Jschlatt Starts A New Era

24 sep 2020
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    The LunchablesThe Lunchables2 månader sedan
    • wow an add at 2:00 a tad aggresive

      Lucifuge RofocaleLucifuge Rofocale2 månader sedan
  • If anyone sees this listen to “never getting rid of me” and imagine schlatt

    STOOPID DSTOOPID D10 dagar sedan
  • Tommy Wilbur and Schlatt have single handedly revived this server

    NoahTheKingRSNoahTheKingRSMånad sedan
  • lol techno sounds like eore

    AlexisAlexisMånad sedan
  • 3:40 will always break my heart. Its like an argument between a foster kid and the parent, and kid just strait up says "you're not my father". The quiet "you know that's not..." As Wilbur sits back away from computer in shock and misery.. THE HEARTSTRINGS BRO THE HEARTSTRINGS

    CantRunFromThePainCantRunFromThePainMånad sedan
  • oh GOD this reminds me of akame ga kill idk why

    JM PasionJM PasionMånad sedan
  • I couldn’t find the episode where Schlatt renames L’Manberg, and the episode that Tubbo breaks the what’s not to be broken.

    Tom KaoTom KaoMånad sedan
  • Why are you running ads on videos you dont own?

    ZethaneZethaneMånad sedan
  • He didnt bringe a new era. He brought the end 0f a glorious group.. he bro7ght the end of l'manburg. And ill never forget or forgive it

    zack morsezack morseMånad sedan
  • Wait I thought tubbo was a traitor what happened

    The Preston ShoThe Preston ShoMånad sedan
  • I was thinking tht skeppy would do this but apparently there's an even more psychopathic evil

    UWU and OwOUWU and OwOMånad sedan
  • This is a era of dark since jschlatt wants only power over people and cant even defend himself

    Luiz Henrique Barbosa da SilvaLuiz Henrique Barbosa da SilvaMånad sedan
  • I wish these wouldn’t be from Wilbur he’s the worst person on this I hate it

    SnipeAGino2324SnipeAGino2324Månad sedan
  • Taxes are theft.

    Nalai TurmhiniNalai TurmhiniMånad sedan
  • Thank god they were talking about lipoproteins and not lipopolysacchotides

    The Socially awkward AgoraphobeThe Socially awkward AgoraphobeMånad sedan
  • I like how at the start of the video, they don’t ask for subs but instead tell them to sub to the people in the vid

    AndrewBoBandrooAndrewBoBandrooMånad sedan
  • a little boy dropped his ice cream cone...

    HedgeHedgeMånad sedan
  • fascinating how schlatt haven't done anything wrong up to now

    Zirk NylaxZirk NylaxMånad sedan
  • everyone that is on the side of pogtopia spread this word #letl'manburgriseagain and #maypogtopi winagainstschlatt

    iHollwediHollwedMånad sedan
  • After hearing Schlatts policies... "we will destroy wildlife..." Wilbur : ( Deliberately planting saplings)

    Benedict LasradoBenedict LasradoMånad sedan
  • Why tf is Wilbur wearing a Reagan Bush 1984 shirt lol

    Jack ScotchlandJack ScotchlandMånad sedan
    • wilbur is a VOCAL supporter of trickle down economics

      PEE AND CACA channelPEE AND CACA channelMånad sedan
  • “We must tear at the chains of umm umm the chains of- Please don’t say azathoth /

    The SeparatedThe SeparatedMånad sedan
  • I just found out about this and I'm so shocked. I cant- THE VILLAN TOOK OVER THE VILLAIN TOOK OVER..

    SomebodySomebodyMånad sedan
  • 4:41, you're*

    Jack BrightJack BrightMånad sedan
  • I physically recoil at how the chat thinks Rosemary Kennedy being lobotomized has anything to do with Clone High

    Nice ScrubNice ScrubMånad sedan
  • i fucking hate the way wilbur builds in that mineshaft it makes me so upset

    marshal creasymarshal creasyMånad sedan
  • I love Jschlatts knowledge of history, especially how it is always slightly wrong, from the Hindenburg to now the Kennedy sister's lobotomy

    E JoE JoMånad sedan

    Hayiii 2900Hayiii 2900Månad sedan
  • watching wilbur tell a joke is like watching my history teacher explain the war of 1812

    jackalexandejackalexandeMånad sedan
  • I love Wilbur’s Reagan Bush shirt

    Shane LeeShane LeeMånad sedan
  • TNT will fly, arrows will be shot, blades will clash. This isn’t a simple Minecraft server anymore this is a battle field, a war. This war will separate the false rulers and the true L’manbergians. This war will create hero’s and legends. This war WILL GIVE WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS...OUR LAND, OUR NAME, OUR L’MANBERG. FOR THE RESISTANCE!!!!!

    Random PersonRandom PersonMånad sedan
  • Fun fact: purple is not in many flags because purple fabric was very expensive, it was usually a sign of royalty or wealth.

    mvdisonzz .mvdisonzz .Månad sedan
  • schlatt smp

    GatorGatorMånad sedan
  • Holy molly, this escalated quickly. I remember then Manburg was established, just to legally sell drugs, and now it's full blown guerilla revolution. AND NOW THEY GOT LITERALLY A BLOOD GOD ON THE REVOLUTIONARY SIDE. Nice

  • He’s literally only been here for a week and he’s already in power, buisness man

    Univ.s FellUniv.s FellMånad sedan
  • I hate everyone on this server except schlatt

    FUnny manFUnny manMånad sedan
    • fax0_max ah understandable, hate is a kinda stong word though. but I don’t agree how the server is pretty bad, humor is subjective after all.

      mvdisonzz .mvdisonzz .Månad sedan
    • @mvdisonzz . i just find them to be annoying and their humour isnt really my thing most times

      fax0_maxfax0_maxMånad sedan
    • fax0_max if I may ask why do you hate everyone on it?

      mvdisonzz .mvdisonzz .Månad sedan
    • I like wilbur and techno too but thats it, this server is pretty bad tbh

      fax0_maxfax0_maxMånad sedan
    • What why what

      mvdisonzz .mvdisonzz .Månad sedan
  • Wilbur's gotta start wearing a ripped suit that's a complete mess to spite Jschlatt

    WallrisWallrisMånad sedan
  • Do I initiate operation... kennedy

    ll Plague llll Plague llMånad sedan
  • tubbo: "i told him i was pregnant" wilbur: *realizes he might be the father*

    Josh FennJosh FennMånad sedan
  • Please make a movie of this.

    DarkBanana 35DarkBanana 35Månad sedan
  • Schlat gives me massive Sips CEO of Sipsco vibes

    Dippy2kDippy2kMånad sedan
  • Techno will probably take over the server and use the people for free potato labor

    minimal effort nameminimal effort nameMånad sedan
  • is tubbo a spy or something

    Brennan KitchenBrennan KitchenMånad sedan
  • fallen kingdom would be a great song for this

    heriyanto limheriyanto limMånad sedan
  • Jschlatt rejoining the server is like putting hot sauce on chicken it adds a fucking good flavor that not anyone likes

    Pyroman23Pyroman23Månad sedan
  • Just pointing out technoblade was never banned from manberg like wilbur and Tommy were

    Gavin The GrapeGavin The GrapeMånad sedan
  • Jschlatt

    ChunkyChimpChunkyChimpMånad sedan
  • The Cold War Begun...

    Clarnel223Clarnel223Månad sedan
  • Schlatt Jong Un POG

    TopFragPotatoTopFragPotatoMånad sedan
  • Shlatt is like the Handsome Jack of Dream SMP

    Ethan PlemmonsEthan PlemmonsMånad sedan
  • Everybody gangsta until dream deletes the server

    DonutDevDonutDev2 månader sedan
  • Every time I see Tubbo, all I can think of is Panacotta Fugo

    KelvoraxKelvorax2 månader sedan
  • Too many people are on Pogtopia's side. Fundy and Tubbo need to be on Schlatt's side longer

    I CI C2 månader sedan
  • 6:56 I thought I'd be able to hold my laugh in since it was my 3rd time replaying this bit... but I was thirsty and took a swig of water and just almost inhaled a mouthful of it, now my sinuses hurt.

    02ellimacaira02ellimacaira2 månader sedan
  • Jschlatt reminds me too much of Dr.Breen from half life 2.

    Planet UniversePlanet Universe2 månader sedan
  • Techno: I don’t think that show has ever failed to produce a successful relationship Me: Don’t do it My brain: WOOOOW MORE THEN SEVEN TIMES

    Just NakiahJust Nakiah2 månader sedan
  • 1:41 nothing bad ever happens to the Kennedy's

    erosion_erosion_2 månader sedan
  • I really wanted wilbur to cuss out schlatt seeing the floff boy so sad makes me sad :(

    Demonte ClairDemonte Clair2 månader sedan
  • why does every conversation between Schlatt and Tubbo feel like an abusive parent telling their kids not to hang out with the neighborhood kids

    Alexia VyaAlexia Vya2 månader sedan
    • because that's exactly whats happening

      Nobody 707Nobody 707Månad sedan
  • "we're gonna need another forest" -Technoblade

    MatthewGuyGamerMatthewGuyGamer2 månader sedan
  • He’s such a good villain.

    Swag DudeSwag Dude2 månader sedan
  • "I told him I was pregnant :D" *silence*

    Victoria DuertoVictoria Duerto2 månader sedan
    • "We're gonna need another forest"

      -語せり-語せりMånad sedan
  • Dream is like that god that watch the world burn and suffer

    ZarmizuZarmizu2 månader sedan
  • I was getting flashbacks when jshclatt was god in a slimecicle video

    OscarOscar2 månader sedan
  • Everyone has a lot to rant about this anyone care to rant with me???

    OscarOscar2 månader sedan
  • jschlatt needs to be hung publically for winning an election and being the d*ck that kicks the founders clear out of the nation. worst president ever...

    InFo MusicInFo Music2 månader sedan
    • InFo Music eh sorta

      GermExeGermExeMånad sedan
    • @GermExe ill delete it if its not that obvious

      InFo MusicInFo Music2 månader sedan
    • @GermExe ofc

      InFo MusicInFo Music2 månader sedan
    • This is satire right?

      GermExeGermExe2 månader sedan
  • fundy to his own father, disgraceful, needs to be burned at the stake

    Ryan JahangiriRyan Jahangiri2 månader sedan
  • bro this hamilton bootleg is really good quality

    Dylan CarlsonDylan Carlson2 månader sedan
  • Schlatt really needs to reinstate Schlatt coin now that he’s emperor

    Michael McMasterMichael McMaster2 månader sedan
  • Jschlatt is such needed in dream smp. To create chaos yet stable in the server. Now I wonder what will happen next. Edit: When Jschlatt and Technoblade meet.... There will be only chaos and no peace until either one is defeated.

    Chomper PlantChomper Plant2 månader sedan

    BestBiBestBi2 månader sedan
  • SCHLATT 2020

    donthumpdonthump2 månader sedan
  • 1:41 nothing bad ever happen to the Kennedy’s

    Domo CatDomo Cat2 månader sedan
  • Is it me or is the picture you use for tommy a white version of Radical Edward from Cowboy Bebop

    Vito ScalettaVito Scaletta2 månader sedan
  • schlatt fixed lmanburg now cancel me

    Neth 43Neth 432 månader sedan
  • Wilbur literally forming antifa because he didn't like the results of the election lmao

    EdEd2 månader sedan
  • normie twitch chat b like: *lowercase pog*

    beachaibeachai2 månader sedan
  • Wilbur's new undercover name: _Wilbur Suit._

    LEMOn3rdLEMOn3rd2 månader sedan
  • Waiting for Dream to come walking in wearing a tux

    DoinkDoink2 månader sedan
  • So start the era of the great Manpire

    That1guyThat1guy2 månader sedan
  • “Stop laughin at my loneliness”

    Sadvato!Sadvato!2 månader sedan
  • the forest on fire is not a good thing the forest spirit is not gonna be happy and we don’t have an avatar to stop it

    Smoke StackSmoke Stack2 månader sedan
  • 3 minutes in and he’s handing out promotions. What a benevolent ruler.

    Sadvato!Sadvato!2 månader sedan
  • I'm kind of sad that Dream was literally the one to create this server yet now he's so irrelevant it's not even funny

    FishtaccosFishtaccos2 månader sedan
    • @Kil Nareth Yeah I agree with that!!! I do love dream though, hes amazing and deserves more credit in my opinion.

      Gabriela ThomasGabriela Thomas2 månader sedan
    • Plus he isn't on the servee that much anyway, and it's dying for content. I'm glad that Schlatt came. But I think Dream will make a discrete appearance in the future.

      Kil NarethKil Nareth2 månader sedan
    • I dunno, I think he is still incredibly revalent, he just doesnt have the kind of JSchlatt humor we wall crave in our lives

      Gabriela ThomasGabriela Thomas2 månader sedan
  • War 3?

    Micro WaveMicro Wave2 månader sedan
  • dream is on wilburs side

    Rdgk BrothersRdgk Brothers2 månader sedan
  • Wilburs twitch layout is so fuckin gross looking absolutely horrid

    So there’s this Scientist rightSo there’s this Scientist right2 månader sedan
  • yo the technoblade instagram in your description isnt his, he talked about not having an insta in one of his vids

    techboytechboy2 månader sedan
  • 17:58 so they’re becoming L’manburgian Ethnic Nationalist Socialists.......where have I seen this one before

    Adan ArresAdan Arres2 månader sedan
  • "we're gonna need another forest"

    conradconrad2 månader sedan
  • Can't wait for techno to take over the world

    Norman namroNNorman namroN2 månader sedan
  • Schlatt sounds like sips

    MiniminerXMiniminerX2 månader sedan
  • Schaltt's performance of smp playing the *proggressive* villain is simply marvelous it's terrifying the idea of someone burning down a forest to put up an apartment build y'know out with the old in with the new and the tensions in the rebellion it's just great the smp will be super interesting from now on.

    Madame RaevaMadame Raeva2 månader sedan
    • I don’t know what you’re talking about. He’s a strong ruler, void of corruption.

      I’m A doggoI’m A doggoMånad sedan
  • Jschlatt reminds me too much of sips. It’s scaringly close

    A Piece 0f T0astA Piece 0f T0ast2 månader sedan
  • #pogtopia

    JusturtleJusturtle2 månader sedan
  • ok someone tell me what has happened since the dream v techno fight and why will does not own manberg

    Tristan BuffTristan Buff2 månader sedan
    • Election Day came to Dream SMP where 4 parties ran for President of L'manberg. Schlatt won by pooling his votes with Quackity against Wilbur and Tommy. As the new President, he banner Wil and Tommy from L'manberg, tore down the walls, and changed it to Manberg while changing the flag to fit his new nation. Secret rebellions popping up under his rule but it's mainly Pogtopia(Wilbur, Tommy, Techno) vs Schlatt.

      Kil NarethKil Nareth2 månader sedan
  • Ah yes long live the empire of SCHLAGG

    Sebastian AvenSebastian Aven2 månader sedan
  • He clearly likes it!

    bob francisbob francis2 månader sedan
  • 5:25 *Yes*

    Mildly AccurateMildly Accurate2 månader sedan
  • Betrayed by his own son. How could this happen. WilburSoot needs to teach him a lesson

    Rafi YamberlaRafi Yamberla2 månader sedan