Newcastle 0-2 Arsenal | Fans Have Had Enough Of Terrible Owners! (DT)

2 maj 2021
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Newcastle 0-2 Arsenal | Fans Have Had Enough Of Terrible Owners! (DT)
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  • Just think the protesters are hard wired to be there. The super league was a stupid idea.

    Makka PakkaMakka Pakka5 dagar sedan
  • Villa real tis last drawing board MA to remain gunner mgr

    Fathi OmarFathi Omar6 dagar sedan
  • Well said DT! from a United fan

    Christopher ParkerChristopher Parker6 dagar sedan
  • 2MORO COYG!!!!!!!!!

    Sean FrancisSean Francis6 dagar sedan
  • Saka LB, Martinelli LW, Xhaka LCM to cover Saka when he flies

    JyNx MotleyJyNx Motley6 dagar sedan
  • I totally agree with DT...Arsenal fans have to force the owners to sell the Club..if they're are not ready to invest in Club...

    Mendy SangMendy Sang7 dagar sedan
  • Well said DT from a Newcastle fan, doesnt forget about our situation respect that

    Jonathon AldenJonathon Alden7 dagar sedan
  • Why the merch, Robbie?

    Nebojsa DurmanovicNebojsa Durmanovic7 dagar sedan
  • Why no shoutout for Ryan 😭

    Corro369Corro3697 dagar sedan
  • now im worried if dan the man and legends takeover from kroenke boys i felt a tremor in the force x d t ge seaman back too

    Andrew PAndrew P7 dagar sedan
  • No Player RATINGS???

    Sean DollerySean Dollery7 dagar sedan
  • Willock? Please don't mention him . Let's forget about him. I'm so happy he's gone. Hope it's permanent 🙏

    StanStan8 dagar sedan
  • There will be fns moaning no matter what the line up is DT not just because of Arteta not pocking your predicted line up.

    anjou brownanjou brown8 dagar sedan
  • This team is poor, dont forget that we actually lost the game and that is no advantage even if emwe scored a goal. Our play is poor and Unai is no fool and knows this team and knows how to beat us plus he lnows how to win this competion.

    anjou brownanjou brown8 dagar sedan
  • Why did you do no player ratings? Slacking

    J PJ P8 dagar sedan
  • I think 8f arsenal finish the season strong that can get top 10 in the league.

    SG-LEGENDSG-LEGEND8 dagar sedan
  • spurs fans aren't protesting so they can get the we didn't protest trophy

    Ian IngramIan Ingram8 dagar sedan
  • Why no player ratings for this game Newcastle vs arsenal

    jackson monyonchojackson monyoncho8 dagar sedan
  • Where is player ratings

    Zero13 2Zero13 28 dagar sedan
  • Robbie I love you, but please update your WiFi 😂🤦‍♀️

    K DK D8 dagar sedan

    Bruno FernandesBruno Fernandes8 dagar sedan
  • He went to his left foot

    HaroonHaroon8 dagar sedan
  • It doesn't matter if you support united or dt fc we all belive we have the best fans in the world and love our club and fellow supporters

    Dewi DaviesDewi Davies8 dagar sedan
  • The owners off man u and arsenal will not sell the clubs no matter how much fans protest like my club

    Arthur EverettArthur Everett8 dagar sedan
  • I'm sorry to see David Luiz get injured. I love his "you're not getting past me attitude". We need more like him.

    Chris DaCostaChris DaCosta8 dagar sedan
  • That cheek looks swallon DT

    la chef Jayla chef Jay8 dagar sedan
  • Big up DT 🔥👍.

    Aniket mufcAniket mufc8 dagar sedan
  • I am starting to doubt the issue Arteta has with Goundouzi after seeing what happen with Martinelli.

    Ashenafi workuAshenafi worku8 dagar sedan
  • Martinelli with Saka behind him would be a great left side, love to see it, I cannot see Arteta doin it which is a shame, the ManC’s love a bit of BnE, good on em. US/Arab and Russian, Owners Out Fans In & a sweed in.

    Michael SMichael S8 dagar sedan
  • It would be a good move to ask David to stay on to coach Saliba,

    Michael SMichael S8 dagar sedan
  • Wellock needs to make his way back.

    keita kanekeita kane8 dagar sedan
  • Auba Martinelli ESR. Pepe Xhaka. Partey Saka Gabriel chambers. Cedric Leno

    Matthew KaromboMatthew Karombo8 dagar sedan
  • Leno Bellerin Chambers Gabriel Saka Partey Xhaka Smith-Rowe Pepe Auba Martinelii

  • Big shout to DT ✊🏽 (Coming from a Man Utd fan)

    John ArmitageJohn Armitage8 dagar sedan
  • the gates were opened for the fans so not broke in

    Messymouf EntertainmentMessymouf Entertainment8 dagar sedan
  • Looks like DT got it utterly wrong. I told ya Elneny > Xhaka. But as always the manager thinks like DT. Put Elneny against Villareal with Partey, Pepe, Martinelli and Odegaard plus Auba upfront and u have an Arsenal vs Man Utd Europa Cup final 2021.

    Az RaaiAz Raai8 dagar sedan
  • Arsenal > United

    The PlayerFromSlovakiaThe PlayerFromSlovakia8 dagar sedan
  • Ain't an Arsenal fan but glad Aubamayeng is better 🙌🏿 Respect to DT as well from a Man Utd fan 🙌🏿

    S AS A8 dagar sedan
  • Elneny is so underrated, we look a much better team with him.. Does the simple things and keeps it ticking

    simon butterworthsimon butterworth8 dagar sedan
  • Arsenal should just give up playing anything at all.... a team that supports genocide treated players badly... cant we see as fans what type of club we supporting ???

    usmaan Aliusmaan Ali8 dagar sedan
  • More BS from Robbie...NUFC are no world beaters so Arsenal should win endof...A good performance will put the team in a better frame of mind to beat Villa on Thursday endof...regards Tony

    Crap HeadCrap Head8 dagar sedan
  • Can’t lie fans don’t break into the Emirates I wanna see the outcome of the game👏🏽

    Mr F1Mr F18 dagar sedan
  • Utd fan's will get the owners out Arsenal fan's won't.

    SNK NEO-GEOSNK NEO-GEO8 dagar sedan
  • Imagine sticking up for vandalism 🤡 absolute joke

    Mike JamesMike James8 dagar sedan
  • One of the most Boring games I have ever watched, in fact the only thing Arteta's Arsenal are consistent at is boring me.

    declan burkedeclan burke8 dagar sedan
    • True. It’s too scripted and drilled tbh. Wenger encouraged players to expressed themselves and this made games more exciting and less predictable.

      Realist GoonerRealist Gooner8 dagar sedan
  • Us vs man u in final! 2 massive clubs in Europa final! Make it a MASSIVE PROTEST!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

    Darren LockDarren Lock8 dagar sedan
  • Saka and martinelli on the left is a big risk. Both great going forward. But leaves us open to their right winger!

    gary Hughesgary Hughes8 dagar sedan
  • Old Trafford should hire Matt Ryan for the security... 😉

    Jax 87Jax 878 dagar sedan
  • Martinelle and Tierney dont get on its come out wonder if that's why he doesn't play him as much

    Tony KinderTony Kinder8 dagar sedan
  • What's wrong with Robbie's wifi?

    Sam WalugembeSam Walugembe8 dagar sedan
  • Not all the Man.U fan's were genuine protesters, you had stupid fan's who wanted to have a go at the police, steal corner flags, climb on top of the goals and invade the pitch. Make your protest outside the ground not inside. Please Arsenal fan's do not do the same on Thursday this game is important to us.

    Signals927Signals9278 dagar sedan
  • Given Newcastles understanding of player value of say they should give us 100mil minimum, especially given that less then 10 games of Longstaff made him worth 50mil.

    Notorious MiGZNotorious MiGZ8 dagar sedan
  • Robbie can you tell me what do you there do at training session ....... We have not got enough strikers in our squard our backs against the wall we need to show our metal If i had my way get Guedoseiinthe team The transfer we need as follow New center half like Luiz New lelf back New right back Yves Boissouna William zaha Jess lingard. Another midfilder Another 2 strikers

    pat charlespat charles8 dagar sedan
  • The ups and downs are too much at arsenal. you never know what youĺl get..and this is in the hands of the manager. artete is o.k nothing more , but nothing less. he's not someone who you can start a war!!

    official Vanilla Muffins sugar oi! channelofficial Vanilla Muffins sugar oi! channel8 dagar sedan
  • Fair play to the Utd fans these owners are crippling some clubs Now let’s get this useless yank out of our club He doesn’t care about arsenal let’s make him aware of our feelings Kroenke get out of our club

    Woodsy 04Woodsy 048 dagar sedan
  • Blood 2nd on table and making trouble go figger

    Steve SalkasSteve Salkas8 dagar sedan
  • Be careful what you wish for AFTV.

    Dave GDave G8 dagar sedan
  • Please Robbie, does Leicester city have a better squad than Arsenal or its a coaching and Ownership issues? Cause I'm confused.....

    Martin ContehMartin Conteh8 dagar sedan
  • Elneny scoring the chance partey misses every game

    Chris TinkaChris Tinka8 dagar sedan
  • Aubameyang CF, Martinelli LM, Odegaard 10, Saka RM, Partey/Zhaka CM, Cedric LB, Gabriel/Pablo CB, Chambers RB, Leno

    vicoseavicosea8 dagar sedan
  • I don't care what DT has to say. He is delusional.

    abdi sirajabdi siraj8 dagar sedan
  • Hi bro....I am a die hard gunners from dream is to visit emirates stadium and watch arsenal match...I ma a Tibetan from Nepal...pls help me bro

    Random RamailoRandom Ramailo8 dagar sedan
  • Does Robbie know Ray parlour has made a apology

    Jamie Hill poetryJamie Hill poetry8 dagar sedan
  • Willock will play the role of ceballos .

    Unesh DahalUnesh Dahal8 dagar sedan
  • Kroenke out

    Degea10 UnitedfanDegea10 Unitedfan9 dagar sedan
  • All of people saying this is bad...but as a utd fan the only way we make our voices heard is by getting big games like this cancelled because those guys are in america and wont know about any small protest but protests like this will scare them but the voilent conduct was wrong

    Jereking VIDzJereking VIDz9 dagar sedan
  • Tash tastic

    Ty FormanTy Forman9 dagar sedan
  • Whoever our manager is next season, I hope he doesn't give Willock another chance. Still not good enough.

    PrinceLiedPrinceLied9 dagar sedan
  • I believe that all football fans who want their owners out, should Unite together, put rivalry aside for a time being and support each other's fan base. Protest together and put power in numbers.

  • Martinelli is better than Pepe. fact.

    chandra rajchandra raj9 dagar sedan
  • Do it on thursday, and get disqualified

    HANS HSNHANS HSN9 dagar sedan
  • The protestors broke the law. They trespassed, some were violent. Disgraceful we will get kicked out of Euro 21 if this continues.

    JustinJustin9 dagar sedan
  • Being an Arsenal fan in Essex, means most of my mates are West ham fans..... they love your channel by the way especially after defeats.... there is weight to Parlours suggestion, you can say hes a dinosaur but imo he's actually being real... no point in papering over the cracks you guys are comedy value for the non Arsenal fan.

    Warners MixesWarners Mixes9 dagar sedan
  • Rob your 1m net worth is like kroenke leaving a tip. Football is a bad business to invest in, players wages equates to 80 percent of the turnover,

    JustinJustin9 dagar sedan
  • The going rate is 10 mil

    HANS HSNHANS HSN9 dagar sedan
  • Well done Utd Fans, from an Arsenal fan. We will make sure we are heard this time, we hzvd been ignored for 'Far too long!!

    Ron CattonRon Catton9 dagar sedan
  • Needa protest as m. Utd's fan did.

    Adikari RodsonAdikari Rodson9 dagar sedan
  • DT posing sideways to show off his team's badge 🤣

    n gn g9 dagar sedan
  • Imagine going online or into a shop to buy a cap saying “behave” 😅

    FiFAKING3FiFAKING39 dagar sedan
  • Not Robbie or Dts fault but that sound quality is awful

    xxx9518xxx95189 dagar sedan
  • fair play to Man Utd fans for trespassing? for damaging camera equipment? for damaging various other things around the ground? for making a game unplayable? if the protest was outside the ground then fine, I'm all behind it, but I bet at least a third of those inside the ground have never even been to a game, it was all age range of 12 to 30, stupid mindless idiots. DITTY you say lets not break any laws but you condone what they did? you hypocrite, what planet do you live on? I would deduct 20 points from Man Utd for next season, I know it hurts the team but it was their fans, it was their lack of security that made it easy for them to get into the ground, so punish them. Also Police should dtudy thse shots of the so called fans and fine the arseholes, Cos no doubt most will have a criminal record.

    Yuri NameemYuri Nameem9 dagar sedan
  • Robbie, Arteta shd play Saka on the right, Pepe on the right and play Cedric in the position of Tieney if he's not available. Arsenal 3; Villarreal 1.

    Ademola AkanniAdemola Akanni9 dagar sedan
  • Well said DT...... Your comments on FAN POWER 💯 from a MAN UTD FAN 👍🏾

    PatrickPatrick9 dagar sedan
  • Pepe has been superb??? Wtf. Pepe looks good vs average team. He is mediocre against strong team. Ship him out!

    Partogi SimbolonPartogi Simbolon9 dagar sedan
  • Without Luis no Arsenal defender can send a long ball ! Why ? See the ball Luis sent to Bellerin leading to the first goal. Plays Bellerin on Thursday he’s very good today and in attacking he’s much better than Chamber.

    Vu Thanh TruongVu Thanh Truong9 dagar sedan
  • Whatever don’t sale Willock,can loan him haft a season he can be very good player,physically he better already and mentality he is stronger.

    Vu Thanh TruongVu Thanh Truong9 dagar sedan
  • Elneny should take Partey on some outside the box shot training

    Ronny BjørnerudRonny Bjørnerud9 dagar sedan
  • I want saka martinelli Pepe auba all together on Thursday my lineup Auba Martinelli Odergard Pepe Xhaka partey Saka Gabriel Mari Cedric Don’t care there’s 2 left footers and saka is not a natural lb Im picking the best lineup we can put out

    Christian MenesesChristian Meneses9 dagar sedan
  • Send one of those jackets dt ,I like it

    RokRok9 dagar sedan
  • Saka left back?? Come on son he’s proved himself, that RW spot is his

    Wayne MarshallWayne Marshall9 dagar sedan
  • I'm very happy if I slap the bloody idiot DT on his face

    Ahmad TarmiziAhmad Tarmizi9 dagar sedan
  • We live in a free market capitalist world...if you vote for a party that advocates for this you have no business complaining when capitalists do what you vote for.

    Slavog HedgesSlavog Hedges9 dagar sedan
  • Class from dt on united issue agree totally

    Patrick DempseyPatrick Dempsey9 dagar sedan
  • DT moving like a sick manager with that coat and angle showing the DT fc crest lol 😂

    Ari GoldAri Gold9 dagar sedan
  • Hope you guys read this Auba Martinelli. Pepe Smith-Rowe Xhaka Partey SAKA Gabi holding Cedric Ryan

    Andrew OhreeAndrew Ohree9 dagar sedan
    • nope never play holding again i'd put chambers at rcb... and to be totally fair, if this bellerin starts against villareal i'd choose him over cedric

      Yeetus FeetusYeetus Feetus7 dagar sedan
  • Very dangerous.....?

    carlingstellacarlingstella9 dagar sedan
  • How the mighty have fallen....beating Newcastle, when your 10th in the league 😳

    carlingstellacarlingstella9 dagar sedan
  • Listen football is business

    Marshalie CrossgillMarshalie Crossgill9 dagar sedan
  • I wonder what dt calls a great game. Auba ran his socks off making intelligent runs. Still miles away from lacazette.

    Adewale AderoloyeAdewale Aderoloye9 dagar sedan
  • DT STFU u had enough of wenger U had enough of Emery U got the arsenal u wanted I’ve had enough of you And your 💩 talking Bore off 🤦‍♂️

    Dark knightDark knight9 dagar sedan