How Apple Just Changed the Entire Industry

23 nov 2020
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A quick note - The A14 comparison vs Intel i9 was normalised for single core performance.
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Interview with ARM founder:
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  • I remember you saying like 2 years ago, that Apple should include ARM processor, and now here we are, it happened

    Paras AryaParas Arya4 månader sedan
    • Waaaaaaw

      Hakim YusufHakim Yusuf5 dagar sedan
    • @Faree LFC bruh, ur saying bullshit. I bought $1400+- PC and $1400+- mirrorless Sony A6400 add with 35mm F1.8. What makes you think I cant afford an Apple product u A-hole?

      Foudre MYFoudre MY7 dagar sedan
    • @Foudre MY just accept you cant afford apple products and move on

      Faree LFCFaree LFC7 dagar sedan
    • @Crebs Park please don't announce your stupidity in the public 😂😉😉 Your momma would angry with you shamming the whole family😭😭😭

      Saret GNasohSaret GNasoh8 dagar sedan
    • It’s been in the works since at least 2015, my guy. Not the best kept secret.

      Christian HerreraChristian Herrera11 dagar sedan
  • Yes laptop chip are not improving fast..... Hope apple make something which increase competition

    Rajat RahlanRajat Rahlan19 timmar sedan
  • This is so fascinating and interesting! I found out about M1 chips from my technologically challenged, younger brother, who has always used a Mac mini, because he is a music producer, using Logik; all the while I have been contemplating building him a Hackintosh - but there's not point now! Amazing! Maybe I'll even have to switch to Apple myself for the foreseeable future? Great video :)

    Byrd FluByrd Flu20 timmar sedan
  • Tech always starts off bulky, decreases in size, decreases in size and then gets bulky again. In order to increase future performance they will either increase this chips die size again or introduce a newer but bulkier one.

    Manti CoreManti Core23 timmar sedan
  • Cool. But 2:48 is not a fair compairison imo. He is moving around picture in PS vs zooming in and out a photo in lightroom..

    KristianKristianDag sedan
  • I will be impressed when they make an Apple car before year 2025 and it starts with 200kw+ capacity and only costing 40k USD.

    Real HIFI HelpReal HIFI HelpDag sedan
  • I have been 100% on windows/android for the past 10 years. I am impressed with Apple's innovation over the past couple years, that drive forces other companies like Microsoft and Samsung to also innovate and I am all about it.

    Better Homes NCBetter Homes NCDag sedan
  • Please! Amd use 7nm cpu compared to 5nm soc! Let them be on same nm node and let amd design in soc, then we’ll see who wins! Fugaku???? Lol! Frontier using AMD cpu & gpu will be the first to break the exascale supercomputing barrier this year, then in 2023 el capitan will be more powerful! AMD FTW!!!!!

    miyagi ryotamiyagi ryota2 dagar sedan
  • I bought my first Intel PC in 1995. Never been an Apple fan - I actually despise Apple. But as a musician in 2021, I'll be buying a new Apple Mini to be the heart of my recording studio. I still hate Apple's corporate philosophy. Sh*t, I have every version of Windows since 3.11 For Workgroups. But I cannot deny that the new Mac Mini is the best affordable (and I NEVER considered Apple affordable) solution for a small home recording studio. I'm not "switching" to Apple, but when it comes down to my bottom line - the new Mac Mini with 16GB is by far my best bet.

    garcemacgarcemac2 dagar sedan
  • We need these chips in handheld gaming devices

    Hakim 69Hakim 693 dagar sedan
  • when I buy a desktop PC it tends to be relevant for 5-7yrs, i can't wait for the CPU market to adopt 2 year obsolescence cycles :S

    t pt p3 dagar sedan
  • This is unrelated, but I would love to watch a Coldfusion video on Magnus Walker.. From a boy dreaming on Porsches to Outlaw clothing brand

    TheAndrewlolzTheAndrewlolz4 dagar sedan
  • Apple is still the best

    in God we trust, gacha tuberin God we trust, gacha tuber4 dagar sedan
  • We have the Intel 4004 to thank for this

  • I'm not an Apple fan, but I can appreciate a monumental achievement when I see one... Well done, Apple.

    Kris RogersKris Rogers4 dagar sedan
  • so you know the m1 comes in third place behind intel and amd.

    Piuxie Gaming & HardwarePiuxie Gaming & Hardware5 dagar sedan
  • my internet is 1000/500 megabit. my computer is a asus ryzen 5 with vega 8 grafik card laptop in 8k lag. my macbook pro m1 processer in 8k lag. my samsung galaxy s20 ultra 5g in 8k finally I could watch the video in 8k

    Johnny LindenJohnny Linden5 dagar sedan
  • The future is neither Apple, Intel, or Windows. It’s a mainstream ARM running a non-Windows OS. Microsoft blunders as much as Intel in their respective fields. Apple serves a narrow 20% market and prices beyond what most people rather pay. Let’s hope some other company steps up with a comparable M1 quality chip.

    DwainDwain5 dagar sedan
  • Thank you! Very well explained, and enjoyable!

    Kerrie RedgateKerrie Redgate7 dagar sedan
  • The wiry swiss structurally trip because cod consquentially taste without a teeny thomas. level, breezy design

    Ker LozKer Loz7 dagar sedan
  • what is the point of m1 chips if apple loves to restrict everything

    CodstoneCodstone7 dagar sedan
  • More minds more tech?

    justw4lkbesidemejustw4lkbesideme7 dagar sedan
  • This is the wake up call for intel. They've been sleeping for way too long.

    fernand0fernand07 dagar sedan
  • Apple are a company that deserve total contempt. They are a totally exploitative company. They have overpriced products, tie you in, charge enormous amounts for there slightly altered leads etc. They want to tie you in to their ecosystem for everything,from software, repair systems who's aim is to get you to buy new overpriced machines and have overpriced repairs etc. etc. Overall they deserve nothing but contempt. The hard work has been done has all been done by ARM and others which was initially Acorn. Their allowing customising of chipsets is the big game changer as this allows personalised chips and making changes on the chips should normally always be faster. Huwawei needed to be crippled for Apple to even have a chance of anything in the future. (Which country's labour needed to be exploited to maximise Apple's profits?) Apple were at the start were a great company - the days of the original apple computers. I will not look to buy an apple product with their current attitude to the customers. Google through the purchase and development of Android helped ARM and this group of processors. **added to clarify response** Apple do make good products. They are simple to use. The new computers are also good /powerful especially due to their ability to change the processor as reviewed by Linus and above (especially in the field of video and in this article. Apple via M1 does show what can be done with ARM chips. Technology is built on the shoulders of others including ARM and 5nm technology. Please also note the relevance of 5nm fabs in the performance/battery gain for the M1. The whole low power nature of mobile phones means that Arm would have been successful all be it after a bit more time due to a shift to portable computing.. The ipod would not have been possible the way it was without ARM. Noting that Apple were involved in a collaboration with Arm and I lack some knowledge of this. Also have a look at this, though I cannot say have researched the facts further - Apple paid in $3 million to own 43% of the company. Arm brached out so not commited to one company which is what paid off when Apple had problems. "Far less publicly than the Microsoft deal, or the cancellation of products such as the Newton, Jobs also sold shares in ARM. It's not known how many shares Apple ultimately sold, or whether it retained any at all. But by February 1999, Apple owned just 14.8% - and had made $1.1 billion out of it." It doesn't mean that the way they treat their customers/repair shops and others should be overlooked. There are many example of Apples poor attitude towards its customers. Example of one instance Apple abuse (Linus) No one is saying that their products aren't good. I still would not buy them unless I really had too at the current time. It is more their practices and charges rather than the products. *. The only apple product I have ever owned was an Ipod classic which was gifted to me. I just wouldn't buy apple unless I really had to for commercial reasons to do so which may involve video editing etc..

    Tarun AryaTarun Arya7 dagar sedan
    • @Bully Maguire I thought I did appreciate Apple in a limited way somewhere on this page but I may be mistaken. Apple do make good products. They are simple to use. The new computers are also good especially due to their ability to change the processor as reviewed by Linus ( in the field of video. It doesn't mean that the way they treat their customers/repair shops and others should be overlooked. Example of Apple abuse (you subscribe to Linus) The whole low power nature of mobile phones means that Arm would have been successful all be it after a bit more time. The ipod would not have been possible the way it was without ARM. Noting that Apple were involved in a collaboration with Arm and I lack some knowledge of this. Also have a look at this, though I cannot say have researched the facts further - Apple paid in $3 million to own 43% of the company. Arm brached out so not commited to one company which is what paid off when Apple had problems. "Far less publicly than the Microsoft deal, or the cancellation of products such as the Newton, Jobs also sold shares in ARM. It's not known how many shares Apple ultimately sold, or whether it retained any at all. But by February 1999, Apple owned just 14.8% - and had made $1.1 billion out of it." I too,cannot be bothered to argue. No one is saying that their products aren't good. I still would not buy them unless I really had too at the current time. It is more their practices and charges rather than the products. You said that I was so hurt. But I have never been hurt by Apple. The only apple product I have ever owned was an Ipod classic which was gifted to me. I just wouldn't buy apple unless I really had to for commercial reasons.

      Tarun AryaTarun Arya5 dagar sedan
    • Imagine being so hurt that you can't even appreciate something. Apple pioneered ARM into relevance with their products but since you seem so deluded by your thoughts that I'm not even going to bother to fight.

      Bully MaguireBully Maguire7 dagar sedan
  • Intel CPU would make a great heater during winter seasons

    Kimberly HolykKimberly Holyk8 dagar sedan
  • Everyone should see this video imho

    ThibaudThibaud8 dagar sedan
  • I just bought a MacBook Air today, had no idea about the M1 chip. This is the first new laptop I've bought in over 5 years and I was going to go with ASUS because I've had good luck with them in the past. This cost me $200 more but I'm super happy I did a little more looking before I bought my first choice.

    NewtNewt8 dagar sedan
  • Bought the M1 Macbook Air but found out it won't run the program I needed for work yet. Thing was so good I kept it and bought a ryzen laptop to hold me over.

    Grilled LettuceGrilled Lettuce9 dagar sedan
  • The key difference between the RISC of the 80s/90s is that they were built by system vendors who controlled every aspect of the design of their servers from chip to OS. Intel chips and x86 has always thrived in a more OEM/DIY environment. SUN, Digital Equipment Corp, Silicon Graphics and other companies all had their own custom versions of RISC processors optimized or tweaked for specific kinds of workloads in the larger market. But all of these were primarily server systems and some workstations. Similarly, Apple computers have never been something you can build yourself or via OEMs because they control the manufacturing of each computer. By designing their own chips, they now have become exactly like the server system builders of old in controlling every aspect of the design of their computers to guarantee better performance. However, Apple machines are primarily desktop and mobile systems not servers. So x86 will still dominate the server and desktop market regardless. The big reason for this goes back to the rise of x86 and Intel due IBM deciding that personal computers were never going to become big business, thus creating the IBM "PC Compatible" ecosystem of various vendors providing components to build PCs (OS, motherboards, sound cards, video cards, CPU, etc). Thus leaving x86 and Windows to become the de-facto standard for PCs even though Intel and Microsoft don't design and build PC systems.

    willd1mind mindwilld1mind mind9 dagar sedan
  • 15:25 this chart, at least with how YOU presented it, is misleading. Yes, Apple improved the speed of their architecture by almost 300%, but Intel improved theirs by 41%, not 28%. But that's not even the main issue because while that improvement Apple made is impressive and important YOU seem to think Apple chips are actually faster - they're not. SPECint benchmark measures SINGLE CORE PERFORMANCE. That means that ONE SINGLE CORE of the Intel chip gets 59 points, while ONE CORE of the Apple A14 gets 63. But that Intel chip has 10 cores and additional 10 threads - that benchmark doesn't measure that however. For multicore use Intel, or AMD for that matter, would absolutely demolish the A14 but you make it look like a 125W chip is slower than 5W one which is just absurd and wholy incorrect. Maybe you shouldn't make videos about something you have no idea about.

    Mateusz WojtkiewiczMateusz Wojtkiewicz9 dagar sedan
  • I’m not saying it was Aliens... but it was Aliens.

    Sean SmithSean Smith9 dagar sedan
  • Apple, please release super strong 5 nm GPU with 32 gb of vram!

    Denis IvanovDenis Ivanov9 dagar sedan
  • Phone sales grown year after year and pc market was stagnant. Money from phone sales bought innovations and they came back to another apple lineup ... Consumers win.

    Denis IvanovDenis Ivanov9 dagar sedan
  • You're good at this!

    GuyGuy10 dagar sedan
  • Feels like the software has matured to a point where it makes sense to innovate that crazily on hardware.

    Tristan MöllerTristan Möller10 dagar sedan
  • For the first time in my 16 years of computer using life, I’m buying a Mac this year unless AMD comes up with something competitive. Apple Silicon is perfect for laptops. Knowing Apple from long term iPhone and iPad usage, I think they will nail the next gen M series chips.

    Ekin ElçiEkin Elçi10 dagar sedan
  • Apple first custom chip for their iPhone was the A4 in 2010 introduced in the original iPad, then the iPhone 4.

    Steven KnightSteven Knight11 dagar sedan
  • Intel is fucked

    pebre79pebre7911 dagar sedan
  • Excellent video review *but* you are missing one point. The M1 is not an ARM design or ARM chip. It is a uniquely Apple designed silicon machine that happens to implement the ARM Instruction Set Architecture. This is a subtle but very important point because otherwise consumers may be misled into believing that all ARM chips are somehow superior to Intel chips. They aren't but the new Apple M1 design clearly is! The same hold true for Fugaku. That supercomputer uses a custom Fujitsu designed CPU that happens to implement the ARM instruction set architecture. For all the disruption that has been instigated by apple in the computer industry one design RISC V is has the potential to eclipse them all. I believe that RISC V will be the ultimate ARM killer of the future.

    Juan CaseroJuan Casero11 dagar sedan
  • As someone who loves tech, I am glad to see the innovation, as a disgusting hipster, I'm annoyed Apple did it

    The Ultimate retro GamerThe Ultimate retro Gamer11 dagar sedan
  • @13:07 2008 Apple signed an ARM Architecture License and Bought PA SEMI. This started Apple's silicon future.

    adisbernadisbern12 dagar sedan
  • @ColdFusion suggestion ~I believe you can make a video on LG exiting smartphone business. Intrestingly, at CES they were planning to roll out LG rollable smart phones surprisingly they decided to close down mobile division. They were quite innovative but competition from Apple, Samsung and Chinese based Smartphone manufacturers and LG's inefficiency in proper marketing of products kind of got LG into series of losses. It will interesting to know what they will do with their good amount of patents in mobile tech space and who will be likely buyer of their mobile business division assets & inventory? Will they invest more in 5G and 6G research in the future?

    Ni KeNi Ke12 dagar sedan
    • Ikr. The LG Crystal was on of my favourite phones ever.

      Bully MaguireBully Maguire10 dagar sedan
  • Intel: *does something after 2019* Media: "This is the biggest mistake done by Intel to this day" Intel: "Hold my beer"

    EvilsamarEvilsamar12 dagar sedan
  • Tbh I hate m1

    na wuna wu12 dagar sedan
  • The cheerful stool realistically pull because bail presently squash vice a spiritual dietician. penitent, plant interviewer

    Christine CollinsChristine Collins12 dagar sedan
  • No one seems to understand the implications of 5 nanometer scale and 16 billion transistors on a 1cm2 chip, not even the great Dagogo, alas. Apple didnt do the hard work to get to 5 nanometers, it took thousands of unsung engineers and scientists at AMAT, LRCX, TSMC and ASML.

    perf bperf b12 dagar sedan
    • All funded by Apple and Apple’s Silicon team playing a huge part in it.

      Bully MaguireBully Maguire10 dagar sedan
  • I bought an M1 Mac Mini and it’s just incredible. I even have the ARM version of Win10 running very snappily via Parallels - I need Windows for my assembly development. But yeah, the M1 more than lives up to the hype. I absolutely adore the Mini!

    Karl BurnettKarl Burnett13 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone else just watch SEworld and think that they’ve heard the same exact voice 30 different times on completely different unrelated channels

    LordMeepersLordMeepers14 dagar sedan
  • 4:01 - oh boy, it is even worse now after 11900k was released. Intel caked its pants big time. AMD is number one now.

    AlexanderMichelsonAlexanderMichelson14 dagar sedan
  • The overrated semicolon steadily expand because use temporally chew save a permissible garage. splendid, reminiscent sale

    Gerard LigondeGerard Ligonde14 dagar sedan
  • ARM processors are useless to x86 processors.

    Robert KellyRobert Kelly14 dagar sedan
    • Explain

      SamSam10 dagar sedan
  • Well, for the M3+ to be THE new desktop PC for all people, Apple would need to release it with Linux or Windows, because not all people want to switch to iOS. And that will never happen... so Intel will survive this

    2yru52yru516 dagar sedan
  • "More power with less power" - ARM

    KosmallemeuKosmallemeu16 dagar sedan
  • everybody don’t hate Apple, when Apple is the greatest, richest tech company on earth! The people that appear to hate Apple, are envious and jealous of Apples amazing success.

    Adolph DooleyAdolph Dooley16 dagar sedan
  • shout out to apple

    EREN YEAGEREREN YEAGER16 dagar sedan
  • Intell will not sit quiet they are going to do same thing what apple did

    Ankur MalikAnkur Malik17 dagar sedan
  • The author seems to hate Apple. Not everybody hate apple. It has one of highest costumer satisfaction and the author forgots A LOT of the current technology it’s thanks to Apple. The graphics interface of computers, modern smartphones, iPAds, new music industry. Etc etc

    Jesús Alexis TorresJesús Alexis Torres17 dagar sedan
  • Pretty much did it by giving up any compatibility to the old... no dual boot to x86 windows etc....

    William HaynesWilliam Haynes17 dagar sedan
  • Question: Can we run heavy games by M1 chip😆(still now)

    Malay ChatterjeeMalay Chatterjee17 dagar sedan
    • Could Intel do that when they started? Of course not, it's a first generation product, let's calm down a bit

      ItsAMuffinItsAMuffin13 dagar sedan
  • So ... I look at the Windows apps I run and NONE of them run on Apple. And there are no Apple apps as good.

    Stephen McCloudStephen McCloud18 dagar sedan
    • Eh Final Cut Pro is better then most I’d say.

      Bully MaguireBully Maguire10 dagar sedan
  • One more comment: RISC is HARDLY mobile architecture - POWER PC, SPAC (including 2007 monsters like 8c x 8t UltraSparcT2 were RISC!). One should also mention memory / thread sync trade-offs that ARM makes.

    Piotr D.Piotr D.19 dagar sedan
  • Just wait when something goes wrong with it then you will regret ever buying it especially they don't want to fix them

    Daniel LantosDaniel Lantos19 dagar sedan
  • the M1 chips is a big reason why I invested in Apple atm; it doesn't seem like they're going to lose their grip on consumers this decade

    AndradéAndradé19 dagar sedan
    • Same, doubled my stake in Apple last month after seeing what the M1 is capable of

      Joseph CarizJoseph Cariz2 dagar sedan
  • “Everyone hates Apple”... you are you nuts?.... users love Apple!

    Timothy in TennesseeTimothy in Tennessee20 dagar sedan
    • Go to apple adverts and se the like to dislike ratio, check any android flagship review. BOOM!

      Bully MaguireBully Maguire10 dagar sedan
  • Excellent

    KevinKevin20 dagar sedan
  • Apple m computers would be really perfect if they let users upgrade cpu, ram and ssd

    Yousef trabelsiYousef trabelsi21 dag sedan
  • W.O.W.

    Lawrence ShudaLawrence Shuda21 dag sedan
  • W.O.W.

    Lawrence ShudaLawrence Shuda21 dag sedan
  • 06:22 look at his name. it kinda sus

    sugar cookiessugar cookies21 dag sedan
  • A laptop with ARM is a logical thing I was asking for since 2012 because even being an enthusiast user. still, I noticed that most of my time on the computer and internet didn't need much power. what I always wanted is a nice screen awesome keyboard and outstanding battery life. and arm always seemed to be the right answer seeing how smartphones were better for long sessions on the go than laptops. what enabled that was mostly the ARM processor.

    Anass EljondyAnass Eljondy21 dag sedan
  • Remove your bias, and you will see Apple did nothing but taking credit for the work of researchers and developers form the Semicon Industry.

    Isse MexfincanoIsse Mexfincano21 dag sedan
    • He Literally Said That he Is An Android And Windows User Afterwards He He Said "It Seems Like Everyone Hates Apple These Days"

      Felo NashaatFelo NashaatDag sedan
    • Which they funded, which was designed by Apple’s silicon team and which helped in thr process of creating these chips, made Rosetta 2 and stuff like that. Remove YOUR bias.

      Bully MaguireBully Maguire10 dagar sedan
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    luis colonluis colon21 dag sedan
  • I have an i7-8750H in my gaming laptop and it often reaches 98 degrees Celsius. The ‘H’ stands for HOT.

    BendaakBendaak23 dagar sedan
  • There’s some misconceptions here. One,for example: His example: a CISC CPU might take several clock cycles to complete a complex instruction, is misleading. On a RISC CPU you have to brakedown this instruction into several RISC instructions. Simple instructions (AND, OR, XOR) on CISC CPU complete in one cycle, as they do on a RISC CPU. Also, our x86_64 automatically executes some instructions parallel, like four consecutive add instructions. So you get four instructions during one clock tick. But it’s always the same, easy answers are never correct

    fr3ddyfr3shfr3ddyfr3sh23 dagar sedan
    • btw. I had an "Motorola razr i" Android phone. It was powered by an x86 Intel Atom. Was a Good phone with pretty good. Even faster than phones in the same Price Range.

      fr3ddyfr3shfr3ddyfr3sh23 dagar sedan
  • Technically, you bought a phone with a large screen and keyboard.

    seckin bilgicseckin bilgic23 dagar sedan
  • I was literally hoping you’d include the N64, and you didn’t disappoint. However, grant me my fanboy moment to mention that the N64 was based on a MIPS processor, not an ARM processor. Both are RISC architectures, but from different companies. By the way, Jurassic Park and the other Hollywood movies of its ilk were made on SGI machines, which are also MIPS based ;) In fact, the infamous “this is Unix” quote from the girl in Jurassic Park was filmed while she was using an SGI machine. The crawling file explorer scene that was shown is a real SGI program called visual file explorer. Basically, I wish SGI didn’t screw up so badly. We might have had a MIPS revolution instead of an ARM one today ;) /fanboy armchair rant

    Nicholas TerryNicholas Terry24 dagar sedan
  • Too bad that M1 chip destroys the soldered in SSD in the latest macbooks // bricking the whole machine in a few months by writing 146 TB of data to the drive daily // even when the computer idles // I am not sure what the hardware QA:QC testing engineers were smoking or what the electrical engineering people were smoking (solder fumes) why would you solder down a low life SSD to the logic board (greed, designed obsolescence, short useful life, designed to fail early, flaky low quality design) everyone into computers knows an SSD not as durable under heavy constant writing applications //

    Aaron SchwarzAaron Schwarz25 dagar sedan
    • Just Buy The 16gb Model

      Felo NashaatFelo NashaatDag sedan
    • Bendgate, batterygate, now M1 SSD writedeathgate // well done magical engineering Apple //

      Aaron SchwarzAaron Schwarz25 dagar sedan
  • My intel macbook ran out of battery watching this video

    greenkwakagreenkwaka25 dagar sedan
  • I've just stumbled upon this channel today and I'm loving it! Thank you

    Riki CurtisRiki Curtis27 dagar sedan
  • Apple m1 is bad, Intel is better

    Erie MaxsonErie Maxson27 dagar sedan
    • That’s like saying Intel chips don’t overheat.

      Bully MaguireBully Maguire10 dagar sedan
  • The unified memory is the reason why the M1 chip is so fast

    John TungulJohn Tungul28 dagar sedan
  • Apple isn't hated in socal. They outsell every other manufacturer.

    timothy clancytimothy clancy28 dagar sedan
  • Ryzen Kicks Apples Ass Big Big Time Apple is no Match for AMD RYZEN 3950X BLOWSS APPLE LOOK LIKE CHICKEN WING

    The Real GodFatherThe Real GodFather28 dagar sedan
    • While using 20 times more power

      SamSam10 dagar sedan
    • 3950x is a desktop chip and M1 is a mobile chip.

      Bully MaguireBully Maguire10 dagar sedan
  • M1 is a marketing gimmick

    SirPhoebusSirPhoebus28 dagar sedan
    • Really powerful one then.

      Bully MaguireBully Maguire10 dagar sedan
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  • I was done with your video right up to the point where you said arm chips after additionally been used in low end components or systems. I’ll just assume you didn’t do very much research the first arm trip always used in the Archimedes computer by Acorn computers if you think that gall to say that that computer wasn’t an ultra high and computer for the time you are delusional.

    James BellegardeJames Bellegarde29 dagar sedan
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  • The issue with cold fusion is that every video topic is so damn amazing, I waste most of my time deciding which one to watch 1st

    Manav LakhaniManav LakhaniMånad sedan
  • My observation is that since intel introduced the core i series CPU power mostly stagnates. I blamed that on the PC market declining, Intel shifting to fight against arm mobile CPUs. But probably Intel again did a huge mistake and carrying it forth for a decade. Do you remember the pentium 4? Everyone knew it was a dead horse, but they kept riding far too long, until they switched to the design from their mobile team and named it Core. Intel was back again. Let's see if they can switch strategy again!

    JP TJP TMånad sedan
  • nice name, mr adobe

    Iivari MokelainenIivari MokelainenMånad sedan
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    Trust And ObeyTrust And ObeyMånad sedan
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  • Macbook, not for geniuses but the rest of us ..

    M8 N8M8 N8Månad sedan
  • long ads but worth it.

    Simon RaySimon RayMånad sedan
  • Hardware is not everything ... Apple system and Software is better optimalise from ages,,,

    Adam Piotr MalejewskiAdam Piotr MalejewskiMånad sedan
  • Apple's chips aren't ARM chips. There's a reason why it was referred to as Apple Silicon and not ARM. While Apple Silicon (before its implementation in Macs) was in its early stages, it used the ARM architecture, but Apple later stopped making chips according to the ARM instruction set, and that is when it became Apple Silicon, which is different than ARM

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  • Waiting for my AMD ARM CPU and NVIDIA ARM Graphics cards.

    trapskillatrapskillaMånad sedan
  • Holly ! Long live the M1 : M2, M3 ....Mx. all way from Alpha to Omega !

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