2 apr 2021
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#shorts I finally did it! Now it's time to find Elon...
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  • For those who doubt the legitimacy of my journey. I have posted so much content on how I made these leaps in value. I can’t explain it over and over in each video. I'm answering your top questions in my recent uploads. For the lazy people who apparently call everything fake - 1. A random stranger gave me the wetsuits after I explained my crazy idea to him. He initially mocked me for my Facebook marketplace listing but after I explained my goal he wanted to help any way he could to get me started. I did not have a large following then and he didn’t trade for “clout”. It may be surprising but Human kindness does exist. 2. Guitar for your bus trade - trade was made back before any of the “vlog squad” crap came out. David Dobrik traded me his Hollywood tour bus for the guitar. At this point I had gained a following after documenting my journey on tiktok. (so yes it helped at this point) I started this series living in a van with a very small following, which I didn’t use for any of my initial trades. In fact my SEworld channel was pretty much dead and I had given up on it. I found my initial trades by reaching out to people on Facebook marketplace. I have never traded with a “fan”. In fact any trade offers from my followers have been mostly kids offering stuff that their parents owned (which I obviously ignored) or people messing around and trying to troll me lol The only trades you could say I used my following for where the bigger trades when I got the attention of larger creators like David Dobrik in order to make the series more entertaining. I only gained a following along the way and I never expected this series to go as viral as it did. Of course it helped speed up the process but it was a product of my journey not the sole reason I got trades. After all, I set myself this challenge so I make the rules on how I get to my goal. Nothing here is fake and I didn’t know any of the people I’ve traded with. If you hate the success of this series then that’s fine, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and that’s all that matters to me!

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    • @Mr. Patrick the end goal was a Tesla DIRECTLY from Elon

      YeettoMARSYeettoMARS5 timmar sedan
    • Respect bro

      OmgIT’s SkieOmgIT’s Skie8 timmar sedan
    • 🧢

      Mate Stop itMate Stop it14 timmar sedan
    • CAP

      Mate Stop itMate Stop it14 timmar sedan
    • So not really "from sand to tesla" more like "i got donations"

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  • Sand for two wet suits?!?!?!

    Jaycub KnappJaycub KnappTimme sedan
  • I will give you Elon musk's phone number if you give me 500 bucks

    Mikey TyfbvnMikey TyfbvnTimme sedan
  • Dwight Schrute is proud of this journey

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  • Bbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaadddddddddd

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  • Considering the amount of work that went into this he could've just gotten a job lol

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  • The escalator trade in real life ;)

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  • damn i forgot about this guy

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  • I love this!

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  • Respect

    BenBen2 timmar sedan
  • I like how Mr Blue sky is playing in the back ground

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  • Gods coming soon repent while you can God Bless

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  • U got the tesla be greatful it doesn't matter who u got it from

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  • Sand for two wet suits, and a guitar for a tour bus, seems legit

    Time ItselfTime Itself3 timmar sedan
  • "a guitar for a tour bus" yeah just casually trade a 500$ item for a 20,000$ item, nothing shady, nope

    brain deadbrain dead3 timmar sedan
  • A guitar for a tour bus....hmm

    Mr GamingviperMr Gamingviper4 timmar sedan
  • You trades 2 wetsuits for sand!!!!!

    steve bradfordsteve bradford4 timmar sedan
  • But itz made by eloon?

    SAMUEL- BR.man__SAMUEL- BR.man__5 timmar sedan
  • Why would someone give you wetsuits for sand😂 no one would you’ve been giving them money for sure

    W1NGED DEATHW1NGED DEATH5 timmar sedan
  • This is the definition of seashells by the seashore. You literally traded sand for car... crap

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  • If this really work without convincing another person. There would be no homeless people.

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  • Jesus Saves Love God ✝️

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  • This is just such a lie

    Trashy trash HeyTrashy trash Hey5 timmar sedan
  • I'm just wondering why will you buy sand

    AmythAmyth6 timmar sedan
  • Guitar for the bus ?, oh come on !

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  • Like anyone believes this. 🤦🏼‍♂️

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  • How did he trade the sand

    dark ninjadark ninja7 timmar sedan
  • WEEZER!!!!

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  • "i received a tesla from Elon Musk himself" but at the end he said "but i didn't receive it from Elon" hmmmm......

    How To channelHow To channel7 timmar sedan
  • Your under dude

    NavoyNavoy7 timmar sedan
  • Just swap it with him

    king D the greatking D the great8 timmar sedan
  • Just take the fucking tesla bro dont be a dickhead

    Ernesto SErnesto S8 timmar sedan
  • anyone wanna trade me 10BTC for the soil from my garden?

    Matúš BóryMatúš Bóry8 timmar sedan
  • You could just call this begging for a Tesla.

    GodlysunfuryGodlysunfury8 timmar sedan
  • There's no way he traded two wetsuits for a small cup of sand. Those things are stupid expensive

    SkopperkoppSkopperkopp8 timmar sedan
  • Sell that car to Elon musk and ask Elon musk can you give me a free tesla

    AlastorAlastor9 timmar sedan
  • And i only want a second hand model 3 and i don't know how to make 40.000€ :(

    Andrei AndreiAndrei Andrei11 timmar sedan
  • You got a bus in exchange of a guitar!????

    Harshit LangerHarshit Langer11 timmar sedan
  • Excuse me you traded sand for 2 wetsuits?

    Melchior WelterMelchior Welter11 timmar sedan
  • 8 months later me: broke

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  • But it’s not from Elon, so subsc...... No

    James JohnsonJames Johnson11 timmar sedan
  • Who tf trades sand for two wet suits

    Mr AMr A12 timmar sedan
  • Sheikhchilli ho kya, guitar for bus

    Gunvantraj KumawatGunvantraj Kumawat13 timmar sedan
  • tf2 trading: *Finally a worth opponent*

    Blub Benguin 2Blub Benguin 214 timmar sedan
  • Two wet suits for sand? How?

    Quinn ReynoldsQuinn Reynolds14 timmar sedan
  • I traded sand for 2 wetsuits Yeah righto mate I’d also give you 2 300 dollars wetsuits for a cup of sand

    Mate Stop itMate Stop it14 timmar sedan
  • Swear all these people think this is a successful life. Why don’t you help your country out by restoring balance to the world. Instead you waste your life on meaningless shit and attention.

    Whacky TobaccyWhacky Tobaccy14 timmar sedan
  • Those are some limited edition sand to get two Wetsuits

    potato soepotato soe14 timmar sedan
  • This reminds me of Saiki’s ‘aport’, I think it was called

    KΔΜƗĆØŁŁO̥ͦKΔΜƗĆØŁŁO̥ͦ15 timmar sedan
  • Wow I Kent ba livt :?😍

    Ronald SumantingRonald Sumanting16 timmar sedan
  • Broo headphones for skateboard...

    MaxMax16 timmar sedan
  • Sand for a swim suit? What?

    Patriots WraithPatriots Wraith17 timmar sedan
  • This is peak Minecraft villager trading

    Grand ClankaGrand Clanka17 timmar sedan
  • Really this can be happen in this world😁😁

    tech show officialtech show official17 timmar sedan
  • That’s actually like hilarious

    Anarchy_ GamingAnarchy_ Gaming17 timmar sedan
  • "Trading"

    Christopher MorrisonChristopher Morrison18 timmar sedan
  • Str8 BS

    West SideWest Side18 timmar sedan
  • Must be nice having money

    Mr. NecroMancerMr. NecroMancer18 timmar sedan
  • Sand to me not caring

    jaiiYNjaiiYN19 timmar sedan
  • Your mask goes over your nose

    Chris CarbajalChris Carbajal19 timmar sedan
  • Sand for MUTIPLE WET SUITS and guitar for TOUR BUS and shoes FOR TESLA

    Devon HarrellDevon Harrell20 timmar sedan
  • Keep going dude

    Beverly UsherBeverly Usher20 timmar sedan
  • I mean it's cool, but seeing how these trades happened means it wouldn't work for anyone else.

    kaniphishkaniphish20 timmar sedan
  • You people need real excuse for living.

    Afran ShourovAfran Shourov20 timmar sedan
  • Noo dont do it dont give the guitar 😔

    Just a ChannelJust a Channel21 timme sedan
  • Started with ray bands

    kitigaya Kazuto Thuguto RealNigga IIkitigaya Kazuto Thuguto RealNigga II22 timmar sedan
  • A lot of these make sense but what kind of dumbass trades a wetsuit for sand.

    The KnightikinsThe Knightikins22 timmar sedan
  • This is the enitable trade

    Alexander KuoAlexander Kuo23 timmar sedan
  • If you was brown this wouldn’t work or black 😂

    Fo FoFo Fo23 timmar sedan
  • This is such a crock of shit lol..

    conservat1vepatr1ot DLconservat1vepatr1ot DL23 timmar sedan
  • How tf did he get wet suits for that wet suits are expensive in my area

    lol idclol idc23 timmar sedan
  • Who tf would want sand did you find someone intellectually fuckin stupid or something. Wetsuits are like $100 each you gave him sand. How does that even work unless he was coerced

    Jake ColocciaJake Coloccia23 timmar sedan
  • Eeeeeeee this sucks

    SkyTerror77 PostmanSkyTerror77 PostmanDag sedan
  • Not to mention you litterally begged people to @ david it was kind of scummy

    Austin SavageAustin SavageDag sedan
  • “Hey man if you pretend to give me my moms tesla youll be famous”

    Austin SavageAustin SavageDag sedan
  • This guy is a fraud

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  • Mr. Blue was playing in tje back ground

    Mitchell EllingwoodMitchell EllingwoodDag sedan
  • A little container of sand for two wet suits. Sounds like a fair trade to me👍

    Grace BattleGrace BattleDag sedan
  • So... what could be traded next with the Tesla? Why stop here

    BlazeBlazeDag sedan
  • Ayo he stole my name 😡😡😡

    LGM ArtialLGM ArtialDag sedan
  • Harrison kinda look like Chris from mrbeasts channel

    GavinGavinDag sedan
  • lol so he has money to go buy himself a Tesla but doesn't want to get up what a waste of a human

  • How.... the hell... did you convince someone to trade you their tour bus for a guitar?

    Jonathon AndersonJonathon AndersonDag sedan
  • I only liked this because of his bass pro shops hat

    Norrice le rouxNorrice le rouxDag sedan
  • Sand for 2 wet suits. ? Pretty un believable

    ethan watsonethan watsonDag sedan
  • 100% you paid people to trade with you. Ain't no idiot trading something better for something worse without money on top.

    rippl3r0rippl3r0Dag sedan
  • I hope this is true, and you get you Tesla

    Ruben SalaisRuben SalaisDag sedan
  • Sand for two wet suits. Sounds legit

    KidynamitjrKidynamitjrDag sedan
  • nice . good for you .

    Jotaro KujoJotaro KujoDag sedan
  • No end no like ;)

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  • Please tell me that trading a sand and receiving a Tesla is not really cap 💀

    Oosnsjns •Oosnsjns •Dag sedan
  • Who knew a Tesla was worth a bit of sand

    SHINOBI DarkSHINOBI DarkDag sedan
  • This is just a real life version of "csgo - from nothing to a knife" by clicky crisp

    just a random educated humanjust a random educated humanDag sedan
  • Who wants sand

    brady millerbrady millerDag sedan
    • How can you trade a guitar with a tour bus

      LOL man Don't askLOL man Don't askDag sedan
  • This reminds me of Dwight Shrute at the office garage sale.

    Ekquizit SoundsEkquizit SoundsDag sedan
  • Put your mask on corectly

    Niamh ReganNiamh ReganDag sedan
  • You cannot trade a guitar for a fucking bus. Who is brain dead enough to do that?

    YaBoiAidanYaBoiAidanDag sedan
  • Yeah the guitar for a tour bus is when things got a little unrealistic

    CextionCextionDag sedan
  • Huh

    kajus pro megakajus pro megaDag sedan