New Tesla Model Y Just Got Better

13 jan 2021
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Tesla Model Y Crash Test Results are in! We talk about what they mean for Tesla as a whole, and how Tesla is making the world's safest cars.
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    Ryan ShawRyan Shaw6 dagar sedan
    • Finally got the Jeda hub for the Y just yesterday (1/12) after ordering from the black Friday sale. Worth the wait! If you don't think you need extra ports, you're wrong, lol.

      Alaina BrooksAlaina Brooks6 dagar sedan
  • The number of adverts in this video 😣

    M ZamanM ZamanDag sedan
  • yo how did you get that shirt looooooool the cybertruck mirror crack

    Deion RileyDeion RileyDag sedan
  • Ryan, I enjoy your insightful and informative videos on Tesla cars, especially the model Y. Its safety attributes are commendable. I love the sports car-like performance. But my main reason for hesitating to buy one of these is, and has been from the beginning of electric cars, the recharging time. Recharging to 80% in 45 minutes severely compromises the car's suitability for long trips. And I am not likely to have a supercharger at home, so I need not think about using the car after work if it needs to charge overnight. I suspect also, that the unrealistic recharging time is a significant reason why sales of BEVs remain at less than 2% of new car sales. This may change in the future, but BEVs are not yet "mainstream" to my way of thinking. And then, there's the "elephant in the room". If every car on the road were suddenly to become an electric car, from where would come the electricity to recharge all these millions of cars? No such capacity exists; many of thousands of new electricity generating power stations would need to be built. And if the atmosphere and "global warming" are major concerns, they would have to be nuclear!

    Brian SutherlandBrian SutherlandDag sedan
  • 7 seats make me Nervous 10:58

    Tee-Bone!!Tee-Bone!!Dag sedan
  • How much of the price of Tesla cars could be cut if the advertising could tone down a bit?

    Chavdar NaidenovChavdar NaidenovDag sedan
  • where I live tesla owners all drive like grandma's. it's hard to unbiased conclusion on cars based on accident statistics. It's more about the drivers behavior than about the car

    geemy geemygeemy geemy2 dagar sedan
  • This is a cool video. Thanks dude. 👍🏼

    PraancessPraancess2 dagar sedan
  • I drove a Model Y rwd today (Canada). I noticed that the regenerative braking was kind of aggressive, even on the creep mode. I was not used to this, and at first I did not like the car suddenly starting to stop when I take my foot off the accelerator. I test drove a model 3 AWD right after driving the Y, and noticed that the regenerative braking was a lot less aggressive. Today was the first day I've ever driven a Tesla, so it could have been that I just got used to it by the time I drove the model 3. Or, is it possible that the regenerative braking is more aggressive even in creep mode, in order to bring up the range numbers?

    Anon SikAnon Sik2 dagar sedan
  • Is that why ICE car fanboys hate Tesla so much?

    Andy HughesAndy Hughes2 dagar sedan
  • Ryan. You know that all true ev's will also achieve this rating for crash tests right. Its comes down to the fact that there is no motor in front of you so you have a 3 to 4 foot crumple done to absorb impacts and all the weight is low so you wont roll it. Its basically function dictating design at this point which makes them safer by default. The real question is... are they safer than a koenigsegg one. They used only one monocoque (think of it as the frame but in carbon fiber like a racecar) for all the crash testing. They only swapped out body panels and subframes ment to buckle. Thats the most impressive thing I have ever seen. I do have a question though in the side impact. I doubt it was the frame itself that did well in the tesla. My guess and I want to know if you agree... it was the battery packs that refused to flex. This basically stops the bend because of the way the batteries are laid out. I cant find one for the mach e but the chevy bolt side impact looked just like the tesla. It just stopped bending and it has to be the battery packs

    William ArringtonWilliam Arrington2 dagar sedan
  • Ontario plates spotted 👀

    James P GomezJames P Gomez2 dagar sedan
  • Let's face it, teslas are not the most appealing cars to look at.

    Samuel OkaulaSamuel Okaula3 dagar sedan
  • I’m here for the long lashes...

    NuclearVeeNuclearVee3 dagar sedan
  • I gave this video a like, but have a bit of advice: You should be careful about using the word "perfect" in connection with vehicle safety.

    Ronald GarrisonRonald Garrison3 dagar sedan
  • Great videos . Hope you are right about air suspension coming to Tesla MY . HEPA would be great as I live in CA and we’ve had horrendous fires .

    J PierreJ Pierre3 dagar sedan
  • NHTSA Crash Safety ratings are almost useless. There is a reason why Auto makers advertise NHTSA ratings over IIHS ratings. Learn More:

    Lionel MessiLionel Messi3 dagar sedan
  • I have to doubt the numbers when it comes to accidents and autopilot. It's not a like comparison to say there are x number of accidents with autopilot engaged and y number of accidents without. Autopilot is largely used on highways and for long journeys where accidents per mile are statistically far lower per mile. To compare with or without autopilot, the playing field needs to be level and that means comparing using the same conditions.

    Gary McGrathGary McGrath3 dagar sedan
  • Tesa, the only car company to send "I'm sorry for hurting you" cards to crash test equipment.

    Ben IntentionalBen Intentional4 dagar sedan
  • If i was concerned about safety first and foremost i would own a tank .i get the video and want Tesla to own the competition but the fit and finish need to get beyond the GM & Dodges of the world. And oh, hear comes the recalls. Learning curve of manufacturing process 101.

    Mark MorrisseyMark Morrissey4 dagar sedan
  • Can Toyota catch tesla?

    Mark FoxMark Fox4 dagar sedan
  • Hey, car now farts.....definetly better!

    vrm2008vrm20084 dagar sedan
  • They pride themselves on safety yet almost all the controls in the car require the use of a touchscreen, which is more difficult to use while driving than knobs and physical buttons. This is an overlooked aspect of safety that almost the entire industry is guilty of but Tesla is one of the worst.

    Sundar SubramaniamSundar Subramaniam4 dagar sedan
    • voice commands?

      ShaRk.ShaRk.2 dagar sedan
  • Ugly car

    Your Right to KnowYour Right to Know4 dagar sedan
  • Wow, 4:54

    Lg HammerLg Hammer4 dagar sedan
  • Tesla cars look like worn-down bars of soap. Or that they've been plopped out of jello-moulds. That's just lazy design

    Peter MoysePeter Moyse4 dagar sedan
  • Ditch that third row of seats and give a spare wheel instead.....

    mnnh1mnnh14 dagar sedan
    • is that an option? If not it should be.

      A. D.A. D.Dag sedan
    • Agree!

      Turre TuntematonTurre Tuntematon4 dagar sedan
  • you have beautiful eyes.

    waliwalawaliwala4 dagar sedan
  • This video didn't hold up, not even 2 days later the NHTSA says they need to recall over 158,000 due to the screens blanking out when driving which is a major safety defect.

    Mel Mel1Mel Mel14 dagar sedan
    • This recall has nothing to do with the Model Y.

      Ryan ShawRyan Shaw4 dagar sedan
  • Does the standard rangeland or long range comes with a heated steering wheel and how about the seats is it front only

    zxnuczxnuc4 dagar sedan
    • Hit Tesla's website and configuration tool.

      Michael SimmonsMichael Simmons2 dagar sedan
  • Anyone have the tl;dr? I can't watch the vid right now 🤕

    Russell PaulRussell Paul5 dagar sedan
  • They should build cars like that yellow thing they use for side impacts. :Before you say it, its a joke comment. but if you already started typing go head correct me

    drink15drink155 dagar sedan
  • Any idea on if the 7-seater Y has less storage than the 5-seater? Seems intuitive that it would, but I don't know if they modified the chassis at all to account for the seats to fold down lower or something (to compensate for the increased bulk). This speculation is honestly what's holding me back from the 7-seater option more than the $3k.

    Mike EvansMike Evans5 dagar sedan
    • I doubt they made any changes to the chassis. I base that on the price increase only being $3k. I do know that with the seats up there is still a reasonable amount of storage behind them--enough for a few suitcases at least. As for the down position, I think the "hidden" storage well under that platform is where the seats go when folded. So if you were to fold the second row seats in the 5 seater, and the second and third row in the 7 seater, then look in through the rear hatch, the available cargo space would likely be pretty close.

      Gene PhippsGene Phipps5 dagar sedan
  • Great content Ryan!! Keep the Tesla content coming 👍🏽🚀🚀

    Lifestyle4DividendsLifestyle4Dividends5 dagar sedan
  • Great video

    EthanEthan5 dagar sedan
  • at least the model Y is looking like the model 2 now, so I have 25k ready to give elon, and I hope the model X doesn´t snap in 2 pieces anymore like it has done a few times ...

    Xpeng FangirlXpeng Fangirl5 dagar sedan
  • Auto pilot is mostly intended to be used on limited access freeways that already have statistically much lower accident rates.

    Chris TeasdaleChris Teasdale5 dagar sedan
  • I think I understood. The new Tesla did basically nothing wrong and is as safe as ever. Did you just need to feed the algorithm or whats this for?

    ArtCrafter 99ArtCrafter 995 dagar sedan
  • Hi. What about secon row mid seat head rest on mod Y?

    Knut Erik StorvollKnut Erik Storvoll5 dagar sedan
  • What do ya'll think of NIO (Chinese EV)?

    Cameron Van MichaelCameron Van Michael5 dagar sedan
  • i can't wait for my cybertruck tri motor fsd to be here.. may order the S dual or tri? got 27 solar system battery backup too.I LOVE SPACEX & the moon & MARS..!!

    Florencio VelaFlorencio Vela5 dagar sedan
  • I’d love to know why Tesla believes a rear cross-traffic warning system is not a needed and/or good idea. Comments on TMC say the car doesn’t have the appropriate radar for this safety feature (and the 365 deft camera view). Almost makes me feel like Tesla only cares about getting to FSD robo taxis.

    Bill CollinsBill Collins6 dagar sedan
  • well, the 3rd row has same legspace as porsche carrera...:-D

    Vladimír ŠáraVladimír Šára6 dagar sedan
  • How do you secure cargo in the trunk? In a crash there is a big risk for cargo flying in to the passenger area. Would like to see some way to secure cargo or at the very least some cargo loops built in to the trunk floor/sides.

    Johan EinevikJohan Einevik6 dagar sedan
  • Safety is also my number one priority. To achieve this I've manufactured no cars and currently have 0 accidents. Tesla's mistake was also prioritising the making of a car.

    IsambardifyIsambardify6 dagar sedan
  • 4:55 ... "the frame stays far ore intact" ?!?! and that's good? haven't got a clue about car safety ...

    Gilberto FranciscoGilberto Francisco6 dagar sedan
  • Great update. Always happy to see an upload. Waiting for an update on performance variant all weather tyre choice & air suspension (that would open the market up hugely as it is a barrier to me and many others buying a Tesla immediately). Please do that Elon before other makers catch up- Tesla sales will significantly increase.

    Drew BDrew B6 dagar sedan
  • Elon Musk could build his own Green powered Web services company - offering better services than facebook / google / youtube / what's app - all encrypted, 100% free speech, and owned by Musk, no connection to Apple, google, facebook, etc. etc. Musk has 70 million customers on day one. Just another way Elon can flow Billions $$$ away from censorship companies, and into his space program and auto company.

    SeaJay OceansSeaJay Oceans6 dagar sedan
  • Amazing video brother... The work it takes to actually make a great video on this level is not easy at all and I don't think people realize how hard or how much work it takes respect

    All_in_techAll_in_tech6 dagar sedan
  • The problem with the comparison of the number of miles per accident is that Autopilot is probably not engaged on the same roads, making the comparison useless. If Autopilot is mostly engaged on highways, but the non-Autopilot driving is mostly in an urban environment, you can see how that alone can drive the difference in miles. To have a convincing comparison, we would need to compare the number of miles per accident on the same roads. Until then, I would caution against drawing any safety conclusion and put a big warning sign attached to every report, or even stop reporting the numbers altogether.

    Remi DavietRemi Daviet6 dagar sedan
  • Audi E-Tron with 2.6 tonnes of weight will almost never have a frontal crash with a similar car, but will have crashes with lighter cars. European safety regulations force manufacturers of heavy cars to take care, that their collision partners are not additionally harmed by their own heavy weight. I.e. the Audi has a softer crash structure than possible.

    Outdoor OlliOutdoor Olli6 dagar sedan
  • I don't get the 7 seater at all. Same with these 2 extra seats they had in the Model S a while back or the 7 seater Model X. Why? Who in the world would sit back there? I get that they want to reach people who need that many seats but no sane person would go for a Model Y in that case anyways. Really weird concept.

    ShaRk.ShaRk.6 dagar sedan
  • understandably, the purpose of buying dividend stocks is to maintain steady cash flow but dividend are slow if you're not yet retired. I have a couple dividend stocks. I've rather opted for more aggressive approach, EV stocks and cryptos are like the fastest growing stocks right now, However most of us tend to pay more attention to the shiniest positions in the market to the cost of proper diversification. I have seen over $1k in raw profits from just q4 of 2019 Bottom line is diversify your portfolio and you'll see incredible results

    Bernier LeonelBernier Leonel6 dagar sedan
    • Elon Musk could build his own web services - same services as facebook / google / youtube / what's app - all encrypted, 100% free speech, and owned by Musk, no connection to Apple, google, facebook, etc. etc. Musk has 70 million customers on day one. Just another way Elon can flow Billions $$$ away from those censorship companies, and into his space program and auto company.

      SeaJay OceansSeaJay Oceans6 dagar sedan
    • wow that is exceptionally decent. I just kept in touch with him on telegram. I couldn't want anything more than to evaluate this moving algorithmic duplicate trading I've been catching wind of. A debt of gratitude is in order for the data

      Sedo ValeSedo Vale6 dagar sedan
    • @Mueller Toney truly mate! he's most probable the one. He investigates stocks and patterns in a portion of the significant news channels. A large portion of these multimillionaire representatives figure out how to beat the market day in day out even in a low market circumstance as I came to discover

      Bernier LeonelBernier Leonel6 dagar sedan
    • That's interesting, I have heard his name mentioned somewhere but have not really looked into using his services; just looked hin up and found out he is registered in the US

      Canok MeneCanok Mene6 dagar sedan
    • @Koelpin David I set aside 50 thousand for his administration, I don't actually have the foggiest idea whether he has a base yet you can get in touch with him and get some information about that. his consistency is first class. my portfolio midpoints a 15% development consistently.

      Bernier LeonelBernier Leonel6 dagar sedan
  • It's a low center of mass, not gravity.

    Blinded Bliss - DianaBlinded Bliss - Diana6 dagar sedan
    • without gravity there is no "mass".

      A. D.A. D.Dag sedan
  • That third row seat is a joke and shame on Tesla for asking 3k for it. Only a dog can sit there for long time.

  • We don’t forget Elon using China slave labor.

    Jay BlaineJay Blaine6 dagar sedan
  • 👍👍👍

    Francisco ZavalaFrancisco Zavala6 dagar sedan
  • These vids are somewhat biased, soon there's gonna be a click your heels three times in a Tesla and it'll get better safety, range and efficiency as rated by the NHTSA.

    M MM M6 dagar sedan
  • One reason why I put a reservation in for the Cybertruck. Saw a video and info on twitter of a owner who ended up in a ditch within trees at 70mph only had a broken arm was out before paramedics arrived even they thought from the look they would be looking for a body. Glad they weren't to banged up.

    Better ElectricallyBetter Electrically6 dagar sedan
  • clickbaity title.

    Ovni121Ovni1216 dagar sedan
  • and a starting price of $43,190 or $41,990 (CA) it's a BARGIN! 🤑

    DennisCW - Tesla Tech Money Cars & StuffDennisCW - Tesla Tech Money Cars & Stuff6 dagar sedan
  • Tesla is more and more like Ford replacement, EV version.

    Bin QianBin Qian6 dagar sedan
  • 1:51 Actually not that impressive - I am by no means a Tesla hater, quite the opposite, but the NHTSA tests have not changed their safety standards since the 70s.

    TvensTvens6 dagar sedan
    • @Tvens well of course not much can stand a front collision going at 70 mph or even 60.

      69696 dagar sedan
    • @69 I mean, I guess - but again - the frontal crash test for example - they test it by going 35mph into a stationary wall, but like - it’s not just about speed, the weight of the vehicle is also a factor. If you had two vehicles that are the same weight, then you could have an objective reading of which is safer in a frontal crash. But mostly the vehicles are not the same weight.

      TvensTvens6 dagar sedan
    • I mean considering it was the safest car ever tested that's the impressive part.

      69696 dagar sedan
  • I skipped your adds. But I did buy the eyeliner from your merch store.

    Chadwick WoodChadwick Wood6 dagar sedan
  • RYAN! Happy 2021 Thanks to your channel I bought back into Tesla and am up 257%. It happened when you gave us a heads up on the FEB/MAR Model Y delivery date after seeing the the VIN numbers showing up at the CA DMV. I had just put my $2,500 deposit down on the Model Y the week before thinking that I would be taking delivery in November 2020 at the earliest (I actually took delivery on 06/24/2020). Anyway, after your video, I figured out that this accelerated delivery schedule had to be good for the stock and bought back in. Since then, I've made a good chunk of money... all while I slept! Thank you for your accurate reporting and keep up the good work.

    Gregory PaternoGregory Paterno6 dagar sedan
  • I feel like you always change your thumbnails and Video titles for almost every video 😂

    Gumer ZambranoGumer Zambrano6 dagar sedan
  • The auto pilot is so weird at first but you get used to it quick

    HyperWhite7HyperWhite76 dagar sedan
  • Do you think it would have been a better design to use the X frame and use everything else of the Y also keep the Y windshield and doors for the 7 seater?

    Aaron GibsonAaron Gibson6 dagar sedan
  • Can it survive a riot by an angry mob?

    Not Your Average TruckerNot Your Average Trucker6 dagar sedan
    • @Jason Martinez thank you, wish I had the money to be able to buy one.

      69696 dagar sedan
    • @69 facts

      Jason MartinezJason Martinez6 dagar sedan
    • That's what the cybertruck is for.

      69696 dagar sedan
  • Wish I was at a dealership picking one up 😢

    Manuel FischerManuel Fischer6 dagar sedan
    • Technically Tesla doesn't have dealerships but I understand what you mean.

      69696 dagar sedan
  • Is that the Model Y with the one piece rear casting?

    David WarrinerDavid Warriner6 dagar sedan
  • Please do the safety comparison between mach-e and model Y. So many people only talk about the looks on mach-e is better looking than model Y. I like the tech and safety in Tesla more than the looks.

    Rowena GrinsamRowena Grinsam6 dagar sedan
  • Have a 14.5 year old. Gonna get him a used 3 or Y once he starts driving. Small price for peace of mind.

    Scott JustinScott Justin6 dagar sedan
    • @Scott Justin cool I didn't know those are features.

      69696 dagar sedan
    • @69 I know, but being able to track him, lock him in slow-mode and all the safety features outweighs the savings of getting him a Honda.

      Scott JustinScott Justin6 dagar sedan
    • Damn, expensive car for a first-time driver.

      69696 dagar sedan
  • great channel

    The Noisy NeighbourThe Noisy Neighbour6 dagar sedan
  • I wish the videos were straight to the point and not this long. They are unnecessarily long smh

    Ravi ShingalaRavi Shingala6 dagar sedan
    • I like the extra information.

      69696 dagar sedan
  • Great stuff! Thanks for this update. Not a surprise but still really good to see as I wait to pull the trigger on a Model Y.... want that heated steering wheel confirmed before purchase... By the way, what’s with the the snare drum in what looks like your kitchen? 🤔. There’s a pun that involves eggs but I’m resisting...

    J TJ T6 dagar sedan
  • STOP the BS ! Update the freakin BODY !!!!!

    john connerjohn conner6 dagar sedan
    • Could you explain what you mean?

      69696 dagar sedan
  • I really love watching Tesla because they have news everyday

    Terry GeraldsenTerry Geraldsen6 dagar sedan
  • I am really considering ordering a model y very soon, this ev looks spectacular!

    Roland MogleRoland Mogle6 dagar sedan
    • @vrm2008 Agreed..Tesla's are the worst looking EV's in production right now. Can't wait for Nio to start selling cars in the US. That will be the beginning of the end for tesla.

      J CJ CDag sedan
    • Looks like a frog, worst looking EV

      vrm2008vrm20084 dagar sedan
  • I'm sure the safety features make the number of accidents per mile much lower than the national average. However, I think the comparison between miles driven while autopilot is engaged vs. it not being engaged is misleading. From my own experience, you tend to disengage autopilot when you can already see a difficult situation - which is naturally more accident-prone - coming up (e.g. a construction zone). Conversely you tend to user autopilot more in 'easy' situation (e.g. highway driving) where the chance for an accident is lower than average.

    Peter ZerfassPeter Zerfass6 dagar sedan
  • awwww yeah!!!

    John MJohn M6 dagar sedan
  • I really get the impression that the 7 seater model y is for maximizing robotaxi utility, not for the average family.

    DeilGristDeilGrist6 dagar sedan
  • How many ad rolls do you need bro? Damn man

    RickCRickC6 dagar sedan
    • @Andrew Korneychuk have you ever heard of not being able to spend 10 dollars a month on something that’s a waste

      Parker GrayParker Gray3 dagar sedan
    • Just get SEworld premium

      Andrew KorneychukAndrew Korneychuk6 dagar sedan
    • Steal from the rich and give to the poor. My man!

      Chadwick WoodChadwick Wood6 dagar sedan
  • One issue that I have always had with autopilot accident numbers is this: if autopilot does something stupid and you grab the wheel and take over a second before an impact, it’s not recorded as a “wreck with autopilot engaged.” Many many wrecks have happened with autopilot engaged up until the second before impact, but they’re not counted as “autopilot wrecks”, so that acts to pad Tesla’s statistics. Any human seeing their Tesla, while on autopilot, about to hit something is going to take over to try and avoid it with more aggressive turning or braking and when the impact still happens, that’s not counted as an “autopilot accident, even though autopilots actions were responsible for said impact. I have intervened with my Model 3’s autopilot dozens of times to prevent impacts that, without my intervention, would have resulted in a collision of some-sort. Those kinds of things help autopilots stats and paint a much safer picture than reality. Example: just last week I had autopilot engaged on a 60mph highway with many red-lights. As I approached a red light it turned green. A car coming from the right ran the light and I manually slammed on brakes because autopilot did not see the car as soon as I did and if autopilot continued to drive, the car would have t-boned me. My intervention saved me from a wreck that autopilot would have not avoided. Now take that same scenario. If I saw the car that ran the light a fraction of a second later, and manually applied brakes, I likely wouldn’t have stopped in time and I would have still been t-boned. But because I manually took over, this would not have been a “wreck with autopilot engaged”, even though autopilot failing to see the red light running car was the main cause that my Tesla didn’t avoid the impact, and autopilot, if left on its own, would have still wrecked. This last second intervention tendency by human drivers REALLY pads the “wrecks with autopilot engaged” stat that Tesla loves bringing attention to. I love autopilot and use it daily, with tens-of-thousands of autopilot miles; however, in no way is autopilot safer than an attentive driver based on my experience. I have no doubt that it will be and FSD beta is hardcore impressive, but it’s not as safe as the statistics suggest yet.

    Unkn0wn C0mmandUnkn0wn C0mmand6 dagar sedan
  • Quality sucks!!!!

    Tony DuongTony Duong6 dagar sedan
    • That's only in the Fremont factory I also heard that they're going to be adding new cameras at the Fremont factory for quality control.

      69696 dagar sedan
  • So drawn out..... yawn

    4rant sake4rant sake6 dagar sedan
  • I do find the “a crash every this many miles driven” very interesting, but a couple questions I have are, is the NHTSA using all cars on the street, a specific car brand, or a specific type of car, and if so, which one? The information is interesting, but without knowing who we are comparing with Tesla, it holds less value, not to mention, as much as Tesla is growing (and depending on what car they are being compared to) there are more likely more of those cars out driving then Tesla’s making accidents more likely through sheer number.

    Patrick DayPatrick Day6 dagar sedan
    • @haben79 I understand, but would that change the fact that we don’t know if it’s Tesla vs everyone or a certain manufacturer? Because those per miles driven would be an inproportionate number making them harder to compare or less valuable. Although if I am missing something or like miss understanding it please let me know

      Patrick DayPatrick Day5 dagar sedan
    • Per mile driven... Read that carefully

      haben79haben796 dagar sedan
  • Great review! good job!

    TexSwedenTexSweden6 dagar sedan
  • Can't wait to buy a tesla when I can afford it in 10 years

    Millevenon 585Millevenon 5856 dagar sedan
    • @69 Also great cars too, I know one day we'll reach are goals. Cheers mate! 😎

      Killerdoggie 27Killerdoggie 276 dagar sedan
    • @Killerdoggie 27 my dream car is either the plaid model S or the Tesla roadster 2.0.

      69696 dagar sedan
    • @69 I see, thx for the info. Am might want a Tesla one day but I also like Ford. Than Rn my dream car is a McLaren 2014. 😂

      Killerdoggie 27Killerdoggie 276 dagar sedan
    • @Killerdoggie 27 yes the $25,000 compact Tesla depending on where the commenter lives it might be a long time before they get that for example if they live in the US they probably won't get it in the next 3 years they live in Europe they might get it sooner.

      69696 dagar sedan
    • @69 Agree, did you hear that there making some cheap Tesla?

      Killerdoggie 27Killerdoggie 276 dagar sedan
  • Great video!!! As always!!!!!!

    Jose De La CruzJose De La Cruz6 dagar sedan
  • “The model y stays far more intact” are you kidding me This make for an insane amount of shock that has to be absorbed by the entire car + human. This means its less safe than the actual safest car, volvo. Volvo has the roof bend wich makes the roof absorb all kenetic energy which results in more driver safety. Now you might be thinking: what about the driver, won’t the door smash into him? Now thats fixed by the seat moving with the chassis which is moved by the impact. There you go, Volvo is the safest. Tesla is still safe tho.

    GwnDoggoGwnDoggo6 dagar sedan
  • It doesn't seem like a fair or valid comparison when comparing autopilot miles which are mostly highway miles at this point with non-autopilot miles which, presumably, also include many non-highway miles (which greatly increase the accident rate).

    Tomas JuočepisTomas Juočepis6 dagar sedan
    • That's a great point, it's comparing apples and oranges.

      Martin IvanMartin Ivan6 dagar sedan
  • The pictures i'm seeing, the Model Y 3rd row seating is rear facing, not forward facing like the Model X.

    Mic WMic W6 dagar sedan
  • Is it true that Tesla will eventually stop selling their cars to consumers and only use it for their taxi service?

    Mithun RtsMithun Rts6 dagar sedan
    • @Mithun Rts Same, I've heard some people say Tesla might stop selling cars as soon as two years but I don't think that's true at least I hope not it would be good for Tesla but not for the people that want a Tesla.

      69696 dagar sedan
    • @69 I hope so too. Coz I really want one when I can finally afford one lol.

      Mithun RtsMithun Rts6 dagar sedan
    • Yeah they might do that but I still think they'll sell cars for the regular customer.

      69696 dagar sedan
  • Just gonna throw it in there, for the rollover test. The model Y ground clearance is quite a bit lower than all the competition you mentioned. Hence, plays a role in the rate. Also, the frequency which an accident happens isn’t very accurate seeing how people only use autopilot on highways vs no autopilot in the city.

    alexander weialexander wei6 dagar sedan
    • And the roof is quite higher when you get one with faulty adhesive.

      hagestadhagestad4 dagar sedan
    • Yeah ground clearance is the same but I believe the roof height is lower.

      Andy PatelAndy Patel5 dagar sedan
    • Ground clearance is the same

      Kate SimpsonKate Simpson6 dagar sedan
  • I just wish they concentrated the same effort on safety that they are absolutely owning on quality. While the excellent safety needs done in the design and needs honed before production it’s a shame that the fact it’s amazingly safe is lost on customers if the Car is so poorly built still. 2021 Long range model 3 just delivered to the UK and still various problems that can be easily seen by the Customer so why were these not picked up before hand over. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Would love a Tesla and the funds are there but just wouldn’t buy right now on the quality issues. There is a guy in the UK with a performance model 3 who actually hates his Car because it fell apart in places, water ingress to the boot door ( It fills up), His spoiler that peeled off slowly and the list goes on. This was a £54k Car😡

    SWRSWR6 dagar sedan
  • I’m sorry you’re missing out a very important points. There is so much legroom in the model Y. At least the one that I had been in. And with the option to skip those seats up and take up a little bit of that excessive legroom the back passengers lake room should be fine.

    Christian ClementsChristian Clements6 dagar sedan
    • Did you know they use the same rear seats as in the 3, but elevated on a " bench"- anything to cut costs....cheaply made cars!

      vrm2008vrm20084 dagar sedan
  • I don't mean to argue with the safety ratings, or suggest that Tesla cars wouldn't be safe. I just want to point out that there's a huge selection bias in the Autopilot accident rate. The system is likely to be unavailable in the situations and conditions where accidents are likely to happen. I would like to see data comparing miles driven by human drivers and Autopilot in similar conditions and roads. I would expect the gap to shrink, but the Autopilot might still have a slight advantage.

    Martti LeinoMartti Leino6 dagar sedan
  • They're safe because you're scared to drive too far! Joking about the anxiety range, nah great cars!

    Nick's DIYNick's DIY6 dagar sedan
    • @Ernest Galvan Years back when I was a youngster my folks read about how "most accidents happen within 5 miles of your home". so we moved

      A. D.A. D.Dag sedan
    • @Ernest Galvan I... sighs...

      David_HuDavid_Hu4 dagar sedan
    • ... yeah, but joke’s on you... data shows that the majority of accidents happen on short, close-to-home trips. 🤓

      Ernest GalvanErnest Galvan6 dagar sedan
  • I'm really excited for the cybertruck test, it's good to be very special

    Jafar MahdaviJafar Mahdavi6 dagar sedan