VW ID3 camping in -25°C in Folldal

12 jan 2021
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  • Very good outside shots, Norwegan nights at -25°C. I love your Videos! Thank you!

    TeslaHJTeslaHJTimme sedan
  • 7:51 :D

    ArthursHDArthursHD2 timmar sedan
  • Nice night shots

    ekhaatekhaat4 timmar sedan
  • Thet heat radiating fom the car might do a couple of degrees.

    HelgumsuffeHelgumsuffe11 timmar sedan
  • You should also measure level of CO2 in the interior.

    pangrac1pangrac113 timmar sedan
    • No need to. HVAC on auto.

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland12 timmar sedan
  • 1730 and its so dark woww

    JaeJae18 timmar sedan
  • Hi, Should one be concerned about running out ( or shortage ) of oxygen overnight in tightly sealed car?

    Sur PlusSur PlusDag sedan
    • No, HVAC was on auto.

      Bjørn NylandBjørn NylandDag sedan
  • According to this video: seworld.info/will/kJ6RztDeZqqk0aM/video the heatpump in the ID3 doesn't work at all. They compared it to an ID3 without heatpump and they had the same energy consumption.

    Peter SiliePeter SilieDag sedan
  • Great Video, marvelous pics of the car and the stars ✨ 👍👍👍

    laserandy007laserandy007Dag sedan
  • The StarCraft 2 (Beastyqt) got me good! Big thumbs up!

    Violin NikolovViolin NikolovDag sedan
  • What camera did you use for the time lapse?

    tzdtzdDag sedan
    • Canon 6D Mark II

      Bjørn NylandBjørn NylandDag sedan
  • Its great to think with EV's in the future and some now that off grid car camping can be an all year round thing.

    Mark VeloMark VeloDag sedan
  • candy wrappers must be very clean in norway!

    Benjamin PBenjamin P2 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for another great video. Great test to see how 3 evs with heat pump get on in the cold .

    nickie Redshawnickie Redshaw2 dagar sedan
  • Hi Bjorn. Thank you for the great video. Was the cabin air recirculated or fresh air drawn from outside while camp-testing all three vehicles? Regards, Alex

    MrCoolTomskMrCoolTomsk2 dagar sedan
    • Auto

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland2 dagar sedan
  • @Bjorn Nyland, you missed your other calling @14:21, lol. Create a separate channel and focus on the Norwegian / Thai nigh sky or include some videos on this channel with longer footage of beautiful night skies accompanied by music? 💡 🌃

    dyrectory comdyrectory com2 dagar sedan
  • Second video I came across xD awesome humour, great points answered. If there were some more electric vehicles 7 adult places like the tesla y size, price, practicality =/

    Spitx DiogoSpitx Diogo2 dagar sedan
  • At low temperatures a heat-pump regularly defrost the heat exchanger. That maybe also an explanation for the peak of consumption. Though I don't know why Model 3 or e-Niro don't do that. Another system maybe.

    Erik SmithErik Smith2 dagar sedan
  • Va Master som Terran i StarCraft 2 for ei stund sia :)

    SpectreSpectre2 dagar sedan
  • Nice buns

    Edmund HayesEdmund Hayes2 dagar sedan
    • The time-lapse shots are incredible too

      Edmund HayesEdmund Hayes2 dagar sedan
  • I think the heatpump is de-iceing and therefore use more power every hour

    Elias HolmElias Holm2 dagar sedan
  • Interesting video. I think the car also takes some power when preheating. I did a test and went down to town and home took 27% electricity. and it is a journey to and from about 20 km. with preheating, I think I will not get more than about 130km with 100% on the battery, city driving in Elverum Norway in the winter. The longest I have gotten out of the car is 337km at 100% it was November 1st. with studded tires. Thanks forgreat videos.

    Lifetime story VW ID.3 1 STLifetime story VW ID.3 1 ST2 dagar sedan
  • Other german youtuber made a test and it seams that the heatpump is not working.

    PuschePusche2 dagar sedan
  • Excellent as always ;) I just think you should check/verify the isolation from out side not inside a car.

    Radoslaw GolebiewskiRadoslaw Golebiewski2 dagar sedan
  • I tested my eTron with OBD11 recently and found that cold-starting and idling the car does not heat the battery, only the cabin. At 7C outside and 21C inside the heat pump was pulling about 500-700W.

    Reinout SchotmanReinout Schotman2 dagar sedan
  • Respect to your informative videos indeed! However - can someone kindly explain me why would anyone sleep in their car 🚙 anyway? Seems like another EV car discussion about irrelevant topics. Keep up the good work though

    helopurohelopuro2 dagar sedan
    • I am there to measure consumption with the lowest temperatures. And the lowest temperatures occurs at night. So why stay awake then?

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland2 dagar sedan
  • Maybe ID3 uses more energy while idling because it has no camping/utility mode? Car thinks it has to drive of any moment and therefore heats up the battery?

    Christophe LeijnenChristophe Leijnen2 dagar sedan
  • Put a sock on your coke bottle. It’s like a condom. Hmmm it’s hard. *looking at camera* Ahhh Björn. I love you.

    Felix AmyotFelix Amyot2 dagar sedan
  • if I want to keep a coke cold in my e-niro, should I use kia socks?

    dalsgaard12dalsgaard122 dagar sedan
  • Saw this post, www.vg.no/annonsorinnhold/renault/rekkevidde/ 450 km with the Zoe? Id love to see you try that.

    RoyRoy2 dagar sedan
  • Love the part where Bjorn was condoming his coke bottle 🤣

    Calvin KhorCalvin Khor2 dagar sedan
  • Then you have to put shield in the trunk too.

    Alain SylvestreAlain Sylvestre2 dagar sedan
  • i know you missed your screen from your tesla model 3 lol

    GadgetpimpGadgetpimp2 dagar sedan
  • Those night-shot time lapses are gorgeous!

    Aye NawNomisAye NawNomis2 dagar sedan
  • Can you do a video on sleeping in a fossil car?

    AntonAnton2 dagar sedan
  • Most people don't use all that extra insulation and window shades. I think the test would be better and results more realistic without them.

    AntonAnton2 dagar sedan
  • Entertainning...condoms :-)

    najohn100najohn1002 dagar sedan
  • The view at 14:42 is mesmerizing.

    Cyp74Cyp742 dagar sedan
  • Bjorn fan starter pack: Yo watttts up Alfdal Elverum I am freezing Going sleep at 4am Heat pump

    Norbert OrlikNorbert Orlik2 dagar sedan
    • And left lane hogger

      abu rahatabu rahatDag sedan
    • And Musen Musen Musen!

      Edmund HayesEdmund Hayes2 dagar sedan
    • @Bjørn Nyland and heating up battery haha

      Norbert OrlikNorbert Orlik2 dagar sedan
    • You forgot shieeeeet

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland2 dagar sedan
  • I know I am laying my head on the chopping block now. But i'm not convinced that kWh/h is so wrong. Let's say it stood 2kWh/minute it would correspond to 120 kWh/h. 2 kWh/h for a hole day shuld correspond to 48kWh/24 hours. O.186 kWh/km is the same. On my utillity bill, they stated that my expected years consumption for my house was 37789 kWh/year. I can admitt it looks wierd with kWh/h. But not all things that look wierd are wrong.

    Kjetil ValøyKjetil Valøy3 dagar sedan
    • @Bjørn Nyland I think VW is trying to display how much energy will be drawn from the battery in one hour if the current consumption were to last for one hour. For the regular person it is easier to understand, they don’t understand what kW and kWh are. But when you say: “At the current rate, the consumption will be x kWh for 1 hour” and they know they have a battery with e.g., 50 kWh capacity, maybe it’s easier to understand. It’s actually like an ICE car, when they have the engine running while parked. It displays l/h, not how much power the engine is using. Liters and kWh are a unit of energy while kW is a unit of power. It is also more consistent to use kWh/h and kWh/100km.

      Kjetil ValøyKjetil Valøy2 dagar sedan
    • Why is Kia and other car manufacturers displaying power in kW then?

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland2 dagar sedan
  • Wow, this is an incredible piece of SEworld stuff - amazing footage, please continue making such nice videos like this :) I love camping, no matter how ;D

    Devil StingerDevil Stinger3 dagar sedan
  • What is the iPace like? VW doesnt do so well it looks like. Also... not a lovely thing inside for sure..

    Alex LawrenceAlex Lawrence3 dagar sedan
  • Next test with the Audi Etron? Also, thank you for the beautiful timelapses.

    colla 555colla 5553 dagar sedan
  • Can I give you an advice? Place the window's cover with the shining side to point inside the car, if you haven't done that already. That way you will reflect more heat inside the cabin! Great video!

    niki123489niki1234893 dagar sedan
    • Not possible because suction cups are on one side.

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland2 dagar sedan
  • The 8kW spike was probably heat pump defrosting. My house AC makes all kind of weird noises when it's defrosting.

    markothevrbamarkothevrba3 dagar sedan
  • I enjoy your videos. Can you post that full time lapse that you did that evening. That was most beautiful. Where I live we don't see that many stars at night. Not even close. That was awesome.

    Dan VitaleDan Vitale3 dagar sedan
  • Bjorn is it possible that when the cars energy consumption goes up to potentially heat the battery that the heat is leaking out somewhere and interfering with the outside temperature sensor?

    Ivan EndicottIvan Endicott3 dagar sedan
    • Yes

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland2 dagar sedan
  • Let's see how VW will improve it. Idea: Bjorn, how about a compilation video of your stunning night time laps videos? They are fantastic.

    Salty SaltShakerSalty SaltShaker3 dagar sedan
    • i don´t think they will improve it. Camping is a rather specific usecase and the ID3 is not build for that. It´s much more build for daily driving without long road trips in mind.

      DoJoDoJo2 dagar sedan
  • Wow! That starry sky 😍

    zemansky07zemansky073 dagar sedan
  • good vid, as allways! Thumb up! But really awesome beautiful outdoor shots!!!!! Double thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nordish Bynaturenordish Bynature3 dagar sedan
  • Sock juice??

    Gareth DesboroughGareth Desborough3 dagar sedan
  • Sweet time-lapse!

    prerunnerwannabeprerunnerwannabe3 dagar sedan
  • Watching also Starcraft Games - you are my Hero!

    chris dabeeechris dabeee3 dagar sedan
  • Casual condom insert made my day. You are great reviewer and those Teslas you have earned with these videos are totally the least that EV-manufactures can do for you. These honest reviews sure makes meny men to at least consider EV option. I'm going EV and I feel that you made my decision a lot easier.

    PasiPasi3 dagar sedan
  • Time-lapse part reminded me of Jonna Jinton :D seworld.info/will/abK4t5nFr3d5mGg/video

    Z 3Z 33 dagar sedan
  • Björn Nyland - camping in a car so you don't have to :)

    Anders NilssonAnders Nilsson3 dagar sedan
  • When is the Leaf Plus winter camping?

    Leaf StormLeaf Storm3 dagar sedan
  • 'These socks, they are used?! ughuhuuhu!, Good shit!' ;-)

    Martijn van TongerenMartijn van Tongeren3 dagar sedan
  • Pretty unique series of tests. Wonder if there will be a chance to test camping at -36C this winter?

    KristianpontKristianpont3 dagar sedan
  • Would be interesting in Yakutsk Russian winter they have -50..-60 :) seworld.info/will/bIS02q6-q2tzkmA/video

    Z 3Z 33 dagar sedan
  • kWh/h - What the hell? :D

    Hannes KönigsmannHannes Königsmann3 dagar sedan
    • energy consumption over the last hour... if the display shows a running average this is actually the correct unit.

      Stephan WeinbergerStephan Weinberger2 dagar sedan
  • How did I land here?

    Die RoadfamilyDie Roadfamily3 dagar sedan
  • God the night sky is breath taking in the time laps seen i could look at it al night

    Anthony ParrottAnthony Parrott3 dagar sedan
  • Hey Björn - did you set the heating system to circulating air? Otherwise the heatpump has to always heat up cold air and warm air is being pushed out the gaps. This would surely make for big energie loses.

    Benjamin WiederkehrBenjamin Wiederkehr3 dagar sedan
    • Auto

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland2 dagar sedan
  • Nice sky time laps, also just shows how much of a gap around your heat shield let’s out light and heat

    Russell gilchristRussell gilchrist3 dagar sedan
  • I miss the Thailand vlogs

    Fritz StorpFritz Storp3 dagar sedan
    • 🦠

      Nobody FamousNobody Famous2 dagar sedan
  • Are you taking into account fresh air intake into the car? Even with the HVAC on recirculate, there is typically a minimum amount of fresh air coming in from outside. The rate of fresh air coming in is also 1:1 proportional to the air being exhausted, which is done through the vents at the rear of the car. If these are plugged (perhaps with a mattress or insulation from camping), the amount of fresh air will be minimal, and will reduce the heating load.

    Chris KroekerChris Kroeker3 dagar sedan
  • Björn, -25C IS extreme ...

    DutCH CouraGeDutCH CouraGe3 dagar sedan
    • Tell that to someone living in Kautokeino or Karasjok and they will laugh at you.

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland2 dagar sedan
  • 14:20 nice scenery

    JimytheKingJimytheKing3 dagar sedan
  • I think the 8kW is the defrost heater of the external heat pump radiator.

    A PA P3 dagar sedan
  • Can you do this in a Honda E?

    kieranhendykieranhendy3 dagar sedan
  • Wow... beautiful time-lapse video of the night sky (and the ID3!)

    SpikeXtremeSpikeXtreme3 dagar sedan
  • I always die inside a bit when I see "kWh/h" being displayed, same in my Passat GTE.

    Martin HallerdalMartin Hallerdal3 dagar sedan
  • Can it also depend on where the temperature sensor sits? If it sits near the vents than maybe it requires less energy as if the same temperature need to be maintained by the same sensor that might measure in the back of the car...

    tymantyman3 dagar sedan
  • 0:13 (Closed Captions) False Login ID3 🚘

    Nobody FamousNobody Famous3 dagar sedan
  • Thanks for these great Videos. Cool Gate Boss. This morning with 0 degrees and everything switched on my e Golf with heat pump took 7,8 kW. And for a short time my average consumption was 99,9 kWh...

    tymantyman3 dagar sedan
  • I think 8kw is defrost

    na prad po Polscena prad po Polsce3 dagar sedan
  • Those timelapse are beautiful! Orion is perfeclty seen ;-)

    Jordi CerdanJordi Cerdan3 dagar sedan
  • Stunning night pictures of the sky! Nice ID.3 socks...who wears them.... Thanks for doing the same test with all these cars! Quit a job, but worth doing and viewing!!

    Rob HoitsmaRob Hoitsma3 dagar sedan
  • Comes to see performance of car.... Learns new condom application technique.

    ukmidnighterukmidnighter3 dagar sedan
  • 7:04 'sock juice' brah 🤣👌 also, pls go outside with the Flir and check where the car loses the heat, i think whatever causes it, will be visible from outside....or even underneath the car

    Kris GKris G3 dagar sedan
  • Just seen Nigel Farage in your advert break. This man is anti climate change and a friend of Donald Trump. Not good for your channel to have any association with this man.

    Vtech 1997Vtech 19973 dagar sedan
    • @Edward Carr Yes, Ad selection says more about the viewer than the presenter

      Nobody FamousNobody Famous2 dagar sedan
    • SEworld picks adverts based on the what they think they know about the person watching. Somebody watching in France wouldn't see English language adverts for example. Maybe you have been Googling Brexit a lot.

      Edward CarrEdward Carr3 dagar sedan
  • The car (when "on") want the battery to be at least 11°C and the batteryheater pulls about 5kW (12A).

    Leif AlbihnLeif Albihn3 dagar sedan
  • Like others have said, I'm pretty sure the 8kW power draw is when the evaporator (outside) is defrosting. If it works like a house heat pump it'll start running in A/C mode to heat up the outdoor coil and thus it's probably using a PTC heater inside so it doesn't start cooling the inside of the car while you're trying to stay warm.

    Spacebanana930Spacebanana9303 dagar sedan
  • 10:00 lol?

    Antonio CirinoAntonio Cirino3 dagar sedan
  • sock juice!

    xbmcbergmanxbmcbergman3 dagar sedan
  • Car is doing AirCon defrost.

    alconaft4343alconaft43433 dagar sedan
  • Hi Bjorn. Please don't say "percent" when you mean "percentage points". It is not the same and people watching your videos may not know that.

    Ebbe JensenEbbe Jensen3 dagar sedan
  • Again, amazing video. May I ask is there a way to "trick" e-tron into camping mode?

    K TsaoK Tsao3 dagar sedan
  • Wow Stepping up the b-roll with star timelapse :) I would think that during the 8 kW bursts the car is doing a defrost and maybe running som auxillary heater to maintain heat in the cabin?

    Krillpe1Krillpe13 dagar sedan
  • This triggers me so badly. kWh/h is kW. Why VW just why? :D

    FightMaster122FightMaster1223 dagar sedan
    • Seen on the back of some lightbulb packaging: 5kwh/1000h. Argh!

      Oddly FamiliarOddly FamiliarDag sedan
    • VW/h

      Adam PearsonAdam Pearson2 dagar sedan
  • Ive never driven my electric corsa for more than an 90 mins. Lol. I must go on a road trip.

    paul Byrnepaul Byrne3 dagar sedan
  • Wow, please tell me that night timelapse is fake.. what a beautiful sight

    hli33hli333 dagar sedan
    • Not fake of course.

      Bjørn NylandBjørn Nyland3 dagar sedan
  • That heat pump is pulling mad power. I guess low temps could be the reason for low efficiency.

    Darko LeskovšekDarko Leskovšek3 dagar sedan
  • Coke in the sock! 7:00 I love you Bjorn!

    mlepamlepa3 dagar sedan
  • Hey I love the music and photography sections :)

    Mike McintoshMike Mcintosh3 dagar sedan
  • First up, well done with the video .. those timelapse shots where gorgeus. As for the heatpump in ID3, nextmove made a video a few months back (i belive) where they found that the heatpump ID3 actually drew more power as another ID3 with excact same configuration but without heatpump. Both cars were stationary at the same spot (at the same time side by side).

    DJRaffa1000DJRaffa10003 dagar sedan
  • 👍

    christer karlssonchrister karlsson3 dagar sedan
  • Those timelapses are a thing of beauty. Thank you

    TheCapedCoconutTheCapedCoconut3 dagar sedan
  • Thermal radiation explains why insulation on windows feels so good without much effect on heat consumption.

    Torgeir LandvikTorgeir Landvik3 dagar sedan