Bobby is Set Free | TigerBelly 278 w/ Bobby Lee & Khalyla

7 jan 2021
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TigerBelly is a no-holds-barred arena for half truths, social no-nos, and animal behavior-featuring comedian Bobby Lee and his best friend Khalyla. Every Thursday.
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  • I have a HOT TAKE: Bobbo is actually the one who is out of Khalyla’s league also: this episode really resonated with me...thank you for posting ❤️

    LifewasjustabridgeLifewasjustabridge3 timmar sedan
  • Can we get Anna on the podcast?

    S BangS Bang6 timmar sedan
  • Bobby almost made me tear up this episode man. The fact that he was able to turn an almost boring experience into a what sounded like a life changing event really shows you what kind of person he really is. Truly another great episode this will go down as one of the best episodes. As always nosotros papayas.

    George CastanzaGeorge Castanza8 timmar sedan
  • for me frenemies is a podcast that copied bad friends

    Andrew KimAndrew Kim15 timmar sedan
  • I love it..." awww...take it back... !!!" ..." we don't even know what it is "

  • Great podcast. I never would have guessed this far in, to see a totally different side of Bobby.

    BoomshineBoomshine3 dagar sedan
  • Damn Bobby, I need to get back into journaling! 🤔🤙🏼

    PunkPunk4 dagar sedan
  • Nice one

    LucS 45LucS 454 dagar sedan
  • Wow, Bobby is really introspective wtf...

    Renzo Santa MaríaRenzo Santa María4 dagar sedan
  • Yo Bobby love the podcast bro it helps me get through a 12 hr work day. I love tigerbelly

    Tj FredsTj Freds4 dagar sedan
  • next weeks bad freinds should be gooooood

    Fisnik XheladiniFisnik Xheladini5 dagar sedan
  • Was listening on a podcast app but had to come here to see Cora ❤️🐕

    noodles99noodles995 dagar sedan
  • 35:24 THIS HAD ME FUCKING CRYING OMFG LMAOOOOO also probably gonna start a journal because of this episode.

    Brandon CooteBrandon Coote5 dagar sedan
  • uggghhhh

    YZYZ5 dagar sedan
  • 23:05

    GenieGNEEGenieGNEE6 dagar sedan
  • When I saw the title " Bobby is Set Free", I thought Khalyla maybe let him go to Starbucks....

    STL02STL026 dagar sedan
  • You guya should have Helen Yee on! it would be cool to hear her talk about swimming with Khalyla

    Benny ChanBenny Chan6 dagar sedan
  • Bobby wouldn't have a second podcast without Santino and the crew doing all the behind the scenes work, and Santino loves him to death. He was way more out of line for claiming he has dirt that would bury him. What the fuck Bobby.

    Last CallLast Call7 dagar sedan
  • When Bobby told that story for the 100th time with Tom Segura in 1 bear 1 panda, it showed his turn a bit. You can tell he felt pressure to perform and told it anyway. I wanna see the evolution in Bobby Lee's public persona.

    Carlos LopezCarlos Lopez7 dagar sedan
  • Santino got you good... you’re just in funk Bob!

    Ryan SpencerRyan Spencer7 dagar sedan
  • Any-hoo what a weird podcast

    Brad CarlsonBrad Carlson8 dagar sedan
  • Hey Bobby, please take care of yourself. I want to see you to live a long life & I don't want to see you go because of health problems. Much love ❤️

    Michelle BMichelle B8 dagar sedan
  • Great episode, loved the journal bits

    Orest B.Orest B.8 dagar sedan
  • The king is asleep. Long sleep the king!

    cris tristamcris tristam9 dagar sedan
  • Who would have thought Bobby wasn't always a Chad....

    cris tristamcris tristam9 dagar sedan
  • Loved this pod

    Broke FrogBroke Frog9 dagar sedan
  • My biggest hope is to get shit talked by bobby in a game of Warzone

    OscR HOscR H9 dagar sedan
  • I don't understand why people laugh so hard at him and his pain. He's hiding behind the tears of a clown. This is good inspiration cause I cause I used to write deeply like this and this has actually driven me to get back into it

    ChelseaChelsea9 dagar sedan
  • Khalyla was enamored in every sense of the word with Bobby when she spoke of Jule's experience with snow.

    Kevin AlvaradoKevin Alvarado9 dagar sedan
  • Hearing bobby's younger self talking about how hard it is and not knowing how long he could keep going. Knowing how amazing and successful he is now, it is extremely inspiring. being the age bobby was in the first journal post and feeling so lost and behind in the world. Tigerbely helps to remind me to love my life and keep a positive attitude as well as assure myself that one day ill look back at these times with gratitude as they make me the person I will be proud to become!

    luis rodriguezluis rodriguez10 dagar sedan
  • "You need a Tile, for the Tiles." - Gilbert "You are a spoiled brat, your whole life." - Oooh (Khalyla) "Why can't You Be this Sweet Again ? In your Heart, this is Who You Are - where you turn into a Hollywood Vampire. What the F#%k Happened to You ?!? What are you writing, a Novel ? You always say "I don't Complain." Mother Said... Are you Mike Pence ? Mother said "I don't have any valor." " - KhalamityK "Is this the 1970's ?" - George "You are a Poet ! Who are You ?" - Gilbert (talking about the Slept King) "How did you Guess That ?" "Mother..." - Gilbert (to Khalyla, on Bobo's on going/past "Mean Girls" demeanor). Khalyla and Bobo are like Siamese Twins - conjoined at the hip (at this point)... "You wanna get Personal ?!? I Love You." - the Slept King

    Kevin S. OshiroKevin S. Oshiro10 dagar sedan
  • Bobos journal got me all teary eyed 🥺

    Randy RossRandy Ross11 dagar sedan
  • I felt something come back to life in me

    Adam LastonAdam Laston11 dagar sedan
  • Lol "why you smirking" Because I'm depressed Lmao

    THCBDudeTHCBDude11 dagar sedan
  • Notes from the underground? Bobby read Dostoyevsky?

    Ben QuinlanBen Quinlan11 dagar sedan

    Liza SiqueiraLiza Siqueira11 dagar sedan
  • 808ionman808ionman12 dagar sedan
  • Carlos Menstealia next episode

    Psychedelic VoyagerPsychedelic Voyager12 dagar sedan
  • 24:04 fuck... (Tear) I am now set free too... Wtf past bobby... I came here to laugh lol

    BUENo TRUENoBUENo TRUENo12 dagar sedan
  • Smoke'n

    BUENo TRUENoBUENo TRUENo12 dagar sedan

    donkey kingdonkey king12 dagar sedan
  • eh, shout out to Vancouver!!

    ObliviousGooberTrooperObliviousGooberTrooper12 dagar sedan
  • where the carlos Mencia podcast that was released today, why yall delete it jw ?

    Xavier Superflyy69Xavier Superflyy6912 dagar sedan
    • @Psychedelic Voyager oh okay thx

      Xavier Superflyy69Xavier Superflyy6912 dagar sedan
    • They upload on spotify first

      Psychedelic VoyagerPsychedelic Voyager12 dagar sedan
  • Mr Lee please make a show with you as press secretary to president

    James ChristiansonJames Christianson12 dagar sedan
  • Something fuckin annoying about this chick. Bobby should wake the fuck up. Its like he got stuck with her cause of his lonely period and looking better than him

    viewez lalanviewez lalan12 dagar sedan
  • Who else is here in anticipation for the pure hatred that will be the Carlos Mencia podcast comments. I can’t wait

    Bert RoganBert Rogan12 dagar sedan
    • Carlos MenStealia

      Psychedelic VoyagerPsychedelic Voyager12 dagar sedan
  • This episode needs to be renamed “the poet”

    JustinJustin12 dagar sedan
  • Where TF is the Mencia episode don't tease me on insta and then not post it papa!

    joe bjoe b12 dagar sedan
  • Bobby is too savage for tv or movies lmao if your sad and depressed shoot your face... I can’t get this honest comedy anywhere else

    JustinJustin12 dagar sedan
  • Bobbbbbyyyy. Play video games with me!!! Love you!!!

    CutiepieCaydenCutiepieCayden12 dagar sedan
    • I know you don’t read texts but maybe you read comments. Lol

      CutiepieCaydenCutiepieCayden12 dagar sedan
  • $5 says the comments on the Mencia podcast will be turned off

    Mark FierroMark Fierro12 dagar sedan
  • Came here looking for 279 :(

    Steve SanchezSteve Sanchez12 dagar sedan
  • Dear Tiger Belly crew, do you know where can I find Bobby Lee Live at Gotham?? It was showed on Comedy Central in my country and that's where I found out about Bobby Lee and became a huge fan ever since like years agooo. Thanks if anyone knows!!

    King Of EverythingKing Of Everything12 dagar sedan
  • The thing she said about bobby being a kid to help him find his keys made me laugh so hard. My wife is the exactly same.

    Lucas RibeiroLucas Ribeiro12 dagar sedan
  • Enemy Mine is the shit.

    GlennDanzigIIGlennDanzigII12 dagar sedan
  • Huge fan of Joe Rogan but Carlos’s Mecía side of the story makes a lot of sense. #FREECARLOSMENCIA

    Jesus MontoyaJesus Montoya12 dagar sedan
  • Dude this episode was do wholesome. Jesus.

    Entitled MillennialsEntitled Millennials12 dagar sedan
  • Ugh I am such a Bobo and Khalyla stannnn

    M.C. NinaM.C. Nina12 dagar sedan
  • That was the BEST description of what a frenemy is, that I've ever heard.

    MalazzleMalazzle12 dagar sedan
  • Oh shit, just got a notification that the new audio podcast is out and the guest is Carlos Mencia. This is gonna be a good one!

    SharklopsSharklops12 dagar sedan
  • My new fav song

    Matthew EngelsenMatthew Engelsen12 dagar sedan
  • I wonder what this Andrew beef is

    G LG L12 dagar sedan
  • I’ve seen that movie he’s talking about. I was real young when I watched it, and it was such a weird movie.

    JoninfictionJoninfiction12 dagar sedan
  • anna who? do you guys know?

    kokoylkokoyl13 dagar sedan
  • Thanks a lot!!!!!!

    217SUPERMOTO217SUPERMOTO13 dagar sedan
  • Does anyone else find they're increasingly more excited about Bad Friends than TigerBelly?

    Jay CJay C13 dagar sedan
  • Enemy Mine is a great film. One of my childhood favorites.

    Rob MontgomeryRob Montgomery13 dagar sedan
  • What kind of SHOES are they??

    Christopher Chauncey Michael MashburnChristopher Chauncey Michael Mashburn13 dagar sedan
  • KORA!!!!!! She's amazing!

    BugmanBugman13 dagar sedan
  • Hate the editing, do it live please, slept king shouldn't be scared of pc cops.

    yabigitisineyabigitisine13 dagar sedan
  • It's the same thing over and over again whining and talking s*** she can say to people's face fat f*** doesn't even have a life

    Antino JonesAntino Jones13 dagar sedan
  • Bobby is clever, he makes Khalyla think she knows ALL his secrets😆

    pixel beingpixel being13 dagar sedan
  • People underestimate who Bobby really is, because he wants it that way. A wise man could play fool but a fool can’t play wise

    pixel beingpixel being13 dagar sedan
  • Awesome

    Dion MarshallDion Marshall13 dagar sedan
  • I really loved this episode. My favorite so far! Keep up the great work. Greetings from Cologne, Germany.

    thatisjoelthatisjoel13 dagar sedan
  • “The thing is that” 😂 I wonder how many times Bobby has said it

    TonyTony13 dagar sedan
  • Z* #& ;÷ "#'

    Mohamed FadlallaMohamed Fadlalla13 dagar sedan
  • this podcast brings me so much comfort

    LinnLinn13 dagar sedan
  • these book segments are amazing

    SoggyBreadSt1cksSoggyBreadSt1cks13 dagar sedan
  • What a fuckin great episode

    Alexander MullerAlexander Muller13 dagar sedan
  • Wow, the journal entries!!

    Michael YimMichael Yim13 dagar sedan
  • Im late 😔 bobbyyyy is my spirt animal

    Armando AlvaradoArmando Alvarado13 dagar sedan
  • is george wearing red scare merch???

    kmkm13 dagar sedan
  • I’m bawling over Bobby’s journal and I’m not even on my period omg he’s so sweet

    Twenty twenty ATwenty twenty A14 dagar sedan
  • Guys I need help which episode is it where the king is talking about getting fucked in the ass or some shit and the little humming song he’s going to do I know it’s vague I was high when I watched it and forget to save it help plz

    100dblock100dblock14 dagar sedan
  • Bobby and Khalyla have approximate knowledge of most metaphors... 🤣💕✌💋 Everytime they start one i think, "this time" and i root for it, then...wa, wa, waa-aa

    openmyeyes67 aka @mindyonfireopenmyeyes67 aka @mindyonfire14 dagar sedan
  • Yo that shit was sweet. Bobby’s a sweetheart

    FigueroFilmsFigueroFilms14 dagar sedan
  • Love this show so happy I found it

    kwezekweze14 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or are all these podcasts slowly evolving into just radio with all the ads. Everyone is triple dipping into the money pool with patreon and shizzz. I miss the old podcast days before the everyone sold out to ads. Let's get back to subscription base only and live in the decentralized podcast days again!

    Grant HorvathGrant Horvath14 dagar sedan
  • the yellow wall 13:00

    Jason EidetJason Eidet14 dagar sedan
  • This is my favorite podcast so far

    M TM T14 dagar sedan
  • My favorite one so far! Really felt free with listening to this. Would love to hear an audio series of the journal by each member of the tigerbelly fam. Or an animated series like theo's. My little heart wishes

    Gabriel SalvadorGabriel Salvador14 dagar sedan
  • I suffer from major depression man but that intro made me laugh.. stay strong everyone

    dannyb20 vtecdannyb20 vtec14 dagar sedan
  • 54:41 *CUZ MY ADRENALINE....*

    Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!14 dagar sedan
    • hahaha couldnt stop watching it randomly til the ep finished ahaha

      Kesava FarrarKesava Farrar8 dagar sedan
  • What happened to Rudy?

    - Totembot -- Totembot -14 dagar sedan
  • I feel like everyone just accepted that "cum wall" thing too easily. Excuse me, but what the fuuuuuuck?

    vahnn0vahnn014 dagar sedan
  • very professional.

  • Get Godfrey

    gongon14 dagar sedan
  • First with the diary and then Jules seeing snow for the first time, was an emotional episode! Loved it. 10/10

    FionnFionn14 dagar sedan
  • Bobby lee is magnificent ❤️👑✌️

    sonia ybarrasonia ybarra14 dagar sedan