How Is She? | She Will Be Missed

11 jan 2021
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How Is She? | She Will Be Missed
This is one of the hardest videos we have ever had to make, but she has asked us to make this in hopes to help someone out there who is struggling just like her. She will be missed very much, but we are proud of her for getting the help she needs.
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  • Praying for Hallie & all of you!

    Beckah WilliamsBeckah Williams33 minuter sedan
  • My cousin committed suicide at 35, it was completely unexpected and was very random. He bottled up his emotions for too long, your daughter is so brave to open up about it.

    TaliaTaliaTimme sedan
  • I relate to halies struggle with her mental health and struggle. I have been struggling with depression and anxiety for almost 6 years. And I have a great family that’s helped me through. My parents stared to notice the signs when it first started to happen. And I was always a happy kid when I was younger I was always laughing and full of energy. However when depression set it I had no energy to do anything, to talk to anyone, I completely shut down. My parents were struggling at first on how they could help me. And I didn’t realize how much my struggle also affects my close ones until a couple years. When I finally talked to my mom about what I was going through and feeling on the inside and all the thoughts running in my mind. We both broke down and that was the first time I realize that I really needed to do something to make sure I would be okay. I’m really happy she came to y’all and asked for help. I will keep her and your family in my prayers.

    Kennedy LeverettKennedy Leverett11 timmar sedan
  • I suffer from anxiety and self esteem issues and at times I stay quite not alof of people know it but thanks for this video.

    Aracelis GonzálezAracelis González14 timmar sedan
  • Hailie your an incredible young lady. Your loved and I wish you the best. God bless you.

    Aracelis GonzálezAracelis González14 timmar sedan
  • How can I send you guys a link I have a story relating to depression anxiety my own and my daughter's.

    Hope Alcantar SkeensHope Alcantar Skeens19 timmar sedan
  • Taha wold make my dad

    Fangle And Foxica Cute uwuFangle And Foxica Cute uwu22 timmar sedan
  • Hi i am just like haile and i have depression and anxiety and whan i was in 5 or 6 gerade i cold not brth and i oh most fell and my dad just left me 2 week ago and its herd. I cant sleep and i need some avice can u helpme i had depressino sins i was bullied and the same preesin who billid me and she movd and i was 10 whan i start haveing depreeino pleas if u can help me ty can u say hi alysa

    Fangle And Foxica Cute uwuFangle And Foxica Cute uwu23 timmar sedan
  • I can relate so much with hallie for me it was major depressive disorder that hit me in these fall months but just know that Halle and all you amazing people will get through this and just know you don’t have to fake a smile like I did

    Alyssa CalvoniAlyssa CalvoniDag sedan
  • Hello it's Me Jennifer Again And i Just Want To Saying Hi To You Guys Crazy Pieces :) And How Are You Crazy Pieces :) And i Like Watching This Video About :) How is She She Will Be Missed :) And This Made Me Jennifer So Sad :) About This Video About How is She She Will Be Missed :) And My Love And My Prays Go To Halie And My Praying Go For You Guys Crazy Pieces Family :) From Me Jennifer :) And i Give Me Jennifer To Your Video About :) How is She She Will Be Missed A Thumbs Up :) And Me Jennifer i Comment To Your Video About :) How is She She Will Be Missed And i Been Me Jennifer Subscribe To Your Channel is Crazy Pieces :) And Me Jennifer i Am From San Diego :) And Much Love From Me Jennifer Has Your Crazy Pieces Fan :) And i Hope To You Guys Crazy Pieces Family Have A Great Day From Me Jennifer Bye For Now From Me Jennifer To You Guys Crazy Pieces Family

    Jenny PetriJenny PetriDag sedan
  • You don't need to worry about being a light in our lives. Just work on yours and your kids. Let's ALL rally around Hallie and wait for the day her light returns!! I just know she will shine brighter than ever before!! All your kids are lucky to have you as parents!! We love you all and are ALWAYS here for you guys!! Here in Canada on January 28th we have what's called the Bell let's talk. It's for mental illness and encourages people who are struggling to reach out!! Maybe you could be an advocate and start something like that in the states. Just an idea. Take care and know that Jen from Ontario Canada loves you all very much!!❤❤❤🇨🇦

    Jennifer MassieJennifer Massie2 dagar sedan
  • Omg was never expecting to hear this, I love watching you all because you come across as real, I wish all the best for Hallie she is a gorgeous human, who I hope will endure to get better. Thinking of you all but especially Hallie. Xx much love to you all. Xx dealing with mental health with my husband, it's hard but well worth it when they have good days, (can I also mention we as a family have found that food seems to have a massive impact on my husband's mental health, it may be something that might help you guys, cutting out sugar has has a significant impact on his mental health, though still has down days so not a miracle cure but definitely a positive impact.)

    Red SequanaRed Sequana2 dagar sedan
  • How is Aurora doing with this ?

    delanie griffindelanie griffin2 dagar sedan
  • I hardly ever cry and I can’t tell y’all how much my heart goes out to y’all know that my prayers are with y’all and Halie we love you Halie! ❤️

    Hannah HiattHannah Hiatt2 dagar sedan
  • omg im freaking crying. I have been thinking about Haile every day.

  • You are doing something right. A child being able to advocate for herself is amazing. Praying for Haile and your whole family.

    Michele KuepferMichele Kuepfer2 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for making this video. THIS IS A CRITICAL MESSAGE!

    Michelle SorensonMichelle Sorenson2 dagar sedan
  • You both are the best parents. You're amazing listeners, you're empathetic beyond anything I've seen a human capable of. I've struggled with mental health issues all of my life, and my daughter has been struggling for a long time as well. We’re both in trauma therapy, and it has been so amazing for both of us. I've had to put her in in-patient as well. She told a friend that she was having suicidal thoughts. 😞 That broke my heart so much that she was struggling with so much pain inside. I got genesight testing for her to help choose medication for her depression that doesn't have severe side effects like suicial ideations. She's doing great now. She participates with family, takes care of herself, she's doing great in school and she has lots of friends. She talks to me about how she's feeling. Hang in there, everything will be alright. ❤️

    Tamara RasheedTamara Rasheed3 dagar sedan
  • Aww I’m so sorry to hear that I will keep u guys in prayer we love u 😍

    Jade WarringtonJade Warrington3 dagar sedan
  • What happened I didn’t see on Instagram

    Lisa KingLisa King4 dagar sedan
  • Will pray that halie will get better🙂..i love it so much seeing the love you have for and the most important thing is that God loves us,each of you,so much, that he sent he son the Lord jesus to die on the cross for everyone in the world,he died for me and you.God wants everyone to be saved to represent of our sin ,everyone has to do it can do it to and have peace with God and if you give your life to Jesus and let him to control your life,it will be the best...🙂

    Gheorghica ElenaGheorghica Elena4 dagar sedan
  • I’m so proud of her

    Zaraxxx123 PlusZaraxxx123 Plus4 dagar sedan
  • I've never been strong enough to talk about my mental health with my parents. I admire your strength Halie!

    Anna H.Anna H.4 dagar sedan
  • As I'm listening to this, all I want to do is give you guys a hug. I, have Anxiety, which means my heart races, my hands start to shake, I get panic attacks, I get too scared 😨 to get my license as well as 😨 getting a job. Major things that change in my life will make me start to panic. I've been struggling with this for years all through high school. I'm 22 now. I also take anxiety meds to calm me down. Literally the only thing that I've done for my anxiety. I don't want to go to a doctor for this and talk about my problems because (1) it's too hard for me to do and (2) I feel like if I go then I must have something wrong with me and I don't want to feel that way. Also (3) I'm physically terrified of dating and I honestly don't know why, but it's very stressful when someone asks me out. The last time someone asked me out I went into the bathroom and burst out crying(panic attack) and this was during work, I had to go home cause I couldn't stop. I just had to. It's really hard for me dealing with anxiety to say yes to change. The one thing I have blessed in my life are my friends who support me, and I take their advice which I'm super grateful for having them in my life.

    Cheacky BeeCheacky Bee4 dagar sedan
  • This disorder is very prevalent in our country and I am thankful that the negative stigmas are being broken down. Much love to her and your family!!

    Dani loveDani love4 dagar sedan
  • I found a foster family on Instagram and TickTock I think you should watch his nam (Michael.quintock)

    Jen TefoeJen Tefoe5 dagar sedan
  • This is the first video in quite awhile that has actually made me sob. I’m so unsure at this point in my life. I’m taking off another semester when I’m supposed to be finishing my 3rd year of college. Depression, anxiety, adhd and multiple chronic conditions have made my life almost unbearable the last years. But I have my loving family and boyfriend. Seeing you guys openly talk about your love for your daughter reminds me of all the times my parents have said the same things. That they’re proud of me for being able to say I’m not okay.

    Ellie HobdayEllie Hobday5 dagar sedan
  • She is so strong it takes a lot to reach out for help. So proud of you for doing so.

    Cassandra UnderwoodCassandra Underwood5 dagar sedan
  • That is so amazing that she asked for help and you guys were willing to help her! It is hard for a child to come from a good family and safe environment and still feel anxious or depressed. I’m so happy she is getting help!

    Alyssa MKAlyssa MK5 dagar sedan
  • You all are wonderful prayers are with you all ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️

    patti mastenpatti masten5 dagar sedan
  • I’m so glad that she is getting the help that she needs , mental health is so stigmatized and it’s important that people understand that it’s okay to get help. 🧡

    Shortylaughs21Shortylaughs215 dagar sedan
  • I think I have a PTSD. But it's just self diagnosis of course. Havent seek any help. But, I have a traumatic experience when I was a child. I was touched by someone I was very close with. Since then I have trust issues with other people especially men. I know I should not generalize all men but the trauma just overshadows my interpersonal life. I am always awkward with men, even to my dad sometimes. I was never touchy with them except to my dad, and I am most comfortable with my gay friends. My parents don't know about my trauma. I keep it a secret to them. Not because they won't understand, but I am afraid of what they'll do. He needed their support, as he was abandoned by his parents, so my parents helped him with his studies. I am afraid, that they will end their support if I told them. He was still a minor too. That's why I kept it alone. I already forgiven him, maybe he forgotten it too. But my trauma remains until now. I am happy that Hallie is so vocal with her mental health. I wish I was that open about it to my parents too. I wish I was able to seek help. Maybe my life would be different.

    JAJA5 dagar sedan
    • Now, I am in a burnout state, maybe depressed. With personal battles, pressure and this pandemic. My brain doesn't function like how it used to be. I have panic attacks, I can't keep up with my studies. I can't talk to my parents. They will just think I am being ungrateful. I love them, and they love me too. But depression and mental health is something that they still can't understand.

      JAJA5 dagar sedan
  • i’m sending prayers i completely understand my sister best friend has anxiety and is very insecure ab herself i don’t wanna say she has mental health but i think she does and she gets through it i’m praying for Hallie I hope she gets better and this helps her she is a special girl and once she is better i know she will be so happy and can be more involved in all your kids life

    roblox queenroblox queen5 dagar sedan
  • I’ve had my own issues with anxiety and depression and I really hope that Hallie gets the help she needs. Prayers for her

    Dan GeigerDan Geiger6 dagar sedan
  • I'm glad she is getting help. I know that 2020 wasn't easy for me and I had mental and emotional problems still do a little bit. My best friend that was like a brother to me was killed he was only 20 because someone got drunk and got on a horse and on December 7th my cat Jake that I've had for like almost 8 years got ran over. Prayers for her and all the family love watching ur videos ❤

    Elizabeth RoamElizabeth Roam6 dagar sedan
  • Prayers so you & for halie😘 I love you guys

    Brandi PinardBrandi Pinard6 dagar sedan
  • This us the first vlog that made me cry the most ;(...... Sending all the love and support to hailie and to the family ❤️

    Alcordo KrizzlyAlcordo Krizzly6 dagar sedan
  • l went through it to and i feltlike i was

    Arianna CookArianna Cook6 dagar sedan
  • I thought someone die at first then i realized it was about your daughter couldn't finish watch.. i hate sad moment but i wish you all the best i too suffer from mental health.. it's rough at first but things can get better with strong support..

    anna smlanna sml6 dagar sedan
  • My heart goes out to you both, it's as if you're talking about my daughter. My love and thoughts are with you and Hallie, shes a beautiful young lady and she will get through this xx

    Martine LoughranMartine Loughran7 dagar sedan
  • It needs to be more mental health awareness in the world. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean in dont hurt just as much

    Madelene LidmanMadelene Lidman7 dagar sedan
  • Prayers and healing to the family.

    Alexandria Maxilom-BernalesAlexandria Maxilom-Bernales7 dagar sedan
  • God bless her. I know how hard it is. Prayers for you all

    Nancy BarberNancy Barber7 dagar sedan
  • Sending love peace and prayers to hallie .......from an adoptive mom in Brazil .......kisses SINCLA

    Douglas XavierDouglas Xavier7 dagar sedan
  • you guys are really great parents, for her to feel safe enough to tell you guys and open up is a big deal. She is amazing and strong and i pray for her to feel happy again soon like she deserves :)

    RozRoz7 dagar sedan
  • ❤😢I'm prayers to you guys

    Bonnie DerryBonnie Derry7 dagar sedan
  • That is so nice you are all good people

    Bonnie DerryBonnie Derry7 dagar sedan
  • What amazing parents. She will be ok, and so strong to ask for help. God bless & forever in my prayers x

    Hannah VickermanHannah Vickerman7 dagar sedan
  • I wish Halie and your family all the best. This video clearly shows all tue love you have for all your children and that you are both awesome parents/foster parent!

    ringasaringasa7 dagar sedan
  • Im so glad she is getting help she is so strong ❤️

    sarah josiesarah josie7 dagar sedan
  • So proud of her and you as her parents. Wow. Definitely the best choice I believe. Praying for peace and comfort for you both and your family. Praying that Halie with get the help she needs. Love you all

    Alyssa PlumleyAlyssa Plumley7 dagar sedan
  • Mental hospitals are really fun not gunna lie lol she good in there 😂 I’ve gone just because I want a mental vacation n it helps

    Alexis RivasAlexis Rivas8 dagar sedan
  • i am so proud of her for asking for help! I struggle with PTSD,anixety,depression/bipolar. It is so hard finding the help i need that i can afford. I cant do inpatient due to having 4 kiddos at home. But, even out patient is expensive. i canonly afford one therpy per month and i need so much more. i am so glad you all are helping out! Thats awsome and prayer for you all

    Kelli CampbellKelli Campbell8 dagar sedan
  • Hallie your not alone! I have struggled with anxiety and depression my whole life. I was a foster kid and was adopted at age 6. Its so hard to act like everything is okay when you feel broken inside. It gets better i promise! You aren't alone and this year has made it harder on so many people. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and you are so strong to ask for the help you need. Take it one second at a time than one minute and then one hour becomes a day, than a week and so on and so forth. You will make it though and be even stronger than you were before

    Gracie PalenciaGracie Palencia8 dagar sedan
  • You all are very strong to open up. Idk if Hallie will every read this but if she does: Hallie I know your struggle & I'm proud that you opened up, it was hard I know. To anyone else who is struggle with any mental illness you are loved & appreciated, there is someone around you who you can open up to at least one. Praying for everyone who reads this.

    Abbey McAbbey Mc8 dagar sedan
  • i wish my parents understood like you guys

    Nicole CainNicole Cain8 dagar sedan
  • I'm really glad you guys decided to do this video, and it's incredible that Halie felt comfortable enough to come to you guys with her feelings, what she is going through, etc. I suffer from two different anxiety conditions, my family is supportive but do not always understand what I am going through, and it is like what you said, you can appear happy and normal on the outside but on the inside you are crying completely and feel miserable. One of my anxiety disorders is social anxiety, so I get nervous and anxious over every little thing, I hope to find a good therapist but so far I haven't found any that are a good fit AND that I can afford. I will say the situation with covid has actually helped me with my anxiety, because I don't have to deal with social situations as much, I constantly give myself peptalks in my head to get me through the day. I would say when you around Halie to surround her with positive affirmations, because even though I don't always believe them, they help me get through the day. The fact that you and Halie wanted to do this video speaks volumes AND I love that you guys chose not to video her because I think that will help her a lot as she goes through her recovery journey. However, it is not something that can just be cured or fixed, it is something you have to live with and experience throughout life. One other thing I would say, wherever she goes later in life (in her adult life) I would make sure that all her friends and people around her know about her mental health, because in grad school I lost one of my best friends because he suffered from depression and none of us knew about it, one night after a fight with his girlfriend he killed himself. It was really hard for me, our friends, his family, and his former girlfriend to deal with. I think if we had known he suffered from depression, the friend he was with would have never let him go home alone (he told me after that he blamed himself for allowing him to go home alone), and he might still be here today.

    sweetsecretshayatysweetsecretshayaty8 dagar sedan
  • Since you have had postpartum depression with this last pregnancy, do you think you will do surrogacy again?

    Bambi FranciscoBambi Francisco8 dagar sedan
  • Hallie is your first born. Maybe she feels the need to emulate you- her parents. Maybe she has too much on her plate. Maybe you should step back & concentrate on the family you have, consintrate on Auroras needs, your post partum depression, & halies mental health, & any of the other kids needs.

    Bambi FranciscoBambi Francisco8 dagar sedan
  • My parents took in a foster boy, a teen. He started telling my younger sister (who is adopted) that her parents really didnt love her & all sorts of other lies. This really upset & hurt my parents & sister. They ended up having to send the boy Back because he was causing too much family conflict.

    Bambi FranciscoBambi Francisco8 dagar sedan
  • God bless you guys for being such kind & caring parents and for giving to those who need these same services. 💝

    thesandrapagethingsthesandrapagethings8 dagar sedan
  • Praying for you guys and for Halie.

    Shaniqua FallsShaniqua Falls8 dagar sedan
  • You should be beyond proud as parents that you have created an environment in which she feels comfortable enough to share her feelings with you and ask for help. I know that I have grown up in a position where I have felt very uncomfortable and embarrassed to share my mental health with my mom. She is very lucky to have you guys.

    Madisyn TorrentiMadisyn Torrenti8 dagar sedan
  • I struggle allot with past issues and waiting on mentel health teams to evaluate me and see what help I need. I so feel for her so much, i have so many dark moments that for me to be alive rn is a goal for me, people ask me if I'm OK and I say 'I'm alive' but allot of the time I wish to not be x On a side note the 2 youngest boys seem to have allot of anxiety iv noticed in some videos, I have bad anxiety so I can see that in them 2 please make sure there doing ok too guys xx

    CUTIE PIECUTIE PIE8 dagar sedan
    • I work in retail and sooo many people are struggling atm and I get them in work with there frustration and it sucks somtimes 😢

      CUTIE PIECUTIE PIE8 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for this. I have 2 teenaged daughters both really struggling. Our older daughter gets phone therapy and our youngest is waitlisted. I’m going to share this with my girls. Also a foster and adoptive mom

    Lili PiPiLili PiPi8 dagar sedan
  • Halie is a wonderful, beautiful and bright girl. I love her smile. I hope she gets the help she needs.

    Asha HintonAsha Hinton8 dagar sedan
  • You guys are such amazing parents. She is going to live a long hopefully happy life. Because you listened and you cared.

    Amanda RolandAmanda Roland8 dagar sedan
  • I’m struggeling with it and i have thats of suïcide 😭

    Aurelien FrançoisAurelien François8 dagar sedan
    • Please get help, seek it out, demand help for yourself. From a daughter of a suicide victim, you have no idea how much you are treasured, people may not tell you and things are tuff, but there is help out there!!!!! Go find it! Get online and don't get put off. Pleeeeaaaasssseeeeeee!!!!!! Talk till you cannot talk anymore to anyone and everyone Pleeeeeaaassse! XXXX Hugs

      s edwardss edwards6 dagar sedan
  • Praying for you all x

    Amy PenguinAmy Penguin8 dagar sedan
  • 💖💝💖You guys are great parents 💖💝💖

    Susana CapitaineSusana Capitaine8 dagar sedan
  • who is the one leaving? im still confused on who is leaving

    NaiymNaiym8 dagar sedan
    • Halie

      Jasmine BarnesJasmine Barnes8 dagar sedan
  • Love you all so much! So glad she came to you and she has the help that she needs. You all are in my prayers 🙏🏻❤️

    Laurie DonnellyLaurie Donnelly8 dagar sedan
  • I'm going through same as haille Depression and anxiety I just someone due to covid19

    Alice StephanyAlice Stephany9 dagar sedan
  • So sorry Halie is suffering with this! Prayers for you all!!!

    Kathleen BennefieldKathleen Bennefield9 dagar sedan
  • I really wanna thank you for making this. I was recently hospitalized due to an attempt and nearly lost my life. Tell Hallie to hang in there and if she ever needs anyone to talk to I’m here. I really appreciate you guys and you are all in my prayers

    Adrianna RunyonAdrianna Runyon9 dagar sedan
  • I myself have been diagnosed with chronic severe recurrent depression and chronic severe recurrent anxiety. Sending love and prayers for Halie and your family from Michigan.

    DeAnn Marie EvansDeAnn Marie Evans9 dagar sedan
  • MENTAL ILLNESS IS SERIOUS!! Thank you for sharing. Praying for you ALL. My daughter just went through this. Was in the facility for about 3 weeks. She does take medication for her depression and empty feelings. She's thriving now and is such a ball of joy!!! We love you Halie and you will be okay honey. Love you guys so much.

    Iasia AlshabazzIasia Alshabazz9 dagar sedan
  • Sending lots of love and prayers!❤️🙏

    Sheilab ButlerSheilab Butler9 dagar sedan
  • Halie is the strongest girl for getting help. Been down at that level myself and there is light. Xx

    Joanne CresswellJoanne Cresswell9 dagar sedan
  • Bless you! I will pray for Hallie & your family. Hallie is so beautiful - she has a lot going for her!!!

    JoJo9 dagar sedan
  • I wish Halie all the best with the help she is getting. As a healthcare professional I am want to let you as parents know that you have saved your daughter. You listened, and she is so brave for reaching out to you. That's a testament in how you raise your kids. I am praying for her and you all. Your faith and belief and the help she is getting will get you all through this. Lots of love and hugs to you 💓

    Hasina AzizHasina Aziz9 dagar sedan
  • PRAYING! God is faithful. 🙏

    Layne PaubelLayne Paubel9 dagar sedan
  • If I recall correctly Hallie has some food intolerances? Just a thought to share. Sometimes food intolerances and absorption issues go hand in hand. Certain nutritional deficiencies can result in depersonalization and depression such as magnesium. I will pray for your young lady and hope she feels a bit more herself soon.

    Heather HeggenHeather Heggen9 dagar sedan
  • Let me first say, you all are amazing parents and have such an amazing family. You spread joy to everyone even in your hard times. I am praying for you all. God Bless each and every one of you.

    Natalie E.Natalie E.9 dagar sedan
  • Oh gosh, I cried so much during this video.

    Jana xyJana xy9 dagar sedan
  • How are you guys been. How Haile doing. It’s Paul Shehorn.

    Paul ShehornPaul Shehorn9 dagar sedan
  • I hope she get back with happy and healthy heart soooooon

    Salma ZSalma Z9 dagar sedan
  • Hope you are ok Halie.. we love and appreciate you so much..❤ I suffer from depression myself..

    LuckyLuxzLuckyLuxz9 dagar sedan
  • I am so grateful you all are sharing this! I’m actually just getting home from in patient care and have been there for two weeks after trying to take my life. Financially I was worried about going abs getting the extra help and unfortunately it happened that I went there due to what I did to myself. Thanks Hallie SO much for sharing this and allowing it because most people do not speak on it or is scared to. I thought everyone would think of me as a psychopath since that’s what I grew up hearing but it’s not okay. Love you Crazy Pieces! Much Love Hallie take care of yourself!

    Kash UltimatezKash Ultimatez9 dagar sedan
  • I love y’all prayers fore all of you and halie is getting the help she needs and she Probably missing yall

    Sunshine RainbowSunshine Rainbow9 dagar sedan
  • Hallie is their biological related child right?

    Peachy-PatchesPeachy-Patches9 dagar sedan
  • well hallie is lucky to have parents like you guys. i told my mom i feel depressed and dead . & she didn’t seem to understand so a few days later i told her straight up , i wanna kill myself . n she said it’s just a phase .. 😭 & jve been like this for almost 4 years and i’m trying not to hurt myself but it hurts

    Aleigha ArnoldAleigha Arnold9 dagar sedan
  • I'm so sorry for what u and ur family has to go through hoping and praying for all u guys💙💙

    Miranda ZinkeMiranda Zinke9 dagar sedan
  • i'm keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers

    Steven Tarr IISteven Tarr II9 dagar sedan
  • I lost 2 friends last time year due mental health illness and its scary really really is I battle mental health illness non stop its q thing people would never figure out until they witness it to there selves or battle it there selves im glad 7r daughter speaked up instead doing something tragedy that will be permanent allot of people don't ask for help they just end it and its sad I be praying for u guys and her daily

    Noah NaylorNoah Naylor9 dagar sedan
  • Praying for your family. I deal with this everyday. But it is hard to get the health when you don’t have money for it. When your insurance Doesn’t pay for it!!

    Sueanna CosseySueanna Cossey9 dagar sedan
  • I'm "FINE means I'm not fine I hope halie gets better soon I have depsion and a arm full of scars and cuts will you tell Haily I'm Fighting to

    Mia wagnerMia wagner9 dagar sedan
  • I’m so proud of Hallie and she is so brave she is an inspiration

    K_24xxK_24xx9 dagar sedan
  • You all are great Halie will get though this because she is so strong n she had the love n seaport of all of her family u guys got this were r all here for you guys

    Breezy MusserBreezy Musser9 dagar sedan
  • You guys me made cry, Love you guys.

    Alexis's Reborn nurseryAlexis's Reborn nursery9 dagar sedan