NOW We're Cook'n with Argon!!

10 jan 2021
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Inert atmosphere for heat treating oven?
Don't adjust your TV, YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT!
I've wanted to try this upgrade since I first heard about it. Let's give it a try!
Music: Cemetary Clown - Sir Cubworth

  • You should check out 2stroke stuffing he is learning cnc

    RubenRubenTimme sedan
  • Hey TOT, you mentioned your camera in this one and got me wondering what camera setup you use. Would you be so kind as to divulge your setup? Thanks m8

    BlakeBlake2 timmar sedan
  • 1:24 uuuuh dude your a machinist lol if it doesn't exist ... make it lol

    firefox5926firefox59263 timmar sedan
  • 4:30 I never thought of using a copper tube de-burring tool as a nose hair trimmer. I guess that's why I keep coming back to TOT for new innovative ideas lol

    The MateyThe Matey4 timmar sedan
  • @18:06 I hate it when I wake up dead.

    SolarMillSolarMill4 timmar sedan
  • @13:06 I eventual figured out that the green switch is labeled CTRL POWER, but for the longest time I kept reading it as GIRL POWER

    SolarMillSolarMill4 timmar sedan
  • Hey tony, thanks for all your help and processes. Helps me understand a lot. Am wondering about a rotating mill vice table with a worm gear for self turning? Saw a video about using a 3/8-16 tap to cut threads. ????? I think one would have to do math(ugh) a lot to get exact dia to have the teeth come out even. Could you help me(us) understand process and math used? Wouldnt the math suggest diameter would change as cut gets deeper?

    Jim EdmundsJim Edmunds6 timmar sedan
  • that bunny is good at machining grass now time to get metal eating bunny

    joe janejoe jane6 timmar sedan
  • The printer is only capable of melting the plastic so fast, so switching to a 1mm nozzle may not be as fast as you hope. You might need to increase the heater output by switching to a 40 or 50W cartridge. There are videos about the topic, that show how to test your max volumetric flow rate. One other thing. Supports take some effort to remove with larger nozzles. Try to reduce them as much as possible.

    CourtCourt7 timmar sedan
  • youtube unsubbed me from you :) thanks youtube, doing what I never asked and never wanted :)

    Parker RussellParker Russell15 timmar sedan
  • Could you try 3018 cnc. Its a 100-150$ cnc and is economically available to most people as a toy/beginner machine.

    btd5btd517 timmar sedan
  • Hey Tony love your videos. That nose hair trimmer is actually for deburing copper pipe ID what it's original purpose is but does works on steel and much more just wears the blade down faster.

    Curtis AtkinsonCurtis Atkinson19 timmar sedan
  • This anti-scale coating acts as a barrier to the basic reactions of oxidation and decarburization. To prevent scaling and decarburization, care is taken to apply a uniform coating layer on the component. The coating also reduces decarburization on billets and ingots during hot-forging and hot-rolling operations. Heat transfer from the heating medium to the metal is unaffected by the coating. Additionally, the coating has no reaction with the steel surface and no release of toxic fumes during use, heat treatment or storage. The coating is nonhazardous and economical to use.

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  • Get 1.2mm nozzle and E3D Super Volcano and thank me later.

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  • hymmm rabbit soup!

    47vulcanride timmer47vulcanride timmerDag sedan
  • Any plans for the follow up Gears video? Cutting gears on the mini lathe?

  • Liking the capstain microscope idea

    Bryan CliftonBryan CliftonDag sedan
  • Difference of dividinh deadand speed indexer on a video please

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  • I hope the poor rabbit has found a new -hole- place to hide.

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  • how are those soft jaws working for you!!!

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  • i know im just one person, but please make more vids. maybe some about tig welding . or 3d printing

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  • Hey Tony, got a story for you. I remember back in your "welding straight is hard" video you mention not wanting to see homemade trailers with "ToT taught me to weld this trailer" bumper stickers pulling 4 tons of cinderblock and my buddys bedroom set. I might need one of those stickers. While I was in welding class at college, someone took a Sawzall to my exhaust and almost got away with my catalytic converter. Apparently "cat" theft is on the rise again. Anyway, I took to my keyboard and went to your welding videos. Thanks to your tips and advice, I was able to fill the saw cuts in without scrapping the part! The biggest issue I had was welding the super thin wall tubing without blowing holes through the thing. Anyway, long story short, thanks for being a great welding instructor without being a welding instructor. (That sounded better in my head) I might make myself one of those bumper stickers. If you're ever in Albuquerque, don't drive behind a silver CR-V. (Hint, that's me in my self welded repair job!)

    Eric BarryEric Barry2 dagar sedan
  • Hey Tone, why does wd40 smell so good?

    Reid Fleming, World's Toughest MilkmanReid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman2 dagar sedan
  • Meet me after school over at the Maho

    Reid Fleming, World's Toughest MilkmanReid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman2 dagar sedan
  • interesting subject Old Tony.. I have questions from the land of OZ.. Q1- was the steel contaminated ie oils from machining , hands , or the Rabbit butt joke. Q2- Not really a question ! Put the F/cutter in a box of steel no lid , fill with clean chips from the chip machine (when you get that working again) and give it a whirl.

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  • You got a bunny! If I may. Get 2 or more. They're mentally healthier of they can bond. Also. I built mine a 4 story bunny cage. It's good

    James RunyonJames Runyon2 dagar sedan
  • Why did I watch the rabbit eating grass?

    ClericChrisClericChris2 dagar sedan
  • I see you are horning in on Matthias' videos! I enjoy your videos even though I have no mills, metal lathes, welders etc. Thanks!

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  • Time to switch to rumble!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  • Lol the black noga piece is a deburring tool. 🤣😂

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  • Did tape number 22 from S.T.F.U air already

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  • I'm just here for the last minute.

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  • 17:33 its finally everyone's favorite part... The Easter egg.

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  • Closing in on one million subscribers. Good for you, Tony.

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  • I found this channel by accident, but I'm not upset. You're funny and i like the way you explain everything in detail. What do you do with all of your metal scraps? (Besides feed it to your cat)

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  • as a new viewer. interesting concept. but you go off on too many tangents unrelated to the main content here.

    devtrashdevtrash2 dagar sedan
  • Just left the Q cult and am in search for a new Guru to worship. Not sure you fit the mind pull I need. Good luck in your journies! ;)

  • For some reason the tooling rack reminds me of the earlier sonos devices. I smell me a project!

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  • man, you must have had some nasty cases of luck in your life

    Gickels McDoogleGickels McDoogle3 dagar sedan
  • Just be careful if you use bigger nozzles you might need a bigger hotend, like an e3d volcano

    Lucas ImarkLucas Imark3 dagar sedan
  • At 4:36 it’s Deburring tool

    Eric Vinnels-bellEric Vinnels-bell3 dagar sedan
  • Hold the phone - is the Maho XYZ jog wheel complete? I sure would like to see a video about how you made that! I've been considering one for my mill.

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  • I have a recepi for stuffed rabbit........ 👌

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  • "Oy! That's no ordinary rabbit; he's got big pointy teeth an' a mean streak a mile wide! " - Tim, they guy from scene 34

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  • Dude that Z Axis is one squeaky boi

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  • Hey Hey-!! - enough of the gratuitously violent rabbit eating footage-!!

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  • Wouldn’t a quench in water also lead to less Surface scale?

    562949832A562949832A4 dagar sedan
  • Tony! Shocked you overlooked the possibility of just drilling a nozzle out then adjusting the slicer parameters of whatever the hole size was drilled.

    Ziggy DaviesZiggy Davies4 dagar sedan
  • Superb video as always, I can't wait for the video where the rabbit takes up butt welding!

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  • I'm sure someone will have already pointed out that the Prusa will happily resume the print if you add more filament and hit resume. Welcome to that rabbit hole!

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  • yes, 1mm nozzles exist. I basically only print with a 1mm nozzle anymore, because i hate waiting 24+ hours for something large to print, and i don't print small things

    ShuRugal OorusShuRugal Oorus4 dagar sedan
  • an E3D tool changer is what you need for your printer that much weight on a print head would screw your print quality

    DrumkommandrDrumkommandr4 dagar sedan
  • "pull a rabbit out of your butt"... wait, you mean there is more than hands ?!

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  • You're going to have issues with a 1mm nozzle. 0.6 is going to be about as large as you can go without upgrading your heater block.

    Vladmir PutinVladmir Putin4 dagar sedan
  • OMG, I thought you where lost in the snow during Christmas, I didn't expect any video so soon. LOL (sarcastic) Happy New Year Tony.

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  • Microscope at Bible camp😅😂🤣😁🤗

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  • I said it before, You're stupid, in a funny way! Happy New yeast. Oops Type: O

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  • I have tried to find an eMail address for This Old Tony. But having problems finding one. I have some items i would like to send to him. AKA Abenaki Prepper.

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  • Where is YOUR Odysee channel Old Tony?

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  • Is that metric or imperial grass??

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  • I think you should stop turning your pets in to other animals. Transmutation in the home shop, close to a time traveling lathe is dangerous!!!

    Leo DominguesLeo Domingues5 dagar sedan
  • Thank you Loved the end :-)

    Steve NicholsSteve Nichols5 dagar sedan
  • TOT, a couple months ago in "Consoling a Milling Machine" you talked about adding independent MPGs to your CNC Mill. How goes it? I have similar desires.

    BacklashBacklash5 dagar sedan

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  • ✝️God loves you so much ! Jesus is king ! ✝️

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  • Jeez Tony! I've missed your dry wit!...lubetube decided to wipe you off of my notifications 🖕well your back now!!!!

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  • Remember your ultrasonic knife? Check out slow-mo guys they may have invented the ultrasonic precision drill... What would happen if ToT pimps that ride into a tungsten tip impact hammer and tried it on, say "Lumenum" and "Ye Milde Steele" XD

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    • Inquiring minds need to know!

      Luke ArtsLuke Arts6 dagar sedan
  • or just make one. you like making stuff.

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  • Think ill watch the greatest american hero now

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  • So glad you've found fame again now that everybody loves Raymond is over!

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  • Hey Toni the tool at 4:36 is for deburring holes

    Fabian GallinatFabian Gallinat6 dagar sedan
  • Did you really use that without tempering it ?

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  • Yeah 3d printing takes ages But you're a natural. The oxygen joke😂😂😂

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    • That explosion got me😑 Okay, the last 2 minutes makes up for it🥺

      Dave's WorkbenchDave's Workbench6 dagar sedan
    • Good to see something made here in mississippi, and that other tool looks like a deburring tool

      Dave's WorkbenchDave's Workbench6 dagar sedan
  • Another YTber list his luster

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  • what kind of oven is that

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  • Love the video, let us know if you run out of WD-40 stuff @17:09 we can arrange some to be sent your way . WD-40.

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  • I had to lookup Ralph Hinkley.

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  • I am deeply surprised that the rabbit came out white... 0_o

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  • at 4:28 that's a deburring tool for when you cut sections of pipe. I don't know what the official name is but we had it in a machine shop I used to work at.

    Some CanineSome Canine7 dagar sedan
  • The end is definitely my favourite part of the show. Definitely.

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  • Furnaces aren’t that cool, 3D printers are much cooler

    MagentaPuppy - Blender SimulationsMagentaPuppy - Blender Simulations7 dagar sedan
    • Fridges are cooler than both of those..........

      NostromoNostromo6 dagar sedan
  • Which CAD-programm do you use?

    kinder riegelkinder riegel7 dagar sedan
    • They are such a mood

      ceerw butyceerw buty7 dagar sedan
  • Man... Out of all the infinite worlds out there in the multiverse, I'm really glad ThisOldTony decided to make these AMAZING videos and upload them to youtube! Thank you good sir for putting all the hard work on these videos full of useful information that are still incredibly hilarious!

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  • you probably wont respond but what materials can you turn on a chinese mini lathe??

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  • 16:50 crushed me.. love the "Subscribe 180" as well. Thanks Tony!

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  • When he was at the bench grinder on the wire wheel I was waiting to hear something fly across the room

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  • 16:51 nearly crapped myself :)

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  • I like when you cooked your finger, made me laugh we are all human I guess. Bunny's are the most underrated pet of all time.

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  • You got to try an heat treat the rabbit.... with a few potato's and veg.

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  • Jumped out my skin with the explosion 😆

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  • You'll want to go to a beefier heater block to do high volume printing. You'll overrun the standard E3D v6 quickly even on a .6 nozzle (You can go up to .4 layer height and 1.2mm line width). An E3D Volcano is the way to go.

    Dan MarafinoDan Marafino8 dagar sedan
  • Stoked to see you coming up on one million subs Tony, keep up the great work, love your videos

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  • Nozzle changes: use one type of nozzle, do not mix and match from different patches. Check that they are all identical lengths, when it comes to the threaded section. Change them when warm. Mixing different type of nozzles can end up with a dreaded blob but so far, using just one type, sourced from the same place has worked fine. Also: it is fairly easy to miss the threads and screw it in wonky, ruining the hot end in the process, use a drill bit and fingers, don't use power tools.

    SquidCapsSquidCaps8 dagar sedan
  • 17:33 subscribe 180 ? XD

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  • And that’s what I get for reading the comments before the episode is over. “ The rabbit stole the show”. It certainly did.

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  • You could 'gasp' use wood and a router to make that stand. edit: that's where my old collet went to. 18:40

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  • TAZ has a supported 1.2mm nozzle.

    spblackeyspblackey8 dagar sedan
  • My cat is watching your website very carefully! Licking her chops.

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  • Hey Tony, I love all your videos, and your presentation rocks! When ever I need to get in a better mood, I watch your videos. Sorry I'm going off track here, I don't know how to email you so, I was wondering if you have seen those 100ton boxes at the place they call the serapeum, in Egypt? Whats your thought how they were made? The only reason I ask is because they are precision and you are the best when it comes to that and you can make anything. I know you don't work with stone but I would love to hear what you think. They tell everybody that they were made with copper chisels. There is no way! Would love to hear what you think.

    Jeff DahlJeff Dahl8 dagar sedan
  • 😁😂👍

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