Watching Unfunny TikTok Comedy Until I Laugh

27 okt 2020
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this was one interesting video with very minimal laughter ... at the actual Tiktoks lol.
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orange peanut:
watching female comedians until I laugh:
watching Amy shimmer until I laugh:
noah kettle:
watching Tiktok comedy until I laugh:

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    • @pokchimo oya oya?

      sleepycvndysleepycvndy19 timmar sedan
    • @pokchimo lol

      _daisy.sky__daisy.sky_19 timmar sedan
    • @sleepycvndy oya?

      pokchimopokchimo20 timmar sedan
    • *haikyu fans have entered the chat*

      pokchimopokchimo20 timmar sedan
    • I know it's been a while but courtney. You should react to cosplay tiktok

      _daisy.sky__daisy.sky_2 dagar sedan
  • Whoa, oh, oh Sweet child o' mine Whoa, oh, oh, oh Sweet love of mine

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  • Reezies: yassssssssxsssssswsss😄😄😄😄😄😄

    Cyber_Wolfy 0.1Cyber_Wolfy 0.12 timmar sedan
  • I am perfectly fine on gay tiktok, tyvm 😔✋🏾💀

    jadejade3 timmar sedan
  • I have just noticed that they use the same scream in every one of there videos not just on the same person but on multiple different people

    Magic turtle wizardMagic turtle wizard3 timmar sedan
  • Why? I did not know this side of tiktok existed and I am ✨traumatised✨. :)

    Amaia LuneAmaia Lune4 timmar sedan
  • This is 5 minutes and troom troom all over again

    nicki Minaj's barbnicki Minaj's barb7 timmar sedan

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  • This is the type of shit my dad thinks is funny

    Jazmyne InthavongdyJazmyne Inthavongdy19 timmar sedan

    MickeyRatVAMickeyRatVA22 timmar sedan
  • That first tiktok actually made me gag

    Crybaby 。Crybaby 。Dag sedan
  • The only reason I laugh is because of how hard they try to make it funny and how stupid it is

    BU - 06SV 788318 Sunny View MSBU - 06SV 788318 Sunny View MSDag sedan
  • He’s not funny 😒

    Bontle TsekaBontle TsekaDag sedan
  • oh wow... they literally were not funny, just stupid. Like why? why would you do that?? i’m in confusion

    What’s UpWhat’s UpDag sedan

    Chikaelo OkekeChikaelo OkekeDag sedan
  • i was eating chocolate cake while watching this..the first video thou..

    yuna moonayuna moonaDag sedan
  • you said ''YuH'' better than Ariana Grande

    yuna moonayuna moonaDag sedan
  • And thats why i dont use tik tok

    Pudim GoxtosoPudim GoxtosoDag sedan
  • What's the point of him lifting the mask if there was already a hole for his mouth- the disappointment.

    JoaxxiiieJoaxxiiieDag sedan
  • Comedy has a whole different meaning to idiots

    Stephanie HaleyStephanie HaleyDag sedan
  • Like yr laugth 🤭

    joannie Bbjoannie BbDag sedan
  • This got so annoying, soo fast.... Like these TikTok videos OMG

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  • Wasting good Nutella 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  • So i subbed.. *am i a reezie?*

    kumoriiekumoriieDag sedan
  • love it--keep up the great work!

    Moi YesMoi YesDag sedan
  • i am so glad i am not on whatever side of ticktock that is🤨

    Ruth GitimuRuth GitimuDag sedan
  • Try larry noah miller quen and soencer wuah

    onikameganonikameganDag sedan
  • I’m so glad I’m not on this side of Tiktok 😂 I wouldn’t even be on that app if not for melanated beings

    Imani WilkinsImani Wilkins2 dagar sedan
  • 8:32 does she get payed to do this?💀💀💀

    StriixersStriixers2 dagar sedan
  • We can all agree this fake right?

    ERIKA with a KERIKA with a K2 dagar sedan
  • i loved the 1st page i was dying at the mom

    lxttelxtte2 dagar sedan
  • her phone be hanging.... my old phone was so frustrating... so I can relate to why she swiping aggressively

    애마Emma애마Emma2 dagar sedan
  • XD

    Catalina CastroCatalina Castro2 dagar sedan
  • omgg “reezies!” so cute! il it😄💘☁️✨it’s the perfect name for ur fandom💖

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  • Lmao she laughed ALOT

    Black Forest Ma'amBlack Forest Ma'am2 dagar sedan
  • Wait a damn minute. Why does it say "me and my sister (Girlfriend)" ...

    Zeynep DemirbogaZeynep Demirboga2 dagar sedan
  • i'm a proud reezie!

    Kamilė KamilėKamilė Kamilė2 dagar sedan
  • When i got to tiktok For the first time in forever actually I saw the videos and i actually believed it I dont use tiktoks or watch much vids I didnt know that tiktok was Kinda bad I deleted tik tok 3 times cause i got bored 👁👄👁

    Sea fantasySea fantasy2 dagar sedan

      Sea fantasySea fantasy2 dagar sedan
  • The lady who was aggressively tapping her phone is like my Grandma , She does that. It's almost like she's angry at the phone. Like girl what did your poor phone ever do to you tho-

    Angelena Molands-AngelAngelena Molands-Angel2 dagar sedan
  • I need glasses and I can still se the stain

    Danielle RhoddDanielle Rhodd2 dagar sedan
  • Gotta love the people with no profile picture saying most of tiktok humor is funny

    Jusion 1Jusion 13 dagar sedan
  • Girl: Christen come here Boy: what? Girl: come here Caption: Christian Mia, what are you cooking

    Butterfly Queen234Butterfly Queen2343 dagar sedan
  • I like you without make up too. Not crusty at all girl.

    Kalie WiestKalie Wiest3 dagar sedan
  • Why they abusing Nutella like that😒

    Grace AkandeGrace Akande3 dagar sedan
  • NO. Just NO.

    Dog ASMRistDog ASMRist3 dagar sedan
  • I’m laughing at their stupidity 😂😂😂

    Spencinjr EliasSpencinjr Elias3 dagar sedan
  • 10:57 you know how expensive air jordan's are???? I'm broke but that's like a $200-$1000 shoe like bro I would love to have a pair of air jordan's like what???

    purple Aestheticpurple Aesthetic3 dagar sedan
  • Who else actually did the drum roll the second time

    Amylah JohnsonAmylah Johnson3 dagar sedan
  • #proudreezy

    SkySky3 dagar sedan
  • If that dude is saying females can’t make him laugh.... *maybe there’s a reason he has orange in his name* 😱

    FroggayFroggay4 dagar sedan
  • Reezies Reesies Reeses Reese’s Reese’s puffs

    L NL N4 dagar sedan
  • It’s the aggressive swiping for me 😭😭💀

    シュレックシュレック4 dagar sedan
  • ok but why did the caption on the fork and tongue video say "my sister (girlfriend)"...

    Amelia BehanAmelia Behan4 dagar sedan
  • I love ur videos

    Somila DyantyiSomila Dyantyi4 dagar sedan
  • they are like the troomtroom of comedy

    Kyra AshleyKyra Ashley4 dagar sedan
  • are the straights okay

    Kyra AshleyKyra Ashley4 dagar sedan
  • Sweet home alabama

    nabila shalihahnabila shalihah4 dagar sedan
  • Heyy courtrezzy I'm new and I all already love your channel your amazing and super funnnyyy

    Delicia OctoberDelicia October4 dagar sedan
  • you are like the funniest person ever

    Valeria GalindoValeria Galindo4 dagar sedan
  • please react to caitlin reilly on tik tok she's so relatable and so funny

    fatty phobiafatty phobia4 dagar sedan
  • The official name for the fandom is Reezies! Subtitles: *greasies*

    Pandy49Pandy494 dagar sedan
  • Am now reezie💖😂

    KK -AngelKK -Angel4 dagar sedan
  • I'm am proud to say I am apart of the reezies 🥺🥺❤️

    Taylor BrownTaylor Brown4 dagar sedan
  • Video starts at 3:06

    Sierra SearsSierra Sears5 dagar sedan
  • im uncomfortable

    aug;aug;5 dagar sedan
  • People who try to be funny are the worst. 😂 imagine being their neighbors

    Steven DanielSteven Daniel5 dagar sedan
  • Courtrezzy : the fandom name is "reezies " Captions : greasies

    Teddy Nakayiwa MwanzaTeddy Nakayiwa Mwanza5 dagar sedan
  • My ears....😓💔

    P E N OP E N O5 dagar sedan
  • i watched the birth of my nickname ✨reezie✨

    Idaly Bazoria-CastilloIdaly Bazoria-Castillo5 dagar sedan
  • Courtney: REEZIES! Captions: greasy

    Vassilia The Gay Theatre KidVassilia The Gay Theatre Kid5 dagar sedan
  • The first tiktok acount is soo cringy, lame, and not funny that they’re funny , does that make sense? Honestly i think courtreezy makes them funnier lol.

    MjMj5 dagar sedan
  • Im not even gonna lie i saw one of these tiktoks but it was distorted and the sound was too and it made it 10x funnier lol

    bostonboston5 dagar sedan
  • I'm a Reezie now

    Jannis DrososJannis Drosos5 dagar sedan
  • Guy: Women can't make jokes Me: Your mom made you

    Fathima Zahra KhanFathima Zahra Khan6 dagar sedan
    • Dang😂😂best comment

      halohalo5 dagar sedan
  • Those tiktokers are aimed to what small children finds funny, other people getting hurt, poop and pee. And I just hate how adults do this shit to get the views from children and fame out of it.

    Leticia GLeticia G6 dagar sedan
  • I think some boys have humor but some don’t and you know what I’m talking about right, the ones that don’t have humor are the ones that say girls aren’t funny.

    Banana FaceBanana Face6 dagar sedan
  • these tik toks is fake try to convince me

    Neon SaladNeon Salad6 dagar sedan
  • TikTok isn't a comedy platform, just people who think they're funny but they just look stupid

    Don't steal my BaguetteDon't steal my Baguette6 dagar sedan
    • Omg yeah I was gonna say that LOL

      TausanTausan6 dagar sedan
  • 6:41 They’re basically implying that getting your tongue single handedly stabbed and plucked out by a FORK doesn’t involve blood.

    nerushouyonerushouyo6 dagar sedan
  • 😂😂😂😂I love this I swear you too beautiful and funny 😂😂👏🏼👏🏼

    Malliena LewisMalliena Lewis6 dagar sedan
  • Courtney: It's a lie! Me: Kokichi? What are you doing here?

    Yoshiro AkaashiYoshiro Akaashi6 dagar sedan
    • Lmaoo same

      Kamilė KamilėKamilė Kamilė2 dagar sedan
  • Who's watching this cringy ass scripted tiktok prank!!??Like WTF it cringes me to the max!!I hate this kind of tiktok!!

    Kim Seokjin's BiasKim Seokjin's Bias6 dagar sedan
  • I’m in shock

    Isaiah StiansenIsaiah Stiansen6 dagar sedan

    Jose aljo trasmilJose aljo trasmil6 dagar sedan
  • 6:36 nobody is going to talk about that caption tho

    Simone MooreSimone Moore6 dagar sedan
  • 6:34 my mom woulda cared more about how the table was doin'-

    Mema MemaMema Mema7 dagar sedan
  • You see idiotic jokes are called dad jokes not mom jokes 🥰

    Tech AestheticTech Aesthetic7 dagar sedan
  • "Watching videos till i laugh but make it *✨Tiktok✨* "

    •Alive_but_dead••Alive_but_dead•7 dagar sedan
  • I couldn’t get past 6 seconds of this video I’m screaming 😂😂😂😂😂

    Lyam RatcliffeLyam Ratcliffe7 dagar sedan
    • Me neither 😂😂😂😂😂

      Malliena LewisMalliena Lewis6 dagar sedan
  • I don't know why people think it's funny to make pranks that cost the other person their money... like it's not even funny it's just straight up outrageous and absolutely disrespectful for the people that don't have a lot of money...

    What's your name?What's your name?7 dagar sedan
  • Why are their eyes almost plopping out 🤨 Not trying to give them ideas tho...

    What's your name?What's your name?7 dagar sedan
  • Do you know that moment when things are so unfunny that they get funny again? Just experienced it.

    What's your name?What's your name?7 dagar sedan
  • Guy-can you see the stains Her-no Me-EXCUSE ME I still see the stains what are you talking about Me two minutes later-👁👄👁 but,but how did she not see the stains? I am so confused

    Midnight StarsMidnight Stars7 dagar sedan
  • We all know the whole 'prank' thing got out of hand a long time ago but I'll say this anyway: for a prank to be a truly good prank, the person you're pranking should also be able to enjoy it, at least a little, once they realize it was just a prank. At the very least it shouldn't be assaulting people while they're trying to sleep >_>

    Katie PastaKatie Pasta7 dagar sedan
  • Courtney: ✨Breezies✨ SEworld captions: ✨greasies✨

    K.A. ArtK.A. Art7 dagar sedan
  • 3:28 got me dead

    John CarterJohn Carter7 dagar sedan
  • Salute for courtreezy for ruining her for you page and her braincells to give us quality content

    tian the huggertian the hugger7 dagar sedan
  • Breezy 4 evrrr

    RaghadRaghad7 dagar sedan
  • I don’t think I cracked a smile- that’s sad

    Toga himikoToga himiko7 dagar sedan
  • yo neck gonna turn GREEENNN

    Jayna VuthJayna Vuth7 dagar sedan