Pence Refuses to Remove Trump; Florida Rep Calls Gov to Divest From Big Tech; YouTube Suspends Trump

13 jan 2021
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NTD News Today-01/13/2021
0:58 House Votes to Pressure Vice President Pence
3:11 Pelosi Names Impeachment Managers
3:45 SEworld Suspends United States President
4:40 Parler CEO Fighting to Restore Free Speech
6:17 College Revokes Giuliani’s Honorary Degree
7:04 Florida Rep. Calls to Divest from Big Tech
9:06 WIFI Provider Against Facebook Censorship
10:07 PBS Counsel Lays Out Radical Leftist Plan
12:04 Schumer: No-Fly List for Capitol Breachers
12:59 Schwarzenegger’s Comparison Faces Backlash
14:50 GoFundMe Bans Political Travel Fundraisers
15:21 US to Expand Testing for Air Travelers
16:42 House to Issue Fines for Not wearing Masks
17:36 Officials Brief on Operation Warp Speed
21:09 Rubio Urges Biden toward $2K Direct Checks
21:49 Security Camera Captures Small Plane Crash
22:18 Careers in Question after Attending Rally
23:38 Legal Teams Discuss Reopening California
28:19 US Ambassador Taiwan Trip Cancelled
28:50 Features of China's Cultural Revolution
31:44 WHO Scientist Doesn’t Expect Wuhan Limits
34:22 Verizon Promotes 5G and Drones at CES
36:06 Signal’s Meteoric Rise in Downloads
37:18 Proposed Tax Targets NYC 2nd Homes
39:41 Online Holiday Purchases Grow by 32%
40:16 California House Prices Increase Amid Pandemic
44:40 UK to Stop Imports from China's Xinjiang
46:14 Nuclear Firm Told to Resolve Safety Issues
46:46 Dutch Customs Seize British Ham Sandwich
47:31 Film Palace Turns into Vaccine Centre
49:35 Australian Jump into New Year
50:58 TSA’s 2021 Dog Calendar Starts Airport Pups

The House passes a resolution to pressure Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment-and moves forward with plans to impeach the president; SEworld announces it is suspending President Donald Trump's account; and social media platform Parler fights censorship in an effort to restore free speech.
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Pence Refuses to Remove Trump; SEworld Suspends Trump's Channel; Parler Fights for Free Speech | NTD

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    NTDNTD14 dagar sedan
    • @Roxie Olemeda Right! I actually agree with that! Adam saw Eve partook and she was fine, They both were, until years later. People prefer to read/watch video proof themselves so we should share links. Because they cant take the word of a stranger on youtube for instance: (VIDEO 34) BILL GATES SAYS REDUCE POPULATION 4 TIMES!! Not with WAR but while talking about VACCINES(Undeniable) Bill Thinks that saving lives leads to world OVER POPULATION And apprently that is a bother. He also thinks if your healthy you will not want children! So WHY are you taking his vaccine again? BILL GATES SAYS MANDATED VACCINE CERTIFICATE NEEDED TO LEAVE HOUSE ---------- 2020-12-20 what is the mark of the beast is it just one thing? _______________ Fake Syringe for a fake shot (hides needle and hides fluid) Do hospitals get paid extra $ for a person dying from Covid? Like this: please read Short CBS link to find out (or click on the CBS broadcast video, inside the next link) $13,000 for admitted with covid $39,000 for getting placed on a ventilator,.... 37,000 if they are listed as WITH COVID when they die no mater what they actually died from and plus a extra 20% on TOP of their regular rates. "Did the US Government Just Open the Door to the Mark of the Beast" new development from Minister that thought it was NOT the mark of the beast. until the Government made a change to policy. This is a big Government document so to find the vaccine section question just search for the question numbers: K.5. K.6. K.7. if you dont know how to do this just click in a open area of the page THEN press CTRL-F (press CTRL and F SIMUTANEOUSLY) CORONA mean CROWN CORONA =666 There are 6 letters, and the individual letters add up to 66 so hench 6 and 66 A is 1st letter of the alphabet, and C is the 3rd letter of the alpha bet C=3 O=15 R=18 O=15 N=14 A=66 total _____ 6-66 __________________________________________________________________________________ Is Covid-19 a Fear-Mongering Operation? CEO of APIJECT HAY WALKER admits CHip in vaccine. Like a barcode and each person will get a SERIAL NUMBER This video is positioned to where he admits there is a CHIP in it and your will get a SERIAL number. Your right THIS is what the First inventor of the chip said they Chose the Right hand and Forehead because those two are the hottest AND have the greatest temperator CHANGE for charging the batteries. Wow!!!:Project Engineer Who Made Bill Gate Microchip Speaks The Truth, & White Doctor Compliment This was Decades ago it is probably even smaller now. youtube keeps cesoring it so I will link it to one of the competitors sites. _________________________________________________________________________________ The Angles of God(ALMIGHTY) are marking the 144,000, this is different from a human keeping yourself FROM taking the mark of the beast. (but if you take the mark of the beast you CANT be 144,000 because you will be punished for it ) This mark of the beast will be deceptive, IT WILL DECEIVE THE ENTIRE WORLD. A Good point from that is IF your the crowd that is going down the broad and spacious road (many are taking that one), We should take the NARROW AND CRAMPED Road (few are taking that one). Also The scriptures tells us that IT WILL BE A LYING SIGN! And It tells us that the world will be deceived by means of SORCERY WHICH means PHARMAKIA when you look it up in STRONGS BIBLE DICTIONARY. The modern word for PHARMAKIA is PHARMACY. Also major note People in SORCERY ALWAYS get initiated with FACE MASKS. And people that are subjected to a SPELL are easier targets if they where A FACE MASK. 86 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BILL GATES SAYS REDUCE POPULATION 4 TIMES!! (Undeniable). Several LINKS BELOW Who said Bill Gates is not trying to vaccinate the Entire worlds population? Bill Gates says it. DIRECTLY on VIDEO link below. First I want to say this: If a watchman see danger approach a city, and wars them but some dont listen there blood is NOT on his hand.However if he does not warn them then God will demand there blood from HIM. What if another watchman was siting right next to the watchman that is warning the city is saying We are not too live in fear so stop shouting! And tells everyone we are christain please relax, lets be calm and reasonable even though he may have good intentions because he assumes this army has good intentions coming to the city). You have to admit with Common sense that "Conspiracy theory" is used to denote negative connotation for DECADES it is is primary use. The first thing you will hear people say is they are notcensoring you that is a conspiracy theory!This is how EVEN the layman use the word. Does not the scriptures say do not put your trust in doctors? Does not the Bible say that SATAN will mislead the ENTIRE inhabited earth(and yes that IS a literal conspiracy), when he is thrown out of heaven at the time of the end!? Does not the scriptures say we will have a GREAT DECEPTION, and the signs will be a LYING sign? Are you saying these scriptures are lying and we should be believing the World which is controlled by Satan just as Jesus himself says it is? Are you saying the GREAT TRIBULATION excludes us fighting against the lies of Satan? Are you saying that most people will see the signs if they was real? Which is the opposite of what God says in the scriptures. Your saying Bill Gates does not want to chip the entire world, but out of his own mouth he says 7 billion people will HAVE to take this chip. You seem to put down a man that you admit says he does not hate them? But it seems you want to say he does because he puts down their Gov or some leaders?! I put down Democrat leaders and Republican leaders but I love the people under them. Same with China! I love Chinese but I put down the Government because they are doing wickedness to those people. The US congress pass A Bill call HR 6666 ALL bills that start in the House of Representatives starts with HR. This Bill has the chip, then the number of the bill is 6666! In the bill it names what your denying! It is called CONTACT Tracing, that is what the CHIP does. The link is below the summary only takes a half minute to read. It says contract tracing. Bill Gates also has a INTERNATIONAL Patent with the WORLD PATENT office CALLED WIPO (World Intellectual Patent Office) The patent numbers start with this WO (for World Office) then 2020 (for the year of the patent) Then Bill gates actual world patent number is 060606. In the scriptures it tells you to add it up. In the process of adding it up 0 is nothing so you remove them and 060606 is actually 666. Just like the process of how you figure out the number of the best 666 mentioned in the scriptures. see revelations 13:17-18 below Yes it also has the Cryptocurrency in it this international patent so that you can BUY AND SELL IN THE MARKET, again see (Revelations 13:1-18) Just like they have to in China RIGHT THIS SECOND(link below). Revelations 13:17-18 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. 18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.[e] That number is 666. China uses cryptocurrency to buy and sell in the market already its not a conspiracy! The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO ) Video and titles in case Bitchute goes down Misterioously again. "NORMALCY ONLY RETURNS WHEN WE LARGELY VACCINATED THE ENTIRE GLOBAL POPULATION," SAYS BILL GATES. _____________ Proof Corona is a bioweapon patented by Bill Gates _____________ Three days later...✠ black nurse after vaccine THIS IS ME AFTER GETTING COVID VACCINE😭😂 elderly people dieing hours after vaccine _____________ Bill Gates meet with and sets up a fund to benefit jeffrey epstein

      blackman listeningblackman listening12 dagar sedan
    • @Cheroke 🙌 I agree with you.

      JFJ CJFJ C12 dagar sedan
    • "The U.S. Enviromental Protection Agency's deeply flawed regulatory process allows the use of pesticides like aldicarb, an "extremely hazardous" neurotoxin banned in more than 100 countries and known to cause developmental harm in children." / An expert virologist, pathologist & former chairman of a prominent medical association in Canada told officials in the province of Alberta that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is a great hoax (like so many thousands of experts have said). Propaganda media, Tech giants, Pharma & corrupt governments instead of debating these truths, they cowardly attack, censor & lie in order that you never see the truth. / Truth, Liberty, & Freedom / / & / & / & / &

      Walter WachsWalter Wachs14 dagar sedan
    • I don’t trust pbs

      Wanda MoitozaWanda Moitoza14 dagar sedan
    • President Trump needs to declare martial law and things need to be sorted out. Don't need a crime family in the white house. Don't need the wicked with of the west spewing her hate speech. Big tech companies need to be boycotted and free speech needs to be restored.

      Cherokee MacksCherokee Macks14 dagar sedan
  • I hope Pence doesn't expect to run for any office. Unless he runs as a Democrat

    Jey FryeJey Frye8 dagar sedan
  • Pence is a traitor

    wrongfully accusedwrongfully accused9 dagar sedan
  • What is wrong with gym jorden and Matt gaetz

    Larry WiseLarry Wise9 dagar sedan
  • I like Florida Idea

    Zella WeltyZella Welty9 dagar sedan
  • Grifter Joe should be in jail.

    Leon SpartaLeon Sparta10 dagar sedan
  • BRING BACK JASMINA DAVIS!!!!! ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    Allen ItalianoAllen Italiano10 dagar sedan
  • Nancy pelosi needs to step down from politics hate is clouding her judgment as house speaker.

    jamak7 rootjamak7 root10 dagar sedan
  • If anyone is dangerous to our country,its Nancy Pelosi.She is a nut case.

    Billy AndersonBilly Anderson10 dagar sedan
  • God bless you Dov Hikind. And rest in peace to your family

    Mary JohnsonMary Johnson10 dagar sedan
  • If these people Pelosi and company don't stop all this nonsense, they are going to reap the whirlwind. CCP is sharpening its tools over in Red China right now. This country will attack eventually. Either they will attack America directly or they will attack one of our allies. It's going to happen. I think America is heading for disaster. The Dems are doing this to divert attention from the election. Yes in part. But they are also diverting attention from Red China, Iran and all America's enemies. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe because they are getting rich with these countries. We know they're in bed with them, figuratively and literally. Like Eric Swallwell whatever his name is. And he's on the intelligence Committee. Wow! It would almost be hysterically funny, a guy who's on the intelligence Committee has a communist girlfriend. But it's true and it's not a made for TV movie plot!!!

    Mary JohnsonMary Johnson10 dagar sedan
  • What the liberal devils did in liberal Democratic States.....prior to election day. Destroying historical monuments!!!!! Destroying other peoples property!!!!!! Antifa,,,,Black life matters. Your disgusting. And no true believer would be involved with that vile crap!! We know a tree by the fruit it produces. All life matters in the eyes of Our Creator period!!!!

    Seqoia BegoneSeqoia Begone10 dagar sedan
  • Curse be on SEworld, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, google, Amazon, Walmart, etc I am stepping out of all these stores and all the enemies of GOD! Who are acting against the TRUTH and in favor of the massive fraud!and social media

    Lucy CardeLucy Carde10 dagar sedan

    Lucy CardeLucy Carde10 dagar sedan
  • Then you tube , show the same content as the rest of these company’s do , we should bring in laws so we can find just say 10 million a day , because they are trying to be one sided which we know is wrong , bring in laws so these be responsible for the actions.

    David CostarDavid Costar11 dagar sedan
  • They haven't been a platform for years. Strip them of their 230 protections. You don't have to remove Section 230, but you can enforce it. And all this big techs are not fallowing the rules. Hence they shouldn't be protected by it. As for what FL Rep is asking for. There are phones that come with Ubuntu or a de-googlefy Android. So it is not impossible to not get Android and iOS devices. "in no way reflect our values or opinion" I call BS on that. Then why sneak propaganda on their shows? PBS is no different than all the other big channels. I'm not please know our taxes go their way.

    OmizukeOmizuke11 dagar sedan
  • The city s are burning all summer long but my opinion doesn't matter unnecessary USA citizens.Wait what about my tax money that needed

    Tracy OgdenTracy Ogden11 dagar sedan
  • Thank God Desantis axes Big-Tech

    Tim SummerfordTim Summerford11 dagar sedan
  • You-Tube will become You-Trump and Twitter will become Trumpet and Parlor will be bigger than both combined since Amazon will belong to Parlor and it's Users that Amazon violated their rights Fake Book will be shut down because I don't have a name yet lol and MSM shut down until China is Purged from our Government funny Swallowlwell is a China puppet on impeachment Judge haha good one Nancey Trump has your laptop you traitor

    Tim SummerfordTim Summerford11 dagar sedan
  • WOW Children re-education camps for republican voters. are they going to send the children to the gas chambers if the children dont comply to their re-education?. Dang some dem's really are Nazis. :(

    Kem WillsKem Wills11 dagar sedan
  • Close and ban Twitter for suppressing free speech. We are NOT a communistb country and US citizens will NEVER accept that!!!! 😡

    Gloria BortGloria Bort12 dagar sedan
  • If this happened in Asia, the President would have closed and slammed these social media,

    Gloria BortGloria Bort12 dagar sedan
  • Schwarzenegger has a lot of nerve! Where was his opinion during the BLM riots? It's the Democrats that need reeducation camps!

    twinkiemammatwinkiemamma12 dagar sedan
  • The Democrats are not working under hand, they are right out in the open..... they are not able to hide their EVIL anymore... their EVIL had a face and a voice...... and they don't believe in God. .What are you going to do about it

    Fritula 6Fritula 612 dagar sedan
  • What the Democrats are doing to President Trump is unbelievable..... everybody can see what kind of people they are. His own Republicans, traitors. For me it is an honour to have him as my President who is leading the country with integrity. Especially under the circumstances of what and how these ravaging dogs Democrats are behaving.... and they call themselves leaders ,who will represent me on the world discussions of world peace. These people are not worth anything, they have no value. No honour, no integrity no humaness.....they are dogs...the worst kind of animals. How did America become so corrupt...... stolen people's right of free speech. So evil. God help us all. The sorrows are begining.

    Fritula 6Fritula 612 dagar sedan
  • Put that PBS lawyer in the re-education camp first and let the guards beat the hell out of the bastard!

    Hoàng Tương GiangHoàng Tương Giang12 dagar sedan
  • Please !!!tell the truth , I don't know what your thinking !! All LIES !!!

    Lydia StinsonLydia Stinson12 dagar sedan
  • This is horrible the things they are doing!!! God have mercy

    Yvette PadillaYvette Padilla12 dagar sedan
  • Kiosk is what the communist & other countries ( dislikes America) wants to happen in our country America. For us 🇺🇸 to fight each other & destroy our own!

    Shirley LeeShirley Lee12 dagar sedan
  • Everything these despots do just make everything Trump said in the past 5 years more credible.

    TheOutlawJoseyWalesTheOutlawJoseyWales12 dagar sedan
  • The very grounds they are using to try and impeach the American President itself is a betrayal to Americans and the President and i would say its treason. I think there is a solid case to put them all in jail.

    The DoctorThe Doctor12 dagar sedan
  • Impeach the corrupt Democrats!!!!

    JFJ CJFJ C12 dagar sedan
  • SEworld are stopping the president call for peace. Why do you think that is? The left don't want peace, they want power. Despots. The USA need to invade their own country to stabilise it and secure the democratic process the left have destroyed. CCP coming for you. Good luck USA🤞🤞👍👍

    TheOutlawJoseyWalesTheOutlawJoseyWales12 dagar sedan
  • Pelosi should be removed from the House for breaking her Oath of Office since she has repeatedly failed to follow the Constitution. Violation of Oath of Office and Walker v Members of Congress. I love the tolerance Dems give Trump supporters - reciprocation seems reasonable.

    orthogonal1orthogonal112 dagar sedan
  • Even in Mike Pence won’t invoke the 25th, he is a traitor ! He could have done the right thing in the beginning, but no, 5 minutes of fame with all eyes on him , he needed ti show he too had power. It’s disgusting, and this is someone I respected!!!

    yola mariyola mari12 dagar sedan
  • wow... Pelosi is most hypocritical noting the fact that no action on her part to condemn the BLM and Antifa acts of violence... heh... heh... that sums up practically how the Democrat's credibility now stands to the world population! She condemns herself more by her very actions and must now be subject to future checks and balances... what a despicable mockery at best!..🤣🤣🤣👺💕💩!

    Vincent PacksVincent Packs12 dagar sedan
  • The certification should be annulled forget all that nonsense about 25th amendment and all the other crap the January 6th certification should be annulled because votes were made under duress they were still distressed scared intimidated harangue and ultimately misinformed and they came back in and voted under a state of Hysteria and intimidation and misinformation and duress now that things have calmed down and the real information has been displayed they should annul the certification and take a new vote. USA CONSTITUTION AMENDMENT I Right to redress greivance. *** any lawyers reading this please put your mind to this what I wrote below*** PLEASE APPLY THOUGHT FOR EMERGENCY RECONSIDERATION MOTION keep reading please I think there might still be hope: I just saw the Giuliani video showing how the orchestration of antifa and black lives matter was planned and executed upon the Insurgency of the capital( ) Their leader was a man named John Sullivan who is presently in custody The news showed they released him but later picked him up in another state. I have watched the mainstream media version of the events and listened to their narratives And of course like everyone else I am sickened by the loss of life and I grieve for the lost ones and their families but their deaths should not be in vain those officers and Ashley Babbitt were caught up in something that was pre-planned Terrorism against Americans. The most biased version was today's broadcast of Rachel Maddow January 14th 2021 It is my belief that Hysteria unduly influenced the US Representatives and Senators influenced their votes and signatures respectively It is my belief that the misinformation formed their opinions and changed the outcome. It is my belief that if they were made aware of the facts as presented by Mayor Guiliani inthe video link above on returning to the US Capital that many who cast votes and withdrew originally intended Senate signatures would have voted as they intended before the seige and mahem We all saw the highly narrated and edited version of the events with the target opinion that this fell at the feet of our President the participants in the certification were there but only had no choice but to believe what they and all everyone else have been told WATCH THE GULIANI VIDEO..NOBODY HAS SEEN THIS VERSION OF EVENTD Our Reps were taken away for safety and returned with no counseling. Np assurance there wasnt a lingerong threat and in an information vaccuum they did yheir duty but under unfue stress anxiety and misinformation They applied their votes it is my belief that the outcome was influenced by the opinion that it was a trump supporter incursion that threatened them Clearly one look ay the Mayors video IT WAS NOT! IT WAS PRE-PLANNED ANARCHY!!! I believe as a US citizen that any reasonable minded person that viewed the Giuliani video showing John Sullivan the anarchist that any reasonable minded person would realize that it was not Trump supporters further that it was not instigated by anything that the president said either that morning or at any other time with the exception that he had requested his supporters to show up at a designated place in time that designated time was advertised and therefore known by adversaries of this country and taken advantage of in the negative manner that was applied in the form of that incursion I am a lay person at law however it is my firm belief that something of national importance something as important to the General Public as this election and the certification of it should not be placed into the hands a people suffering a false belief or hysteria and that the results should be nullified to highlight this point for example if the representatives individually we're under some sort of threat or extortion and that came to light that their vote was being required to be swayed in some manner because they were being threatened or intimidated in some way would that justify if that was done en Mass where every representative on the follr of the house and senate in person or proxy was given a ransom note or were held at jeopardy of their life or some equally similar intimidation which as an analogy if a jury was threatened and it came to the cognizance of the judge presiding over the trial that they were voting in favor or against based off of the requirements of the intimidating party worth the person's a person threatening them then that would cause a mistrial and so similar notifying the result of that day and doing a r e meeting Aubrey assembly so bad they can with cooler heads Kamar emotions and a clear idea of what actually transpired that's evaluate and cast their decision They reconvened shortly after the incursion the incursion and the time of the voting there was very little time between the event and the votes of certification The representatives were falsely led to believe one thing that was not true and were oblivious turn alternative narrative and the belief that they had being wrong LED several Senators to withdraw support that they otherwise would have given and actually even said so such as Kelly Loeffler Does this not constitute large-scale jury tampering or in this case tampering with the Senate is there nothing that can be done about that can't the result be nullified and they convene and revote it would just be a matter of amending there conversations and debate as most of what they had to say was tainted by the belief that President Trump and or his supporters being the American people themselves we're against them and took evil actions that put their lives at risk and that thing so absolutely untrue is there nothing that can be done for this tampering and this large-scale successful trickery and masquerade to effect this purpose that they were successful in achieving? As a US citizen I do not know as a lay person of law what the proper vehicle of law would be to bring this into and in front of the right parties to effectuate a proper outcome I can only guess either as an emergency petition either to the Senate themselves to reconsider or the House of Representatives Supreme Court? I don't know if the people have to sign a petition or what because I'm not a lawyer and I do not know the vehicle of law that can be used but it seems apparent that this Senate and House of the United States was tampered with and we're led to believe by threat and intimidation the results of a performance Act a masquerade and they were in a state of fear and disbelief and hatred and anxiety at the time that they cast their decisions on this very important date in history and making a decision to accept or not accept the states certifications of the results of the 2020 election And equally as important to object or not object to the irregularities that became excessively apparent regarding the swing States The January 20th date can still be honored because if they do emergency reconvene then it is possible that they can hold the emergency sessions in time to still honor a January 20th inauguration but it would destroy the nation to find out that a black lives matter and antifa Insurgency changed the outcome of something as vital and important as this decision is to our country. Please contact your state representatives and see if they agree or any attorneys that you know that understand constitutional-law we might still have a chance 4 years of rallies and nothing resembling this America First Supporters did not do anything wrong ...masquerading 'America-last 'anarchist foreign financed did.

    Joseph LangfordJoseph Langford12 dagar sedan
  • Amazon, Google and Facebook are in essence violating the Sherman Act . Should our judicial system do their job and eliminate these companies from having an advantage this injustice wouldnot be happening.

    Francisco GonzalezFrancisco Gonzalez12 dagar sedan
  • So how come evidence of incitement by Trump isn't being demanded as much as the evidence of election fraud was? Where's the evidence Pelosi? Where's the evidence? If you're going to make a ridiculous accusation that like that you should have the evidence to back it up but you don't because as it has been proven over and over again Trump called for peace and condemned violence but you ignore it because you and your socialist drones have been on a deranged Trump witch hunt for 4 years and even as Trump's presidency is coming to an end they still won't let up. If anyone is inciting violence it's her and her socialist grunts. Hey, Pelosi remember when you said "I plan to pull him (Trump) out of there by his hair, his little hands and his feet."? Isn't that inciting violence?? Maybe you should be the one being impeached.

    Viddy JamesViddy James12 dagar sedan
  • I Am so SICK of these people attempting to punishing people who dont agree with their beliefs! SHAME on these companies but thats OK because right back aint cheating when their business takes a hit for being involved when not neccessary. PS even in the midst of the pandemic companies are trying to effect people's livelihood. UGH despicable

    K JeffersonK Jefferson12 dagar sedan
  • 🤔

    Jayanta ChakrabortyJayanta Chakraborty12 dagar sedan
  • The big texts are all in cahoots with Joe Biden team for the simple reason that they're convinced or have been convinced that Biden is to be the 46th president. They don't care whether Trump did incite his supporters or not. They know secretly that Trump is innocent but they don't care about the truth or fairness. The Big Texts are ignoring the facts that point to the Left hijacking the Stop The Steal crowds to breach the Capitol Hill to serve their purpose (defang Trump and his supporters so they would cease accusing Joe Biden of stealing the election, put him in the slammer if need be)! These Big Texts are choosing who they believe did breach the Capitol Hill. They ignored the Democrat major Muiel Bowster's reaction to Trump's statement that he planned to attend the rally at Capitol Hill on January 6. For the information of everyone - including Big Texts - Bowster threatened to call out the National Guards to protect the DC from imminent violence by Trump's supporters. But when the day arrived instead of seeing thousands of National Guard men and women, the capital was largely observed with lack of security with only capital police present - and some witnesses even pointed to even may be less police personnel patrolling the DC ground on that day, for that matter! The witness a woman reporter from overseas, claimed she talked to a cop who agreed with her assessment that the police presence was the minimum. He told her that his superior was taking a lackadaisical attitude towards security revealing that he even was sent home to rest and don't come back until the rally is over, but he said he came back on his own steam as he was curious about the situation! This explains why the Democrats are rushing to ge things done (to push convincing narratives to the country to accept that Trump incited violence and should be unceremoniously bundled out or thrown into the slammer); perhaps the police said time was the essence as the people may wise up to the ruse! Checked. Do you wish to know more?

    Dr Earl LangDr Earl Lang12 dagar sedan
  • Off FACEBOOK!!!I sold all derivatives on facebook and Twitter.EVERYONE SHOUD DO THE SAME,BECAUSE I WILL FALL EVEN MORE!!!!!!!

    F18 HornetF18 Hornet13 dagar sedan
  • Off FACEBOOK!!!I sold all derivatives on facebook and Twitter.EVERYONE SHOUD DO THE SAME,BECAUSE I WILL FALL EVEN MORE!!!!!!!

    F18 HornetF18 Hornet13 dagar sedan
  • It will I agree

    Tracy JohnsonTracy Johnson13 dagar sedan
  • Where's the Pelosi LAPTOP that was STOLEN???? Thats's why they're DESPARETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    F18 HornetF18 Hornet13 dagar sedan
  • Control that's what this is your trying to quit us

    Tracy JohnsonTracy Johnson13 dagar sedan
  • It didn't work the first time

    Tracy JohnsonTracy Johnson13 dagar sedan
  • Don't forget you're a Christian Pence. This woman just won't quit !! Do you think about President Trump 24/7 ?? Why are you so obsessed with President Trump ??

    Mars OrozcoMars Orozco13 dagar sedan
  • I only hope THAT BIDEN AND PELOSI are put behind bars for their treason

    Gi SuziGi Suzi13 dagar sedan
  • Pence has he sold his soul finally???

    Carol SummerhayesCarol Summerhayes13 dagar sedan
  • How come the Clintons are "above the Law " ?

    Wooly HighlanderWooly Highlander13 dagar sedan
  • Is it Gates Mixture ? Is it Safe ? Is there any Proof that it is Safe ? Is it even Necessary ?

    Wooly HighlanderWooly Highlander13 dagar sedan
  • Dems can't stand a President who doesn't allow them to continue 'Laundering your Tax Money" overseas !

    Wooly HighlanderWooly Highlander13 dagar sedan
  • Book burnings...

    Terry CampbellTerry Campbell13 dagar sedan
  • Shame on SEworld

    S. GardenS. Garden13 dagar sedan
  • Trump was on the verge of charging China for what they caused in loosing the pandemic.

    Gail CorblyGail Corbly13 dagar sedan
  • The lefts HATRED is evident in their actions.

    S. GardenS. Garden13 dagar sedan
  • Jim Jordan has earned respect with those who stood for the legal citizens who voted for them. Mitch mc Connell a con with the rest of the con gress who have lost politically because they cheated.

    Gail CorblyGail Corbly13 dagar sedan
  • 19:15 Hey, look at the lemmings lining up for the vaccine ! Hmmm..., not so sure how wise that is.

    Mike LindnerMike Lindner13 dagar sedan
  • Schwartz is a known tyrant.

    MrJorjohnMrJorjohn13 dagar sedan
  • Hay You tube do you like to losing money if you ban Trump we will go to a set and get our free movies some wear else

    Larry RobinsonLarry Robinson13 dagar sedan
  • Recall newsom California , stand up for yourselves

    JoAnn DryoelJoAnn Dryoel13 dagar sedan
  • Pence walk away dude ,have some dignity man, Trump is our President

    JoAnn DryoelJoAnn Dryoel13 dagar sedan
  • Rubio wouldn't pass it for Trump

    JoAnn DryoelJoAnn Dryoel13 dagar sedan
  • Give her the first fine and schumer and the one that got the virus, mask under your chin is not wearing it. , can we impeach piglosi already .

    JoAnn DryoelJoAnn Dryoel13 dagar sedan
  • Biden will never be President besides joining his friends in China!!!

    Unvailing the Veil wormwoodUnvailing the Veil wormwood13 dagar sedan
  • Crooks, Liers, Actors and Clowns everywhere!! Trump won the Elections Period!!!

    Unvailing the Veil wormwoodUnvailing the Veil wormwood13 dagar sedan
  • Thank you, VP Pence!

    Sherry YargerSherry Yarger13 dagar sedan
  • Democrats are evil, Trump has not said anything to incite violence however, this is a ploy to impeach him and try to get rid of him forever because he is a threat to their corruption. The question people need to ask is how did these demonstrators get inside the building so easily??? American politics has become a joke so much corruption its unbelievable in front of the world, these so called politicians are just lining their pockets and self interests before putting the interest of their country and people. This election will go down in history as the biggest fraud ever to be carried out by a party, now they have a PRESIDENT FRAUD!!!!!.

    Zarrah ZidanZarrah Zidan13 dagar sedan

  • Don't need pbs to teach my kids about corruption in our government¡!! My government is already doing it. Dems

    Keith NorrisKeith Norris13 dagar sedan
  • They better cover there own butts! They all are going to gitmo.

    Milton ChristensonMilton Christenson13 dagar sedan
  • Pelositron- you're no Catholic

    George PoppeGeorge Poppe13 dagar sedan
  • Hitler had enlightenment camps called "Hitler Youth Corps"

    George PoppeGeorge Poppe13 dagar sedan
  • Pence, Stay true to your School

    George PoppeGeorge Poppe13 dagar sedan
  • MASSIVE FRAUD! Where are the voting machines, Pelosi?

    Sweet eternal readerSweet eternal reader13 dagar sedan
  • The only danger for America is Pelosi and the bunch of evil democrats along with the bunch of republican traitors (lots of them). It is all your theather Pelosi while your friends are destroying the proofs of MASSIVE VOTING FRAUD!! Simply pathetic!!

    Sweet eternal readerSweet eternal reader13 dagar sedan
  • Stop buying their products.

    Ally LeeAlly Lee13 dagar sedan
  • Thats a good thing cus twitter and fb are what spy on us now how they gonna know when we have something big planned fuck twitter and fb!!!!

    Steve UlibarriSteve Ulibarri13 dagar sedan
  • He is elected by the people remember so you cannot jst empeach him

    olga domingoolga domingo13 dagar sedan
  • Crazy

    olga domingoolga domingo13 dagar sedan
  • TEXIT unless Trump has another plan. The dems are controlled by China.

    GARY MCCANNGARY MCCANN13 dagar sedan
  • Pence knows how hard Trump has worked for our country because he worked along with him. What Nancy said about Trump is true about Biden.

    gramma saysgramma says13 dagar sedan
  • Lets say a miracle takes place and Trump retains the presidency and is re-inaugurated on January 20. How long do you think it would take Trump to muck up to get impeached a third time? I'm thinking three months tops... :-)

    Tee BeeTee Bee13 dagar sedan
  • Six days to go for the close of the Trump as president circus act....

    Day WalkerDay Walker13 dagar sedan
  • ***ALERT*** The FBI Are Planning On Shooting Into Crowds Of Patriots With Live AMMO To Blame It On White Supremacy To Cause A Inside War Which Will Only POWER THE NWO For CIVIL WAR!!!!!!!!!! ***ALERT*** ***ALERT*** ***ALERT***

    Mike VanMike Van13 dagar sedan
  • I still love the nation and people for whom I worked 40 years all over the world--but I must admit I need to exclude leaders of the despotic Democratic Party and their fellow hate-filled Zombies who show almost every day how they hate us Yanks.

    Harry SweeneyHarry Sweeney13 dagar sedan
  • It`s more than obvious who is running the US and the whole world. It certainly isn`t Trump, nor will it be Biden.

    Le ChatLe Chat13 dagar sedan
  • 'Incitement of insurrection' but yet Harris open speaks out that she supports BLM who has looted, killed and torched millions if not more in property damage. Double standards and also that was Antifa that stormed the capital not patriots. You can see where patriots were trying to stop them. Fraud election and fraud charges. The left sinks so low in what it will do.

    Michael AlaskaMichael Alaska13 dagar sedan
  • what a sissy

    Cindy MaggioCindy Maggio13 dagar sedan
  • Don't give up the ship!

    Genevieve CaroGenevieve Caro13 dagar sedan
  • Allow me to be absolutely clear,if by any chance SEworld, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,and all media platforms believe we the people cannot see their involvement with politics? With news? With Government? How can we not see it? How could anyone not see it? In 5 years Big tech has spent more time and effort trying to undermine, belittle, smear campaigns, and convince citizens that Trump is the big bad orange man. Yaw can completely censor, scrub video footage audio clips etc of anything Trump and his followers in the community post,blog,tweet,etc. But yaw let actual harming video's slide, children pornography, rape, abuse, animal abuse, etc still exist on the internet,but Trump and his employees and anyone defending him has their content completely scrubbed off the entire internet in a matter of moments.... And yaw don't find it odd that we noticed this??? Dude yaw have shown where you stand. You have revealed what is a priority to yaw. You may always have a few lost sheep who believe every word and distractions you post, record, say etc, but we will never all just blindly believe you. To be honest as a skeptical person I didn't believe what Trump was selling until you made it oh so obvious that he was busting yaw out when yaw have spent 5 years trying to force demonization upon him and anyone who believes him. You overplayed your hand 1 too many times. We see you America. We see you.👆

    William HemphillWilliam Hemphill13 dagar sedan
  • Mr. President Trump we love you!!!

    ann mcchristianann mcchristian13 dagar sedan
  • Fuck SEworld and Google. Start looking for alternatives.

    LordshitmanLordshitman13 dagar sedan
  • Y'all remember the guy in the department store that cowered to a beat down. Nothing short of that will be acceptable to a Democrat. You shut up, lay there and take it. Same way they treated the slaves.

    Beo WolfBeo Wolf13 dagar sedan
  • Evil Pelosi! I pray God will give you what you deserve for punishment of your evil actions!

    Vel SiamaVel Siama13 dagar sedan
  • I wouldn't have been surprised if Pence had caved to the Dems. He's a treasonous traitor and Pontius Pilate incarnate. Anyone saying he's a God fearing man is delusional.

    L CicL Cic13 dagar sedan
  • any body really hear the names of the two republicians . Channey , kissenger . two long time swamp names ??

    eric monroeeric monroe13 dagar sedan
  • They come anywhere near my kid, and they should bring their own body bags. That's how they'll be leaving!

    Brandon BakerBrandon Baker13 dagar sedan