Minecraft Hardcore - S4E75 - "INSANE LUCK" • Highlights

9 jan 2021
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Edited by me :)
Resource Pack: My own Textures + DokuCraft sky cloud.philza.live/downloads/Philza-pack.zip (read instructions below)
Make sure to have Optifine installed or the sky won't work. Download a DokuCraft pack from their official website dokucraft.co.uk/
Open the zip folder and delete everything except the "sky" folder inside of the "optifine" folder
Outro Music - "We are wired" by Kubbi from his album "Circuithead" - Check his stuff out here!
Intro Music - "Quasi Motion" by Kevin MacLeod
Profile Pic was drawn by Glamist!

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  • Hey Phil I’ve been playing this hardcore world on my phone I recently got in trouble and now I’m getting my phone sold and I’m going to have to use my old phone and i don’t know what to do

    Adrian IbarraAdrian Ibarra2 timmar sedan
  • there is a better strat to find treasure chests... they always spawn at the 9 9 block of the chunk

    Hadar ZivHadar Ziv4 timmar sedan
  • #10:36 Big lolipop

    JonteJonte5 timmar sedan
  • i knew the chances of getting the god apples were low, so when you got 2 in 1 temple i had to calculate the chances it is a 0.0676% chance you are very lucky phil holy shit a third one? 3 in 1 stream: 0.0017576%

    letsb3namelessletsb3nameless7 timmar sedan
  • 10:59 "Shroom"

    Donnie The CouchDonnie The Couch12 timmar sedan

    ShadyOddShadyOdd16 timmar sedan
  • Soo... Apples, am I right chat? Oh, wait, wrong video...

    Dark Ninja OfficialDark Ninja Official16 timmar sedan
  • Lmao I just realized, I played Minecraft after like 4-5 years and i spawned in a badlands biome the first time- i didnt know it was rare so i just left- I look back on that and call myself an idiot-

    fi-nessefi-nesseDag sedan
  • .......

    k_r_i_s_o_ ps4k_r_i_s_o_ ps4Dag sedan
  • Everyone on chat: KILL THE FOX But if it was technoblade: BLOOD FOR THE GODS

    IllusionIllusionDag sedan
  • 20:00

    Sirajul IslamSirajul IslamDag sedan
  • 19:56 THAT TIMING THO...

    DinoPlayzDinoPlayzDag sedan
  • I spawned in a badland lol TWICE...

    DinoPlayzDinoPlayzDag sedan
  • hey phil if ur reading this, u should make a philza vs dantdm hardcore survival challenge

    im a normal personim a normal personDag sedan
  • I have a 2 year old hardcore world and yet I still haven’t killed the ended dragon lol

    Kieran RoundKieran RoundDag sedan
  • My heart just stopped when he pointed the bow to the baby fox-

    roxannemae geonzonroxannemae geonzonDag sedan
  • Wait didn’t he die?

    TooToxicTooToxicDag sedan
    • @TooToxic he died in his 5 year world to a baby zombie and his 1-month world to a glitch. this is his 1.5 year world that is ongoing. so far he has built endlantis and the nethervoid in this world.

      PetnpatPetnpat16 timmar sedan
    • Or did he make a new one and build another endlantis

      TooToxicTooToxicDag sedan
  • 19:35 missed the ruined portal

    TwisterTwisterDag sedan
  • Fundy

    Coley0120Coley0120Dag sedan
  • I thought about disliking to be the 420th dislike but I cant do that to phil. So I liked :)

    SkittleslicerSkittleslicerDag sedan
  • Oh ice spiked biomes are Rare? I had no idea you gotta play bedrock edition bro

    Solar11Solar11Dag sedan
  • I found a gravily mountain bedrock edition has the weirdest seefs

    Solar11Solar11Dag sedan
  • how do you have this blue in netherite things ???

    Simão BorgesSimão BorgesDag sedan
    • he made a texture pack. link is in description

      PetnpatPetnpatDag sedan
  • you know there is a guy in Bleach (manga book also anime tv show) who looks just like your minecraft character and youtube icon

    Claire GreenClaire GreenDag sedan

    Ayaan VaswaniAyaan VaswaniDag sedan
  • Finally! Finally caught up, thank god! See you in stream, dad

    Helina HansenHelina HansenDag sedan
  • tell mojang that ps4 needs hardcore

    james hoferjames hoferDag sedan
  • Phil you are generally one of the nicest youtubes i have ever watched.

    Joel HowellJoel Howell2 dagar sedan
  • Dream is luckier

    SherwoodenSherwooden2 dagar sedan
    • Does he even have a survival series

      James gamingJames gaming2 dagar sedan
  • The mushroom biome looked like a anchor lol

    Lazer MotionLazer Motion2 dagar sedan
  • POG!!!😲

    Felix MarschallFelix Marschall2 dagar sedan

    AlexH CubingAlexH Cubing2 dagar sedan
    • Almost there

      James gamingJames gaming2 dagar sedan
  • I was there

    HushpuppyTwixHushpuppyTwix2 dagar sedan
  • The game just said : fuck it *mushroom*

    Bo-eagle Van BelleBo-eagle Van Belle2 dagar sedan
  • I like how he starts censoring his cursewords but then just says fack it,... literaly!

    Bo-eagle Van BelleBo-eagle Van Belle2 dagar sedan
  • We love you philza

    DREAM IN MOBILE GepanagaDREAM IN MOBILE Gepanaga2 dagar sedan
  • Can someone pls tell me how to make netherite armor with diamond like philza🙏

    shadow 1shadow 12 dagar sedan
    • Watch youtuber tutorial

      James gamingJames gaming2 dagar sedan
  • How does he has netherite armor with diamond dots 😱

    shadow 1shadow 12 dagar sedan
    • he made a texture pack. link is in description

      PetnpatPetnpat2 dagar sedan
  • 6:47 what are the chances? Phil's luck is insane

    rhinoman 52rhinoman 522 dagar sedan
  • I swear I’ve found like 10 notch apples before. Never knew they were that rare

    Tristan RayTristan Ray2 dagar sedan
    • Damn you lucky

      James gamingJames gaming2 dagar sedan
  • I’ve never watched your hardcore series before, so when you came through the end portal and I saw the place on the other side, my mouth legit dropped open :0

    flappyflappy2 dagar sedan
    • Better get binging lmao

      James gamingJames gaming2 dagar sedan
  • Big Pog for this luck 🖤🖤

    HumbleFireworkHumbleFirework2 dagar sedan
  • is it rare that i spawned next to badlands

    James CallananJames Callanan2 dagar sedan
  • I just finished catching up on all the anime and I'm sad it's so behind I need more

    Hunter BrownHunter Brown2 dagar sedan
  • I started dying when he got so focused on the S H R O O M

    HH26-008 8HH26-008 83 dagar sedan
  • Can we get a portable juke box so we can listen to the music mid movement

    GuyopediaGuyopedia3 dagar sedan
  • I would rob this guy for his screenshots :)

    AlexAkaPopyAlexAkaPopy3 dagar sedan
  • phil founds a cute baby fox that one guy on stream chat murder it

    jose bien karlo velez :Djose bien karlo velez :D3 dagar sedan
  • I can't wait for the next baby zombie to come, a creeper, a spider, and a skeleton in a cave.

    johnnyjohnny3 dagar sedan
    • me too

      jose bien karlo velez :Djose bien karlo velez :D3 dagar sedan
  • so um, im not super duper knowledgeable about minecraft but why does he need badlands biome ?

    BigaxeBigaxe3 dagar sedan
    • he needs red sand for something

      PetnpatPetnpat2 dagar sedan
    • its good for sand for glass terracotta everywhere exposed mineshafts

      jose bien karlo velez :Djose bien karlo velez :D3 dagar sedan
  • *Badlands -* Philza - looks for one 5-6 hours Me - spawns next to one

    Unicørngirl :3Unicørngirl :33 dagar sedan
  • Gimme badlands Me: *spawns in badland that is so big* I hate this

    Ethan Gabriel CaridadEthan Gabriel Caridad3 dagar sedan
  • is this the world that you've spent 5 years??

    Kevin mikhail GabanitKevin mikhail Gabanit3 dagar sedan
    • no, he died to a baby zombie in that world. this is his newer world that is 1.5 years old

      PetnpatPetnpat2 dagar sedan
  • 11:08 my brother, philza has bestowed immense fame upon thee. may you find happiness forever.

    OfficialBubbleTanksOfficialBubbleTanks3 dagar sedan
  • Phil has made me so Into Hardcore, When I Play Survival I Just dont want to Die XD

    ShadowNinja616ShadowNinja6163 dagar sedan
  • oh hecc im caught up already

    jak ripperjak ripper3 dagar sedan
  • hi Phi1LzA love your vids 2060821599 this seed has 2 ocean monuments off spawn a zombie spaner at spawn/at the surfice

    Ruby Draper 07 WickersleyRuby Draper 07 Wickersley3 dagar sedan
  • Philza: ice spikes biome is rare Me: *spawns in ice spikes biome 2x in a row

    freezing cold JZ Zhangfreezing cold JZ Zhang3 dagar sedan
  • I died on my hardcore world to the ended dragon throwing me out of the world

    Hydra VerseHydra Verse3 dagar sedan
  • finally caught up with season 4 :0

    Kim van NijenKim van Nijen3 dagar sedan
  • 11:00 shroom

    neca XDneca XD3 dagar sedan
  • Whenever Phil flies under the end, he should flick his mouse up for a moment to give his chat a huge heart attack, because that would be funny af!

    StugeFinStugeFin3 dagar sedan
    • Oh that’s evil.

      Acadia_ 22Acadia_ 2222 timmar sedan
  • 29:36 *hits it and loses the world* Also at 32:27 I thought he was still in the end and almost shit my pants.

    Coffee Chewing GumCoffee Chewing Gum3 dagar sedan
  • I feel like I need to slap myself for not watching Philza in a while. God what a champ you are

    Elliot PsElliot Ps4 dagar sedan
  • 19:56 is for me

    WeebFujoStoopidHooman _2908WeebFujoStoopidHooman _29084 dagar sedan
  • respects to those people who spammed "I WAS HERE" 😌👌✨

    A Shit PersonA Shit Person4 dagar sedan
  • Binge watched the entire S4 series. What a ride, so sad that I don't have any more episodes :( How far behind is this?

    PrehistoricBiiirds?PrehistoricBiiirds?4 dagar sedan
    • @Petnpat Oh you're right. It's always on when I work so I didn't really look. Damn, like 4 months :/ I guess he really blows up in popularity through Dream SMP then

      PrehistoricBiiirds?PrehistoricBiiirds?3 dagar sedan
    • you can see the date streamed in the intro

      PetnpatPetnpat4 dagar sedan
  • seeing the pog champ emote is making me sob on the inside but other than that this was amazing like holy- how... how

    Night_AceNight_Ace4 dagar sedan
  • 4:00 phil founds fundy's family

    Kitsune BloodKitsune Blood4 dagar sedan
  • To the people in the stream saying hi youtube, Hi

    Classic DannyboyClassic Dannyboy4 dagar sedan

    Master ReubenMaster Reuben4 dagar sedan
  • How did he make his sky look like that?

    MuffincavemenMuffincavemen4 dagar sedan
    • @Petnpat thx

      MuffincavemenMuffincavemen2 dagar sedan
    • optifine and the sky texture from the dokucraft texturepack

      PetnpatPetnpat4 dagar sedan
  • 19:35 smiley face nether portal thing:)

    Ben GBen G4 dagar sedan

    Juul CatJuul Cat4 dagar sedan
  • is it good that i spawned in a badlands biome and its huge

    dollarFNdollarFN4 dagar sedan
  • Right now you have a “stack” of likes lol

    Bones #27 BBones #27 B4 dagar sedan
  • (25:47) insert kalvin cline “another one” audio

    Bones #27 BBones #27 B4 dagar sedan
  • wait im so confused...? what's special about a mesa biome?

    ToxicGhostToxicGhost4 dagar sedan
    • he needs red sand

      PetnpatPetnpat4 dagar sedan
  • Hey did you knop that There is a streamer that servided 3000 days in minecraft rardcore and he begin doing It bic of you? His yt name is loony

    Joey meysJoey meys4 dagar sedan
  • The last 2 seconds to 35 minutes triggers me to a personal level

    CoolbrobrayCoolbrobray4 dagar sedan
  • It's so cute whenever chat says hi youtube

    Ayako HanaAyako Hana4 dagar sedan
  • (stream when he sees the fox) FUNDY (the other people) KILL. (me) it’s dedy! death/fundy lol

    uNkNoWn HUmAnuNkNoWn HUmAn4 dagar sedan
  • Why does his netherite look so pretty with the diamond details?

    Gustavo OsunaGustavo Osuna4 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    Try Fix Your gamezTry Fix Your gamez4 dagar sedan
  • POG

    xorlox 8080xorlox 80805 dagar sedan
  • how is ur end underwate

    Joe OVENSJoe OVENS5 dagar sedan
    • because he built it

      PetnpatPetnpat4 dagar sedan
  • 1,000,000 view pog

    Jopes _Jopes _5 dagar sedan
  • Please play csgo sometime if u have time ;), the good ol' game

    Renu RawatRenu Rawat5 dagar sedan
  • PhIlZa MiNeCrAfT

    BekiboyBekiboy5 dagar sedan
  • Phil gonna die in real life before he dies in hardcore (more like 40-50 years)

    Horse's SwordHorse's Sword5 dagar sedan
    • .....

      Chile-Chile-4 dagar sedan
  • That’s what Donny Van de Bek doing, when he not playing on the field.

    НахШвайцНахШвайц5 dagar sedan
  • *Grandpa Ph1LzA just remember* *_look out for baby zombies._*

    ThUnDeR 2ndThUnDeR 2nd5 dagar sedan
  • its been 5 years your still going keep going !

    _KING_ Manis_KING_ Manis5 dagar sedan
    • @_KING_ Manis :)

      PetnpatPetnpat4 dagar sedan
    • @Petnpat i am apologising too for to the insult i thought you didnt even understand properly

      _KING_ Manis_KING_ Manis4 dagar sedan
    • @_KING_ Manis I apologise that i didn't quite understand what you meant, you don't have to insult me dude.

      PetnpatPetnpat4 dagar sedan
    • i know he never give up in hardcore if hi dies he create another one is your iq low or something

      _KING_ Manis_KING_ Manis4 dagar sedan
    • this world is only a year and a half old if that is what you are talking about

      PetnpatPetnpat4 dagar sedan
  • Rev0luT1oN

    SansSans5 dagar sedan
  • POG!!!!!!!!!!!!

    xFireblazeX123xFireblazeX1235 dagar sedan
  • hi

    yes noyes no5 dagar sedan
  • When you realize philza avatar is from urahara BLEACH

    Ign JasuIgn Jasu5 dagar sedan
  • 11:36 bro that was hero brine u better get out of there

    Edward EllsEdward Ells5 dagar sedan
  • Hey Philza U look like Fred Weasley from Harry Potter

    DittifiedDittified5 dagar sedan
    • he aint even ginger

      PetnpatPetnpat5 dagar sedan
  • Phil do you have cookies

    pogifypogify5 dagar sedan