CallMeCarson VODS: SMP Live (Part Fifty Three)

18 jul 2019
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Streamed on 7/17/19
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  • *when i saw this video i thought it said "SIMP Live"*

    •Bubble_ Berry••Bubble_ Berry•2 månader sedan
  • I am so close to finishing this

    GoonglabGoonglab2 månader sedan

    Matthew SchrammMatthew Schramm4 månader sedan
  • Carson can be funny but for gods sake he sucks at the game ignoring the in game chat and just the worst inventory management

    Nathan WNathan W4 månader sedan
  • Your content is to long

    Louis DrakeLouis Drake6 månader sedan
    • This is a vod, and this isnt carsons channel.

      erin currieerin currie4 månader sedan
  • im binging these in quarantine and its sad knowing theres not a lot more left before the end of szn one

    Allison MakAllison Mak7 månader sedan
  • the joe joke

    orangeapplesorangeapples9 månader sedan
  • 52:01

    FaebFaeb10 månader sedan
  • 5:23 Carson said he also likes deals and business in his ass. I really hope he meant that in an overly heterosexual way

    MajorMeltdownBOISEMajorMeltdownBOISEÅr sedan
  • 1:19:52

    BreadsticksBreadsticksÅr sedan
  • 50:28 - *joshs mom arrives*

    BreadsticksBreadsticksÅr sedan
  • 1:54:54

    Cade SturmCade SturmÅr sedan
  • "Librarians are trash" -Cooper, not knowing about mending books (2019)

    Cade SturmCade SturmÅr sedan
    • coop sells mending my guy, he said his reject librarian was trash

      WiresgaloreWiresgaloreÅr sedan
  • I bed now I at 1:51:24

    BigBoi195BigBoi195År sedan
  • i accidentialy opened this in 2 tabs at once and for like a solid minute thought they were using some shitty echo thingy

    G3jzerG3jzerÅr sedan
  • 1:14:58

    KonoDioDaKonoDioDaÅr sedan
  • "Talk, Cooper" "Testicles"

    Fireball FlareblitzFireball FlareblitzÅr sedan
  • 1:05:31 no moms allowed

    D SpenceD SpenceÅr sedan
  • “It was clearly targeted at people I was not sexually harassing” 😂 good job Carson. People gonna imply ur sexually harassing people now Edit: I’m rewatching this video and do not remember a lot of parts in it oof.

    katey bkatey bÅr sedan
  • You should record your friend's voices on ur sound board and play it back to them

    Aaron BaldwinAaron BaldwinÅr sedan
  • 1:32:56 epic gamer moment

    Nicolas PreciadoNicolas PreciadoÅr sedan
  • 1:43:04 I default danced

    End my SufferingEnd my SufferingÅr sedan
  • Thanks you for making this channel for those who dont have the time to use twitch. You are appreciated.

    Lilli KyriLilli KyriÅr sedan
  • The Cultivation of this server is nuts and awesome.

    GenderlessGoon VEVOGenderlessGoon VEVOÅr sedan
  • Anyone know the seed

    Ohm SatanOhm SatanÅr sedan
  • how is the text on the signs so white when dyed?? mine shows up light gray in my game

    boofslyboofslyÅr sedan
  • egg

    shrekshrekÅr sedan
  • i listen to these vods while playing minecraft and the overlapping sounds is so terrifying

  • How much of this world was made in survival? I don’t believe this was without creative

    BlackjackBlackjackÅr sedan
  • I have finished the SMPLIVE archives very epic

    EN.mp3EN.mp3År sedan
  • Carson can’t do the stanky leg. He’s a gamer. Gamers have no legs.

    Trip's ToonsTrip's ToonsÅr sedan
    • That’s not true my brother got a blood clot in his leg from sitting on it

      Enoch MIllsEnoch MIlls5 månader sedan
  • Boomer

    OrangeHatOrangeHatÅr sedan
  • Oh hey I sell LSD

    Troll [Sometimes]Troll [Sometimes]År sedan
  • Y u stop put in playlist tho

    bean75bean75År sedan
  • Did anyone catch what vr head set Noah said he’s using?

    Madie CandyMadie CandyÅr sedan
    • Probably an Oculus rift or a htc vive

      Official TrumpOfficial TrumpÅr sedan
  • 1:21:49

    Pepe WorshipperPepe WorshipperÅr sedan
  • i love how close they all are

    Kryptic KenKryptic KenÅr sedan
  • I love it when carson smacks his table

    nolifenolifeÅr sedan
  • *The Whëęł has spoken*

    ayysopayysopÅr sedan
  • peanut butter on my balls call it *ge*

    logijuuulogijuuuÅr sedan
  • carsons base is an eyesore lol

    mel bellmel bellÅr sedan
  • whos hugbox

    HarryHarryÅr sedan
  • do you like ducks and quails, is better

    Katriin The CardinalKatriin The CardinalÅr sedan
  • L

    Nicolas PreciadoNicolas PreciadoÅr sedan
    • Yeah girl, do you like wood, yeah, fire too

      Nicolas PreciadoNicolas PreciadoÅr sedan
  • anyone know what shaders he uses?

    SoliquitySoliquityÅr sedan
  • Carson's fan base is probably all 14 year olds

    codytheclowncodytheclownÅr sedan
    • Just gonna point out I'm a 14 year old in 9th grade

      codytheclowncodytheclownÅr sedan
  • Are they playing on Minecraft Java or minecraft windows 10

    SuperKamiVuistSuperKamiVuistÅr sedan
    • java why would anyone even think about playing windows 10

      0rang30rang3År sedan
  • 1:37:13 taco bell is illusion of mexican

    erin lolerin lolÅr sedan
    • Taco bell is "what if we made mexican food but with the least amount of salt possible"

      Nicolas PreciadoNicolas PreciadoÅr sedan
  • im in san diego right now but i wont be in september

    ShleemShleemÅr sedan
  • When does Carson stream? Please mam.

    sombody u may knowsombody u may knowÅr sedan
    • MONDAY

      Nicolas PreciadoNicolas PreciadoÅr sedan
  • Egg

    John PalmerJohn PalmerÅr sedan
  • When’s Josh’s mom releasing merch

    redactedredactedÅr sedan
  • 17:13 after his rant, he lost 1 Sub

    imsoaloneimsoaloneÅr sedan
  • Why is Carson so damn wholesome

    Zakary VirilliZakary VirilliÅr sedan
  • no vidcon vlog?

    lenurplelenurpleÅr sedan
  • 58:06 how did they make that?

    Some idiotSome idiotÅr sedan
  • The SMP live spawn city should be used as a minecraft monday hunger games map.

    Rj KudwaRj KudwaÅr sedan
    • @LovelyLilSheep 117 maybe you were too drunk to remember

      Skyler TremblaySkyler TremblayMånad sedan
    • 🤔

      JamJam3 månader sedan
    • The Official Barack Obama SEworld Channel bruh wtf is this, I never sent those wtf

      LovelyLilSheep 117LovelyLilSheep 1175 månader sedan
    • @LovelyLilSheep 117 ?

      The Official Barack Obama Youtube ChannelThe Official Barack Obama Youtube Channel5 månader sedan
    • Yes I’m pjust was it it for you

      LovelyLilSheep 117LovelyLilSheep 1175 månader sedan
  • Does anyone know what plugin they use for the imagemaps?

    fílafílaÅr sedan
    • fíla idk, just commenting so I get pinged for next reply

      FausticeFausticeÅr sedan
  • Big schmeAt

    The phantomThe phantomÅr sedan
  • josh’s mom needs to stream

    quanquanÅr sedan
    • link to her twitch?

      MORGUEMORGUEÅr sedan
  • Look at the big necked ginger-haired man play minecraft

    오예준오예준År sedan
  • Daddy

    Gwynne SGwynne SÅr sedan
  • In like 3-5 years someone is gonna end up saying "ya like dick and balls?" And everyone gonna have flashbacks

    Verick RinconVerick RinconÅr sedan
  • 2:20 the teacher talking during sex ed

    Cooper RossCooper RossÅr sedan
  • 1:54 carson breaking his back

    Cooper RossCooper RossÅr sedan
  • You guys like deals and buisiness?

    James MooreJames MooreÅr sedan
  • Anyone know how carson built The Wacky Wheeel

    Keegan WegnerKeegan WegnerÅr sedan
  • 1:22:14

    AttackOnGamerAttackOnGamerÅr sedan
  • Ya like Darwin and gumball

    AttackOnGamerAttackOnGamerÅr sedan
    • Crit1kal?

      Nicolas PreciadoNicolas PreciadoÅr sedan
  • Yeah girl I bet you like that DEALS yeah BUSINESS TOO

    Joseph CarrollJoseph CarrollÅr sedan
    • Yeah, you like E C O N O M I C A L S T U F F ? yeah, maybe some I N F L A T I O N S and M O N E Y too?

      Death MachineDeath MachineÅr sedan
  • 31:36 Carson went into ultra instinct to catch chips

    Blasian Bump StealsBlasian Bump StealsÅr sedan
    • when gamers think catching something is super impressive

      Infidel CastroInfidel Castro7 månader sedan
    • holy fuck

      EntropyEntropyÅr sedan
    • My god, i didnt notice that!

      Rj KudwaRj KudwaÅr sedan
  • 1:04:00

    CookieCookieÅr sedan
  • Why didnt anyone tell carson that pumpkin pies restore hunger by 4 and not by 1

    w r yw r yÅr sedan
    • Carson gonna flip when he hears about cake

      Verick RinconVerick RinconÅr sedan
  • Who the fuck eats the crust first, what a barbarian

    WarspiteWarspiteÅr sedan
  • Once again always helpful 👌👍

    williamthegoatwilliamthegoatÅr sedan
  • 18:05 Carson: egg is frustrating Chat: e g g

    Kevin FergusonKevin FergusonÅr sedan
  • 31:58 god tier catch

    Colindogg 72Colindogg 72År sedan
  • 1:03:51,this is where carson is possessed by a zombie pigman

    PLKPLKÅr sedan
  • Everyone follow @josh_mom on twitch or else you gay Clock is ticking, 24 hours remaining after comment posted

    I'm BabyI'm BabyÅr sedan
  • bruh

    KillimonjouKillimonjouÅr sedan
  • When you watch over 40 Minecraft Vods to catch up with the series

    Zackary SmithZackary SmithÅr sedan
    • I did this all summer and I wasted at least two weeks.

      M I L KM I L KÅr sedan
    • i have literally watched every single vod its been over a month and im so excited to finally watch him live

      caleb the twigcaleb the twigÅr sedan
    • @Xander2199 absolute mad lad

      Roo lolRoo lolÅr sedan
    • @Xander2199 then no

      erin lolerin lolÅr sedan
    • @erin lol the 24 hours it takes for time to go from 0 to 2400. Just watch 2 at once at 2x speed. Ezpz

      Xander2199Xander2199År sedan
  • Ya like nut and butts

    DootenDootenÅr sedan
  • Bruh I’ll miss Dick and balls

    Jack kenJack kenÅr sedan
  • when is carson streaming

    marlon.marlon.År sedan
    • marlon. Not funny, didn’t laugh

      The Shrimpy TomatoThe Shrimpy TomatoÅr sedan
  • You like *D e a l s* and *B u s i n e s s*

    CyrailinCentralCyrailinCentralÅr sedan
    • Nah man, just *B U S I N E S S*

      CyrailinCentralCyrailinCentralÅr sedan
    • Hey girl, you like deals, yeah business too

      Nicolas PreciadoNicolas PreciadoÅr sedan
    • What about *C O M M E R C E*

      Time Well SpentTime Well SpentÅr sedan
  • I still dont get the thing that Traves got from the Wacky Wheel. Someone please explain. :(

    scifyiscifyiÅr sedan
  • carson sucks at pearling

    BurritowafflezBurritowafflezÅr sedan
  • I’ve never heard of Noah before and he’s actually so fuckin funny

    Your local CrusaderYour local CrusaderÅr sedan
  • Set own game mode to survival mode

    VistaVistaÅr sedan
  • Honestly tho travis kinda be toxic lol

    LemaniteLemaniteÅr sedan
    • how can he be toxic he doesn't have a full brain

      takciotakcioÅr sedan
  • 1:32:46 “Pokay is gay”

    Bob BobsonBob BobsonÅr sedan
  • How will pizza get a job now?

    n0tlancen0tlanceÅr sedan
  • Egg

    Garret BroadwaterGarret BroadwaterÅr sedan
  • Do you like deals and balls?

    spyro arrowspyro arrowÅr sedan
  • Double comment hhahahahaahahahahahhaaha Carson is in a gamer house

    Garret BroadwaterGarret BroadwaterÅr sedan
  • Deals and bal.... business dic..... and ball I man business ahhh deals and business

    Garret BroadwaterGarret BroadwaterÅr sedan
  • Pretty sure cmc eu is callmecarson extended universe

    MercuryMercuryÅr sedan
    • esperanza oh got yah

      MercuryMercuryÅr sedan
    • FoxxGames call me carson extended universe

      esperanzaesperanzaÅr sedan
  • Am gamer

    Andii The YandereAndii The YandereÅr sedan
    • Ahh yes, a gamer

      Nicolas PreciadoNicolas PreciadoÅr sedan
  • He still has Captain's potatoes

    1sina1 hamdi1sina1 hamdiÅr sedan
  • Please kiss me dad I beg you

    CallMeCarsons Biggest FanCallMeCarsons Biggest FanÅr sedan