Unsolved Mystery of Herobrine

29 jul 2020
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Herobrine, the evil creature of Minecraft. Is Herobrine real? Where did Herobrine come from? Has Herobrine ever been in Minecraft, and will he ever be? Is there any proof? This is, the Unsolved Mystery of Herobrine.
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Herobrine has and probably always will be Minecraft's greatest evil villain. If Steve is Minecraft's best friend, Herobrine is it's enemy. Herobrine has been talked about time and time again, but no one has really gone into too much detail. This video goes into details about his origins, if he is real or fake, where it all started, and some interesting mysteries involving him.
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  • I think the Creators made him up on purpose I also think they will never remove it

    Ace IceAce Ice19 minuter sedan
  • Harry O’brian is herobrines name

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  • Dream is herobrine

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  • Can we just admire the fact this video is almost at 1 mil likes?

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  • I fear no man But that thing Scares me

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  • I don’t know that evil Steve he is not there

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  • I don't gonna unsubscribe you

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  • Herobrine must be a troll to players

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  • Not scary...but I like it

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  • This is why i don't play minecraft. only roblox

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  • This video is kinda creepy cuz I play single player minecraft and this is making me kinda scared

    Bianca PaulinoBianca Paulino3 timmar sedan
  • One time i found that big chunk missing from a cave and in the middle there was some lava so i put some water on it and mix of the stone and the obsidian created the Letter H When i was back home i saw a tree without leaves Then he never came back

    XR•WaiL DzXR•WaiL Dz3 timmar sedan
  • Do: /kick @p herobrine :(

    Andls TigerstreifenAndls Tigerstreifen5 timmar sedan
  • 1:41 no. thats hamood

    Aida • StarAida • Star7 timmar sedan
  • Also herobrine is like Santa it's your dad

    Nicole JungNicole Jung7 timmar sedan
  • Alt title telling ghost stories and interaganting them about the stories

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  • Can i do not to anyone in my minecraft world only my sisters and brothers

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  • I have been playing minecraft for about 6 years and i have never seen herobrine

    Suleyman QSuleyman Q8 timmar sedan
  • Bye The WAY IT' WAS ME

    #HERO BRINE#HERO BRINE10 timmar sedan
  • do a search

    Siddharth SebinSiddharth Sebin11 timmar sedan

    Siddharth SebinSiddharth Sebin11 timmar sedan
  • GAS GAS GAS!!!

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  • you spawned another generation of Minecraft fans who think it makes them unique. How fucking could you

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  • 7:41 how much did sapnap say "like"

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  • 7:02 He's telling a scary story that there is a cave sound

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  • *changes music for George*

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  • I've never ran into harobrian but my friend showed me him

    Notable NarwhalNotable Narwhal14 timmar sedan
  • I've actually seen Herobrine because I've played in every update guess what every time a new update came out saw Steve with white eyes I play on single player usually

    Eagle Sampson-TaberEagle Sampson-Taber14 timmar sedan
  • Herobrine watching them build shrines:. 👁️👄👁️

    Dumpster guyDumpster guy14 timmar sedan
  • Sapnap: minecraft is a scary game Cave music: am I a joke to you?

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  • Herobrine doesn’t exist period

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  • OMG I’m actually scared bro I’m actually scared dude why did Mojang do that I’m actually scared OMG OMG

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  • Big foot is real

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  • ⚔️ that’s what I’m gonna do to herobrine

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  • also herobrine has a skin

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  • Dude 1:51 herobrine

    Sem GamesSem Games21 timme sedan
  • Dream i have tlauncher java and i go the version 1.16 and i dnot see the herobrine -if its not work on tlauncher java or is not dis version -I want to see herobrine but i dnot see him -if you can help me - pls tell the version with herobring - and ye dis Bye if you can tell

    Manthos LitsisManthos Litsis22 timmar sedan
  • trust me i know his story but i dont give away privacy....

    Xorian LucasXorian Lucas23 timmar sedan
  • since dream is the strongest minecraft player he can probaly beat herobrine am i right?

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  • Phone

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  • My friend say the glich!!!

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  • I saw a desert temple without chest while speedrunning

    Legend Araf GAMINGLegend Araf GAMINGDag sedan

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  • 4:03 i saw herobrine lol

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  • Omg dream even scientist can't figure out who is herobrine but dream 10000 iq

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  • Ummm this myth is like 8 years ago

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  • yep I'm not playing minecraft

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  • i think herobrine is a virus

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  • One day i was playing mcpe and i crafted a compass(compass usually points to bed, and i had abed with respawn point set) but the compass pointed way far than bed and when i reached tht spot where compass pointed i saw stone bricks and infested stone bricks i thought there will be a stronghold but it wasnt there who did this? BTW i did this in creative

    Piyush KumarPiyush KumarDag sedan
  • I'm scared of Minecraft LOL!

    Jesse PitcherJesse PitcherDag sedan
  • I built one when I was younger it’s real well on PS4 it is so I built it me and my friends were playing I was building the floor and then I turned back and saw an endstone block but my friends were building their houses my mind immediately went to “that was the hero brine spawner” or ender brine idk Edit: I ALREADY COMMENTED!!??!

    The King Of RandomnessThe King Of RandomnessDag sedan
  • badboyhalo, sapnap and george are veterans?

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  • Once i typed herobrine in my biome searcher just right when i spawned i saw a crass im not joking!

    John Vincent de Chavez BagsitJohn Vincent de Chavez BagsitDag sedan
  • Hey don’t expose my Mystery Please

    HerobrineHerobrineDag sedan
  • Herobrine is scary is the boss of Minecraft

    Haneza CorpuzHaneza CorpuzDag sedan

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  • play multiplayer and avoid herobrine lol

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  • The inspiration to make this was from buzzfeed unsolved to see if ghost and demons are real the main investigator is shane and Bryan

    Doom SlayerDoom SlayerDag sedan
  • Haha 5:00

    Sharves warranSharves warranDag sedan
  • Someone punch me in lava poool an i saw herobrine

    Wilson CasabalWilson CasabalDag sedan
    • You were most likely shot by an arrow from the godly archers, and you most likely imaged it was him

      Torture DeviceTorture DeviceDag sedan
  • Where is episode 2 of this series?

    Andrew EggertAndrew EggertDag sedan
  • 4:14 about that-

    SanitySanityDag sedan
  • I have a theory about herobrine and that early way back in 2010 somebody managed to backdoor notch’s computer and saw the program and thought as a prank they’d add some thing but before leaving they would keep the backdoor open so they can get in again but they hid it so well that they didn’t discover it till before 1.16 release and they shut the backdoor so they person couldn’t read herobrine again

    JSPJSPDag sedan
  • Conspiracy: behind *Georges* glasses there is *herbriones* white eyes O.O

    MuffinMuffinDag sedan
    • And that's just a theory a herobrine theory

      Jess The Awfully Hideous MessJess The Awfully Hideous MessTimme sedan
  • Dream....... He's now haunting me... Help

    Brayden ZappiBrayden ZappiDag sedan
  • oeeeeeee

    MeOpticBoiMeOpticBoiDag sedan
  • My first Dream episode, is one you’ll never forget...

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  • I saw Herobrine on the world

    Misty BoydMisty BoydDag sedan
  • ooooooooooooceeeeeee

    Maria HeloisaMaria HeloisaDag sedan
  • My friend trolled me with a herobrine mod pack

    Pippy PussPippy PussDag sedan
  • Why does dream explain this so freakily

    Hunter AndrewsHunter AndrewsDag sedan
  • Wow thats crazy..

    YaBoiLit!!YaBoiLit!!Dag sedan
  • Me when i killed herobrine: I dont need to be scared of Herobrine even if i saw him in my world i would go up to him and kill him and btw i killed him in REAL LIFE so even if i saw that post of Herobrine i would not be scared. HeroBrine: Time to yeet this Minecraft player.

    Rachel SargentRachel SargentDag sedan
  • Look at 1:49

    lcyX boxylcyX boxyDag sedan
  • Holy that views

    Hussain_ 68Hussain_ 68Dag sedan
  • i love your videos i watched all your videos keep it up u are the best and i LOVE your content. keep it up.

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  • You will never know if I’m real, I’m very sneaky for someone to find me

    HerobrineHerobrineDag sedan
    • 2 words, not real simple and easily proven answer

      Torture DeviceTorture DeviceDag sedan
  • Dream : i am gonna talk to 3 veterans aka his friends

    Cooper CopelandCooper CopelandDag sedan
  • Dream should be a MineCraft teacher and a school teacher because he explains everything better than my school teacher

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  • You should make a video like this about null and entity 303

    Shahyan AhmadShahyan AhmadDag sedan
  • idk if I'm tripping but I swear every time I'm done mining a patch of iron I always see something out the the corner of my eye.

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  • hiro uiyuiuuohghj

    Vicky FoxVicky FoxDag sedan
  • WAAAAAAIT is it that rare? i saw him playing on a ps 4 in 1st grade

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    • I played on the ps 4

      MacszB ParkourMacszB ParkourDag sedan
  • Herobrine want to mine some Diamonds

    Lucky LukeLucky LukeDag sedan
  • Me:wait...... why are we so scared of game bug

    Zarief ZamaniZarief ZamaniDag sedan

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  • Gogy always have a hat 🤣

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  • I saw a glimpse of herobrine on my Xbox 360 world!!!!!

    Golden PandaGolden Panda2 dagar sedan
  • @Dream

    hazhaz2 dagar sedan
  • Hey I was just gonna ask does the rose in older ver. of mc do damage?

    Ian Melchor B. SantosIan Melchor B. Santos2 dagar sedan
  • Herbrine is real! lol..on mine and my brothers pc so when we play minecraft and generade a new map there are usally 2 block high tunnels and there are redstonetorches in it, THIS IS SO SCARY LOL

    Hanna LünstrothHanna Lünstroth2 dagar sedan
  • Now im scared to plat survival again 🧍‍♂️

    maxelumaxelu2 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist: the "veterans" is in the dream SMP

    the Creeperthe Creeper2 dagar sedan
  • Dream do speedrunner vs 6 hunters pls pls pls

    THARTEI. ChhakchhuakTHARTEI. Chhakchhuak2 dagar sedan
  • When I joined the world herobrine was standing sounds creepy i was running

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  • Herobrine is the brother of notch herobrine already die in 1009

    gamer allen 03gamer allen 032 dagar sedan

    honk honkhonk honk2 dagar sedan
  • I´m playing myself Minecraft and i never saw Herobrian! I´m playing since 2019 Minecraft and nothing ever happened to me! But now I´m actually scared....

    Nastya von HaranniNastya von Haranni2 dagar sedan