Installing TWO EPIC Modifications on my 650WHP SLEEPER!

19 feb 2021
78 501 visningar

Today we install two of the coolest & craziest mods on the 650whp Volvo Sleeper! The first is an electric exhaust cutout which allows us to control the volume of the exhaust. One minute its quiet, the next its a turbo LS6! The other mod is a One Gauge digital dash. A super awesome digital dash that plugs right into the Holley Terminator ECU!
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  • Gingium are you related to Rick astley?

    Rojay SamuelsRojay Samuels3 dagar sedan
  • Here because of Taylor 💪🏽💪🏽 glad I found this

    mike martinezmike martinez4 dagar sedan
  • I remember my moped that lost it's exhaust once... It was an awesome sound... for a minute or two :-) And keeping with the Swedish ancestry of the Volvo, we also lost (just after the downpipe) the exhaust of an SAAB 900 (4 cyl 2 liter NA) and that was also an awesome sound for a minute or two.

    Alexander WingeskogAlexander Wingeskog5 dagar sedan
  • melted boot in 10 9 8 ...

    LinearScar76LinearScar765 dagar sedan
  • Came from Taylor’s channel 🙌🙌🙌 whip looks doooooope AF 🔥💯🙌

    Saint SundaySaint Sunday5 dagar sedan
  • Here from Taylor's ray! This is what I wanted to do with a 240! So sick!

    dontmatteranyway28dontmatteranyway285 dagar sedan
  • Love the Channel, learning lots. Love the old Volvo 240s. Keep up the good work

    M WM W5 dagar sedan
  • If you are down to Florida you should totally collab with Cleetus McFarland.

    Andreas HämäläinenAndreas Hämäläinen6 dagar sedan
  • Is the gauge cluster having issues with glare? It looked really bad in the video during the day.

    Garrett MiddletonGarrett Middleton6 dagar sedan
  • i need help with something i wanna buy miata when im 18 still some time :) but in my Country its like 2.400€ its like 2.900$ is the price good or nah?

    BXmoiBXmoi6 dagar sedan
  • Florida isn’t that far from Georgia, it would be cool to see that thing rip at the freedom factory, just saying Gingium

    Manisandjr8Manisandjr86 dagar sedan
  • 💥

    Colby RengerColby Renger7 dagar sedan
  • Wanna drag race a twin-turbo 5.3 Volvo 244? ;)

    Braden CarlsonBraden Carlson7 dagar sedan
  • beautiful

    504 Owner official504 Owner official7 dagar sedan
  • might be a good idea to add a small pipestub to the other end of the cutout valve , not only to get the hot exaust from melting the bellow for the steering but allso to protect the "trottleblade" of the cutout from being hit by sumting when opened

    watahyahknowwatahyahknow8 dagar sedan
  • What kind of drill do you use or recommend.

    Prodigy InkProdigy Ink8 dagar sedan
  • U won’t beat anything with those tires lol

    jesus saves cars sjesus saves cars s8 dagar sedan
  • When is the road trip video coming out on youtube. And your Volvo sound so good I love you videos.

    Leonardo CarilloLeonardo Carillo8 dagar sedan
  • Yo if In the next video you have a mic on a fan or something big ima die 😂🤣

    zhark baitzhark bait8 dagar sedan
  • @gingium where in Florida?? I’d love to come by and say hi. Your vids are always 🔥

    Anthony DejesusAnthony Dejesus8 dagar sedan
  • Dang!! She sounds like a warthog

    Welcome 2 My World 1.oWelcome 2 My World 1.o8 dagar sedan
  • That's dash is so dope. It looks like a digital dash should for that car. This channel fits my auto style to a T. Don't change a thing and keep it coming my friend.

    Ghost TokerGhost Toker8 dagar sedan
  • You should consider putting on top of the cluster the plastic cover so you dont have all the clips and the inner parts that arent supposed to be visible when the cluster is in covered

    Santiago RochaSantiago Rocha8 dagar sedan
  • No one: ... Gingium: watch me make my loud "sleeper" louder

    Foxtrot Mike LimaFoxtrot Mike Lima9 dagar sedan
  • Dash looks good but looks like it’s little slow to respond

    Boosted_347Boosted_3479 dagar sedan
  • Cool project😁👍

    Burger BirgerBurger Birger9 dagar sedan
  • FL collab??!!? BoostedBoiz? Cleeter Mcskeeter?

    Daniel TerleckiDaniel Terlecki9 dagar sedan
  • I really really hope you meet up with Taylor Ray while youre down in Florida man. that would be some absolute KILLER content.

    SgtChiefBeefSgtChiefBeef9 dagar sedan
  • For a sec I thought I was watching grind hard plumbing with that music

    Fondest Atom3Fondest Atom39 dagar sedan
  • put ocean mk18 wheels on it

    Steffen ElvebakkSteffen Elvebakk9 dagar sedan
    • or ocean super dtm

      Steffen ElvebakkSteffen Elvebakk9 dagar sedan
  • That Volvo sounds angry with the valve open I love it

    Marky PearceMarky Pearce9 dagar sedan
  • does the camera effect the way it looks?

    Reiley MaiersReiley Maiers9 dagar sedan
    • like refresh rate

      Reiley MaiersReiley Maiers9 dagar sedan
  • So when that cut out fails, get a QTP. Been down this road with my V70R.

    KorruptionenKorruptionen9 dagar sedan
  • Such a great build man.

    dave haledave hale9 dagar sedan
  • @9:59 that giggle was funny and evil at the same time !!!

    1620 Garage1620 Garage9 dagar sedan
  • Very cool setup... I may need to add it to my 240 boosted project !!!!!

    1620 Garage1620 Garage9 dagar sedan
  • The nicest “oem” turbo brick to hit the market. 😂 Fucking, every turbo brick should come with an LS.😆

    CleanMotorSport RacingAssociationCleanMotorSport RacingAssociation10 dagar sedan
  • This Volvo, is retrofitted as fuck. From the drivetrain, to the fucking gauge cluster. 😂 Still, looks like a turbo brick should though. 😂

    CleanMotorSport RacingAssociationCleanMotorSport RacingAssociation10 dagar sedan
  • This build is so sick!! I love this.

    Samuel PerssonSamuel Persson10 dagar sedan
  • how do people just get to know everything, this guy once knew nothing about cars

    LayMyEggLayMyEgg10 dagar sedan
  • Are you planing to repair the rust in the back?

    Vojtěch Jan JurečkaVojtěch Jan Jurečka10 dagar sedan
  • Love the old Volvo sleeper 80's style with modern tech & go 10/10

    giles hamiltongiles hamilton10 dagar sedan
  • Race the stock marauder ASAP @cleetus

    GregtheAwesomeNinjaGregtheAwesomeNinja10 dagar sedan
  • When it’s off or even in that retro look it just looks like a fancy OEM option.

    CarlCarl10 dagar sedan
  • I really hope you’re able to fix the rusty bits. So it going to look like a well kept original that’s on its way with the son of the original owner.

    touraneindanketouraneindanke10 dagar sedan
  • He took his car at car meet smoked all type of shi. Shits tuff

    Euro KidEuro Kid10 dagar sedan
  • Valve close- lil sus Valve open- BIG sus

    Eli DozierEli Dozier10 dagar sedan
  • As someone who has a cut out and lives in Illinois you should rap the electric motor of the cut out in tape or something to make it waterproof. I burn a electric motor already.

    Nico uribeNico uribe10 dagar sedan
  • you should colab with Mr. Mattman!!!

    Mr MattmanMr Mattman10 dagar sedan
  • You watch too much gear and gasoline

    David RambharoseDavid Rambharose10 dagar sedan
  • That dash had the Star Wars X-Wing targeting display!! Hell YES! 9:21

    Jacob VincentJacob Vincent10 dagar sedan
  • The valve open sounds so good

    Ku klux klanKu klux klan10 dagar sedan
  • That's an awfully small section of gasket, i wonder how long until it starts leaking past the 3 slots...

    asertaaserta10 dagar sedan
  • Great job on the build dude! Stay safe with the weather currently, it's not a drift build.

    ImScrapsImScraps10 dagar sedan
  • You are crazy running stock swaybars, upgrade to IPD sways man, there is good aftermarket support for these cars if you know where to look

    NoahNoah10 dagar sedan
  • You need to get rid of the rust to make it look better on the rear behind the bumper and restore the paint and do rust removal

    Scott CheggScott Chegg10 dagar sedan
  • When you're cutting stainless, DO NOT stop. This might not matter as much for thin stainless, but thicker stainless, you're not gonna wanna stop. The heat will will harden the stainless making it even harder to cut through.

    Calvin NguyenCalvin Nguyen10 dagar sedan
  • You say Florida, I think Cleetus and the Freedom Factory!

    Jonah CilleyJonah Cilley10 dagar sedan
  • Been following you since your forza gameplays, so yeah in your early days;) its so nice and crazy to see how your channel has evolved within the years, definitely in my favorites youtube channel. Awesome content man keep up your awesome work!

    David CloutierDavid Cloutier10 dagar sedan
  • installing that new cluster was SO EASY. lol. Florida or bust!!!!

    Jorge RiveraJorge Rivera10 dagar sedan
  • Wait down to florida.. colab with Taylor Ray?

    Built StuffBuilt Stuff10 dagar sedan
  • You gotta do a burnout in it

    AK MTBAK MTB10 dagar sedan
  • I can’t believe you are already at 500k subs bro

    Nesim AsmarNesim Asmar10 dagar sedan
  • You gonna collab with LZ while your down in Florida?

    Pavel DzhurylyukPavel Dzhurylyuk10 dagar sedan
  • Road trip in the Volvo 245 will be awesome to follow!

    Tony MattissonTony Mattisson10 dagar sedan
  • If you coming down to Florida bring your summer clothes! I'm still waiting for winter down here.

    Joe King RacingJoe King Racing10 dagar sedan
  • 1820 wallace ave. st charles, IL Unit 110

    ThiccThicc10 dagar sedan
  • Put the cutting lube in a old squeeze bottle it'll make your life so much easier

    clifford_utes_kgclifford_utes_kg10 dagar sedan
  • Stop by My Favorite Automotive in Atlanta, GA while you're down here if you need anything. We'd like to meet you and talk cars and projects.

    Nick RhodesNick Rhodes10 dagar sedan
  • I personally would have put that behind the front tires to do a discrete side exit

    Jason HooverJason Hoover10 dagar sedan
  • A volvo wagon on cleetus’s channel 😱

    Patrick MaddenPatrick Madden10 dagar sedan
  • colab with ricer miata love your channel been here since nfs 2015.

    Jack FranceschiJack Franceschi10 dagar sedan
  • That cutout is probably gonna melt the bellows on the steering rack. 😰

    J MJ M10 dagar sedan
  • Hope you film with David while down here!

    Tyler CardenTyler Carden10 dagar sedan
  • It's so damn ugly....Why?

    Scott MasonScott Mason10 dagar sedan
  • Add some tint to it

    Jonathan PuntosJonathan Puntos10 dagar sedan
  • Stay positive on your trip. 🤙

    PTSD and CMBPTSD and CMB10 dagar sedan
  • Please go to ipd and get some thicker away bars

    RealisticDylanRealisticDylan10 dagar sedan
  • You have a great career ahead of you

    Bill WilliamsBill Williams10 dagar sedan
  • The holey doesn't see the vehicle speed? Maybe issued with future lauch control

    Mihail PetroviciMihail Petrovici10 dagar sedan
  • Literally living the forza engine swap life

    AyedukeyAyedukey10 dagar sedan
  • After 3000 miles that cutout won't be working anymore.........for shure.....

    Jimmy LarsenJimmy Larsen11 dagar sedan
  • People rarely *actually* pull off the sleeper look. It always ends up with sporty rims, seats and other stuff like that. This car genuinely looks stealth.

    John ‘Juice’ ShipperJohn ‘Juice’ Shipper11 dagar sedan
  • Now you only need a track car

    kokosik2012kokosik201211 dagar sedan
  • That dash is a design from a old corvette

    the definition of gamerthe definition of gamer11 dagar sedan
  • Are you going to tell some stories on VinWiki?

    Cosmin1213Cosmin121311 dagar sedan
  • Wrong place..... The heat will burn some thing

    Ali HusseinAli Hussein11 dagar sedan
  • I thought you gonna retrim the interior to all black that's more awesome,the dashboard really need refreshing the plastic etc

    Nelson KoentadiNelson Koentadi11 dagar sedan
  • Great build. My buddy in college had a 12 second volvo back in 2001. 12 sec was a big deal 20 years ago...

    Krums KornerKrums Korner11 dagar sedan
  • U neeeeeed to go to cleetus and cars with this thing would love to see you and ol cleeter collab or even be on Wheelman

    DeathlypuncakeDeathlypuncake11 dagar sedan
  • love that dash! so cool!

    sparky4845sparky484511 dagar sedan
  • It looks like the bracketed pinion steering is leaking underneath

    Toby HarkinsToby Harkins11 dagar sedan
  • Always good to go in slow and lubed up

    SfisoSGSfisoSG11 dagar sedan
  • Hey Gingium, there are very wide lenses with no distortion, but most are manual focus. I think you‘d be better off with a „normal“ wide angle autofocus lens. Wide angle lenses don‘t really need to be focused that much, but ai think you‘d save yourself some out of focus shots with an auto lens. :)

    \[#_#]/\[#_#]/11 dagar sedan
  • caleb your welding has progressed so much bro. i remember when u first started with the eastwood welder and now those beads are looking so nice. hell yeah man 💯💯💯

    TheBoyWhoLeansTheBoyWhoLeans11 dagar sedan
  • Clean

    Gutta Som viserGutta Som viser11 dagar sedan
  • Five words: Cutting oil in mustard bottle

    Morgan45 !Morgan45 !11 dagar sedan
  • lets get this man to 1m subs come on !!

    VW performanceVW performance11 dagar sedan
  • Gingium you should do some acoustic insulation in the hood to keep it even more sleeper.

    lagulagunationlagulagunation11 dagar sedan
  • For stainless, straight plain water is really good for the slow speed

    theoriginalvalentheoriginalvalen11 dagar sedan