What Happened After EXPOSED Speedrun Cheater? - "Drem" 3 Months Later (Minecraft)

5 okt 2020
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Over three months ago, I made a video about a fake Minecraft Speedrunner who goes by Drem. This video garnered way more attention than I could’ve ever imagined, now over 9 million views. To say that I was shocked is an understatement.
That one video was part of a whole chain reaction of events. Today, I’ll be addressing it all. There has been a lot of discussion about misinformation, the cheater in question, and Minecraft speedrunning as a whole. Three distinct topic areas that deserve their fair share of attention. I’ll be going through all three of them to give my take.
I decided to make this video because I felt I had to. With my video still getting a considerable amount of views, it's only right that I go back and address some of the effects it had.
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  • For a minute I thought this guy was just calling dream a wrong name

    Jo Jo JoestarJo Jo JoestarTimme sedan
  • Bro it’s dream not drem

    Julia ParybakJulia Parybak4 timmar sedan
    • Drem is another youtuber idiot

      Puffer Fish Eating A CarrotPuffer Fish Eating A Carrot23 minuter sedan
  • Hi I love Minecraft speedruns

    Matthew WildtMatthew Wildt4 timmar sedan
  • If it was fake we shld have just not given him any attention I believe he was seeking Attention so he cheated

    MasterAlphaMasterAlpha4 timmar sedan
  • Wow I just have to say that dream is a cheater now if anybody wants to say just waiting on the county and I don’t care

    Mehrnoosh MontazeriMehrnoosh Montazeri7 timmar sedan
  • I guess

    Mehrnoosh MontazeriMehrnoosh Montazeri7 timmar sedan
  • hes not a fake so you are a fake cuz your video says hes fake

    JUDE EGANJUDE EGAN8 timmar sedan
    • Its "drem" not dream

      Puffer Fish Eating A CarrotPuffer Fish Eating A Carrot22 minuter sedan
  • Dream stans: Sees Drem kill Dream. Also Dream stans: OMG WHY THE F DID NICETWICE DO THIS!? (This is an Among us styled meme thingy i am not a psychopath or anything)

    TASpalTASpal9 timmar sedan
  • Fake video

    Tahira YasmeenTahira Yasmeen15 timmar sedan
  • Omg

    Tahira YasmeenTahira Yasmeen15 timmar sedan
  • Who is drem? I know dream not drem.

    عبد الإله التويجريعبد الإله التويجري20 timmar sedan
  • Wow people are so dum

    Shem Leonard Dela CruzShem Leonard Dela Cruz20 timmar sedan
  • Natht

    BottleCapJimBottleCapJim21 timme sedan
  • If you send death threats to a person over a video game you have a problem

    Mrsir SayhelloMrsir SayhelloDag sedan
  • did you say drem its dream

    destinygamersdestinygamersDag sedan
    • No u stupid dream stan, drem is someone else dream and drem are two different peopl

      general Vibesgeneral Vibes15 timmar sedan
  • Why did I think this was about dream faking a speed run and he was saying his name wrong before he talks about it🤦‍♂️

    Alexis BibianAlexis BibianDag sedan

    Night VisionNight VisionDag sedan
  • All right the dumb part why are you still making videos about the run that was a long time ago

    Cervando PinedaCervando PinedaDag sedan
  • Imagine making a video just to get more people sending him death threats

    Cervando PinedaCervando PinedaDag sedan
  • Oh shut up dream already beat his records like 3 times grow up you jealous potato

    The egg ManThe egg ManDag sedan
    • Hey read the title again, it says "drem" not dream. Drem is a different person.

      Puffer Fish Eating A CarrotPuffer Fish Eating A Carrot21 minut sedan
  • I'm so sorry I Thought you were talking about dream But I know There's fake I saw the arrow I want to thank you For informing the community I'm sorry that People misunderstood.1 of your fans

    Sophia RoweSophia RoweDag sedan
  • Drem is up to no good

    Galaxy GirlGalaxy GirlDag sedan
  • Im a newer to this channel and figured out who you were talking about and im 10 years old. These are internet trolls who actualy know who youre talking about and are trying to mess with you there weakness is ignorring them. The most powerrfull revenge is living a good life. Drem is wanting attention and likes or wanting to be famuse in social medea.

    Xandrei BenecioXandrei BenecioDag sedan
  • Yeah thats good for you noob

    james landjames landDag sedan
  • You may see this videos THE youtuber that is saying the videos of dream are fake : seworld.info/will/hnC1vpLcf2p5mnk/video Dream tells : seworld.info/will/oICtuta0opKIs2g/video This youtuber dont really under stand this i also commented to his vids check out that plz

    Vedant PaiVedant PaiDag sedan
  • those who think drem as nicetwice is the same idiot who think drem is legit

    Blast KingBlast KingDag sedan
  • DREAM IS STILL THE KING!! yes yes Mr. He is still the champ

    Jimmy AnimationsJimmy AnimationsDag sedan
    • anyways those guys r stupid they don't know who drem is He littarely said drem the fake speedrunner in his vid and has footage. When i load my world it loads at the bottom right then go's up to the middle and loads the rest It starts bottom right i say

      Jimmy AnimationsJimmy AnimationsDag sedan
  • Stop using dream for clikbait

    Kevins World K.WKevins World K.WDag sedan
  • The drem exposed video is now 10 million nice job broski 👌

    Floofy CloudFloofy Cloud2 dagar sedan
  • Still having a hard time wrapping my head around how people sent death threats over a faked speedrun...

    dank nerddank nerd2 dagar sedan
    • thats dream stans for ya

      Azriel WALONIAzriel WALONIDag sedan
  • Those people who are sending hate about the video Zyphon made exposing Drem are kind of dumb. They are most likely Dream fans who just thought that Zyphon was saying Dream faked a speedrun and not even watching the video but going straight to the comments to send hate.

    Phil SwiftPhil Swift2 dagar sedan
  • drem faked a speedrun. big deal. who cares, leave me to my speedrun attempts

    LewisBut CaraatLewisBut Caraat2 dagar sedan
  • Your not even talking about dream your talking about some else named drem

    MeuanoMeuano2 dagar sedan
    • @will8050 will8050 who tf does this guy think he is

      Phil SwiftPhil SwiftDag sedan
    • Yes... that’s who faked the speedrun... that’s who has the big red arrow pointing to him in the thumbnail... the person dream even called out

      will8050 will8050will8050 will80502 dagar sedan
    • ?????

      Phil SwiftPhil Swift2 dagar sedan
  • Fake speed runs go brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Bruno ArteagaBruno Arteaga2 dagar sedan
  • Moral of vid: dream stans iq -82

    EntryGaming99EntryGaming992 dagar sedan
    • Agreed

      Phil SwiftPhil Swift2 dagar sedan
  • you are very smart

    Ariella RogersAriella Rogers2 dagar sedan
  • I want to falcon punch the people that said NICE TWICE ISNT A CHEATER DREAM ISNT A CHEATER CLICKBAIT

    FullMexican TAGSFullMexican TAGS2 dagar sedan
  • When you call a verified speedrun fake "wOw YoU aRe ChEaTiNg OmG"

    HydreigonMasterHydreigonMaster2 dagar sedan
  • hello

    Traye PlaysTraye Plays3 dagar sedan
  • @seworld.info Dream stans having mental breakdown versus Toxic "Pinoy"🇵🇭 people being proud themselves in a nutshell. (Though I'm a Filipino) Drem stans: *exists* Toxic "Pinoy" 🇵🇭: Finally, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary

    Balistix MappingBalistix Mapping3 dagar sedan
  • Apparently the apple doesnt fall far from the tree because Dream cheated his best run as well😂

    EnchantedBBQEnchantedBBQ3 dagar sedan
  • Pff- DrEeM

    Krixia joyce RevadeoKrixia joyce Revadeo3 dagar sedan
  • Yall dumb for thinking he said "dream" cheated 💀

    AnimechanxoxoAnimechanxoxo3 dagar sedan
    • People make mistakes bro

      Maria GaldiMaria Galdi11 timmar sedan
  • Dream is second place in Speedrun ?

    Uncharted RaiderUncharted Raider3 dagar sedan
    • No

      Kid_Shark 431Kid_Shark 4312 dagar sedan
    • Drem is fake not dream

      That kid AlThat kid Al2 dagar sedan
  • 2:30 seriously. Immediate dislike. So basically you clickbaited millions of people and continued to do it in this video. How is that supposed to make anyone feel better. I know you aren’t talking about dream but it’s just blatant clickbait that you even admitted it was attention seeking. Please man you have potential to grow for better content but be more aware

    Jason Does StuffJason Does Stuff3 dagar sedan
    • You're stupid he says he includes Dream as most of the information from the video is from a comment Dream exposing Drem.

      Great OneGreat One14 timmar sedan
    • @Jason Does Stuff Yes, that’s not clickbait though, dream called out drem aswell. HES INCLUDED IN THE STORY, HHHHHHH

      will8050 will8050will8050 will80502 dagar sedan
    • It’s not click bait because dream actually was heavily involved in the video

      Z41n H4qu3Z41n H4qu32 dagar sedan
    • @FatManIcy Yes I actually am so thanks for that douchebag

      Jason Does StuffJason Does Stuff2 dagar sedan

      Jason Does StuffJason Does Stuff2 dagar sedan
  • So I came back to this video after I watched it the first time, and wow there are 2.8 dislikes. From the comments I can clarify the dislikes are from -People that didn't watch the first video -People that think dream was a cheater (from his speed run controversy) -Dream Stans that didn't understand the concept of this video So here are some statements. One the whole idea of this video is a response to the hate of his last video about this situation, and also as an aftermath from what has happened afterwards. He explained about the doxxing Drem got and how the speed run community got affected by his first video. Second, it has NOTHING to do with Dream "cheating" as that is a whole other topic, even though I PERSONALLY didn't think he cheated as he was a well respected member of a speed run community and there was only a few very vague evidences of how he supposedly "cheated". Lastly to the Dream fans that still thought Zyphon was still talking about Dream cheating, it wasn't. He was talking about "Drem" Not "Dream". You would have known that if you listened to the first part of the video or literally if you just listened closely to part one of the video.

    NotRainbow_NotRainbow_4 dagar sedan
  • Both Drem and Dream are cheaters.

    SwooozeSwoooze4 dagar sedan
    • How dream??

      DragonoidXYZ -_-DragonoidXYZ -_-Dag sedan
  • my minecraft loading screen has it in the middle (on mac)

    A_Stupid_kiddA_Stupid_kidd4 dagar sedan
  • Wait

    A_Stupid_kiddA_Stupid_kidd4 dagar sedan
  • i think drem really doesn't deserve to be on the list as it was fake but he doesn't deserve any of the death threats or such

    Blazing ProductionsBlazing Productions4 dagar sedan
  • Imagine being such a piece of shit you send death threats over a block game.

    datb00datb004 dagar sedan
  • It would be funny if a person went and did a legit speedrun that's faster then drem's

    ninja kakashininja kakashi4 dagar sedan
  • your video sucks

    • Wdym

      _[ RybbyJ ]__[ RybbyJ ]_2 dagar sedan
  • I think IDK what is the drem's fake speedrun being exposed until now after that speedrun identification

    PurplishPinkyPurplishPinky4 dagar sedan
  • I think I left a hate comment before sry for judging a book by its cover dude

    ExcellentGamingExcellentGaming4 dagar sedan
  • I feel like that vid was years ago

    Some channelSome channel5 dagar sedan
  • its pretty cool but maybe u should explain more of wut ur talking about in the vid

    Tae7 VTae7 V5 dagar sedan
    • It's a follow up video, watch the original.

      Muz LeeMuz Lee3 dagar sedan
  • I will be honest I and many people know the reason you included Dream in the thumbnail However, with how most of thing considered and how people are, you must admit that it’s a bit of your mistake Maybe if you never put Dream in the thumbnail in the video where the accused happened to have similar name, the drama could have been avoided, and people and kids wouldn’t misunderstand your content... Still other than that thumbnail mistake, other aspects are good tho. It’s still one mistake

    vorapol ueranantvorapol ueranant5 dagar sedan
  • wow people are frigging stupid

    KharnathKharnath5 dagar sedan

    themardybum08themardybum085 dagar sedan
    • Why do you not know what the space bar is or how to turn off caps lock

      FatManIcyFatManIcy3 dagar sedan
    • If u want to complain then keep it to urself or fuck off

      Nicholas LimNicholas Lim5 dagar sedan
  • TL;DW: People are stupid and misunderstand stuff

    coolcoolmmcoolcoolmm5 dagar sedan
  • I know this is a serious video, but I find it funny that he just casually owns everyone in party games

    Matthew WuMatthew Wu5 dagar sedan
  • When I heard him mention cancel culture, yikes yeah he a weirdo. But still doxxing and threats still fucked.

    same samesame same5 dagar sedan
  • I hate fake Minecraft speedruner and manhunt

    Choon Yin LeuChoon Yin Leu5 dagar sedan
  • Dream stans have a combined IQ of 5. And that's being generous.

    Vladimir Kool-AidVladimir Kool-Aid5 dagar sedan
  • Hey Please Make A Video About Ray Works' Drama

    Raymond Christopher TantoRaymond Christopher Tanto6 dagar sedan
  • Fake Speedrunner Accusing Fake Speedrunner Nice ( dream accusing drem )

    Raymond Christopher TantoRaymond Christopher Tanto6 dagar sedan
  • Like him or hate him, Drem has boosted the speed running community by a significant margin

    TwistifulTwistiful6 dagar sedan
  • Again, I’m happy you add references to Ace Attorney.

    smoothie friessmoothie fries6 dagar sedan
    • Investigations

      Diego Veladíz ChávezDiego Veladíz Chávez3 dagar sedan
  • You sound like beautifulOB but a much rougher and darker voice.

    Cibele VieiraCibele Vieira6 dagar sedan
  • yeah I know what that feel zyhon

    aljeru floraljeru flor6 dagar sedan
  • Do a video about shaz

    Isaac CatterallIsaac Catterall6 dagar sedan
  • 2:30 sooooo in other words you were clickbaiting, gotchu

    YouAreGarbage 2.0YouAreGarbage 2.06 dagar sedan
    • He wasn’t clickbaiting dream was actually heavily involved in the video

      Z41n H4qu3Z41n H4qu32 dagar sedan
  • 2:39 R u sure thats not U zyphon?

    7E_27_Saint7E_27_Saint6 dagar sedan
  • I dont think youtube analytics want us to buy your merch “We are the ones that want to buy your merch”

    7E_27_Saint7E_27_Saint6 dagar sedan
  • Drem sucks

    7E_27_Saint7E_27_Saint6 dagar sedan
  • They’re just bad listeners

    Anim8r Cree8rAnim8r Cree8r7 dagar sedan
  • This video is probably why drem is getting death threats

    Glamorous FoxGlamorous Fox7 dagar sedan
  • Minecraft Wipeout part 2

    this callumthis callum7 dagar sedan
  • Ok fine he may have faked a speedrun but u don't have to send death treads and blackmails that is too much

    Swathi BammidiSwathi Bammidi7 dagar sedan
  • now i get your idea

    Bandit Stats GamingBandit Stats Gaming7 dagar sedan
  • ohhh i got confused when dream and drem was in the picture and i did what u told us to do i did some testing on the seed and drem defiantly cheated cause he never checked his surroundings and he randomly found the strong hold and first try without even looking

    Bandit Stats GamingBandit Stats Gaming7 dagar sedan
  • I honestly feel bad for drem. He keeps getting death threats, tons of dislikes every video, and tons of hate, and that people are making accounts telling drem to kill him self.

    Tylerw1231 tylerw1231Tylerw1231 tylerw12317 dagar sedan
    • Admittedly, I don't think that Drem should DEATH threats of all things, but he should feel at least a bit guilty for faking a national record just for some Internet clout.

      243037tldsb243037tldsb7 dagar sedan
    • Yeah, that sucks, but that's how the internet works.

      Muz LeeMuz Lee7 dagar sedan
  • When will you get verified?

    ͔͔7 dagar sedan
  • last video u used lika 10000iq

    sandro gurgenidzesandro gurgenidze7 dagar sedan
  • who tf threatens to murder someone over minecraft

    garbage cangarbage can8 dagar sedan
  • Some people are so stoopid

    Obi-Wan KenobiObi-Wan Kenobi8 dagar sedan
    • Yes

      ͔͔7 dagar sedan
  • If only the dude put his speedrun into a different category. He could have been a legitimate speedrunner and non of this bs would have happened. But sadly, he had bigger fish to catch, then the whole ocean attacked him.

    LexLex8 dagar sedan
  • The only thing i know is drem is fake and dream is not fake

    Red CalinisanRed Calinisan8 dagar sedan
  • If some people buy the merch ,Will they also be affected by Climate Change?

    Oddly IcecubeOddly Icecube8 dagar sedan
  • and now it appears dream has some statistical anomolies in his runs...

    BlahBlahTALMUDBlahBlahTALMUD9 dagar sedan
  • Dream not drem stupid youtuber

    Filip StolarczykFilip Stolarczyk9 dagar sedan
    • @Filip Stolarczyk brrrruuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh did you not watch or read any comments

      Them DoughnutsThem Doughnuts6 dagar sedan
    • @Filip Stolarczyk I have another question are you drunk or using drugs? Because you seem that your drinking whiskey while using drugs

      ͔͔7 dagar sedan
    • @Filip Stolarczyk bruh are you blind because dreams skin is green and drems skin is red and zyphon is talking about drem

      ͔͔7 dagar sedan
    • Because it dream skin dude

      Filip StolarczykFilip Stolarczyk7 dagar sedan
    • dude he meant to say drem because drem is some fanboy of DREAM who faked a speedrun, why are all you dream stans so ignorant?

      Nicholas P23Nicholas P238 dagar sedan
  • People can understand simple logic they say...

    Dream ProductionDream Production9 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist: he did it because he knew he is going to get a lot of subs

    Evil's RageEvil's Rage9 dagar sedan
    • Did he tho?

      Muz LeeMuz Lee8 dagar sedan
  • I'm not going to buy you much it only cost me 200% penguin it's either 300 penguin or no deal so

    Sueann BerrowSueann Berrow9 dagar sedan
  • I have been watching since the rise and fall of Minecraft Monday so glad to see you come this far

  • pls not him uploading the scam video on my birthday i knew that day was bad for a reason

    kaylaシkaylaシ9 dagar sedan
    • What are you even talking about?

      Muz LeeMuz Lee8 dagar sedan
  • @Zyphon, I feel like this video was really uncalled for.... this brought back tons of hate to @Drem and his friends.. his career is literally done for

    Eli AmasonEli Amason9 dagar sedan
  • Man Dream's stan is slowly becoming the horrific Pewdiepie's stan

    Chaos, I hate my brotherChaos, I hate my brother9 dagar sedan
  • I get that he cheated but dang, people black mailed and death threated a kid? Yikes

    ItsDatWolfBoiItsDatWolfBoi9 dagar sedan