Our Pet Alligator Playing with her Toys!

25 okt 2020
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Today we have compiled some of our favorite clips of Rex playing with her toys! We may need to find some replacements soon after seeing how much she tries to "kill" them XD
We love the Reolink Argus PT security camera used in today's video! Check it out here!: amzn.to/3gY39fO
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  • That roll ball she really wants to kill it 🤔

    Joshana EttienneJoshana Ettienne5 dagar sedan
  • Is this on 1 day

    Peyton DrotarPeyton Drotar5 dagar sedan
  • YEEEEEEEEEET PS- was she really stuck? did y'all have to help the goober out or did she herself? lol

    a girl named bretta girl named brett6 dagar sedan
  • Aligators and crocs are native where i live. Dad is terrified of them. When I told him Rex's story he was ultra angry about how Reex was treated. Showed him this video and he had the biggest smile on his face

    Stephanie LovatStephanie Lovat6 dagar sedan
  • Rex:plays with the jolly ball and it flings away. Also Rex:Tear runs down face like a breakup moment.

    Elsie TabisElsie Tabis9 dagar sedan
  • 11/10 rex is adorable.

    Bean BoiBean Boi10 dagar sedan
  • Fun lol

    TorQueSS JTorQueSS J12 dagar sedan
  • Rex has learned the sacred art of yeeting

    Robert KingRobert King13 dagar sedan
  • Can you do a video of Rex eating

    Yamile GutierrezYamile Gutierrez13 dagar sedan
  • Red is a color

    Tomato SauceTomato Sauce14 dagar sedan
  • aaaaaand now i want a pet alligator

    Avery NamathAvery Namath15 dagar sedan
  • I can’t wait to see what her new enclosure looks like! I’m super curious

    Christa KinstellaChrista Kinstella15 dagar sedan
  • I have a question!! Do you ever worry that she’ll tear or but down the heating lights? (Edit: by the way I love your channel so much!! Andddd I’m making a bracelet/necklace business with my friend Alexia, I she’s making earrings, I really want to send you guys a bracelet with your channel themed colors!)

    kiwimelon.kiwimelon.17 dagar sedan
  • Omg please get one of those little disco lights at Walmart to have in her room omg!

    OverConfidentPotatoOverConfidentPotato18 dagar sedan
  • So cute

    skullyHDskullyHD18 dagar sedan
  • Whatever company that has made that ball should sponsor you for you showing said ball is able to withstand a whole dang gator chomping on it !!

    BloodiathBloodiath20 dagar sedan
  • Remember, she may have learned how to Yeet her Ball, but let's just pray to God that she never learns how to ya yeet

    Gene ThompsonGene Thompson21 dag sedan
  • Rex got so big!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    Art PlayzArt Playz21 dag sedan
  • No one: 682 before breaching containment

    Jack the RipperJack the Ripper21 dag sedan
  • you should do a 24/7 live stream of this :)

    The Gaming ArcherThe Gaming Archer22 dagar sedan
  • #adorbs

    Cleo CatraCleo Catra23 dagar sedan
  • I've been waiting for this!!

    Megan PalfreymanMegan Palfreyman25 dagar sedan
  • 1:53 Rex: **throws bal and bites cave** Rex: *IS THIS MY LIFE NOW?AMI STUCK HERE FOREVER?*

    Olivia CabreraOlivia Cabrera25 dagar sedan
  • Rex is so silly and crazy love this video

    Sandra MuoioSandra Muoio26 dagar sedan
  • I have trypophobia making it hard for me to look at rex’s hole-filled snout, but SHE IS JUST TOO CUTEEE

    Softpaw66Softpaw6626 dagar sedan
  • I love to have that gator I will steal her because she is so beautiful

    Tyler stuttsTyler stutts26 dagar sedan
  • Rex is so cute when she’s 😈

    Brooklyn SmithBrooklyn Smith26 dagar sedan
  • The cave minding its business: Rex for some reason: >:V

    Bella KangBella Kang26 dagar sedan
  • I'm excited for her to get an updated enclosure! So cute watching her play

    James MTJames MT28 dagar sedan
  • She's so cute...she kind of acts like a playful kitten.

    Erica DErica D28 dagar sedan
  • If she ever does pop her ball, will y’all replace it with a new one? She loves it so much that I would buy the over and over again. Ooh, have you thought about getting her a 2nd one?

    PiercedBitxh AilaPiercedBitxh Aila29 dagar sedan
  • 2:30 sneak 100

    Sydney BraithwaiteSydney Braithwaite29 dagar sedan
  • Rex, you’re Sooo Cute!! Love ya!!!!!!

    d'Arcy Rosed'Arcy Rose29 dagar sedan
  • Will Rex’s new area in the Zoo be larger than what she has now?

    Emily PolmanEmily PolmanMånad sedan
  • There is alot of comments🤣🤣🤣🤣

    the gayunicorn 24the gayunicorn 24Månad sedan
  • she’s such a derp :P

    necko geckonecko geckoMånad sedan
  • Me waiting for a death roll the entire video: Me when it never comes: 👁👄👁

    Lemon OwlLemon OwlMånad sedan
  • The last clip was on my moms birthday !!!!!!!!

    Kaylin ReedKaylin ReedMånad sedan
  • The third clip was on my birthday !!!!!!!

    Kaylin ReedKaylin ReedMånad sedan
  • So cute! Rex is the best!❤️

    Bella’s ReptilesBella’s ReptilesMånad sedan
  • My family and I visited Hartley's wildlife centre in port Douglas QLD Australia on our school holidays and honestly rex is so cute compared to the salt water crocodiles that are found in northern QLD

    JayJayMånad sedan
  • I love watching rex clips! Will you have a rex live stream in the zoo? 😍

    argosje1argosje1Månad sedan
  • Rex is living a life UwU🐊

    Sheila mae dumancasSheila mae dumancasMånad sedan
  • rex: oooohhh a ball ⚽ also rex: nah boring, I request only the best 👑

    Zahraa JahromiZahraa JahromiMånad sedan
  • Psh, and people say alligators are scary... This is flippin ADORABLE!!!

    IndoDINO YoutubeIndoDINO YoutubeMånad sedan

    taste the rainbowtaste the rainbowMånad sedan
    • This was time consuming

      taste the rainbowtaste the rainbowMånad sedan
  • I love how she is growing. it's so great that she found a good home with you guys after everything she has been through.

    Vanilla AddictVanilla AddictMånad sedan
  • How large is her new pool? I hope it's at least as large as the entire area she currently has, so that she has enough room to actually swim.

    DragonFae16DragonFae16Månad sedan
  • I was hoping to see 1 death roll but still great video!

    ShowMeLoveFilmsShowMeLoveFilmsMånad sedan
  • She protecc, She attacc, but most importantly she like snacc!

    Ham FishHam FishMånad sedan
  • Did anyone notice how it says *Watch the Camera INTALLATION Video here*

    Snek PersonSnek PersonMånad sedan
  • I have a great idea so you can give Rex his new home on Christmas Day

    Cindy Liu ScottCindy Liu ScottMånad sedan
  • I bet its gonna feel wierd to have that room back when rex is at the facility lol

    Kaitlyn BurtonKaitlyn BurtonMånad sedan
  • I need a security camera to see what my cat does when I'm not in the room with him! 🤣🤣🤣 Why is he only allowed in one room? He's a kitten and my dogs aren't used to him yet.

    neon fnafneon fnafMånad sedan
  • Hi Emily and Ed, hope you both are doing well. I have a small question to ask you about Rex's room: What are you going to do with that room once Rex moves to the zoo? Is it going to be another room for animals or something else? Thanks you, you guys are amazing 🐊🐢🦎🐍

    Green RaptorGreen RaptorMånad sedan
  • Has anyone else noticed how much bigger she's gotten?! I know Emily said she won't ever be able to grow to full size, but she looks tiny in the old videos when compared to now!

    annie10103annie10103Månad sedan
  • ة،رتاغلعا

    Manar YazeedManar YazeedMånad sedan
  • Rex yay qt

    Kathleen GreeffKathleen GreeffMånad sedan
  • I love you guys my fav snake is a hognose my name is devyn

    DJ FamDJ FamMånad sedan
  • Does Rex show any affection to you? Or is that only wishful thinking?

    Y2MACY2MACMånad sedan
  • I hope you buy her a new tub in the meanwhile. :(

    IncineroarIncineroarMånad sedan
  • I love Rex so much

    Aubrey OlveraAubrey OlveraMånad sedan
  • This is just a usual day for gators, playing with toys, chewing on things, splashing water, and asking for food.

    Morgue SanctumMorgue SanctumMånad sedan
  • Rex: YEET(I love this ball) The ball: why me

    kendra frankskendra franksMånad sedan
  • Wait the name rex is so cool

    JulisajuliusAaliyah EdmondsJulisajuliusAaliyah EdmondsMånad sedan
  • It must be really loud having Rex around

    BruisesBruisesMånad sedan
  • I'm here to tell you that I love your guy's channel

    storm maynardstorm maynardMånad sedan
  • How is rex today

    storm maynardstorm maynardMånad sedan
  • I am very much looking forward to the next episode of big brother with rex 🐊

    Josephine JekylJosephine JekylMånad sedan
  • Rex: "Challenge Accepted!"

    Magnakay VioletMagnakay VioletMånad sedan
  • Man... Humans really do have an inescapable urge to pet anything. Or if you prefer,I like your weird dog, can I pet her?

    TannershideTannershideMånad sedan
  • Curious as to after the completion of the facility, what will you do with all the extra space in your home?

    Tia JohnsonTia JohnsonMånad sedan
  • that is so funny that she can throw her toys

    Molly HarrisonMolly HarrisonMånad sedan
  • Rex is such an awesome gator!👍🐍

    Reptiles lover KennyReptiles lover KennyMånad sedan
  • Brave wilderness and snake discovery need to collab

    Bridget HBridget HMånad sedan
  • Do you ever walk her?

    Rachael BRachael BMånad sedan
  • Your American alligator from 3 months ago rex was a lot smaller now she is bigger

    Fady El Amir TadrosFady El Amir TadrosMånad sedan
  • Rex has gotten bigger since you got her

    Farm'n stuffFarm'n stuffMånad sedan
  • I love rex I have a picture of her as my profile picture for school on google meets lol

    Farm'n stuffFarm'n stuffMånad sedan
  • You are one of the only channels that I let the ads play for because I love you guys so much. 😁

    Shawnté MichaelsShawnté MichaelsMånad sedan
  • rex with her ball is the definition of *nom*

    peaxchy peaxchypeaxchy peaxchyMånad sedan
  • Rex: Yeets ball Emily: ... Okay then

    Bethany IdellBethany IdellMånad sedan
  • Do you like Rick and morty

    Nathan ApseyNathan ApseyMånad sedan
  • oh my goodness she's so cute! Also she seems to have grown?

    ChristinaChristinaMånad sedan
  • #cutie

    Cute and EvilCute and EvilMånad sedan
  • Rex breaking up be like: I luv u ball!.......I HATE YOU BALL!!! (I love your videos so much! I cant wait to see the new facility, also I love the updates! I want more updates on the facility, lol!)

    Victoria JacksonVictoria JacksonMånad sedan
  • Can't wait to see the finished facility! Of course Rex is going to absolutely LOVE her new room! I wish I could go there when it opens up, I just live no where near that state. Maybe in a couple years!

    Meghan ChambersMeghan ChambersMånad sedan
  • 😅

    Regina RoosRegina RoosMånad sedan
  • love rex😷🎃😍

    Sophia WilsonSophia WilsonMånad sedan
  • Odd question what are you going to do with the empty rooms with Rex and the snakes leaving to the center?

    YelleyElleyYelleyElleyMånad sedan
  • Rex needs one of those 24/7 webcams in her enclosure in the new facility.

    Bonnie TravisBonnie TravisMånad sedan
  • Not nearly as funny without the commentary

    Franky alfanoFranky alfanoMånad sedan
  • room to small

    Wardel1234Wardel1234Månad sedan
  • 👌👍

    J. LopezJ. LopezMånad sedan
  • Dang Rex is so noisy, I feel bad for the roomies.

    datafoxydatafoxyMånad sedan
  • Wow

    Kath RubioKath RubioMånad sedan
  • I daee you to buy a beardded lizard

    Novianty NurkaspiNovianty NurkaspiMånad sedan
  • just got my first ever snake today! a beautiful mexican black king! she’s settling in really well and even let me handle her for a little while. super docile and curious. thanks for inspiring me emily and ed!

    kelsey's film classkelsey's film classMånad sedan
  • Have y'all thought about testing Rex's bite force?

    Treyotto33Treyotto33Månad sedan
  • 24/7 live stream of Rex cam? Like kitten academy?

    waverindarknesswaverindarknessMånad sedan