Taylor Swift - cardigan / august / willow (Live From The 63rd GRAMMYs ® / 2021)

15 mar 2021
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“Cardigan / August / Willow” (Live From The 63rd GRAMMYs ® / 2021)
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  • Omg I love you. Taylor Swift tell me if you see this I’m a huge fan

    snowyypinessnowyypines3 timmar sedan

    Victória FernandesVictória Fernandes8 timmar sedan
  • Iconic

    Melika GoudarziMelika Goudarzi13 timmar sedan
  • By now I've listened to August a hundred times. And now this video is absolutely magestic

    Tahmena FerdousTahmena Ferdous13 timmar sedan
  • Rrruhh

    Mike MachoMike Macho14 timmar sedan
  • Im back

    John DoeJohn Doe18 timmar sedan
  • She's so beautiful 😊

    Aroni Likes PizzaAroni Likes Pizza23 timmar sedan
  • It's great to see that she's having fun with her fellow producers and writers. She's in a healthy relationship, she has amazing parents and like-minded friends. I love you, Taylor. Keep doing what you're doing and you'll be just as amazing and more.

    Ellia HomstadEllia HomstadDag sedan
  • Wow 🤩

    Nava VossoughianNava VossoughianDag sedan
  • Had to use a VPN to rewatch this.

    AmmarAmmar2 dagar sedan
  • My girl taylor swift

    jose martinezjose martinez3 dagar sedan
  • That dress is gorgeous

    Jay BonnJay Bonn3 dagar sedan
  • My friends: Fighting over who has the best taste in music Bestie 1: Lacey you decide, what's the best genre Me: The Taylor Swift genre. My friends: What??

    MyLife AsLaceyMyLife AsLacey3 dagar sedan
  • omg i just realized there’s glitter in the back and in the ground!! so prtty

    Kaitlyn RoseKaitlyn Rose4 dagar sedan
  • i love her and her vibe so much

    Kaitlyn RoseKaitlyn Rose4 dagar sedan
  • Where are you

    Saul ChavezSaul Chavez4 dagar sedan

    Lia TaylorLia Taylor5 dagar sedan
  • Her dark blonde hair is ICONIC 💖

    Lia TaylorLia Taylor5 dagar sedan

    Asia LAsia L5 dagar sedan
  • let’s be honest, this is not your first time here

    beetle Uwubeetle Uwu6 dagar sedan
  • who else just realized she was barefoot

    beetle Uwubeetle Uwu6 dagar sedan
  • She has such a beautiful authenticity and it makes every girl feel beautiful in their own self. No faking, no gimmicks, just raw emotion and truth and songs that reach the heart.

    Christina Van PattenChristina Van Patten6 dagar sedan
  • I can’t get enough of this video and this song!

    Christina Van PattenChristina Van Patten6 dagar sedan
  • Taylor spread's happiness through her music!

    Melina MahjouriMelina Mahjouri6 dagar sedan

    Melina MahjouriMelina Mahjouri6 dagar sedan
  • i will never get over how obsessed i am with this performance.

    bella sbella s6 dagar sedan
  • Why i cannot watch this vid in indonesia without vpn?

    IDE BersamaIDE Bersama6 dagar sedan
  • Hello is there anybody else that's from a country where this video is banned and have to use Vpn to see it

    Piesause 13Piesause 136 dagar sedan
  • Okay wait, why do I feel like when she performed Willow, the drums and all that was being done by HAIM since they were literally right behind the camera...

    Jake RJake R6 dagar sedan
  • Why is this blocked in my country?? 😭😭😭😭 why Taylor??

    javiera bascuñanjaviera bascuñan6 dagar sedan
  • it just comes so naturally to her, she opens her mouth and pure beauty comes out

    megmeg7 dagar sedan
  • she aesthetic now

    Queen RoyaleQueen Royale7 dagar sedan
  • I remember I was really young when I used to listen to her songs, at the time, the titles and the singer never stuck in my mind, so I never knew what the songs were called. But growing older and listening to songs by Taylor Swift just triggers so many memories. I wish I knew about her more when I was younger. She truly is the best singer for me and how she's grown over the years is just amazing.. from being amazing to astonishing...

    DiyaDiya7 dagar sedan
  • queen.

    Riya GandhiRiya Gandhi8 dagar sedan
  • Greatest singer alive

    MarkMark8 dagar sedan
  • Stevie Nicks vibes towards the end. Willow is an epic song

    narmaKnarmaK8 dagar sedan
  • amazing

    Brooke WomickBrooke Womick8 dagar sedan
  • When the ad before this video is Taylor's cardigan one with Capital

    Reese 27Reese 279 dagar sedan
  • Wow. I'm impressed. This is her finest, she keeps getting better. I love this direction.

    Sarah LSarah L9 dagar sedan
  • Thank the Lord for this Woman. May our daughters grow to be like her. Lucky her b/f

    Michael MolanoMichael Molano9 dagar sedan
  • The end of willow when she twirled and then the song ended, she looked so happy, she’s like actually the best, and when she sang August, my soul left my body

    Jocelyn RizziJocelyn Rizzi9 dagar sedan
  • Anyone feel like Mel Gibson in Braveheart?

    MANOJ K0MMIN3NIMANOJ K0MMIN3NI10 dagar sedan

    Xaven MusicXaven Music10 dagar sedan
  • This is like my 10,th time watching this and I just realize the dress went from Blue to gold

    Chevy EyeChevy Eye10 dagar sedan
  • I'd give it a shot.

    Joe MiahJoe Miah10 dagar sedan
  • ily

    Alexandra SepeAlexandra Sepe10 dagar sedan
  • okay but the sets for each performance were stunning especially taylor’s.

    loserloser10 dagar sedan

    Ava EscamillaAva Escamilla10 dagar sedan
  • Taylor sounds FANTASTIC live, I honestly don't think she gets enough credit for how versatile and strong a vocalist she is...

    lflagrlflagr10 dagar sedan
  • here for my daily dose of willow live

    sophia ryansophia ryan10 dagar sedan
  • tay iz

    Thirsty JakeThirsty Jake10 dagar sedan
  • The guitarist on the left is giving me life!!

    Greter MarcosGreter Marcos10 dagar sedan
  • It was the best performance of the night. Facts.

    Angela MarieAngela Marie11 dagar sedan
  • But why is it blocked in India ?

    JAYANT Singh rajputJAYANT Singh rajput11 dagar sedan
    • It's blocked everywhere except USA because of Grammys policy

      Hediye HosseiniHediye Hosseini11 dagar sedan
  • The undesirable result methodologically annoy because cirrus contrastingly punch forenenst a utopian plywood. skillful, hideous high domain

    Bot BoyBot Boy11 dagar sedan
  • This is my favorite trio. They’re besties 🥺

    Krysta BrileyKrysta Briley11 dagar sedan
  • That is the most beautiful stage setup I've ever seen. I want to live there.

    Michelle M_Michelle M_11 dagar sedan
  • i watch this at least twice a day

    Kayla VandykeKayla Vandyke11 dagar sedan
  • This is so amazing so talented I lobe her music it calms me when I think about not being able to visit my dad since covid and we nearly ever see him plus I think about how I'm bi but I won't tell my mom because I think she won't accept me the way I am 🌈🌈

    ryryXpride RyryryXpride Ry11 dagar sedan
  • the vibe here is absolutely flawless

    K HarrisK Harris12 dagar sedan
  • 💌🙋🏻‍♀️💌

    Jennifer WonJennifer Won12 dagar sedan
  • I just love her so damn much

    Hailey HughesHailey Hughes12 dagar sedan
  • Give me one valid reason to hate her. I’ll wait.

    AnnaAnna12 dagar sedan
  • blocked ?

    ExistExist12 dagar sedan
  • We need this performance for streaming

    J MJ M12 dagar sedan
  • She really is one of the hardest workers in the music industry. Anyone who puts out back to back albums that are absolute masterpieces is a rockstar. I admit, I kinda fell off the TS bandwagon during the Lover era, just because it was a little too much pop for me at the time, but Folklore and Evermore brought me back full force. So proud of her career and how far she’s come ❤️

    iamaliseyaiamaliseya12 dagar sedan

    Leonel ChamorroLeonel Chamorro13 dagar sedan

    emmaemma13 dagar sedan
  • I can not be more happy to live in Taylor Swift's era♡♡♡

    parniya mpparniya mp13 dagar sedan
  • But actually when you are young they asume you know nothing

    BillyBilly13 dagar sedan
  • \(^o^)

    cynthia pmcynthia pm13 dagar sedan
  • Hey, it's Taylor Swift! Hi Taylor Swift!

    Daniel HDaniel H13 dagar sedan
  • the most beautiful woman in the world honestly

    NewYorkKittyNewYorkKitty13 dagar sedan
  • there’s no words to describe how much i love her

    Amanda SpeaksAmanda Speaks13 dagar sedan
  • She truly is our eleven goddess

    Mac WilsonMac Wilson13 dagar sedan
  • Sao chị block video ở nước em dậy

    LongLong13 dagar sedan
  • Oh the dislikes are just the Australians giving this video some LOVE 🥰

    Hi DHi D13 dagar sedan
  • Greatest Love ❤️ Of All Times Taylor Swift Very Proud Of you Being the One Doing Great on Stage of Singing 🎤 03 Songs Of Cardigan, August And Willow from the GRAMMYS AWARDS FROM MARCH 14th on Last Sunday Great Job Taylor Swift You Did It!!!!

    Gabriel EvansGabriel Evans13 dagar sedan
  • taylor swift omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shawn HudsonShawn Hudson14 dagar sedan
  • My princess ❤️

    Fernanda FrançaFernanda França14 dagar sedan
  • These are really great songs. She did great job on sing these songs.

    jj harmonjj harmon14 dagar sedan
  • Love her new band 😍💕😆

    Ava NathanAva Nathan14 dagar sedan
  • this is lovely, i love the new taylor

    sea dawnsea dawn14 dagar sedan
  • This is the most beautiful performance I’ve ever seen!! Wow.

    Hannah MarieHannah Marie14 dagar sedan
  • Angelic😍❤

    fatemeh mohaqeqfatemeh mohaqeq14 dagar sedan
  • Willow is my anthem!

    Cathryn BairdCathryn Baird15 dagar sedan
  • I feel special because I was born in august

    Irfan HemaniIrfan Hemani15 dagar sedan
  • If clickbait had an opposite.

    MANOJ K0MMIN3NIMANOJ K0MMIN3NI15 dagar sedan
  • She served the megapixels justice.

    MANOJ K0MMIN3NIMANOJ K0MMIN3NI15 dagar sedan
  • Absolutely Beautiful! 💯👍🍦

    Flex CityFlex City15 dagar sedan
  • Vamos por esos 100 millones amigos míos!!!

    Polo Jacobo LeyvaPolo Jacobo Leyva15 dagar sedan
  • At 7 she knew everything??? What That means she came back without amnesia remembering everything about US... Marty Joe4tWin gd2balive

    Marty IngMarty Ing15 dagar sedan
  • Compa que cantara august me dio mil años de vida bien bonito🥰🥰🥰 jamás me imagine que cantara mi fav song de folklore en los grammys

    RebeRebe15 dagar sedan
  • back here again. taylor i cant do this rn.

    Maura KellyMaura Kelly15 dagar sedan
  • I really Really, i cant get enough of this music video

    Gerry RobertsGerry Roberts15 dagar sedan
  • That dress tho 😍

    Swiftie WorldSwiftie World15 dagar sedan

    smileyfan16smileyfan1615 dagar sedan
  • by far my favorite performance she's ever done. everything is flawless and so magical

    Ivy MillerIvy Miller16 dagar sedan
  • i come back here regularly. spotify neeeeds to add this mashup

    Hannah BabinHannah Babin16 dagar sedan
  • beautiful.. ♥️ ♥️

    Hasini ChiliveriHasini Chiliveri16 dagar sedan