The Most Perfect Wood Recycling Idea Ever // A Table Is Sure You Have Never Seen

27 apr 2021
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The Most Perfect Wood Recycling Idea Ever // A Table Is Sure You Have Never Seen
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  • What exactly is recycled here? Not a bad looking table but the title is misleading. Wack, thumbs down

    Jordan ZhangJordan Zhang22 minuter sedan
  • Ben en çok kullandığın aletlere dikkat ettim. Olmayan yok. Eee... ustayı usta yapan, malzemedir.

    Ruhi KaraRuhi Kara28 minuter sedan
  • It’s like a asmr

    Hugo RamirezHugo Ramirez30 minuter sedan

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  • Genialidade, amei muito e quero fazer😝

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  • 19:30 λεπτά της ζωής μου χαμένα. Από τα χειρότερα που έχω δει. Λυπάμαι πολύ. Αν ένας πραγματικός μάστορας είχε τα εργαλεία του κυρίου....παπάδες θα έκανε. Αντε γειά


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    Alvin CaresAlvin Cares2 timmar sedan
  • Good work. Now he should make a de-fleaer for the dog.

    Algo RhythmAlgo Rhythm2 timmar sedan
  • Probably cost him about $3,000 in lumber!😅

    Samuel PiekarekSamuel Piekarek3 timmar sedan
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  • As nice as this piece is.. i think i might have left it in the Octagonal shape it was originally in.. Very well done! new sub now!!

    The Outdoor AmateurThe Outdoor Amateur3 timmar sedan
  • nice vid

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  • Good work. But thіs table is far from beautiful. Unfortunately

    Lier KingLier King5 timmar sedan
  • non si può guardare un video in pace con tutte queste interruzioni pubblicitarie che schifo grazie you tube

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  • Wowww!!! It's perfectly

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  • Намазал клей по всей поверхности а потом все зачистил

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  • Talented worker! Great 😉👍

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  • when chizeling... why did you not just use a hamer?

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  • Nice work, beautiful result.

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  • Given the amount of time and work that went into this to have a table that is so very fragile it was not worth it at all... That table would not last a single week of regular work. Also the used wood is hardly recycled wood, all the bars are straight and have a proper length. The work done was very good, but more efforts towards stability would have been a good idea

    Overlord AlfredoOverlord Alfredo9 timmar sedan
  • Those are some cool hand machines bro. I wish we had em at school, they would be sooooo useful

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  • Lindo para saber las medidas de los cortes !!! El trabajo buenísimo 10 puntos

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  • The stump looks like shit!

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  • What are you spraying on the wood?

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  • Very good job ,nice table

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  • This is called perfection

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  • I just clicked on it wasn't planning to watch for all 18 min. But it was too satisfying.

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  • Brilliant

    D.K BreelingD.K Breeling15 timmar sedan
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  • That's actually quite stylish and well built.

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  • Super nice

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  • I hope SEworld adds a 4x soon

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  • I liked the tabtop the way it was before he rounded it.

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  • Good job

    Oruguнал AriginalOruguнал Ariginal17 timmar sedan
  • You lost me when you trim the table.

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  • You are very talented. Thanksss

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  • Nice job young man.

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  • Wood tops are stunning, awesome work and excellent eye to detail.

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  • Satisfying

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  • Very skilled dude! but for me the table is awful....

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  • Se tivesse me perguntado, eu diria pra deixar do jeito que foi feito, sem serrar com a tico-tico pra deixá-la circular. Mas mesmo assi eu gostei👏👏👏👏👏

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  • Are you sure the table is really sure?

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  • What brand of saw are you using to cut the base of the table...the tree trunk? I havent seen that kind before and I would like to get one. Thank you

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  • If you have the tools, time, and talent great . during lockdown I have the time. I'm out.

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