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16 jul 2020
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A little bit about me.
--- New Thinking Book written by Dagogo Altraide ---
This book was rated the 9th best technology history book by book authority.
In the book you’ll learn the stories of those who invented the things we use everyday and how it all fits together to form our modern world.
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Producer: Dagogo Altraide

  • From when I first started watching this channel, I thought it was amazing. Now I know why. Thanks for sharing!

    Danny JohnstonDanny JohnstonDag sedan
  • I love your channel for all four pillars that you cover. I love the diversity.

    redshredder1021redshredder10219 dagar sedan
  • Wow, amazing story. Now I know why you make such great content.

    thrasher Xthrasher X12 dagar sedan
  • Love your documentaries - I've been binging the ones I missed for the last few days. This was a fantastic bit of info to the man behind the mind. Dagogo Altraide is such a rock star name too :) Keep rocking bro. Love from Africa.

    ShaneShane12 dagar sedan
  • Thank you❤️

    Maria MMaria M13 dagar sedan

    MoroccanAnwarMoroccanAnwar13 dagar sedan
  • Never heard of that city

    Bernardino LemusBernardino Lemus13 dagar sedan
    • From nc USA

      Bernardino LemusBernardino Lemus13 dagar sedan
  • Am Nigeria and from nsukka. But I can't believe you from Nigeria I thought you are completely American.

    John b ezehJohn b ezeh17 dagar sedan
  • Pretty much the best channel that speaks to me 100%. Amazing 💪

    mike216ismmike216ism18 dagar sedan
  • Thank you! You have no idea your impact on me.

    Invisible BordersInvisible Borders21 dag sedan
  • His voice does not match his face xD cool

    Kobru HeshelvieeKobru Heshelviee23 dagar sedan
  • Respect

    Xavier RanXavier Ran25 dagar sedan
  • Where do you get your video content?

    Reinier BenardReinier Benard28 dagar sedan
  • So I'm a Singaporean, I thought Perth is kind of a city based on the seaside and its kind of warm

    TwTSquidTwTSquid29 dagar sedan
  • What’s good with you, you explain news like science: with facts. I never thought you were black tho, you sound like a 50’s Caucasian. Keep up the good work, it’s interesting knowing you as a person. And you are a very great person, and did you get ableton 11 then? 😄

    DrGoldsylverDrGoldsylverMånad sedan
  • Dagogo! I've been a fan of your videos for a long time and never seen this vid, I moved to Adelaide two years ago, so nice to see that we are "close". Your story is inspiring, and your mixtapes kick ass! Keep up the AMAZING work.,

    Víctor LópezVíctor LópezMånad sedan
  • Literally the cross-section of my interests, with very little outside of those spheres.

    Simeon LathamSimeon LathamMånad sedan
  • Thanks bro. :-)

    Jude SvidlerJude SvidlerMånad sedan
  • Yes, I'm familiar with Perth. Never been there but hopefully one day. I'll listen to your content for as long as I'm alive

    Paul ClaytonPaul ClaytonMånad sedan
  • Dagogo, you're an amazing and humble human! I found your channel about a month ago, and watch it every day now! Thank you so much for your work!

    SvetlanaSvetlanaMånad sedan
  • I was always wondering what kind of name Dagogo is. I mean, I knew the guy lived in Australia, so that seemed strange to me. It doesn't sound English or anything. Knowing he's Nigerian in origin clears it up for me! Great stuff! Kind of late seeing this, but I recently discovered the channel and have fallen in love with it. The behind the scenes of the guy behind the scenes turns out to be as interesting and fascinating as I was hoping it would be. Keep up the great work mate! We need more channels like this!

    Αποστόλης ΝικάκηςΑποστόλης ΝικάκηςMånad sedan
  • You're a legend man, and fellow Aussie! Keep on keeping on

    rippinskidrippinskidMånad sedan
  • Thoroughly enjoy your videos

    nothing humannothing humanMånad sedan
  • Science, tech, business, & history are my favorite subjects. Thanks for this channel, Dagogo! I really like it!

    HiiiHiiiMånad sedan
  • I am Indian too, and I subscribed. 👍🏻

    Dimple SandureaDimple SandureaMånad sedan
  • I've heard of Perth and I've always seen you for what you are: A brilliant creator, with a soothing style. That is all one can realistically deduce strictly from the content you put out. Everything else is just projection. Your approach is impeccable. I have yet to see any bias or negativity out of you. Quite the opposite. Very well done sir!

    sarasotauptoseattlesarasotauptoseattleMånad sedan
  • similarities: Mumbai, Mechanical, non US , Marketing post graduate. Omg....maybe that's why SEworld's algorithm recommend you to me....wow

  • Chidi has come a long way from "just" a philosophy teacher :) (Good Place reference, that's all) Thanks for sharing! Was very warming and I'm sure it's not easy to put yourself out there like that. You go, Dagogo :)

    MikkyMikkyMånad sedan
  • You have been one of the Very Best!

    Chris SartainChris SartainMånad sedan
  • I work in Oil & Gas, a lot of folks whom I've met from Australia were coming from Perth...

    Farid HasanovFarid HasanovMånad sedan
    • Ha, just saw your comment regarding your dad working in O&G - too late, the comment already posted :D

      Farid HasanovFarid HasanovMånad sedan
  • Who doesn't want to go to Perth? Also, fascinating story :D It made me check my biases cause I thought you were a British white man ha

    H SH SMånad sedan
  • I'm a British, Jamaican, Canadian, having lived in all three of those countries and maintaining my citizenships with both Britain and Canada, however, I currently live in Denmark. I am well-educated, so yes, I have heard of Perth and indeed have family and friends in Oz. On a another note, I find your channel fascinating, informative and educational, and indeed reference you while home-schooling my youngest son of 14 years. You are providing an invaluable service with fact-checked facts; this I know as I have fact-checked you before teaching to my son what knowledge I have learned from your site. You cool! Stay that way.

    David RavenDavid RavenMånad sedan
  • Wow. Congratulations for all the high quality contents you are providing to us. This channel is the best SEworld channel. Keep it up 👏🏾👏🏾. Being an African myself I am so proud to know that you also have an African background.

    Ag ninaAg ninaMånad sedan
  • Your videos are spot on mate

    J LeeJ LeeMånad sedan
  • Wow your story is fascinating. I thought you might be someone with a 10 years+ tech industry employment background. You make me proud that Australia is your home. One question are you an eagles supporter or a dockers supporter?

    Martin The Video MaestroMartin The Video MaestroMånad sedan
  • Excellent content literally 100% of it. Thank you! Just went and ordered your book, looking forward to reading.

    Jeffery SternerJeffery SternerMånad sedan
  • Thank you

    JSyaprudinJSyaprudinMånad sedan
  • Love your channel!!! Keep up the great work.

    Matt ShieldsMatt ShieldsMånad sedan
  • Thanks Dagogo I love the varied subject matter. So well researched and delivered in an interesting manner.

    Daryl NicklenDaryl NicklenMånad sedan
  • I remember your channel with the old name back in the day. Im so glad it took off the way it did and im interested in all thats coming. One of the most interesting channels in youtube. Big fan

    Christodoulos KyprianidesChristodoulos KyprianidesMånad sedan
  • Awesome story ! Like you, I learned very much from my dad because he was an electronic technician and very smart. Way too few mentors like our parents for most kids these days and I believe that is one big reason why there aren't as many technical people out there like there used to be. Keep up the great work ! Can't wait until you release your community forum !

    boB GudgelboB GudgelMånad sedan
  • amazing!

    Cristian DiazCristian DiazMånad sedan
  • Not only videos are cool but ur musics are awesome tooo🔥🔥 All hail #royalmechanicalengg.

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  • I thought you were a white person based in Europe. Love your channel. Always great content.

    EPk 004EPk 004Månad sedan
  • Very impressive!

    kahunaburger2012kahunaburger2012Månad sedan
  • I'm an American (Phoenix, Arizona) who just discovered this channel a week ago and have watched probably 15 hours since. Absolutely love your desire to find objective truth...the perfect channel for me. While you may be an introvert, I hope you'll allow me to buy you a pint if I ever make it to Perth. :) Cheers, mate!

    Joe DownsJoe DownsMånad sedan
  • Thank you for bringing quality to my life. I just discovered your channel, and I know I will be a more well-rounded person from the knowledge you are sharing. Keep up the good work and dedication, your commitment offers a valuable element to this existence by creating better individuals. And that is sorely needed in the world today. I respect you for that, again my thanks. Cheers!

    Scott McGuireScott McGuireMånad sedan
  • Only recently joined CF and from one person living in Wattle Grove Perth to another you are awesome in your way of explaining things so thanks heaps and glad found your ColdFusion.

    David MorganDavid Morgan2 månader sedan
  • Legend

    Yannick CiocanelYannick Ciocanel2 månader sedan
  • You are amazing

    Wong CKWong CK2 månader sedan
  • Dear Dagogo, I have discovered your channel just two weeks ago and I cannot help but congratulate myself for my good fortune. I am chuffed to discover that we share this beautiful country of ours and some history, in a very loose way. I enjoy you work exceedingly and wish you the best of everything forever. Cheers

    Carlo Antonio MartinelliCarlo Antonio Martinelli2 månader sedan
  • I don't know why this made me feel so good. Doesn't matter. Thanks.

    82abn3482abn342 månader sedan
  • You have an amazing story, and I thank you for sharing your passion about hi-tech. I love how professionally produced your videos are, and look forward to watching the next one..

    FYI AustraliaFYI Australia2 månader sedan
  • you are a cool dude, even though you are a communist! (just kidding :D)

    Aleksandr KAleksandr K2 månader sedan
  • I heard of Perth because of the tennis tournament

    idontknow1919idontknow19192 månader sedan
  • So inspiring! Great channel! I just subscribed

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  • Awesome, Thanks for letting us get to know you better!

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  • Proud of you ! Delighted to know you are Mumbai born !

    Srikanth PanchangamSrikanth Panchangam2 månader sedan
  • Yo your a fellow Australian, EEEPIIIC. BTW once an American asked me why Melbourne is the only city we ever made, so yeah Perth ain't popular.

    Gentlemen's club holy editionGentlemen's club holy edition2 månader sedan
  • Legit your production quality felt like a company doing it, not just an individual!

    Andy ZAndy Z2 månader sedan
  • such a cool, smart, and chill guy... respect

    richardanthonyrichardanthony2 månader sedan
  • I'm a big fan. Subscribed back in 2013. I make it a point to make sure I watch every single video. Even if I'm away for months I still come back and catch up. Really appreciate the time and effort you put into giving us such valuable knowledge. Thank you so much

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  • How many times have you been called Dag by your mates?

    ZoeZoe2 månader sedan
  • Never heard of your city. But I’m convinced I’d like very much living there.

    kuzcatlankuzcatlan2 månader sedan
  • Hi DAGOGO. well done videos, documentary. I was thinking that if you are familiar with Ampex the company that most made for years the video machine editors, and other products, they were big in a time, and suddenly gone, very interesting story can be from the old silicon valley stories......

    Efrain McshellEfrain Mcshell2 månader sedan
  • Thank you!

    Murad AlharbiMurad Alharbi2 månader sedan
  • Ngl bro, love the accent, it sounds very calm and that nice tone you have, every video it’s the same that’s very good, love it dude love it

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  • Man your a lengend,please keep up the good work. African unite👏

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  • great story, great channel, i'm sticking around!

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  • Naija

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  • Omg radical left trump supporting radical right wing communist anarchist!!!!

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  • Thanks!

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  • Good job man! Best of luck on your journey forward!

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  • Mr. Dagogo, you're a natural genius. I need your help to catch up with Math. I grew through an Indian system where math was simple fun. Then for tenth grade I moved to an American system and math became more about logic and ways of thinking... Where I got lost. Now after 30 years from high school I want to get back info scaling the ladders of math from basic to all the way high math... Any suggestions please would be extremely appreciated - with free stuff as I never like to pay .

    1911indi1911indi2 månader sedan
  • @dagogo: why was coldfusion first named coldfustion?

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  • You are Amazing , May Allah aid you in your journey and your quest in sharing knowledge.

    Ahmed MohamedAhmed Mohamed2 månader sedan
  • I’ve heard of Perth as of oil and gas business area.

    Виталий ГаврошВиталий Гаврош2 månader sedan
  • Face reveal

  • Voice reveal

  • I always thought you were an Aussie :)

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  • Its new thinking

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  • i think you have a talent for Bachground Music, or Sound track

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  • am also from Nigeria .....So sad we have great talent out of NIGERIA 😭 🇳🇬

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  • I'm from Seattle and the SF Bay Area, I've heard of Perth, Australia

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  • Robot wars!!

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  • Science Technology Business History

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  • One love. From Nigeria.

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  • Tell me the story about your life in Mumbai, India.

  • Man, you're a genius!

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  • From a fellow mechanical engineer I just want to say thanks for this and all your other videos. Keep up your excellent work! And a "hi" from the Netherlands

    Bart van TuijlBart van Tuijl2 månader sedan
  • Dear Americans, please stop pushing your simplified and polarized political "viewpoints" on the rest of the world. It doesn't work like that in the real world. The world cannot be blamed for your simplified views.

    obimk1obimk12 månader sedan
  • All the best bro

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  • So sexy your nerdiness, love it !

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  • Nice. I like your style. Perth sounds like the city I want to live in, but kinda out of my reach at the moment.

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