Why Was Ollie Dropped in 4 Roadies Vs A Time Trial Bike? | GCN Investigative Dropumentary

8 jan 2021
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Being dropped. Falling off the back. Getting spat. Whatever you call it, getting dropped on a bike ride is never fun. It's even less fun when you work for GCN and the whole ordeal is caught on camera. Sadly, that's what happened to Doncaster's own Ollie 'Who's off the back?!' Bridgewood when he attempted to help Conor, Alex, and Hank beat Si in our recent 4 vs 1 challenge. But what actually happened? How did someone so disciplined with his training crumble so quickly? How did the self proclaimed 'King of Aero' get dispatched almost immediately? You'll have to watch to find out...
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Do you believe Ollie's excuses?
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  • Do you believe Ollie's excuses?

    Global Cycling NetworkGlobal Cycling Network19 dagar sedan
    • Don’t worry you didn’t let me down

      Craig NittoloCraig Nittolo9 dagar sedan
    • Ollie your the best 😀🤙🤙

      Morten LundshofMorten Lundshof11 dagar sedan
    • No

      Munir ShirazMunir Shiraz11 dagar sedan
    • OUTSTANDING episode!!💯❤️🏋🏾‍♀️🚴☯️🙏🏾

      I AM a Cycle WarriorI AM a Cycle Warrior11 dagar sedan
    • If they bump Ollie from the squad for the vext video, he should get Si a rear disc wheel.

      Donald RiegerDonald Rieger13 dagar sedan
  • Strong words from someone who let his own mustache down

    Sterby jr.Sterby jr.4 timmar sedan
  • An emotional documentary

    Alex AlbaAlex Alba4 timmar sedan
  • Ollie wished he stayed at Cycling Weekly

    Samuelclark11Samuelclark11Dag sedan
  • Hope you get another chance on your areo bike Ollie. Your still my favourate GCN presenter ;)

    Alice CherryAlice Cherry4 dagar sedan
  • Is this a joke?

    Seamus de MoraSeamus de Mora4 dagar sedan
  • @GCN, I've had a great idea.... How many presenters on mountain/gravel bikes will it take to beat Ollie on a TT bike. Let the prophet of aero have his time in the skin suit...!

    James GJames G4 dagar sedan
  • Why not just do 4 on 1 with Ollie on the TT and Si in the chase group? That will tell you what kind of advantage a TT bike has.

    charles gouldcharles gould8 dagar sedan
  • only way to settle this is for a rematch

    Wesleigh StylesWesleigh Styles8 dagar sedan
  • Come on guys, just admit it - Si is a better rider.

    Thomas DundonThomas Dundon8 dagar sedan
  • Er...Was I the only one who saw Ollie put in a monster turn initially in an all or nothing attempt to reduce or overturn the deficit. Nice one Ollie, that was a proper nuclear Watt bomb, shame the others let you down.

    David SoftleyDavid Softley9 dagar sedan
  • Ollie is GCN!

    MiKeMiKe9 dagar sedan
  • love it, it's so rediculous.

    Jan KümmerleJan Kümmerle9 dagar sedan
    • haha!

      Global Cycling NetworkGlobal Cycling Network9 dagar sedan
  • I feel like I'm the only one who didn't noticed ollie was dropped lol

    Charles Glenn GeneralaoCharles Glenn Generalao10 dagar sedan
  • He probably just stopped for a cup of coffee 😂

    John CaballeroJohn Caballero10 dagar sedan
  • 5 vs 1. bring it on.

    DanTuberDanTuber10 dagar sedan
  • It was all on account of a calendar mishap. Ollie thought it was the Hangover Challenge day!

    Michael ColemanMichael Coleman10 dagar sedan
  • I died about 100 times during this video.

    Chief BeardoChief Beardo10 dagar sedan
  • Not smart enough that’s why😊

    Steve BrownSteve Brown11 dagar sedan
  • Love Hank’s sportscaster voice at the end there 😂

    Justin MareJustin Mare11 dagar sedan
  • Well, Ollie is still the best presenter. Which is basically the job of all of them. which makes Ollie THE BEST.

    olke85olke8511 dagar sedan
  • I love Ollie's mannerisms.. this was great and that mud guard probably did him in...

    Chris PettyChris Petty11 dagar sedan
  • Why can't you guys show your audience how teamwork is done ? Is it so cool to prove that young ex-pros always have an edge even over talented amateurs ? How about a follow-up that gets teamwork across? Olliver Bridgewood brings tons of value to your content. I can't really relate to pros but Ollie makes you guys accessible. Bit off track in my eyes.

    SpecklesSpeckles11 dagar sedan
  • lol

    metphammetpham11 dagar sedan
  • I think this TT bike thingy can be a base of video series that happened in the GCN cycling universe.

    Reza SatriaReza Satria11 dagar sedan
  • If GCN does a book on Time Trialing, will Ollie's photo be on the back cover? ;-)

    Scott JohnsonScott Johnson11 dagar sedan
  • ONCE MORE ONTO THE BREACH MY FRIEND!! Where is ollie? Is he gone? He's gone. Oh. Whoops. WE'LL HAVE TO GO ON WITHOUT HIM!!!

    oscar houltoscar hoult12 dagar sedan
  • REMATCH!!!!!!

    kelvin lawkelvin law12 dagar sedan
    • It's coming!

      Global Cycling NetworkGlobal Cycling Network12 dagar sedan
  • He looked like an abandoned child trying to get back on Mama's wheel... Very sad sight.

    relikvijarelikvija12 dagar sedan
    • He'll get there!

      Global Cycling NetworkGlobal Cycling Network12 dagar sedan
  • This might be my favorite GCN video ever. I am dying. 🤣 I definitely think the aero helmet will help Ollie.

    Paul TocknellPaul Tocknell12 dagar sedan
    • Ollie's working on it!

      Global Cycling NetworkGlobal Cycling Network12 dagar sedan
  • Did all of the team members finish BEFORE the TT bike? If not, I say you didn’t win.

    Profe SamProfe Sam12 dagar sedan
    • They didn't win anyway...

      Global Cycling NetworkGlobal Cycling Network12 dagar sedan
  • 😂😂😂 you're better than us mortals Ollie! Keep your head up!

    Ryan JosephRyan Joseph12 dagar sedan
  • “More draft ales 🍺 the night before” this is a common misunderstanding among my group. Recovery ride to recover from hangovers.

    abbsnn coseabbsnn cose12 dagar sedan
  • "I know I'm rubbish, but not that rubbish", LoL!! :) The line I had to keep telling myself after getting dropped on my first group ride by a bunch of 60+ year old dudes with really shiny and pretty bikes LoL. I thought these guys were all talk and over the hill, but they dropped me after the first hill. To add insult to injury, two of them doubled back after the 32 mile ride to bring me back, thinking I got lost or experienced a mechanical. So I know your pain, Ollie!! You're not rubbish, LoL!!

    deckMage CCGdeckMage CCG12 dagar sedan
    • I love you Ollie

      abbsnn coseabbsnn cose12 dagar sedan
  • Rigged Race! Make Ollie Great Again 2021! 🤣

    BurnDurationBurnDuration13 dagar sedan
  • Let's try again!

    Robert ,Robert ,13 dagar sedan
  • LOOOL Lovely guys!

    Pedro SardoPedro Sardo13 dagar sedan
  • We love you Ollie

    Alexius DiakogiannisAlexius Diakogiannis13 dagar sedan
  • Lots of drafting from the camera bike too. Si really smashed them!

    JasLeGoffJasLeGoff13 dagar sedan
  • All jokes aside, Ollies hour record was really really impressive!!! Rock on Ollie!!!

    Tim HOOKERTim HOOKER13 dagar sedan
  • 5vs1 will eventually have a moment when frontrider drop the chain and it is stack of 5.😬

    Bicycle SundayBicycle Sunday13 dagar sedan
  • Because he sucks. Next video.

    ohesooheso13 dagar sedan
  • hilarious 🤣 Ollie is such a good sport 👍

    Michael ParkMichael Park13 dagar sedan
  • Ollie is great, and so what if he didn't have the legs that day? That said I would CERTAINLY watch a series based around training Ollie until he grows massive leg muscles.

    siquqsiquq14 dagar sedan
  • I love the vid so funny aha

    dolita windodolita windo14 dagar sedan
  • I can't imagine getting dropped and then having my friends making a full on documentary about why it happened

    Yuri ThorpeYuri Thorpe14 dagar sedan
  • boys I think you need to repeat that race and ollie you need to redeem yourself boy I will wait for that you got a nice Pinarello bike use that mate, or the awesome gold trek madone sl6

    k Ak A14 dagar sedan
    • i watched it three times

      dolita windodolita windo14 dagar sedan
  • lol, classic

    colinjockgrahamcolinjockgraham14 dagar sedan
  • Smacks of tongue in cheek but all the same the lad was asked to fill in at short notice and then you turn on him. Great incentive for anyone not sure about group riding?

    Robert SkipworthRobert Skipworth14 dagar sedan
  • I love you Ollie

    Vasantrao ThoratVasantrao Thorat14 dagar sedan
  • There must be a rematch

    C.REINHARD 8 ‘A’C.REINHARD 8 ‘A’14 dagar sedan
  • I was not your fault Ollie . There will be winning and losing in life .we love you Ollie

    C.REINHARD 8 ‘A’C.REINHARD 8 ‘A’14 dagar sedan
  • Hang in there Ollie, you are still really awesome 😂

    Dan LindseyDan Lindsey14 dagar sedan
  • This is a teachable moment missed- you x-pro's need to give him another crack at it but after filming your expert instruction for him.

    Tim PenneyTim Penney14 dagar sedan
  • Poor Ollie, We love you! Ollie's presence on GCN just shows that normal Humans can play with the big boys/girls. He is our hero, our Ironman! Ollie, this song is for you. seworld.info/will/Zpq90ZyZo511nYk/video

    Alex RhoneAlex Rhone15 dagar sedan
  • 😂

    الجاليه Aljaliahالجاليه Aljaliah15 dagar sedan
  • 😂

    الجاليه Aljaliahالجاليه Aljaliah15 dagar sedan
  • 😂

    الجاليه Aljaliahالجاليه Aljaliah15 dagar sedan
  • looking forward to next challenge!

    David MaldonadoDavid Maldonado15 dagar sedan
  • I would love to see another video where Ollie gets another try

    Andrew DeckAndrew Deck15 dagar sedan
  • this is perfect

    Trash BoxTrash Box15 dagar sedan
  • Sooo, The 4 vs 1 was really 3 vs 1 (since Ollie only did 1 turn) and they only lost by 2 seconds....so they don't really need a 5 vs 1 but a different 4 vs 1 (or Ollie with improved team TT technique).

    Geoffrey YuenGeoffrey Yuen15 dagar sedan
  • unfortunately some poor leadership on Hanks part. thinking of himself more than the team.

    Franz HallerFranz Haller15 dagar sedan
  • Love this Dropumentary - Manon...get in with them boys and shake it up!

    Ian HorrabinIan Horrabin15 dagar sedan
  • Reminded me a lot of documentary now lol

    whispwhisp15 dagar sedan
  • lol, this is great. you guys should do a true crime podcast.

    whispwhisp15 dagar sedan
  • Has Ollie got tomato sauce on his mouth? 🤔

    cfs99cfs9915 dagar sedan
  • Finally a docu worth seeing several times over. Addressing important topics in a journalistic fair way, no underdog Ollie bias yet no shaming. Well done. Serious investigative journalism is all too rare these days.

    Johan AlvehusJohan Alvehus15 dagar sedan
  • This is the best storyline ever.

    Nou SphabmixayNou Sphabmixay15 dagar sedan
  • hard work made him quit

    ian redgateian redgate15 dagar sedan
  • Quite possibly one of the top 50 dropumentaries so far this year.

    seb bergseb berg15 dagar sedan
  • I love the vid so funny aha

    gioyu comigioyu comi15 dagar sedan
  • It is hard getting back on the train after putting in a hard effort on the front, but it is a learned skill.

    Peter WisePeter Wise15 dagar sedan
  • You got to love Ollie! I say try the 4 man again with Ollie.

    Fritz LausierFritz Lausier15 dagar sedan
    • The whole GCN team vs the fastest GTN team member?

      gioyu comigioyu comi15 dagar sedan
  • This video was hilarious, ever group ride has an "Ollie", I'm not going to comment if that Ollie has been me before....

    Paul BlaikPaul Blaik15 dagar sedan
  • Do a doc on all the KOMS Ollie has lost to fellow GNC riders lmao

    ;);)15 dagar sedan
  • Loved the concept

    Meghshyam DesaiMeghshyam Desai16 dagar sedan
  • To keep up with them I would have turned up with my aero electric bike bought just for the race. Lightweight bike? Lol

  • This was an outstanding one! Thank you! As always, great edition but this time the footage is brillant too :)

    BendersnatchlingBendersnatchling16 dagar sedan
  • More excuses than a formula 1 driver. Good stuff.

    Gareth ChaplinGareth Chaplin16 dagar sedan
  • Not taking yourselves too seriously! Love it:-)

    Richard NeilRichard Neil16 dagar sedan
  • Time for the Global Hank Network to emerge!! Belter. Love you guys

    Ian HamiltonIan Hamilton16 dagar sedan
  • Love the closing threat of Manon! I hope she crushes it!

    gamby16agamby16a16 dagar sedan
  • This is GOLD!

    Frank EkelerFrank Ekeler16 dagar sedan
  • Ollie, face it mate, you we're pulling the head off it the night before... Shame on you... Bad boy!

    S SS S16 dagar sedan
  • I love that there was an enquiry!!! Very funny!!

    Garth TuckerGarth Tucker16 dagar sedan
  • Yeah go Manon show them how is done

    ghostBCHghostBCH16 dagar sedan
  • They need TTT practice not a 5th person. Without practice the 5th person will mess up cohesion on the corners and rolls even more than happened in the team of 4.

    N AllansonN Allanson16 dagar sedan
  • The whole GCN team vs the fastest GTN team member?

    Alan HAlan H16 dagar sedan
  • I will be seriously disappointed if GCN doesn't come out with a "it was the mudguard" t-shirt...

    bikebudha01bikebudha0116 dagar sedan
  • 1:10 "Watt Bombs" and Ollie. Never thought I'd hear those words ever, Ever, EVER combined.

    E ME M16 dagar sedan
  • I was once in your shoe olie don't give up bro 💪💯🤛 and y'all still a team ok🙏🇱🇦

    Jerome YoungJerome Young16 dagar sedan
  • All black&white except the magenta! Like it!

    Thorsten RuscheinskiThorsten Ruscheinski16 dagar sedan
  • What food have you eaten Ollie? Looks like tomatosauce was included!

    siimpensiimpen16 dagar sedan
  • Ollie is the MAN !

    Joao SilvaJoao Silva17 dagar sedan
  • Ollie is brilliant, videos with him and Hank are so funny.

    Jan atLMBJan atLMB17 dagar sedan
  • The gang that couldn't ride straight, excuses excuses, next tell us that gravity changed while Si was out on the course. How about getting Ollie an ebike so he can keep up.

    Brian SchiffBrian Schiff17 dagar sedan
  • I think the problem really lies with james. He's toooo eager to show everyone he can ride fast and by doing so killing the fluent turns

    arne carrettearne carrette17 dagar sedan
  • What a strange video. It's like Ollie got dissect like a lab animal on a lab bench.

    spektrumBspektrumB17 dagar sedan
  • Yes. If you have no TT experience you WILL GET DROPPED. That’s why teams practice mucho. No practice needed to ride alone if an experienced TTr

    Dean MasonDean Mason17 dagar sedan