Jschlatt Love or Host but it's Alexandra Botez moments

28 aug 2020
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Seems like Schlatt and Alexandra had another chance. Let us know in the comments, what should the first #schlatez content be? Minecraft, IRL, reading fanfiction??
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    AG64AG645 timmar sedan
  • she cute smart and real other fake tramps had 0 chance , bravo fata

    solmyr2solmyr23 dagar sedan
  • yikes

    EE PlanckEE Planck5 dagar sedan
  • Wtf was this??

    Schabraka BoySchabraka Boy6 dagar sedan
  • worse than reality TV. Will come back when there's chess.

    Michael BauersMichael Bauers9 dagar sedan
  • i wouldve laughed so god damn hard if she chose host

    SwNick32SwNick329 dagar sedan
  • Is this the future?

    Sukhbir SekhonSukhbir Sekhon10 dagar sedan
  • Well that botez girl seems intimidating

    Brandyn KurtzBrandyn Kurtz11 dagar sedan
  • I'm sorry but that's Mia malakova down there just saying. So I don't know what he was thinking

    Faisal Yousuf 036Faisal Yousuf 03614 dagar sedan
  • Who's here after Shlatt got together with Minx

    THAT 1 GUYTHAT 1 GUY17 dagar sedan
  • Dudeee why was it so nerve wrecking when Austin was announcing is Alex picked Love or Host

    Lollipop BunnyLollipop Bunny19 dagar sedan
  • I love you all, but I can't help but choose minx!

    Papa BearPapa Bear21 dag sedan
  • So what happened after this?

    SanderSander21 dag sedan
  • This is stupidity.

    Jozef MikitaJozef Mikita22 dagar sedan
  • I would have liked this content more if it had taken place in my own city.

    InfiniteUniverse88InfiniteUniverse8823 dagar sedan
  • why the girl with the biggest boobs lose?? what is wrong with this world! :)

    AngelLestat2AngelLestat223 dagar sedan
  • what the hell is going on here????

    Игорь МирзаяновИгорь Мирзаянов24 dagar sedan
  • *Obana* - 2020

    NimNim24 dagar sedan
  • Andrea>Alexandra like if you agree

    Nisko PrizemljeNisko Prizemlje24 dagar sedan
  • I'm pretty sure the start is a minx moment.

    Satori!Satori!25 dagar sedan
  • These people are so rude to each other the botez the guy were trash and they berated minx badly. the guy even said he could milk her tits and ass. it was just stupid and mean. this is what is popular today

    Juan LeonJuan Leon26 dagar sedan

    7zh7zh27 dagar sedan
  • Kept trying to figure out if that was Mia Molkova

    Kenneth SmithKenneth Smith28 dagar sedan

      Kenneth SmithKenneth Smith28 dagar sedan
  • Susu is super hot change my mind

    Beef CakeBeef Cake28 dagar sedan
  • Is this the bachelor or something

    sillybilly Geosillybilly GeoMånad sedan
  • VAN

    Bruce TBruce TMånad sedan
  • Alex❤Mario

    jaime lannisterjaime lannisterMånad sedan
  • Cute bits aside, this one really hurt to watch. Super painful and uncomfortable excuses for human interaction. Aside from Alex and Minx of course.

    Michael SchmitzMichael SchmitzMånad sedan
  • Minx was mad af lol

    David GonzalezDavid GonzalezMånad sedan
  • gamer girls are all so pretty and gamer guys look like the dudes outside my gas station

    let me ooutlet me ooutMånad sedan
  • What is this shitshow??

    Oblahü WTFOblahü WTFMånad sedan
  • Gotta admit if minx has won 2 love or hosts with Minecraft dudes it would’ve been a little wierd

    Jonah HertzmanJonah HertzmanMånad sedan
  • I love how she showed musks portrait and then took it off the wall.

    CORE jakeCORE jakeMånad sedan
  • It's too perfect to be real lmao. Before people start pairing them, Botez is actually dating a GM so it'd be a little rude to ship her with Schlatt or something

    KiatsumiKiatsumiMånad sedan
    • @nagi haider Grand Master, it refers to chess

      KiatsumiKiatsumi15 dagar sedan
    • What does a gm mean?

      nagi haidernagi haider15 dagar sedan
  • Minx rip we love you legend

    Moises WaldenMoises WaldenMånad sedan
  • Schlatt just smashed a Leopold keyboard... 😭

    DJ NgoDJ NgoMånad sedan
  • i been catching up on a lot of loh episodes(?) bc it's been getting a lot of attention at twt lol and i gotta say alex's loh and this are my favorites so far. like there's been so much jokes and hilarious banter that had me laughing nonstop 😂😂😂 alex's performance was really good too like she had so many good moments from both episodes that are so ruthless and i loved it!! plus, her and schlatt's dynamic and wits really go well together. I was very happy to know that they both got the W from this after alex's episode. i'm kinda late to this but i hope to see you two make more content together in the future

    mooey moo moomooey moo mooMånad sedan
  • 8:46 isnt she a Stanford graduate?

    Immort47Immort47Månad sedan
  • guys when wos last time kandy got boyfriend xD

    Mistix FrozzMistix FrozzMånad sedan
  • Alexandra is the GOAT of women.

    J BobkoJ BobkoMånad sedan
  • Kandyland calling him schatt

    Lord D0ngurLord D0ngurMånad sedan
  • She genuinely seems excited about going out to get some pizza with Schlang

    Julián EscalanteJulián Escalante2 månader sedan
  • imagine if minx and schlatt were already dating and they just went on the show to jebait one girl so Schlatt can get the W

    David SantiagoDavid Santiago2 månader sedan
  • WTF is happening with all those Minecrafter x Grandmistress pairings? Nice idea, ngl.

    Avada Kedavra IIIAvada Kedavra III2 månader sedan
  • 10:11 fockin' intenstifies

    padoru padorupadoru padoru2 månader sedan

    ShooManShooMan2 månader sedan
  • deci jur gg alexandra!

    gxsnow1gxsnow12 månader sedan
  • Keep in mind she is Canadian. Canadian girls are well known.

    Carl WilliamsCarl Williams2 månader sedan
  • Jschlatts true love

    streamer76 norsk gamingstreamer76 norsk gaming2 månader sedan
  • I want minecraft date

    streamer76 norsk gamingstreamer76 norsk gaming2 månader sedan
  • Irl

    Ezekiel ArledgeEzekiel Arledge2 månader sedan
  • 9:19 Aww she's happy for them

    REGULAR MANREGULAR MAN2 månader sedan
  • I know I'm kinda late to the party but I think you guys could do a bit where you find out Schlatt is ranked in like the top 50 players in the world in Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders or something? It would add another dimension to his persona and it'd be hilarious. Just a random thought. Hope you're all well!

    Ben HutchinsonBen Hutchinson2 månader sedan

    ChainmanzChainmanz2 månader sedan
  • ByYyYyYyYe

    TyralieusTyralieus2 månader sedan
  • wholesome

    OMGEngineerOMGEngineer2 månader sedan
  • At least something good happend this year

    En0kEn0k2 månader sedan
  • I know the whole Schlinx thing was a bit but did Alex and Schlatt ever do anything?

    ClammyClammy2 månader sedan
    • Probably not because of the pandemic.

      InfiniteUniverse88InfiniteUniverse8823 dagar sedan
  • Who's come here after watching Andreas video 😜

    Skylar OPSkylar OP2 månader sedan
  • Sad minx 😢

    Gecko with fragoGecko with frago2 månader sedan
  • The best part of this video is when minx throws back a whole pint of vegetable broth...

    Leif WalkerLeif Walker2 månader sedan
  • Am I the only one who feels bad for minx??? tf. I mean when she started crying I felt so bad for her. Alex was lowkey being a b word...

    sara ramadansara ramadan2 månader sedan
  • Well well well How the Turntables

    THAT 1 GUYTHAT 1 GUY2 månader sedan
  • Alex be like So l know rocket science but we are at the same level even if you don't know math Me: da fuck

    the homeless magethe homeless mage2 månader sedan
  • Alex is really clever for picking up on schlatts multi personality disorder and appealing to it.

    Mr. OdinsonMr. Odinson2 månader sedan
  • "If I see Andrew Cuomo on the street ..."

    pomerade gbr2pomerade gbr22 månader sedan
  • American splitsvilla

    07_Anish Agarwal_120207_Anish Agarwal_12022 månader sedan
  • 17:21 schlatt a graduate of the china school of "accidents"

    James ParkJames Park2 månader sedan
  • Alex doesnt belong here.

    older comeolder come2 månader sedan
  • I’m sure there’s a corner of schlatt’s room under his desk with a Bunch of random keys from different keyboards dusting and rotting

    AJ BocalanAJ Bocalan2 månader sedan
  • I was actually half-convinced Alex chose host by the end. Imagine though

    Aiken UmholtzAiken Umholtz2 månader sedan
  • Minx is the best lmao

    Lil TrunksLil Trunks2 månader sedan
  • I’m so happy for you Alex I love jschlat

    YoungDameYoungDame2 månader sedan
  • 19:40 at this moment you can tell Jschlat felt real feeling for a women

    YoungDameYoungDame2 månader sedan
    • 19:49

      YoungDameYoungDame2 månader sedan
  • I was looking for when Alex sings WAP, it's at 15:21

    Ryan ElrichRyan Elrich2 månader sedan
  • Botez is such a vicious machine, i love her

    barsch07barsch072 månader sedan
  • She should have picked host

    Chewy VChewy V2 månader sedan
  • Horny schlatt

    Slapstick SlothSlapstick Sloth2 månader sedan
  • I feel bad for minx

    LuisLuis2 månader sedan
  • has there been a gameshow where the prize had a less attractive guy?

    wsemenskewsemenske2 månader sedan
  • Boo, we wanna see Minx

    BlacK40kBlacK40k2 månader sedan
  • Oh... a Biden supporter😐

    Greyson GarrettGreyson Garrett2 månader sedan
    • Ikr, gross

      IDontKnowHowLongTheNameCanBeAndIReallyWantToKnowIDontKnowHowLongTheNameCanBeAndIReallyWantToKnow2 månader sedan
  • 17:29. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Vikk ChouVikk Chou2 månader sedan
  • What a wonderful vid

    Lucas HarrisonLucas Harrison2 månader sedan
  • Man this is so spicy.

    Sheed LudoviceSheed Ludovice2 månader sedan
  • Wait is this like a actual dating show or is it like whoever wins get to make content with the other?

    Rectrocitus 15Rectrocitus 152 månader sedan
    • It is, but most of the time it is for content. Sometimes they actually start a relationship, though, like Wilbur and Niki. But it’s usually just for content. However, I can feel a lot of sexual tension between Alex and Schlatt, so I think it might go somewhere.

      Andrew CondieAndrew Condie2 månader sedan
  • I probably would’ve cried for minx if she she told Alexandra “take care of him” while she was crying😂😭

    Jacob LamarcheJacob Lamarche2 månader sedan
  • next thing yk schlatt calls minx on stream again

    Wet SpongeWet Sponge2 månader sedan
  • i love how minx basically did what schlatt did in minx’s love or host *just sits there silent doing random shit for her viewers*

    Wet SpongeWet Sponge2 månader sedan
  • don’t u love Mia’s camera quality compared to everyone else’s... wonder where she gets the best cams from 👀

    Wet SpongeWet Sponge2 månader sedan
    • claralano u know exactly wat he means

      TjTj2 månader sedan
    • wtf are you saying

      claralanoclaralano2 månader sedan
  • Love or Host is like pro wrestling. Hella fake but endlessly entertaining

    The Synth PunkThe Synth Punk2 månader sedan
  • Alexandra is so sweet

    FragsterPvPFragsterPvP2 månader sedan
  • Theres a part i noticed when connor was in the call where Alexandra told susu that she will wingman susu for connor only if Alex goes on a date with schlatt and susu agreed and schlatt noticed that cause his eyebrows were raised after that. Alex calculated that perfectly and im shocked that clip is not in this video

    Scrombello PortabelloScrombello Portabello2 månader sedan
  • Ngl schlatt looks kinda genuinely happy when he said love.

    DarrylMDarrylM2 månader sedan
  • I can’t get Over kandyland saying shat instead of chat

    LCJLCJ2 månader sedan
    • Bruh I’ve been looking for this comment

      ThenornowThenornow2 månader sedan
  • I'm in love with Alexandra

    lord V I C I O U Zlord V I C I O U Z2 månader sedan
  • Alex really pulled out all the stops for schlatt

    zoinkszoinks2 månader sedan
  • candy calles schlatt shat

    Doggo7950Doggo79502 månader sedan
  • i like how botez knew from the beginning that she was going to win

    combination calligraphycombination calligraphy2 månader sedan
  • So is this like an event to set people up in a serious relationship or is it just solely content?

    PlethPleth2 månader sedan
    • a bit of both must it’s mostly jokes

      claralanoclaralano2 månader sedan