Drum Funnels Completed

13 jan 2021
89 668 visningar

Marble Machine X Daily #3 - Finishing up the PET Drum Funnels for the Marble Machine X.
Want to help by laser cutting the final versions of these shields? Check the info inside video and download the design file here:
Here is the video i mentioned regarding our relationship to Social Media and how we can retake control of our own time and attention:
Also in the same vein: “Atomic Habits” by James Clear :)
Video edited by Hannes Knutsson
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  • They look like flowers!

    Samuel DevulderSamuel DevulderDag sedan
  • If you want to keep the movement you can put side shields than overlay the gap.

    Steven BolducSteven BolducDag sedan
  • Light up the PET shields with LEDs!

    Fabio MarzolaFabio MarzolaDag sedan
  • I love this project and ive been watching it for years, ignoring the appearance arguments in favor of 'wait to see how it looks when its done' before forming an opinion. I dont want to sound harsh, but i dont think there is another way to say this. When these funnels were first designed and made, they were meant to sit higher with the opening facing the incoming marbles more. But over time martin squished the funnel closed and lowered them and angled them back making them worse at catching marbles. These plastic parts only seem to be undoing those changes but by adding plastic instead. if martin doesnt want to raise the funnels back up, widen the opening and angle them to face the incoming marbles, Why not redesign the funnels to match the new opening to be better at catching so that the angles all match up and flow together like they did before. These alterations are ugly, i seriously hope its just temporary as a design assist to create new metal funnels. The best solution would be to setup a camera to view the opening so you can see exactly where and how the marbles are missing, maybe simply making them wider would help. worst case just make a new funnel to catch them.

    Jessie JansonJessie JansonDag sedan
  • Why wouldn't you have the halves overlapping each other, instead of gaping apart? It wouldn't have to be a close friction fit, just enough for support to be continuous if pushed by a marble.

    arnastu buttwehakarnastu buttwehak2 dagar sedan
  • Use Stainless for final iteration.

    K CK C3 dagar sedan
  • How much Badoit do you even drink lol

    Tigre DemonTigre Demon3 dagar sedan
  • Wouldn't it be better (and easier) to just make a new, bigger funnel?

    ProtegitProtegit3 dagar sedan
  • Funny you say how nothing gets done when you focus on one project hahaha, I am same!; I have 100 or more projects that are 95% complete because I have to chose time for each project ;) lol

    Anthony Wheeler-HallAnthony Wheeler-Hall4 dagar sedan
  • ça boit beaucoup de badoit à ce que je vois ^^

    Delphine CharlesDelphine Charles4 dagar sedan
  • Consider gluing (temporarily) the PET film to the backboard for CNC cutting.

    Linkesh DiwanLinkesh Diwan4 dagar sedan
  • You have probably noticed how curving the material strengthens it. If you apply the same principle to the outer edge: thread a single line of wire along the outer edge and put some tension on it so that wire holds the permimeter in a shape, that will stiffen these funnel additions as well. Doing so would also enable you to curve the lower lips of the upper funnel in, and the upper lips of the lower funnel out, which will ensure capture.

    Linkesh DiwanLinkesh Diwan4 dagar sedan
  • J’adore la badoit!

    DikidiDikidi4 dagar sedan
  • Wouldn't it be less work to just make higher funnels out of metal?

    ErzmannErzmann4 dagar sedan
  • Hey Martin - what about stitching some chain maile to close the gap where the marbles escape from when the funnel is in an open/ extended position... aesthetic and function :)

    0CraigD00CraigD04 dagar sedan
  • I'd like to point out that if I went to a concert with the MMX, I would love to go home with a marble that had missed the funnels. It'd be like getting a foul ball at a baseball game.

    T.T.4 dagar sedan
  • An alternative for your two piece funnels that still offers the movement without the escape path: an extension spring at the base of a one piece funnel that the marbles will pass through inside. The funnel will still react with the marble impact, but there's no seam to let marbles out. You can still use the wire funnels you've spent so much time on, but just secure them closed.

    Nathan WilsonNathan Wilson5 dagar sedan
  • Hé ben, ca en boit de la perrier

    KhytauKhytau5 dagar sedan
  • the funnels looks like flower with the PETals yes

    Marcin SkrobańskiMarcin Skrobański5 dagar sedan
  • I don't see why a few marbles on the floor during a concert is such a fail, as they can't break the machine, right? And there should be enough extra marbles to avoid depletion?

    Tom Alexander TronesTom Alexander Trones5 dagar sedan
  • Bespoke.

    Ideoform SunIdeoform Sun6 dagar sedan
  • It's like you are tailoring a suit.

    Ideoform SunIdeoform Sun6 dagar sedan
  • I like how you are using things you have on hand.

    Ideoform SunIdeoform Sun6 dagar sedan
  • Failing? Your progress IS the success.

    Furry GamerFurry Gamer6 dagar sedan
  • They look like junkyard flowers now! :D

    Furry GamerFurry Gamer6 dagar sedan
  • I vote the marble funnels be renamed marble hooves.

    Ole KaarvaagOle Kaarvaag6 dagar sedan
  • I really like the look of these. They have a kind of Frankenstein look that's cool. I understand people not liking them, but I think they're neat

    Jake SmithJake Smith6 dagar sedan
  • Hey Martin! In the future when working with PET, consider this. Cut the sheets out of your bottles like you have been doing but before you cut them, place the sheets between two pieces of sheet metal and clamp it together, then use a torch or a heat gun to heat the sheet metal a bit, just enough to anneal the plastic and let it flatten out. Be careful as too much heat will melt the plastic. Then let it cool and pull it out, it should be much flatter and less likely to wiggle when you cut it!

    DanielCookDanielCook6 dagar sedan
  • I really hope this funnel design won’t make it in the MMY

    PierrePierre6 dagar sedan
  • You don't have to sacrifice funnel movement if you make the back part overlap the front on the sides

    Mattias NordqvistMattias Nordqvist6 dagar sedan
    • I mean, so when it moves back, it doesn't create a gap

      Mattias NordqvistMattias Nordqvist6 dagar sedan
  • Martin!! Invest in an RO filter so you don't have to drink so much out of bottles!!! But good on you for recycling. 👍

    Dustin SandersDustin Sanders6 dagar sedan
  • Is there some new 2021 monetization policy where creators need to upload every day in order to have their channel monetized? Seen this with a couple of channels.. If SEworld is cracking the whip the fatigue will show in no time

    Christo PotgieterChristo Potgieter6 dagar sedan
  • Great content! Stay inspired!

    SharlenwarSharlenwar6 dagar sedan
  • I would have done the funnel front PET longer (suposing the front side is the piece you just made bigger in this episode) so it fits inside the one in the back, so that way, if a marble hits the corner of the fronts wing, it would hold in place... also, if the marble hits the back of the marble (from the inside), even if the funner opens, there's still no gap in between both PET pieces... Hard to explain I guess... XD

    Eduardo Ladrón de GuevaraEduardo Ladrón de Guevara6 dagar sedan
  • I think you can use painters tape to stop the burs on the plastic.

    tc ratiustc ratius6 dagar sedan
  • "Don't underestimate someone who overestimates themself."

    max plummermax plummer6 dagar sedan
  • The sunglass iterations continue to look more awesome.

    Octopus GoodnessOctopus Goodness7 dagar sedan
  • Could you weld on new metal rods on top of the funnel instead?

    Octopus GoodnessOctopus Goodness7 dagar sedan
  • Hahah I think you just added a stretch goal for the community: Castaway 2 fan film staring Wintergatan Wilson

    Jon OlsenJon Olsen7 dagar sedan
  • Somewhat confused about this second channel. Did something happen to the first channel, or is this just for less processed daily updates, kind of like a video journal?

    Nunyer BiznessNunyer Bizness7 dagar sedan
  • Do u think u could play something like drum line really fast marbles on the snare drum

    TheOnlyWodaTheOnlyWoda7 dagar sedan
  • Today on Wintergatan 2: MMX is becoming a robot horse

    Nicholai NissenNicholai Nissen7 dagar sedan
  • Paradis is such a great song

    Esa LehtismäkiEsa Lehtismäki7 dagar sedan
  • wow ok thanks fort the new channel

    MikeyMikey7 dagar sedan
  • Watching Martin work is strangely yet delightfully therapeutic.

    Kate LeeKate Lee7 dagar sedan
  • If anyone wondering, the song used at 2:46 is Paradis by Wintergatan(seworld.info/will/g7CX35fDa2uB35M/video)

    moshahrizmoshahriz7 dagar sedan
  • You should totally use the necks of all those bottles as baskets in another marble machine. Or send them to one of your fans to use...

    Reed BowmanReed Bowman7 dagar sedan
  • wave a hot-air gun over the machined slots. That may tidy up the edges.

    otherunicornotherunicorn7 dagar sedan
  • I have a concern that the material will be too thin for regular use. Your method of attaching them will likely fail with time. You will probably have to replace them after every show when on the world tour. Either the plastic will break or the string will snap. However, I do approve of reusing materials for prototyping. It may be beneficial to work with a supplier to continue using recycled materials like this. I think you are correct in your assessment. You should not give up. It has to be an iterative process. Make a thing. Test it. See what works and what doesn't. Rework the thing. Test it. See what works and what doesn't.... Repeat until you reach the desired results. It's not going to happen overnight. It's not going to happen if *you* don't get up and do it. There are no failures if you learn something from what happened. You have learned many things about how you *could* go about making this marble machine perform. Many of those methods were inaccurate and inefficient. Not necessarily bad - just not quite what is needed. Solution - Rework it and try again. How do you think that Toyota and Honda have made such a strong reputation of building stupidly reliable vehicles? Not just cars, but trucks, SUV's, vans, motorcycles, sports cars, lawnmowers, sewing machines and so on. They build a thing, rework it until it meets their quality standards, release it, get results from the public, then rework it again for the next generation. Progress is an iterative machine. Keep it going.

    xero256xero2567 dagar sedan
  • You are doing it great! I'm glad you also create a new channel amazing content!!, greeting from Venezuela!... next test... 1 million Marbles? hehehe

    puixelpuixel8 dagar sedan
  • if you use a heat blower carefully, it wouldn't melt this imperfections without melting the funel?

    AndréAndré8 dagar sedan
  • Is anyone else wondering why Martin has all these bottles lying around the house?

    TheRandomSpectatorTheRandomSpectator8 dagar sedan
  • You can overlap the plastic, this case no escape for any marble 🙂 (imagine iris)

    Gergő SzabóGergő Szabó8 dagar sedan
  • They look like hooves, you should call them hooves

    DEMA95KDEMA95K8 dagar sedan
  • i like simple bottles

    Makarov FoxMakarov Fox8 dagar sedan
  • What about an overlap of the plastic so when they open there still is no gap?

    ArchimanicArchimanic8 dagar sedan
  • 0:37 - Am I the only one hearing Wilson grumble that the proper spelling of his name should be "Wheelson"?!

    CLipka2373CLipka23738 dagar sedan
  • Doesn’t the green colour work with the fly trap aesthetic?

    JamesUKE92JamesUKE928 dagar sedan
  • Remake the thunnels instead of laster cutting these replacement parts, just use the new outer perimiter!

    KatanaDanKatanaDan8 dagar sedan
  • Is this a temporary solution or part of the final Marble Machine X?

    Ivan HedlundIvan Hedlund8 dagar sedan
  • What if instead of making channels in the funnels you leave them solid+clear and graffiti them with permanent marker (or something more permanent) to truly commit to the look

    Geoff NGeoff N8 dagar sedan
    • Like I'm just sayin mmx doesn't have any flame decals yet maybe it's time to change that

      Geoff NGeoff N8 dagar sedan
  • Put a sheet of wood over the shields while cutting for nice edges

    m mm m8 dagar sedan
  • Perhaps fishing line

    Orpheas ApostolopoulosOrpheas Apostolopoulos8 dagar sedan
  • Change the stitching material

    Orpheas ApostolopoulosOrpheas Apostolopoulos8 dagar sedan
  • Many bottles were harmed during the making of this funnel series. Viewer discretion is advised.

    That Math GuyThat Math Guy8 dagar sedan
  • "We are basically a marble on the floor, that's what I mean." I love this quote!

    -Mystic--Mystic-8 dagar sedan
  • I sorry Martin, but these funnels are terrible. From an aesthetic POV. The original design was fantastic but they are overshadowed by a cheap plastic top. I know you are getting them done in another thickness but it still looks terrible having them stitched on as an afterthought. I believe to get what you ideally want, is to remake the steel cages to the height an width you need. You could also halve the amount of steel and get a great uncluttered look. The steel strands only need to be slightly narrower than a marble apart Just a strangers 2 cents

    . Duffman327 .. Duffman327 .8 dagar sedan
  • hopefully end product will be all steel. it will look better.

    Manu. daManu. da9 dagar sedan
  • re-enforce the edges with hanger wires

    TMCicuurd12b42TMCicuurd12b429 dagar sedan
  • what is that song at 3:00 it is just beautiful

    Ryan RobertsRyan Roberts9 dagar sedan
  • Please know that we love your videos. You are doing something remarkable and you are remarkable.

    Bruncheons & DragonsBruncheons & Dragons9 dagar sedan
  • Design an overlap of the funnels and you can keep the movement without causing a gap.

    David DunnDavid Dunn9 dagar sedan
  • They look like hooves.

    Fitz of RageFitz of Rage9 dagar sedan
  • You called it! The marble escaped xD

    AnimilesAnimiles9 dagar sedan
  • I think the funnel extensions would look better in thin aluminium sheet

    SuperHificationSuperHification9 dagar sedan
  • Maybe with the ticker marble shields, there should be an overlap that will cover the gap when the funnels open. Would have to heat treat the shields so they would not jam when they are closing. Just an extra tab that would slide past each other when the marbles hit.

    Scott McKelveyScott McKelvey9 dagar sedan
  • I think you're going to need that overlap of the top and bottom.

    Jim EJim E9 dagar sedan
  • I think you mean that every extinct cousin of our ancestors is a marble on the floor.

    WilderWilder9 dagar sedan
  • Wintergatan Workshop is a more fitting name for this channel

    Ruurd van BuitenRuurd van Buiten9 dagar sedan
  • Martin: " I want to make less videos so I can focus more on building and less on videos. Also Martin: "I want to make daily videos to keep me on track with building the machine!" Martin we love you, only a genius like you could possibly pull this crazy machine of. Cognitive dissonancies like the one I jokingly pointed out above are preprogrammed in a project like this (for me they start when its about brushing teeth, so... yea xD) I am excited to follow 2021s MMX evolution. much love!

    Filbsmo AtlasFilbsmo Atlas9 dagar sedan
  • why don't you make it out of leather, I think it will look even more organic. and not so cheap plastic

    J. Vdh.J. Vdh.9 dagar sedan
  • Couldn't you have just moved the funnels closer and achieved similar accuracy improvement results?

    MrSmileyDomMrSmileyDom9 dagar sedan
  • What if you did some form of a elastic cotton thread and suspended it from the metal ........the fibers shuld take most of the force.....push the funnel to cause movement.....reduce metal "Ping" bacground noise....and could be formed to keep the marble from bouncing out from side strike

    Michael StorliMichael Storli9 dagar sedan
    • i estimate a ruff mesurment of 3/4 inch to start distance between the net and your metal funnel

      Michael StorliMichael Storli9 dagar sedan
  • *Sponsored by Badoit

    Adrien VanderstraetenAdrien Vanderstraeten9 dagar sedan
  • DUDE!!!! Look at Lacrosse sticks and tell these funnels don't look like them.

    Metric JesterMetric Jester9 dagar sedan
  • Why did you have so many PET bottles at home, just asking ?

    Debadeep ChaudhuryDebadeep Chaudhury9 dagar sedan
  • If you still want to go with this thin PET version, you should be able to get better cut quality if you fix the PET between plywood sheets for the cutting, i.e. put a thin plywood sheet on top of the PET before you screw it in the CNC table and adjust the cutting depth accordingly. Of course for this to work the stack (wood-PET-wood) should be very tightly screwed down.

    pevpev9 dagar sedan
  • I'm confused what the point of this channel is why can't these videos go up on the normal channel feels like this is how you would lose a chunck of the audience I personally have lost some intrest with the long gaps and now sudden shift to a second channel

    randomguyrandomguy9 dagar sedan
  • I like how the funnels now look like pitcher plant pitchers! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarracenia_purpurea

    Simon FraserSimon Fraser9 dagar sedan
  • why not extend them and not add on extra parts?

    Bas CuthachBas Cuthach10 dagar sedan
  • I am glad you have Wilson for company, it keeps you from going insane... No, wait! ;-)

    lazygamer - Doom Content when I feel like itlazygamer - Doom Content when I feel like it10 dagar sedan
  • car mechanics use PET funnels all the time (inverted top of the bottle)

    fairyanimalfairyanimal10 dagar sedan
  • I love the musique ! Can we find it in the download section Añe under which name please

    zapan84zapan8410 dagar sedan
  • I bet - this PET will end up being metal. PET is sooooo ugly!

    Jörg JohowJörg Johow10 dagar sedan
  • These are for all the marbles! Budum dum crashhhhhh!

    KlashervorKlashervor10 dagar sedan
  • maybe just maybe i could just put the funnels higher and closer in the paths of the falling marbles so their spred is less severe ?

    marek pastyrikmarek pastyrik10 dagar sedan
  • Martin fighting entropy! If it helps you, there is a parallel universe where every marble has been catched.

    Pirmin BorerPirmin Borer10 dagar sedan
  • Martin's gonna be drinking a lot of Perrier so he can get this right. Lol.

    David ChidesterDavid Chidester10 dagar sedan
  • Why is it important to no marbles get on the floor?

    Ivar ÄngquistIvar Ängquist10 dagar sedan
  • Dragonslayer's theme returns.

    Marek LillelehtMarek Lilleleht10 dagar sedan