Elon Musk: Affordable $25,000 Tesla and Better Batteries Are Coming

24 sep 2020
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In this episode we take a look at Tesla's "battery day" and Elon Musk's plans for a $25,000 car.
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  • Hi

    Notfromindia PotatoNotfromindia Potato5 dagar sedan
  • Elon Musk, the king of vaporware.

    allgoo 19allgoo 1925 dagar sedan
    • @allgoo 19 yes they introduced new manufacturing techniques for new affordable car coming in 2023 Thay are working on new battery cell 4680 for better energy density

      ishan rukshanishan rukshan4 dagar sedan
    • @ishan rukshan : "@allgoo 19 there the only one manufacturering batteries in the United State at the same time they are they are the highest range EV out there soo idk what complaining about" == The video title, "Elon Musk: Affordable $25,000 Tesla and Better Batteries Are *******Coming********"

      allgoo 19allgoo 194 dagar sedan
    • @allgoo 19 manufacturering batteries in the United State at the same time they have the highest range EV out there Just google "whats the highest range ev" Ev meam battery car aka T.E.S.L.A 😂😂😂

      ishan rukshanishan rukshan4 dagar sedan
    • @allgoo 19 read my previous comment

      ishan rukshanishan rukshan4 dagar sedan
    • @ishan rukshan : "That man literally revive United state space program..." == Anything about battery cars? What do you see in the thumbnail? T.E.S.L.A?

      allgoo 19allgoo 194 dagar sedan
  • *SUBSCRIBED* Very very good presentation, great professional commentary. Nice tone of voice too.

    Danny BourneDanny BourneMånad sedan
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      Young And InvestingYoung And Investing23 dagar sedan
  • Interesting as always. Can I ask why we as a people are not looking towards hydrogen

    Darren HillDarren HillMånad sedan
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      Jamie YorkJamie York20 dagar sedan
  • Musk says a lot of things. Some of it comes true, much of it doesn't.

    ArgumemnonArgumemnonMånad sedan
  • Sounds good.

    GT S1971GT S1971Månad sedan
  • These are promises but Elon likes to make outrageous promises that than never achieve. Tesla batteries haven't improvement in the last decade. New ones hold more capacity because are fiscally biger

    domitry jobbydomitry jobbyMånad sedan
  • What a name they choose for their electric car company "Nikola" and "Tesla"

    vimal tirkeyvimal tirkeyMånad sedan
  • The workable seaplane endogenously copy because shoulder relevantly cross off a polite marble. unaccountable, observant toenail

    Pablo PunPablo PunMånad sedan
  • Classic PR: "Let's use nickel since it is cheaper and as a side bonus let's pretend we care about humanitarian problems"

    TheBrazilRulesTheBrazilRules2 månader sedan
    • Have you thought of putting your capital in something very rewarding for excellent weekly earnings...

      Jamie YorkJamie York20 dagar sedan
  • It only took them 17 fucking years to make it barely possible to achieve their goal. It is so retarded that they claim they want to stop emissions when their cars are not affordable to most people

    TheBrazilRulesTheBrazilRules2 månader sedan
  • sad of u not own tesla stock hahahaha

    MVP STUDIOMVP STUDIO2 månader sedan
  • What happened to the glass battery tech they acquired?

    Ben DoverBen Dover2 månader sedan
    • That's what they do. Buy/hype new tech, ignore it and rinse and repeat. Gotta keep stock prices inflated

      Nutty GoodnessNutty Goodness21 dag sedan
  • They need to build a network of service centers.

    Neon NoirNeon Noir2 månader sedan
  • If I could swap battery in 5 minutes at road side, I don't care about good or bad battery. Musk got feedbacks only from Tesla owners, not from people why they don't buy Tesla.

    aar emaaar ema2 månader sedan
  • Batteries built into the car, talk about the ultimate planned obsolescence. What a shit move.

    Bound4EarthBound4Earth2 månader sedan
  • Tesla needs to get their quality and customer service under control before they move forward with anything else.

    Dan the-ManDan the-Man2 månader sedan
  • Im 27 years old and have never had a driving license because I refuse to support the automotive and fossil fuel industries and cannot and likely will never afford a tesla. It'll be a bicycle for me until the day one of these rolling death machines kills me on it.

    Allon VorleteAllon Vorlete2 månader sedan
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    fgsdg dfgsgfsdfgsdg dfgsgfsd2 månader sedan
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      Young And InvestingYoung And Investing28 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    Amjad AKAmjad AK2 månader sedan
  • You should own Tesla stock man!! It’s been doing great for me. Hold for the long term. Tesla to the moon!!!!!!!

    Tuck98Tuck982 månader sedan
  • yse for 25k$ brother tesla

    cyb3r w0lfcyb3r w0lf2 månader sedan
  • Range is the key

    speshulspeshul2 månader sedan
  • I'll believe it when I see it and the result of Consumer Report.

    allgoo 19allgoo 192 månader sedan
  • Not even if one was given to me and I was paid to drive it. What kind of moron comes up with a product that *Needs an infrastructure and yet has none* I can drive my car anywhere and pretty much get gas. Good luck getting a quick fill up with that toy car.

    Grym ReiperGrym Reiper2 månader sedan
  • Elon Musk tripping over his words and having trouble stringing a sentence together, is because he's depriving himself of sleep. Proper sleep is not a luxury, it is a necessity and that same rule applies to everyone.

    Chris CarsonChris Carson2 månader sedan
  • So cool to see what happens when actual senior engineers get a say in how the processes should be setup, you'll get the cream of the crop and metric based innovation instead of hype marketing.

    dennis de vulderdennis de vulder2 månader sedan
  • Toyota's gonna eat Musk's lunch.

    JaberwokyJaberwoky2 månader sedan
  • tesla is the apple of cars

    king of gamesking of games2 månader sedan
  • 小朋友…记得保重身体咯~ 恭喜你发大财身体一定健康…!

    kokLiang chungkokLiang chung2 månader sedan
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      Young And InvestingYoung And Investing28 dagar sedan
  • Very Good

    Al ZinkAl Zink2 månader sedan
  • I think that Musk, the mad lunatic that he is, a modern version of Henry Ford. The Ford Model T rolled off the assembly line, and took 20 years to get damn affordable. I think Tesla is right on track, from their inception in the mid-00s, to 2028 to go on the same journey. Please, do your research on the Model T, how its costs came down over twenty years. History is repeating.

    CharlyDeamenCharlyDeamen2 månader sedan
  • Hey To go go my man very interesting. Been watching your vids for a year or so? Anyhow 👍

    Damian CannDamian Cann2 månader sedan
  • Tesla can't rely on partners. Translation: Panasonic doesn't want to deal with Tesla.

    h2oaddict28h2oaddict282 månader sedan
  • The batteries are just bigger. Same energy density.

    Nicole BlackNicole Black2 månader sedan
    • Nobody seems to realize the battery "numbers" are the dimensions of the cell, and simple math to convert them to volume shows the "increase" in power corresponds exactly to increase in volume.

      Marius 007Marius 0072 månader sedan
  • Definitely the best opening music

    The jager bomberThe jager bomber2 månader sedan
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      Young And InvestingYoung And Investing28 dagar sedan
  • I just want a nice affordable and reliable 3 row electric SUV.

    spokes28spokes282 månader sedan
  • I think you'll find these batteries are not quite what they're presented as.

    Steve EnneverSteve Ennever3 månader sedan
  • I did a logarithmic calculation on Tesla's price. They reduce their price year over year by about 6.5% on average. The $35,000 Model 3 came out in 2019, apply this map out until you get to 2024 (35,000 x 0.935^5 = 25,000) You get Tesla's $25,000 car. But also with those range increases the base model might actually be 300 miles rather than just 250. Which I am highly looking forward to regardless because I can now afford a Tesla. But yes I do see Tesla being able to produce this car. They say it will be smaller than the Model 3, considering I like small cars and it's in my price range I will love it.

    Matthew BoydMatthew Boyd3 månader sedan
  • Redwood Materials is a super interesting company you guys should check out if you're into Tesla and EVs. It's CEO is JB Straubel, who was a long time Tesla employee and battery genius. They are a recycling company who will be set up to handle this massive influx of all these batteries!

    Tristan GruenerTristan Gruener3 månader sedan
  • Imagine cutting Elon Musk out of the equation called mankind. It's almost like cutting Bitcoin out of the world of tomorrow finance.

    Coinmarket SWOTCoinmarket SWOT3 månader sedan
  • I believe the $100 per kilowatt hour goal is based on a vehicle that has 200 mi of range whereas everyone who is not buying an electric car is saying that the minimum for them to switch is 300. With Tesla reducing their battery price by 56% from 156 makes it close to THAT more realistic goal of getting everyone not just early adopters. I'm not trying to be mean, just an FYI. I love your videos and I'm getting said Tesla. 🙂👍

    Matthew BoydMatthew Boyd3 månader sedan
  • I am still reading because I wanted to know who made the sketch at 7:39!

    Amine KoukiAmine Kouki3 månader sedan
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      Young And InvestingYoung And Investing23 dagar sedan
  • The left detail corroboratively fry because wrinkle unlikely pass between a oafish circle. attractive, evanescent bit

    Vu Hoang PhatVu Hoang Phat3 månader sedan
  • Someone to remind Elon that without nuclear power electric cars are not cutting back on co2, Maybe a Muck cold fusion project?

    Thomas M. ColeThomas M. Cole3 månader sedan
  • Elon musk “we will coup whoever we want” these guys don’t care about anything other than themselves.

    A AA A3 månader sedan
  • Something not right about Elon musk

    A AA A3 månader sedan
  • "Unfeasible" does not exist.

    johann venterjohann venter3 månader sedan
  • So they aren’t just gonna use vape batteries?

    Thiccboi ChungoThiccboi Chungo3 månader sedan
  • Is this in USD?

    DimsimDimsim3 månader sedan
  • The lovely vase acromegaly frame because surprise increasingly live including a poised spring. common, damaging lamp

    Robin McClainRobin McClain4 månader sedan
  • And another excellent video.. just a shame when a video is made which include a chinese phone producer, Xiaomi, in front of the rest re tech innovation - as Elon and Tesla clearly are - is made, all hell break loose.. I have thought tech lovers is not so easily brainwashed by mainstream media.. what a shame.

    Hendrik RouxHendrik Roux4 månader sedan
  • Tesla cars are shit. VW and Honda will erase Elon Musk before 2024. Poor Tesla owners. Buy a Pontiac Astek and you're gonna lose less money.

    Paulo CraicePaulo Craice4 månader sedan
  • Tesla Model Y is $108 per KwH according to Sandy Munro

    Casper Keilstrup JacobsenCasper Keilstrup Jacobsen4 månader sedan
  • Elon is yet again hyping up the sheep fandom to increase hypebeast sales and investments to keep the stock bubble going... It's becoming a sort of China

    Sander Gjertsen ØstvoldSander Gjertsen Østvold4 månader sedan

    Catherine LemmonsCatherine Lemmons4 månader sedan
  • not mentioning the battery life cycle in addition to making it a part of the car is a huge red flag

    Ahmad HamadAhmad Hamad4 månader sedan
  • What hapoened tonthenrest of your audience

    Austin BAustin B4 månader sedan
  • Efficient silicon and battery technology will dictate how things go for tech companies going forward is what I think personally. And this feels like a great step forward.

    LURKERLURKER4 månader sedan
  • Never ending smoke-n-mirrors. It’s an easy question. Did you increase the energy density of the current size batteries? Notice that they never answer that question. Battery-Day was a marketing gimmick for true-believer-cult.

    Chris JenkinsChris Jenkins4 månader sedan
  • 9:54 I'm waiting patiently for this.

    OnsokumaruOnsokumaru4 månader sedan
  • If musk starts making phones, he would beat Apple in no time (in terms of tech)

    Ibr VybhavIbr Vybhav4 månader sedan
  • When is he going to build National Grids to cope with all this extra electric charging.

    Barton SeagraveBarton Seagrave4 månader sedan
  • Excited ,elon will never give up even he lost his money

    junjie romerojunjie romero4 månader sedan
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    Steve BrianSteve Brian4 månader sedan
  • Talk about NIO which is the Tesla killer

    ardy ismaardy isma5 månader sedan
  • The competition tesla faces only helps bring the consumer more affordable electric cars. Elon started Tesla just trying to kickstart the competition needed to bring the masses an affordable electric vehicle, even if he didn't necessarily win that competition or get there first. As long as somebody is able to do it, and at scale, that's all I really care about. But don't get me wrong, Tesla is my favorite and I do hope they continue to have success. My dream of owning a Tesla is becoming more and more likely almost every day.

    Bobby BlackshawBobby Blackshaw5 månader sedan
  • Am I crazy or does Drew Baglino from Tesla look like Chris Watts the serial Killer? Not comparing anything other than looks obviously

    David BorgDavid Borg5 månader sedan
    • (Love you Drew)

      David BorgDavid Borg5 månader sedan
  • Lol! Refusal from Cobalt is not a solution to bad working condition problem. Now those guys in Africa have at least some export and some job, if you don't buy Cobalt anymore guess what happens - they'll go starving jobless. Instead Tesla just have to buy Cobalt more expensive from a supplier which guarantees working conditions. But this is unprofitable for Tesla, so it won't happen. I thought it was an economic channel..

    Oleksii SidorovOleksii Sidorov5 månader sedan
  • Mining again...3rd party...sounds like non commit all for blame

    Johnny DaysJohnny Days5 månader sedan
  • le 56% reduction at face value

    plasmaastronautplasmaastronaut5 månader sedan
  • My life has changed since I came across Mr Gregory through a friend, am really grateful for this, people don't really know that he's a genius in Bitcoin Investments. God bless him💜

    Vicente DiegoVicente Diego5 månader sedan
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      Vicente DiegoVicente Diego5 månader sedan
  • Good investments are not pushed, promoted, or sold. We need to uncover them on our own and only after due diligence (careful analysis) buy them.

    李佳佳李佳佳5 månader sedan
  • Yes. A 25000 dollar Tesla would be awesome. Best. Mehran from San Deigo.11/01/2020

    Mehran GeramiMehran Gerami5 månader sedan
  • Double capacitors of high voltage and long lasting as year per charge. I had the formula

    Eric PhamEric Pham5 månader sedan
  • Sale kit as an option of manufacturing and reduce distance of transport and delivery

    Eric PhamEric Pham5 månader sedan
  • Yo ELON, make a cheap but nice Electric RV that I can live in instead of buying a house!!

    ꧁Mike Sully꧂꧁Mike Sully꧂5 månader sedan
  • all i want is the Trevor Milton episode is as good as the Theranos episode!! i'll be waiting, thanks for your job, this is the best channel of youtube!

    Demian FigueroaDemian Figueroa5 månader sedan
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      Young And InvestingYoung And Investing28 dagar sedan
  • Your videos are bad for me. They are so good they help me procrastinate and become far less productive haha. Ok this is my own fault, I will admit.

    Kiv SanchezKiv Sanchez5 månader sedan
  • Expect to see a new generation of Remote Drone Technology.. It's all about the Batteries.. 5x more energy in a similar size.. Is that Right, am I hearing things ?? :-)

    Mark CunninghamMark Cunningham5 månader sedan
  • Are you actually sponsored or owned by Tesla? Literally every fifth video of your IS a praise of Elon Musk or Tesla!!

    Sandrine AnterrionSandrine Anterrion5 månader sedan
  • I'm so amazed at the steady growth of TSLA stocks, many years ago I bought 2000 shares at the rate of $96. so interesting I would be selling now at $431 all thanks to Anmol Singh . but just missed out on a period I was suppose to sell at $498, but I was greedy I was waiting for it to hit $520 mark before I sell and I ignored the advice of my financial advisor. it was he who advised me to buy when there was a global market crash

    Joh_manniJoh_manni5 månader sedan
    • wow, quite a large investment you got there on TSLA stocks. i wish I bought some shares at the pick of the crash.

      Stay grayedStay grayed5 månader sedan
    • Keep holding man

      Craig MayerCraig Mayer5 månader sedan
  • They found solution for the nickel part, Indonesia is the biggest nickel production in the world, and they already have a plan to build their factory there.

    Andrean RakkaAndrean Rakka5 månader sedan
  • I love Tesla and their hard work for the benefit of the planet!

    Alexandru SpasenieAlexandru Spasenie5 månader sedan
  • Musk confirming the globalization in industry has had a negative impact for the world sustainability. Innovation, sustainability and jobs are coming by taking control and innovation back home and stopping being overly reliant on far away supply chains that are fragile. Obviously its not going to mean globalization will be completely done. It just means a healthier version of it.

    Okin ArieromOkin Arierom5 månader sedan
  • Great Video! Yeah, 25k is a great price for an electric car this size. But there are more problems with TESLA cars than the expensive batteries. The quality is so damn bad. Gaps between parts, door handles that don't work, expensive tyres, external mechanics can't get parts, waranty disappointments, high energy consumption (25 kw per 100 km) high unsurrance costs. These are the reasons why i drive a Toyota. Their cars are perfect. And if there is a problem, they will fix it in no time.

    Tobias RieperTobias Rieper5 månader sedan
  • I tweeted Elon Musk the tweet came from (PROTESLAPOWER) suggesting Tesla make a Cyberside-by-side two or four seater to fill the market of a $25,000 on off-road vehicle. A smaller version of the Cybertruck. It would be economical to build and also good for on-off road enthusiasts. Let me know what you think.

  • Wasn't he talking about overthrowing a government to obtain raw materials?

    Sofia TsaernevSofia Tsaernev5 månader sedan
  • great content!!! keep it up 👍🏽

    Lifestyle4DividendsLifestyle4Dividends5 månader sedan
    • care for Bitcon investment tips for good returns?

      Young And InvestingYoung And Investing23 dagar sedan
  • Great but drop the autonomous vehicle concept. Self-driving vehicles is a gimmick invented by the car industry to increase its profit margin to detract from the fact that the traditional car industry is doomed. Yeah more electric cars, more fun cars do DRIVE!

    QuebecTerreaTerreQuebecTerreaTerre5 månader sedan
  • Slow and steady.... Not too fast🤔🤔🤔

    Hameed AttaulHameed Attaul5 månader sedan
  • Finally, he decided to build battery factory in Batang, Indonesia.

    ZoeyZoey5 månader sedan
  • "I'd also like to add I don't own any Tesla stock"

    Sanchit SinghSanchit Singh6 månader sedan
  • People that bought a Tesla stocks 5 years ago now become rich.

    MasdargamesMasdargames6 månader sedan
  • Hopefully with today’s ousting of us/tesla backed far right coup in Bolivia 🇧🇴 we can get a bettter deal for these countries rich with the resources needed for said batteries.

    Alex VAlex V6 månader sedan
    • Side note, we should explore the benefits of mass transportation and move away from private transport as a more efficient way of energy consumption

      Alex VAlex V6 månader sedan
  • The real cost of a car is in the maintenance, not the product cost. Also, 25000 is not affordable to 95% of the world population, so that isn't a honest statement.

    12ken12ken6 månader sedan
  • Ummm..we had a $25k car along time ago with the Bolt. Tesla is starting to sound like Apple

    John ChartrandJohn Chartrand6 månader sedan
  • Indeed its possible to have a $25K car as planned.

    TrycryptosTrycryptos6 månader sedan
  • I also think storage will expand..but : the rising cost of electricity generation worldwide isn't computing with the massive hype of current renewables. Nobody can argue with the average citizens utility bills and how electricity costs are raising the costs of everything.

    Nevi GNevi G6 månader sedan
  • With this technology they have the means of producing a 10´000 dollar car, so yes, IMMA exciting!

    WhitewalkerWhitewalker6 månader sedan