2 nov 2020
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Vampire crab
Geosesarma sp. Vampire

  • Wampire cwaps

    Gaap SlaapGaap Slaap10 dagar sedan
  • Watch "crab rave" on YT

    hplc123456hplc12345615 dagar sedan
  • do you have tree frog ?

    metemete17 dagar sedan
  • i have done the reasurch they can be from orange purple and red also only i got crabs i will ever watch

    North EclispeaNorth Eclispea17 dagar sedan
  • Great video

    Zack MartinezZack Martinez25 dagar sedan
  • I used 2 have 2 vampire crabs 🦀

    hose pipehose pipe26 dagar sedan
  • I wish I could give you 100 👍!

    Michelle GarryMichelle Garry27 dagar sedan
  • if this goes well you could also try Argyroneta aquatica.

    STRYKER1467STRYKER1467Månad sedan
  • Rakovi su prefora, uljepšao si mi dan sa zanimljivim videom

    Karlo GenijeKarlo GenijeMånad sedan
  • I like your video with a lot of humor right 💪🏼 keep on going petko

    Peter Van rotterdamPeter Van rotterdamMånad sedan

    Slow MotionSlow MotionMånad sedan
  • There is an update video about the crabs?:)

    n nn nMånad sedan
  • First of all very entertaining video. Secondly I kept this crabs for the past 4 years and I have to say I really like the setup u have for them. Lots of space and hiding places outside and in the water. The hiding places in the water are really important cause this species of vampire crab molds only in water. You also got relatively lucky on that purchase cause I could identify at least 3 females (probably 4) which is really good considering that it is recommended not to keep more males than females in an enclosure. And like you already suggested the prettier crab is a male while the other was a female. As far as feeding goes like mentioned in the vid they eat everything but personally I had a lot of success feeding them Drosophila hydei and/or small crickets once or twice a month. It is so fun to watch them hunt. greetings from Italy

    EllemEllemMånad sedan
  • The boys have the big purple claws amd the females have the little red ones. So let’s have our fingers crossed for some babies!!!

    hannah ackerhannah ackerMånad sedan
  • Imagine just hearing a small "Wryyyyyy"

    CeedayTweedayCeedayTweedayMånad sedan
  • Minimum 70% Humidity in the enclosure. More is better. For me, 26°c 90%. Have so much babys every 1-2months now. and my enclosure 1m20 is so small. 1 years before, Started with 3 crabs.

    TheRedOriginTheRedOriginMånad sedan
  • do they molt? perhaps different ages?

    Emma BlakeEmma BlakeMånad sedan
  • He needs to see a doctor. He has crabs.

    Austin StockmanAustin StockmanMånad sedan
  • wham! pire crabs XD love ya lol always make me laugh so tempted to get my own spooder

    Leslie AdamsLeslie AdamsMånad sedan
  • Look guys o got crabs

    Smokey red BearSmokey red BearMånad sedan
  • watching these kind of videos is great now I have two channels to watch I love exotics lair and I'm a new subscriber to the dark den now love these accents and these amazing animal's

    Borice NicelyBorice NicelyMånad sedan
  • 🅔𝗲E

    kydi2014 chenkydi2014 chenMånad sedan
  • This man is the strongest man in Croatia

    IturbideIturbideMånad sedan

    Emilee JohnsonEmilee JohnsonMånad sedan
  • are u eating something of me?😂😂😂

    Alvis LowAlvis LowMånad sedan
  • I just realized this guy lives less than an hour from the biggest chess channel on SEworld Agadmator

    Kieran CzyzniejewskiKieran CzyzniejewskiMånad sedan
  • They are so cute! :3 Also, judging by coloration and claw size, yeah, the prettier ones with the bigger claws are males.

    Raging RaichuRaging RaichuMånad sedan
  • Vampire crabs after a long and exhausting, most likely confusing trip from the seller to this guy and after being dumped into their new home first thing they do: “Start munching on everything” Imagine you being transported in a cardboard box with no light inside a plastic cup and being dumped into water, your first thought being like: “Yeah, let’s just put everything in sight in our mouth...” no need to accommodate or etc xD

    Margareta MiddeldorfMargareta MiddeldorfMånad sedan
  • I love my friends, and they love me We're just as close as we can be And just because we really care Whatever we get, we share! I got it from Agnes She got it from Jim We all agree it must have been Louise who gave it to him She got it from Harry Who got it from Marie And everybody knows that Marie Got it from me...

    ThomThomMånad sedan
  • so did they destroy the plants by now or not?

    ThePeopleAreFuckedThePeopleAreFuckedMånad sedan
  • Oh no Petko has crabs! They have a great shampoo for that. Jk jk. They look awesome, very goth like.

    foxfaith24 Foxfaith24foxfaith24 Foxfaith24Månad sedan
  • On the topshell is a smiley mouth so from the top the Look like smiley's love that 😍

    Lea WieyycohLea WieyycohMånad sedan
  • 12:36 : Me eating chips watching this video.

    Theodorus TTheodorus TMånad sedan
  • So glad you finally got them I was wondering when you would

    Murder HornetMurder HornetMånad sedan
  • be nice :( they're all pretty

    r0bloxr0blox2 månader sedan
  • 8:40 crabo jenkins... is that you?

    Lucky Cat Hat NickLucky Cat Hat Nick2 månader sedan
  • I had these crabs breed once for me but sadly the babies didnt make it as they adults ended up eating them all

    MikebiscuitsMikebiscuits2 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/eJqdsrLem52LkmQ/video

    Gingeeta_CreechaGingeeta_Creecha2 månader sedan
  • They’re masters at squeezing into small spaces, the females do it more than the males

    Gingeeta_CreechaGingeeta_Creecha2 månader sedan
  • I had these like 5 years ago, I could find sooo little info about them, I’ll link my videos of them soon. They were super fun, I got them to breed in my tank set up.

    Gingeeta_CreechaGingeeta_Creecha2 månader sedan
  • they differens speacies that can cross breed, also looks like oyu have too much males in terarium...

    VlkOndrejVlkOndrej2 månader sedan
  • Where did he get those enclosure? Was it premade or did he made it?

    Ku RisuKu Risu2 månader sedan
  • Where did he get those enclosure? Was it premade or did he made it?

    Ku RisuKu Risu2 månader sedan
  • Who did you catch crabs off 😂😂😉

    Sean GregorySean Gregory2 månader sedan
  • "The crabs are Rocking in dat Box huh" Lmao

    ImBadAt GamesImBadAt Games2 månader sedan
  • For crabs they seem way to chill usually they would pinch so bad

    grimmy grimmzgrimmy grimmz2 månader sedan
  • So purple and yellow crabs exist now?

    Violent RainbowViolent Rainbow2 månader sedan
  • this was cringey

    Something Mildly HomophobicSomething Mildly Homophobic2 månader sedan
  • just shook the shit out of em and slam them on the table...very mature

    Something Mildly HomophobicSomething Mildly Homophobic2 månader sedan
  • His excitement for his animals is amazing!

    Jamie HalajianJamie Halajian2 månader sedan
  • Wampire crabs

    werticus 11werticus 112 månader sedan
  • 5:09 “Look guys I have crabs!” lmao 😂

    Mike KaztiyoMike Kaztiyo2 månader sedan
  • one prolly male and ones female prolly

    raymond lucaraymond luca2 månader sedan
  • the one prolly got starved of oxygen

  • mmm human never had that before

  • I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction I’m goin to purchase a few of the v crabs but I’m wondering if there’s a way to build a living habitat on a budget for them anything I can find on amazon ? What to feed them what should I use for soil you know beginner noob stuff

    DirtyGarageDirtyGarage2 månader sedan
  • Not sure if anyone else mentioned this yet but the different looking one....his claws are that colour and so small because hes growing a new set.at some point that guy or girl lost its claws.thats what lobster and crabs and shrimps and other crustaceans look like when growing apendages back after losing them.love your videos petko.keep it up man.im actually TERRIFIED of spiders.i CANNOT OVERSTATE how afraid i am of them but i cannot stop watching your videos lol.i love them.very compelling!!!

    big saltybig salty2 månader sedan
  • I laughed so hard when you said you had crabs but I'm not happy with you at all dude.. I think you've given me one of them ideas that's gunna cost me money again 😂 awesome video and I'm now looking into getting some, they're freakin' adorable

    Daniel ImpettDaniel Impett2 månader sedan
  • He need to add more soil for them to get back up

    Just dandy gamingJust dandy gaming2 månader sedan
  • Wampire crabes

    James RuiterJames Ruiter2 månader sedan
  • 🦀🦀🦀

    #OccupyDogtown#OccupyDogtown2 månader sedan
  • So cool and gorgeous enclosure.

    CheekerpotCheekerpot2 månader sedan
  • Haha the title of this video... i was skeptical. But I love your videos i couldn't resist. :) I've learned so much from you and have a new passion for tarantulas and bugs. My mom hates coming to my house because of my collection hahaha I just laugh and joke with her.

    Amanda JonesAmanda Jones2 månader sedan
  • Crab rave!

    A ϝish!A ϝish!2 månader sedan
  • based. crab gang

    Mantis OrientalisMantis Orientalis2 månader sedan
  • Vampire = Whampire

    Cade BarteeCade Bartee2 månader sedan
  • something

    SchizonymousSchizonymous2 månader sedan
  • so its a crab rave. i see.

    ChillyEmrldChillyEmrld2 månader sedan
  • Awesome they're cool man! I'm jelly.🤙👍👌

    S StonS Ston2 månader sedan

    Edgar HernandezEdgar Hernandez2 månader sedan
  • Do you wanna keep ants as well in the future? would be really interesting.

    yung kid 珍yung kid 珍2 månader sedan
  • I used to call crabs cabs

    Touya Todoroki [Dabi]Touya Todoroki [Dabi]2 månader sedan
  • If I make a bio active enclosure and I put more water to add some fishes, would they work well together?

    Alex TabaraAlex Tabara2 månader sedan
  • I don't know that crab is expensive.... There's a lot of that in our mangrove... In Philippines

    Angelo GuadalAngelo Guadal2 månader sedan
  • I am so happy for you! Eager to hear how they are doing.

    Suzanne JohnsonSuzanne Johnson2 månader sedan
  • Beautiful crabs!

    Lucid Dream WalkingLucid Dream Walking2 månader sedan
  • Maybe different sex. Usually male crabs have bigger claws

    Jose AndujarJose Andujar2 månader sedan
  • In Cambodia there are tons of these crabs and we usually eat them and tbh with you it’s really cheap here 😂 easy to find and there’s lots of it here

    soon zerosoon zero2 månader sedan
  • I like wampire crabs

    DerekDerek2 månader sedan
  • OHHH!! I have a breeding Paludarium of these guys! They are the best :)

    ShleeShlee2 månader sedan
  • @The Dark Den If you thought Vampire Crabs are stunning, Check out these Fellas: Cardisoma armatum. In german they are called Harlekin Krabbe, which translates to Harlequin Crab. But I couldn't find any under that name in english. So if u look up the latin name, u will certainly find pictures of them. ;-)

    Dan RavenDan Raven2 månader sedan
  • “Wempire Crabs, Wempire Crabs, Wempire Crabs”

    1 Popcorn1 Popcorn2 månader sedan
  • Have fun 👍

    Villanelle XVillanelle X2 månader sedan
  • I swore off aquatics but man those look awesome. I may need to look into getting some of these in the future.

    Brian BenoitBrian Benoit2 månader sedan
  • I have never gotten so happy about someone being so excited about crabs. Thank you for the awesome content you bring to SEworld ❤

    ObalisObalis2 månader sedan
  • the really bright purple one seems to have permanent angry eyes XD

    egyptiangirl5egyptiangirl52 månader sedan
  • This video is so ugly

    Angelo LlanoAngelo Llano2 månader sedan
  • i read the title and was like "weird flex but okay lets watch it" then im like "oh okay good flex my dude"

    Phoenix hatterPhoenix hatter2 månader sedan
  • 🤙🏼Great set ups thanks for sharing den✌🏼😊

    rolando Caballerorolando Caballero2 månader sedan
  • As they so cute 😍

    Dave FoxDave Fox2 månader sedan
  • Yes the crabs are here

    Dave FoxDave Fox2 månader sedan
  • Awww....those crabs are so cute and delicious.

    B. WhiskyB. Whisky2 månader sedan
  • what is the substrate in the crab tank, it looks like clay but what exacly is it?

    animal loveranimal lover2 månader sedan
  • Good luck with the Geosesarma genus. I have recently acquired 5 crabs myself and it's been a blast. Water wise, ph 7.0 to 8, hard water for moulting and a bit of water movement because they live by the river. Cheers!

    Tp TpTp Tp2 månader sedan
  • Is that a picture of a tarantula wearing a tutu on your T-shirt? I can't quite make out what it is. It looks like a tutu made out of a spider web. No I haven't been smoking anything😎

    Susan MartinSusan Martin2 månader sedan
  • This eezzz a WAMPIRE Crab!! I LOVE YOUR ACCENT!!!

    Susan MartinSusan Martin2 månader sedan
  • Wait there is someone! Nevermind then. She might be mad you have crabs though. Ask you where you got them

    Carl HamiltonCarl Hamilton2 månader sedan
  • Omgosh .... I 💜💛💜💛💜💛 them!!!!! How dang cute are they! 🦀

    Erika JusticeErika Justice2 månader sedan
  • I'm so sad! Now they're can't be a a Dark Dens significant other :(

    Carl HamiltonCarl Hamilton2 månader sedan
  • So awesome! You were so excited...hell I was so excited too! All the best with them dude...they are stunning!

    PETROCK ‘N’ROLLPETROCK ‘N’ROLL2 månader sedan