The Best of Tiktok

4 jan 2019
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I wanted to revisit tiktok from a different, more positive light but we got a little distracted I think.
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Intro - Delta Rune - Rude Buster
Gummy Bear Song - Holfix - Last Stand
Outro: luvbird - your smile
Other music I have used can be found here -
The Best of Tiktok - Cursed Tiktok Videos 2

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  • This is the funniest comment section I've ever scrolled through, I think some of these jokes are so bad and/or dumb that my brain dies and then I just start laughing uncontrollably

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  • "I'm gonna get my wife and you're gonna see" wow, talk about aging horribly

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  • I like the ad placement at about 6:10

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    • 2018 he's 21

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    • @Right Chris SG wasn’t it before? Cuz I thought he did that stuff in April 2019.

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    • Deltarune rude buster It’s also in the description

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