Customizing 1,000 Phone Cases

6 nov 2020
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i can't believe we customized 1,000 phone cases and surprised subscribers with a ton of stuff!
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  • what's the name of the brand of those markers???

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  • who got surprised by him...are lucky But what about fans in another countries....I'm not expecting but I'm very big fan of your artistry and challenges

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  • Don't subscribe because you want a giveaway,subscribe because the video is actually fun

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  • I'm trying so hard to get to you. Please enter my name in the giveaway list 🥺🙏🙏

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  • Do you play FORTNITE??? I play fortnite my nick is ROSTAXMAN

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  • Wait how old do I have to be to get one

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  • Ok I will!

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  • me trying to count them🤣🤣🤣

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  • If i win for the 1st i want it ti be a sunset

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  • I love your markers

  • Which marker you use

  • hay

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  • ZHCin 2080:Today I’ll be customizing a restaurant!

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  • Zach plz I sub and coment and follow you on TikTok plz I would like the beach one

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  • suscribed

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  • 2032 : customizing the new flying lamborghini

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  • love your videos they always make my day

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  • Guys anyone know what's the name of the coloring markers ZHC using to color with??

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  • Do Harry Potter

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  • Give awe i phon 12 pro max to all of your subscribers

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  • Hello! I'm a big fan of you ı love all your creation and your handmade things.

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  • Wow

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  • ZHC where is leo

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  • ZHC in 2045 customizing the whole intire galaxy LOL 😂

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  • Love your art 🖼👍

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  • You should have don a horse

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  • i wanna unicorn on it

  • I shouted out to ZHC in one of my vids! (Thank you for inspiring me to draw!)✌️✌️✌️

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  • With som 🦋 blu butterfly

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  • Pls me

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  • What pens are you using.

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  • Zhc in 2074 today I will be customizing New York and then blow it up at la

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  • *"Turquoise space man."* Sounds kinda sus to me

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  • I realy like the among us.

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  • Me with the ip x nd him doing the ip 11 😭😂 but they look ASEOME

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  • Wow 6.1k dislikes OmG I respect your art zhc forget the haters

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  • Viv, your realistic tiger might I just say is amazing you are my favorite in the team you are awesome❤

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  • If I do get a case from you pls make sure it anime of salior moon pls

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  • Next year you’re gonna customise nyc

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  • I need one

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  • What for the deer case its sick

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  • Hi ZHC im a big fan an i add you on snapchat but you live usa an i dont so how can i join the giveaway if we are not in the same country Bye from your biggest fan

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  • Zhc in 2030: today where going to customize a woman

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  • Can I get a Mac book pro pls

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  • I

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  • what kind of pen they use???

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  • Zhc in 2090: Today we are customizing the world!

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  • Hi Zach/Zhc what pens do you use

    its ramonaits ramona4 dagar sedan
  • Hello!!

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  • How you are drawing

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  • The first one is like among us 😂

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  • My dream is to do this one day, I love customizing things, but don't have the right materiel and I don't have my own room:(

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    • btw ima girl on my dad's acc

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  • You are so talented 💖💖💖

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  • Bruh this- this is just.........AMAZING HEHE amma sub if I can XD :D

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  • ZHC, do you like Anime like Demon Slayer?

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  • ya; try customizing a plane.

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  • Day three of asking: animated series with Leo as Scrunchie Michelle as Bun bun and Zach as Turkey.

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  • I would love to have some

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  • zhc in 2026: today am gonna customize the white house.....yayy.... 🤣lol

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  • "wE dOn'T mAke MiStAkEs We HaVe HaPpY AcCiDeNtS"- our hero Bob Ross

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  • Hi everyone I just wanted to say I hope you had a good day or are having have an awesome day

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  • Hi ZHC i am a big fan i really want a custom Ps4 for my b day but i cant get one bc i am not with my mom i may nit see my mom eansy more pls ZHC reply to my coment 😁

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  • 7:39 YEET

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  • I am from TURKİSH 😒

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  • What kind of paint markers do you use?

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  • Hi Zach I love your art you have inspired me so much

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  • The cameraman though!

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  • What kind of markers do you use to customize cases?

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