nah.

    PøğģęřPøğģęř4 dagar sedan
    • I said that wrong;-;

      PøğģęřPøğģęř4 dagar sedan
  • Georges neighbours:STOP WITH THE DREAM

    Kasey__gachaKasey__gacha4 dagar sedan