Polo G, Stunna 4 Vegas & NLE Choppa feat. Mike WiLL Made-It - Go Stupid (Official Video)

14 feb 2020
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Official video for “Go Stupid“ by Polo G featuring Stunna 4 Vegas & NLE Choppa.

Listen & Download “Go Stupid” out now: PoloG.lnk.to/GoStupid

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Director: Michael Garcia
Concept by: Polo G
Production Company: Hidden Pictures LLC
Executive Producers: Shiri Fauer , Bruno Breil
DP: Gevorg Sarkisian
Editor: Michael Garcia
Commissioner: Saul Levitz
Song produced by Mike WiLL Made-It & Tay Keith
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  • We rented baby come on we always stand out , no matter what age come on ✊🖤 still stepping come on bring it never going to change my black ness Queens and Kings 🖤black on black 💋🔥🔥🔥2021

    Lashaundula TurnerLashaundula TurnerTimme sedan
  • Come on come stay in the house , man down never average , what Sunday what , raping up body's come on u ain't stoping shsh take my butt to get $ what come on I'm La 💋✊🖤 all the way real shsh

    Lashaundula TurnerLashaundula TurnerTimme sedan
  • why polo g walk in the class like debo saying this my class now

    Stuffed crest pizzaStuffed crest pizza4 timmar sedan
  • 0:21

    fuck my lifefuck my life6 timmar sedan
  • Addicted to this song

    Anurag JAnurag J7 timmar sedan
  • go crazy

    DownToClown _DownToClown _7 timmar sedan
  • If stunna had this flow he could be so much better

    Hanat HassanHanat Hassan8 timmar sedan
  • Polo g always going hard in his videos ❤

    AlayahAlayah8 timmar sedan
  • Me : Skips School That day at school...

    Nolan SmithNolan Smith9 timmar sedan
    • Copied 😑

      Adam AAdam A8 timmar sedan
  • 🔥🔥💯

    Anthony JamesAnthony James9 timmar sedan
  • That nle chopppa dang?

    Lenio LaracuenteLenio Laracuente9 timmar sedan
  • Almost caught up to polo g but didn't💀 welcome nle

    Ian AtkinsonIan Atkinson9 timmar sedan
  • I like how polo g was calm and everybody just gettin lit

    Brittany HullBrittany Hull9 timmar sedan
  • 🐐

    Alluvion -Alluvion -11 timmar sedan
  • I'm just focused on music, they say my last tape was a classic But I got some hotter shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    maina ericcmaina ericc11 timmar sedan
  • Why is no one talking about stunnna versus that shit fire

    Chase PraterChase Prater12 timmar sedan
  • School Dance 2

    Matthayo Young flyMatthayo Young fly12 timmar sedan
  • member 🔥

    SzhxSzhx13 timmar sedan
  • Nle is the type of person to shoot his reflection for copying his look.

    Hamsa KahiyeHamsa Kahiye15 timmar sedan
  • The second homie was fire

  • The song named go stupid well cuz of NLE we know why

    FALLEN biskyyFALLEN biskyy21 timme sedan

  • The one kid sitting in the front started Vibin before the song even started lmao

    HuntermelliottHuntermelliott22 timmar sedan
  • Polo snapped but NLE left this a murder scene

    Og 1JacobiOg 1JacobiDag sedan
  • Why polo look like he stuck on the hoop

    xxL0vrrxxL0vrrDag sedan
  • Imagine I skipped school next thing u kno stunna choppa there imagine if tjay was there to sheeeeeeesh

    StxticOnPercsStxticOnPercsDag sedan
  • Polo g more like Polo goat

    CandyCornCandyCornDag sedan
  • Uuuuuok 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Tiktok mario judah my guyTiktok mario judah my guyDag sedan
  • Who did it harder type n for nle type p for polo type s for stunna:) Nle Polo g Stunna

    Monique HowardMonique HowardDag sedan
  • The 🐐 remember that

    シUrMomsHotシシUrMomsHotシDag sedan
  • Polo g & Stunna flow and bars are better nle choppa

    YoBoi QuazyYoBoi QuazyDag sedan
    • NLE the hypest though.

      denisucuuudenisucuuu18 timmar sedan
  • only car guys know the huracan aint sounding like that

    Arsh SharmaArsh SharmaDag sedan
  • Stunna lowkey raps like Dababy🔥

    Deekay ThaSinisterKiddoDeekay ThaSinisterKiddoDag sedan
  • Круто

    Lil MakLil MakDag sedan
  • 2:30 why that kid look like a younger nle to me

    Zero DeathsZero DeathsDag sedan
  • Nle Choppa was the hardest on the song

    boeler boelerboeler boelerDag sedan
  • Nke went cra cra but polo g did cool to

    young M.Cyoung M.CDag sedan
  • this song still hit

    Royalty TylerRoyalty TylerDag sedan
  • nigga ain't even start rapping yet and you see the kids just jumping around lol 0:23 the kid upfront tho

    Local NewsLocal NewsDag sedan
  • only the beat makes you go stupid.

    Kristian KhoshabaKristian KhoshabaDag sedan
  • Do polo and ji got a song together they need to make one asap

    AYN marcusAYN marcusDag sedan
  • This song makes me wanna bring only bullets to a gunfight

    Mr_ VBHRMr_ VBHRDag sedan
  • “Go like Harden with the Nets we blast off.”

    Will HarryWill HarryDag sedan
    • underrated😂😂😂😂

      Zion HarperZion HarperDag sedan
  • Polo G out here rappin like it's his last verse ever !!

    Andreas VestergaardAndreas VestergaardDag sedan
  • How many legends are watching in janruary?

    Boi BeanBoi BeanDag sedan
  • WOLO G

    JustinJustinDag sedan
  • If only Lil loaded was on here

    Devin StubbsDevin StubbsDag sedan
  • Wait a damn minute... That's a sound from an aventador not a huracàn 😭

  • Nle blew it up boy nle is fire polo to

    Wew AdwWew Adw2 dagar sedan
  • Asco

    Juan ZuluagaJuan Zuluaga2 dagar sedan
  • That Stojakovic line is so fire 🔥

    Jeremy ParkerJeremy Parker2 dagar sedan
  • Hey that's my Grandpa

    Christopher GatesChristopher Gates2 dagar sedan
  • Did polo g just say rip

    Vasco SampaioVasco Sampaio2 dagar sedan
  • Nle choppa: my guns need draws it got nuts Me: ???????

    Tory EllisTory Ellis2 dagar sedan
  • Polo remind anyone else of LA and Pap ?

    TheEchoEffectTheEchoEffect2 dagar sedan
  • best song I love it bro

    Nishmar BacchusNishmar Bacchus2 dagar sedan
  • imagine the acting without the music

    Pineapple GodPineapple God2 dagar sedan
  • instantly knew where polo g was from by his flow

    Russ HlRuss Hl2 dagar sedan
  • sick

    Xander MartinXander Martin2 dagar sedan
  • this would be the best school day ever maybe they should do this so kids would never pretend to be sick

    Christopher WillisChristopher Willis2 dagar sedan
  • Polo g

    Sem BirkeSem Birke2 dagar sedan
  • polo g destroyed this beat 🔥🔥

    Dancii14Dancii142 dagar sedan
  • Nle hopped on the scene and thugged it for real for real

    Khalil JohnsonKhalil Johnson2 dagar sedan
  • NLE Choppa love you Rich The Kid

    dragon slayerdragon slayer3 dagar sedan
  • Old Nle and polo could have ,add a goated song

    Mr. NateMr. Nate3 dagar sedan
  • No dis but nle did the worse I could not understand what he saying

    sana sugar ice teasana sugar ice tea3 dagar sedan
  • I wish I was there

    Tanvir TajTanvir Taj3 dagar sedan
  • Who's here before all the " the harden thing aged well" comments

    gb 34gb 343 dagar sedan
  • Almost A million Likes

    Semaj Rankins-bushSemaj Rankins-bush3 dagar sedan
  • AHHHHHHHH 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Gen WarperGen Warper3 dagar sedan
  • Polo g is a goat

    Jj LandstraJj Landstra3 dagar sedan
  • Polo g-The cool kid Stunna- The senior with all the hoes Nle choppa-The annoying but sometimes lit freshaman

    Clamp UNClamp UN3 dagar sedan
  • The rap duo is nle choppa and polo g

    Vasco SampaioVasco Sampaio3 dagar sedan
    • Stunna Was Ight But Not Better Then NLE And Polo Verses

      Dat_boi_ Ja'vonDat_boi_ Ja'von2 dagar sedan
  • العميقين تاع الجزائر مرحبا بيكم 😂😂😂😂😂

    Marwan KaderMarwan Kader3 dagar sedan
  • Me: Skips school That Day at School:

    emirmosityemirmosity3 dagar sedan
  • Lv t’es trop nul bouge de la zika

    MiguelMiguel3 dagar sedan
  • nle on this track is to fir🛹🛹e

    Yvolinho in den HaakYvolinho in den Haak3 dagar sedan
  • me that day skips school that day

    Yvolinho in den HaakYvolinho in den Haak3 dagar sedan
  • Why isn’t nobody concerned about all the damage the poor staff and the principal just look at these monsters running in the hallways and loitering on the floor disgusting..

    trippiekangaroo bananastrippiekangaroo bananas3 dagar sedan
  • O%nudity 1O%cursing 90% STUPID🤪

    Ethan FNツEthan FNツ4 dagar sedan
  • the beat fits them like a glove 🔥

    Salvador RondonaSalvador Rondona4 dagar sedan
  • No cap choppa was giving the best vibe no cap

    Sarah BUFFORDSarah BUFFORD4 dagar sedan
  • Demonic music for lost souls

    Eldine eldineEldine eldine4 dagar sedan
    • Where is that written in the title?

      Oluwaseun MajekodunmiOluwaseun Majekodunmi2 dagar sedan
  • Three headed dreads

    Kevin BrownKevin Brown4 dagar sedan
  • 🥶

    I a PersonI a Person4 dagar sedan
  • Polo G is the MVP in this song hands down.

    Humble ManHumble Man4 dagar sedan
    • @Dat_boi_ Ja'von Nope. NLE's a good rapper tho.

      Humble ManHumble Man2 dagar sedan
    • NLE To

      Dat_boi_ Ja'vonDat_boi_ Ja'von2 dagar sedan
  • This song will never get old

    Ezra SnyderEzra Snyder4 dagar sedan
  • The only song we hear on 2k

    Poop BlasterPoop Blaster4 dagar sedan
  • This video reminds me look at me video but i like more this one

    4ndr0 g4m3r4ndr0 g4m3r4 dagar sedan
  • Nle

    Victor MorinVictor Morin4 dagar sedan
  • Fa que cancion

    Luca CostillaLuca Costilla4 dagar sedan
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    Qunicy Lol the goatQunicy Lol the goat4 dagar sedan
  • PoLo G kIlLed tHis bEatS Fr

    I'm stupid But have more IQ then EinsteinI'm stupid But have more IQ then Einstein4 dagar sedan

    Captain ThanosCaptain Thanos4 dagar sedan
  • teacher passed the vibe check 😎

    KiyaツKiyaツ4 dagar sedan
  • who still listening to this in 2021

    Isaac Score-OwensIsaac Score-Owens4 dagar sedan
  • str3su was here

    Dark RomaniaDark Romania4 dagar sedan
  • Didn't know GOATS drive lambos now,is that even legal?

    sthandiwe mapumulosthandiwe mapumulo4 dagar sedan
  • NLE Choppa I an't going to cap I don't like rapping but I like rapping the body's and s###

    Yendrix MartinezYendrix Martinez4 dagar sedan
  • NLE BODIED THIS!!!!!!1

    Charles GuelcherCharles Guelcher4 dagar sedan