Among Us New Update Is Hilarious - Among Us #9

20 okt 2020
10 358 408 visningar

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  • The well-groomed fox quickly mug because wasp reciprocally curl by a present tower. zonked, knowledgeable stamp

    Brendan PassarellBrendan Passarell5 timmar sedan
  • this episode is my most fave among us vid. so wholesome

    CHOCOBALL CHANWOO maknae on topCHOCOBALL CHANWOO maknae on top6 timmar sedan
  • lmao that speed run tho

    CHOCOBALL CHANWOO maknae on topCHOCOBALL CHANWOO maknae on top6 timmar sedan
  • The unequal random uniquely start because angora acutely point till a expensive cardigan. sincere, abject magic

    CHUNG MOI POWCHUNG MOI POW11 timmar sedan
  • "Im sticking to cat ears for a while" bro they're wolf ears for Halloween

    ChanelleeChanellee11 timmar sedan
  • Man this is just💖💖

    Nxt EphialtesNxt Ephialtes15 timmar sedan
  • Why does he have a mask on

    Jaxon RohrbaughJaxon Rohrbaugh21 timme sedan
  • Them talking about anime was literally one of the best parts of this video

    Kenma’s Nintendo switchKenma’s Nintendo switchDag sedan

    This IS HadesThis IS HadesDag sedan
  • In my next life I want Corpse's voice

    Brian HuBrian HuDag sedan
  • Why is Sive sitting alone, in his home, still with a mask? 😂

    Blubberface 23Blubberface 23Dag sedan
  • watup fyingkitty

    Richie RichRichie RichDag sedan
  • omg not the leo pic

    cautionmircautionmirDag sedan
  • Hi

    Jordyn VickersJordyn VickersDag sedan
  • Corpse: "😘" Me instantly: "if she woulda kissed him, she have killed him" Ur an og if you get the reference

    MiuexeeMiuexeeDag sedan
  • 7:26 Jaiden doing things

    CondradCondradDag sedan
  • I love how jaiden is playing with them!!!

    Julie JJulie JDag sedan
  • 8:16 perfectly cut screams

    RazoreonRazoreonDag sedan
  • The stinky potatoes are coming, they're coming to eat the walls!!!

    Ryan MurphyRyan MurphyDag sedan
    • This comment will probably never see the light of day.. :(

      Ryan MurphyRyan MurphyDag sedan
  • The best part is hearing grown men giggling like little boys.

    Sonia HamSonia Ham2 dagar sedan
  • Pewdie : “don’t split up don’t split up” Everyone: “splits” Pewdie : “ pANiC”

    Lorraine HeathLorraine Heath2 dagar sedan
  • Pews: Dont split up Corspe: OK *walks away*

    Efrem BlauerEfrem Blauer2 dagar sedan
  • everyone: *talking about the beta* Jaiden: *just sliding down the chairs*

    Ava ChungAva Chung2 dagar sedan
  • 41:42 POV moms pulling back in the driveway and you still haven’t put the dishes away

    BigPurpleGrape 69BigPurpleGrape 692 dagar sedan
  • Hide and seek ep1: Sive will seek most

    Emil Nilsson Tollarps Skola 6AEmil Nilsson Tollarps Skola 6A2 dagar sedan
  • Here's a legitimate question why the hell is sive wearing a mask in his own home

    Jacob MilamJacob Milam2 dagar sedan
  • Pp

    Noah CarterNoah Carter2 dagar sedan
  • 27:34 / 42:41

    Ciel OzCiel Oz2 dagar sedan
  • Why is everyone ignoring the fact that sive is wearing a mask while he's alone in his house

    Sarah MoralesSarah Morales2 dagar sedan
  • I’m so glad scare Pewdiepie 2020 happened

    Depreston LittleDepreston Little2 dagar sedan
  • anyones else tried to click "play again" then realised its a video?

    Aks PotterAks Potter2 dagar sedan
  • In my next life I want Corpse's voice

    Jennesa DarlingJennesa Darling2 dagar sedan
  • 12:45 Pewds: “you’ll never find me here” * two seconds later * PJ: hi pewds :)

    Kevin KimKevin Kim2 dagar sedan
  • corpse saying “run” triggered my fight or flight

    william escotowilliam escoto2 dagar sedan
  • Jujutsu Kaisen is my new fav 😂 😆

    Lwj AwwxLwj Awwx2 dagar sedan
  • Whyyyyy is sive wearing a mask on camera?

    kidSkitskidSkits2 dagar sedan
    • @226-SURABHI PRIYA Ahhh thank you I was thinking it was just because of corona 😂

      kidSkitskidSkits2 dagar sedan
    • He has not done a face reveal yet

      226-SURABHI PRIYA226-SURABHI PRIYA2 dagar sedan
  • 12:45 Pewds: “you’ll never find me here” * two seconds later * PJ: hi pewds :)

    dann menadann mena3 dagar sedan
  • Why Today i posted my first video of among us??? because of you... thank you PewDiePie :)

    Peew TimingPeew Timing3 dagar sedan
  • Fantastic.

    Han GonHan Gon3 dagar sedan
  • do you lot ever play with randoms?

    Among Us TrollingAmong Us Trolling3 dagar sedan
  • I love this chaos 😂😂

    Harshita BharadwajHarshita Bharadwaj3 dagar sedan
  • 28:18 one direction reference... Okay!

    Harshita BharadwajHarshita Bharadwaj3 dagar sedan

    bellaayybellaayy3 dagar sedan
  • corpse saying “run” triggered my fight or flight

    Leona McDanielLeona McDaniel3 dagar sedan
  • 27:33 heh lil goodbye present from corpse

    ManuManu3 dagar sedan
  • I got voice like corpse but his voice is litle deeper than mine .-. (Im in puberty cuz )

    UlwoonUlwoon3 dagar sedan
  • 0:22 my love video :X.

    Han GonHan Gon3 dagar sedan
  • the boys giggling gives me life

    Annapurna SivaAnnapurna Siva3 dagar sedan
  • Pewdie : “don’t split up don’t split up” Everyone: “splits” Pewdie : “ pANiC”

  • Soo ehm just wondering, what color is “me”?? I have no idea who’s the imposter most of the time.

    Maria Louise SønderskovMaria Louise Sønderskov4 dagar sedan
  • I love u girl

    Fen PouFen Pou4 dagar sedan
  • Does Dave (boyinaband) stream anywhere when he plays? I'd really like to watch it but can't find if he does

    Rosie RRosie R4 dagar sedan
    • Don't think so :( I couldn't find anything anywhere either

      k8k83 dagar sedan
  • Why is yellow wearing a mask inside his house-

    Isla GreenIsla Green4 dagar sedan
    • He is sive he haven't done face reveal yet

      226-SURABHI PRIYA226-SURABHI PRIYA2 dagar sedan
  • Brofist?

    Blue BobBlue Bob4 dagar sedan
  • "Longer, thats to short, longer" pewds

    Max TannerMax Tanner4 dagar sedan
  • 23:48 n-word

    Daeve AltamarDaeve Altamar4 dagar sedan
  • 12:12 is probably the funniest game I’ve ever witnessed besides Corpse’s kiss of death

    A KA K5 dagar sedan
  • This looks like so much more fun than the original way to play. Lol. Everyone seems to be enjoying it, it's a lot more lively, and it's fair.

    Kourtts MasonKourtts Mason5 dagar sedan
  • In my next life I want Corpse's voice

    karen blancokaren blanco5 dagar sedan
  • Lol

    Happy MeatballHappy Meatball5 dagar sedan
  • What’s up with the Leonardo thing at the bottom

    Bethany BruningBethany Bruning5 dagar sedan
  • “Your gonna ruin your own life corpse-“ Corpse: “I’ve already done that.”

    Mandy HannahMandy Hannah5 dagar sedan
  • 15:05 you heard it here from corpse

    Andres SanchezAndres Sanchez5 dagar sedan

    BachrainBachrain5 dagar sedan
  • Can we talk about how the video is 42 minutes and 42 seconds

    Get AwayGet Away5 dagar sedan
  • Pewds: "STOPPPPP" Me: If you stop yelling she wouldn't be able to follow you bc she would have lost you

  • In my next life I want Corpse's voice

    Wolff MyrtieWolff Myrtie6 dagar sedan
  • I love how youtubers have gotten original and creative with their swear censoring sounds. Though i hate SEworld forcing that upon you all, you've made something cool out of it. Cheers haha

    Dave CrupelDave Crupel6 dagar sedan
  • What was that voice edit at the very start 😂

    Dave CrupelDave Crupel6 dagar sedan
  • Plase play among us without emergency metting and without report

    Dan SaplacanDan Saplacan6 dagar sedan
  • Perfectly cut off screams compilation: Ken @ 5:43 Jack @ 8:16 Dave @ 28:18 Or Jaiden?? More Dave @ 38:41 Or was it PJ?

    overjoyoverjoy6 dagar sedan
  • Poodiepie

    hammoudi naammnehhammoudi naammneh6 dagar sedan
  • Corpse+Pewdiepie=OmGgggggg

    Varsa GamingVarsa Gaming6 dagar sedan
  • Hi

    MartinWasTakenMartinWasTaken6 dagar sedan
  • Too much noise

    kiko Skiko S6 dagar sedan
  • Is tat jJaden animation

    Jay Kyle CruzJay Kyle Cruz6 dagar sedan
  • Dude

    Faze CrazeFaze Craze6 dagar sedan
  • These cut screams crack me up so much and I dunno why 5:42 8:15 22:39 23:48 28:18 38:41

    Rinrin FranRinrin Fran6 dagar sedan
  • why is sive wearing a mask?

    Susan HunleySusan Hunley6 dagar sedan
    • He hasn't done a face reveal yet thats why

      226-SURABHI PRIYA226-SURABHI PRIYA2 dagar sedan
  • corpse's kiss of death reminds me of dementors kiss 👁👁

    Hayley FigueroaHayley Figueroa7 dagar sedan
  • 16:53 i'd have done the same thing as corpse, we share the same brain cell LMAO i though they were going to run that way

    Leena RfsLeena Rfs7 dagar sedan
  • I love how he use H20 Delirious thumbnail in his video

    Darrel ArnoDarrel Arno7 dagar sedan
  • Corpse seems like a great guy but man do I hate that dudes voice

    Sean MadsenSean Madsen7 dagar sedan
    • Hes got it from a medical condition, so i think he kinda has no control over that

      Nurul InayahNurul Inayah5 dagar sedan

    Paolo SilvaPaolo Silva7 dagar sedan

    EmBEARassedEmBEARassed7 dagar sedan
  • So, first off, have no idea what this is, but I’m clearly missing out! Love you guys!

    Kiel PatakyKiel Pataky7 dagar sedan
  • I want to be a part of this lobby for chaotic serotonin purposes

    Duncan BubblesDuncan Bubbles7 dagar sedan
  • bruh why are these so funny

    Peyton WrightPeyton Wright7 dagar sedan
  • This is great watch Among Us reaction video by Dimi God here on You Tube it's hilarious 😂

    Dimi GodDimi God7 dagar sedan
  • The amount of people shipping Corpse with Pewds is making me uncomfortable :monkaS:

    Manos PinManos Pin8 dagar sedan
  • 28:06 33:31 36:14

    Dark green Crew mateDark green Crew mate8 dagar sedan
  • Hey Pewds, what’s that little spinning Thor’s hammer that you have? I need something to fidget with when I sit thru lecture man

    PineapplePartyPineappleParty8 dagar sedan
  • Gotta admit this is one of the best among us lobby. Everyone's so chill and genuinely having fun

    Madeline DavidMadeline David8 dagar sedan
  • wtf 9:38

    Laura BahlsLaura Bahls8 dagar sedan
  • 168 million subscribers T-Series PewDiePie fail

    Adithya SirwaiyaAdithya Sirwaiya8 dagar sedan
  • T series is your father

    Adithya SirwaiyaAdithya Sirwaiya8 dagar sedan
  • Couldn't hear anything the guy with the mask was saying!

    carefulcliffdrivercarefulcliffdriver8 dagar sedan
  • best intro ever

    YT_Landonthepro1000YT_Landonthepro10008 dagar sedan
  • after seeing nogla play with pewds my childhood is truly complete

    Brad BrittainBrad Brittain8 dagar sedan
  • im here to ask for advice. my grandma wants me to watch cocomelon what do i do?

    ZieZie ZangZieZie Zang8 dagar sedan
    • Play pewds video instead and trick him with his intro

      226-SURABHI PRIYA226-SURABHI PRIYA2 dagar sedan