Unsolved Mystery of Herobrine

29 jul 2020
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Herobrine, the evil creature of Minecraft. Is Herobrine real? Where did Herobrine come from? Has Herobrine ever been in Minecraft, and will he ever be? Is there any proof? This is, the Unsolved Mystery of Herobrine.
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Herobrine has and probably always will be Minecraft's greatest evil villain. If Steve is Minecraft's best friend, Herobrine is it's enemy. Herobrine has been talked about time and time again, but no one has really gone into too much detail. This video goes into details about his origins, if he is real or fake, where it all started, and some interesting mysteries involving him.
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  • He also leaves reds one torch tunles

    Ruby JamiesonRuby Jamieson50 minuter sedan
  • dream can you have a vidio please

    Rush BalangueRush Balangue52 minuter sedan
  • Wait did bbh say herobrine steales so one day I was playing forza horizon 2 and I was bored so I just go play Minecraft all my stuff were gone

    ShxdøwShxdøwTimme sedan
  • ...but not sure

    Gonthier PatrickGonthier Patrick3 timmar sedan
  • I don't think I was greeted by Herobrine but when I was like 10 playing in a creative world making random things, on a single player world, I would keep finding signs put everywhere with messages just like "hello" or something and eventually I found someone there, just a Steve character who I'd find every now and then and sometimes mine with, we only chatted through signs and eventually they were gone, I only knew them by Steve like the default name and I showed my best friend them on the world on my tablet a couple times during that time and she'd watch what they did since she knew the Herobrine myths and I didn't know at the time what Herobrine was. I never really thought that much about what happened until a couple years ago, I wasn't very scared because I was happy to have a new friend but thinking about it now makes me wonder who they were and how they hacked me and why, I mean they really knew everything about me from what they said so they could have really done damage in the real world.. Idk, just thought I'd share, could have been a Minecraft horror story if the person did things to affect me tbh

    Selby WallingSelby Walling3 timmar sedan
  • Maybe since notch said he had a brother, maybe the brother died when he was 10 years old and since it is on herobrines 10 year aniversery so they didn`t remove him unless they forgot

    Rod CrismanRod Crisman3 timmar sedan
  • Sapnap's not an idiot. Aww

    Ben Rund-ScottBen Rund-Scott5 timmar sedan
  • brother seen herobrine HE'S REAL

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  • Who’s her up for me who is controlling under that mask if you’re buying from you I don’t know maybe a dead person or sometime

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    • GBRELA

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    • Fui-me

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  • Idk why but one time I was playing minecraft with my dad and then I for one sec saw a herobrine lookin’ guy in front of me and then when I blinked it dissapeared but Then I asked my dad was it him he said no bcs he was mining..but I hope it was not real:D

    quack_george_ SMPquack_george_ SMP7 timmar sedan
  • I saw a pig with a iron axe fly up and vanish I went over and looked at the spot where it was and there was a Cobble temple like it was a dessert temple with every thing was like a temple...weird

    Teddy bomb1820Teddy bomb18207 timmar sedan
  • First

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  • Random comment If u read this have a good day tho

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  • I saw 2 badboyhalo

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  • This is my first dream vid and it’s actually kinda good but first I thought he was bad but I am wrong

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  • herobrine is probably a glitched zombie switched with a Steve and glitched out eyes or maby it's a glitched Steve skin and he's a player a Friend of a player in a smp and they forgot to turn multiplayer off?

  • You see in monster school theres herobrine!

    Nicole TNicole T12 timmar sedan
    • In LEGO Minecraft animation too?

      Nicole TNicole T12 timmar sedan
  • herobrine life is sad

    Dhia MardhiahDhia Mardhiah14 timmar sedan
  • Dream is Creative mode and found Herobrine and closer too dream but Herobrine's skin is old design

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  • Lol i see you hahahahah

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  • 16:37 Because the year 2012, the first year to include remove Herobrine. And Herobrine has 9 letters. If you add it to 2012, it will be 2021. Which version 1.16.5 was still around that year. That could be the reason why in 1.16 didn't include remove Herobrine.

    Quarter ZatocheeseQuarter Zatocheese16 timmar sedan
  • I see herobrian wen I was building my casle we I see my open space he was there and wen I was mining wood he was there and more I see And please make more unsloved

    Justin GolongJustin Golong17 timmar sedan
  • 1000000000m likes dream

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  • imagine herobrine arriving in manhunt

    Bharadwaj ToletiBharadwaj Toleti17 timmar sedan
  • This is creepy but I love creepines of minecraft

    Nightmare _little_StoryNightmare _little_Story18 timmar sedan
  • Wait they didn’t put that they removed hero brine then there is only 2 reason Herobrine is real or they added herobrine

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  • Hey what about weird noises

    Kasen TibbsKasen Tibbs23 timmar sedan

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  • 4:43 yay badboyhalo 7:25 yay sapnap 9:03 yay georgenotfound

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  • I think I have

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  • Ok ok this is kinda starting to scare me

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  • Everyone 's gangsta until the eyes of the pets are white

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  • 0:02

    Khalif arkanKhalif arkanDag sedan
  • I remember i saw a tunnel on my single player world but it wasnt a tunnel at all like you know when you dig a stairway to mine, it was something like that but shorter

    KoalaKennyKoalaKennyDag sedan
  • I trust you Dream I think they added be carefull and watch closely

    Junior 11Junior 11Dag sedan
  • Last my friend saw a seed with trees with no leaves, saw one pyrimads in the ocean and a 2x2 Cave. He took a picture for proof and logged off. When he told me, I was scared as frick-

    A Big Rat I AmA Big Rat I AmDag sedan
  • Cuz I started Minecraft today

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  • I’m still freaked out

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  • I saw herobrine today I was freaked out by using a hacked code only with 1011011100

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  • im watching this at 2am. omfg rip me

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  • Theory: back in the testing days of Minecraft back when it was cave game, there was a mob the player could spawn they were steves that would walk around and jump, maybe herobrine is a glitched model, a unremoved entity, the player may be spawning him in unintentionally, which again goes with the glitch theory of dream. Or he could simply be a reference to that mob, but got taken down a rabbit hole of being a sort of ghost by the community, there's a lot of holes but just a thought.

    Phillip PazolkaPhillip PazolkaDag sedan
  • your freaking me out

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  • can u please show your face

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  • But what about the black broken minecraft record.

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  • Weres the next episode

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  • Hey dreem in which verson of Minecraft we can see Herobrine

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  • wait so you say that in one of my games is hirobrine in bc my end and over world i bugt and ***** up

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  • You should know herobrine's story :))

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  • I have seen him I was in fite with him.

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  • I have seen trees without levese

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  • Dream is true

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  • Never

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  • don’t recommend watching this at 3 am kinda spooky

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  • please continue this series

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  • Here’s a tip on how to make herobriane in mine craft go to ur character and choose Steve and then make his eyes white

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  • For a second I thought George was Herobrine 😂

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  • Is Dream EVER going to do a face reveal?!?!?!!!?!??!

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  • Let’s go lads

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  • I actually had villager houses break without my friends of me interfering and random signs and random explosions. Ik you will call me faker or whatever but it did happen 😰

    Jordan SierraJordan Sierra2 dagar sedan
    • It was probably an abandoned village those r kinda common with the new update

      Ashley The Kitty MasterAshley The Kitty Master2 dagar sedan
  • Everyone gangsta until herobrine appers in dreams Minecraft Manhunts

    Little Alix2011Little Alix20112 dagar sedan
  • I saw hero brine in 3388 (seed number.)

    Mr meow YayMr meow Yay2 dagar sedan

    Kaxtie_AgiixxKaxtie_Agiixx2 dagar sedan
    • You might be colorblind

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  • Isn't Herobrian an actuall Creepypasta? I mean he can be sorted in this cathergory tho or at least creepypastas about Herobrian do exist...

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  • thetekkitrealm?

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  • Am I watching a detective😅 Your the best😎

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  • Did you see the leaves on the sand behind sapnap's screen dude herobrine is for real now it seems😂😂

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  • Dream do a face reveal

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    LightningBolt PlayzLightningBolt Playz2 dagar sedan

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    • Damn you didn't even watch the video

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  • What if all of the 1.17 update is just an elaborate prank to add Herobrine as a boss battle

    Ken SmithKen Smith2 dagar sedan
  • herobrine maybe real

    Sampanna GhimireSampanna Ghimire2 dagar sedan
  • this gave me chills

    Brendan CullenBrendan Cullen2 dagar sedan
  • When I was younger, I played Minecraft. I had this one world with a cute treehouse in a jungle. My brother had me on Minecraft so he could join my game. He changed his name to “HeroBrine” and changed his skin to herobrine. He destroyed my whole world and hid for a bit, then left once I saw him. None the less, I was terrified and didn’t log into Minecraft for 2 weeks. Found out it was him after 2 weeks and I was so mad I broke his Nintendo DS.

    lqylaz zzlqylaz zz2 dagar sedan
  • Herobrine did that to Corey kitchen who Brian make weird sounds

    Kareem SaifKareem Saif2 dagar sedan
  • You know harry potter! Me too :)

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  • Me: wow dream got three experienced minecraft players Dream : OK badboyhalo, sapmap and George

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  • Herobrine is not a hero?

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  • Every mob is a gangsta, until herobrine arrives

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  • Sapnap be moveing like: 👯👯👯👯🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😌😌😀😀

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  • I think Herobrine is real :O😱

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  • Herobrine makes the cave sounds?

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  • 1:49 who else so Herobrine in the background😰

    JustBeing AyhamJustBeing Ayham2 dagar sedan
  • I've seen Herobrine in one of my minecraft worlds. It was with my good friend and I also think I've seen him several times in that world (and I play a 1.16 world)

    Katte KillingKatte Killing2 dagar sedan
  • Pp

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  • Bro biggest fan of yours

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  • Går inte jag ska gå och lägga mig nu och har Sven

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  • Herobrine is the ultimate clickbaity scheme Just put Herobrine's name and *NOT CLICKBAIT * in your video title and you could pay next months rent ... Eazyy

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  • Guys it real I was walking outside one day irl and I see hero brine spying on me!

    LeftyAtHeartLeftyAtHeart2 dagar sedan
  • I guess every world in Minecraft has herobrine. So someone functioned as to generate herobrine in all the worlds

    xdz gamingxdz gaming2 dagar sedan
  • Ahhh, so the bois are veterans. It all makes sense now ;-)

    Ayush KhandelwalAyush Khandelwal2 dagar sedan
  • I think it was Herobrine when i was making a rail to the village.

    micheline bascomicheline basco2 dagar sedan
  • Lets keep in mind that minecraft is 10+ lol

    RobinHoodWorldRobinHoodWorld2 dagar sedan
  • U said my origin before me

    HerobrineHerobrine2 dagar sedan
  • I have seen herobrine in the alpha version I tried to find herobrine then after 10 days I found wierd structure and my things were lost I click on bed and died I spawn near a village always

    Legendary GamerLegendary Gamer2 dagar sedan
  • Love from India 🇮🇳

    Dinesh chauhanDinesh chauhan2 dagar sedan
  • Oh my god if this is true then I’m terrified right now I’m at the 3:38 point of the video so let me tell a story ‘Twas five years ago..... eh it was five years ago my first time playing Minecraft I was with my mom and sister and I wandered to a desert and there was two holes in the ground two blocks apart from each other it was three blocks long 2 blocks deep and one section of it was 1 block deep and both holes were the same and I was wondering like what is this normal well umm I don’t think that was normal Lol I saw the rest of the video but I still think it was really weird

    •—『Frio Moon』—••—『Frio Moon』—•2 dagar sedan
  • Did anyone else notice that Dream interviewed his friends on the minecraft world they played "Speedruner vs 3 hunters FINALE REMATCH"

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