THE ESCAPE | Andrei & Wilfur Saga

20 nov 2020
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Andrei Terbea - Lead Animator
Stefan Popa - Assistant Animator
Nicoleta Toader - Producer

MUSIC by EpidemicSound:
Leaps - Jay Varton
Our Last Stand - FormantX
Baby Slow Down - Wanda Shakes
To Valhalla! - John Abbot
Old Grump - Smartface

  • Grab the figurine here (LIMITED STOCK): Let me know what you thought of the launch video! 👀

    Andrei TerbeaAndrei TerbeaMånad sedan
    • You are awesome 👍 andrea and you too wilfur, your videos are awesome 👍

      FATHIR RaffiFATHIR Raffi5 dagar sedan
    • I cant afford it im in philipines and we dont use U.S. dollars 💵☹️

      Jeramite DelacruzJeramite Delacruz7 dagar sedan
    • I love the jazz SOOOO much

      MrGhost_YTMrGhost_YT8 dagar sedan
    • I really loved the animation style you can use it very well in cartoon studios for bigger projects

      muhammad waqasmuhammad waqas17 dagar sedan
    • ce faci frate

      RoMania TweeTyRoMania TweeTyMånad sedan
  • That's super cool

    Theo AnimatesTheo Animates11 timmar sedan
  • AMAZING 😲 I could never animate this good

    Ty FliesTy Flies13 timmar sedan
  • Scuze frt, nu mă păcălești, știu că ești român! Zi ceva în română ca să dovedești că ești român! 😁👌😂🇷🇴

    ANDRU-RECANDRU-REC21 timme sedan
  • Great👍🤪

    Rimy WorldRimy WorldDag sedan
  • 1:06

    isha shuklaisha shukla2 dagar sedan
  • Andrei Terbea But its a fever dream

    AurabandaAurabanda2 dagar sedan
  • Wilfur is a Dragon!

  • I want lore NOW

    Bread GuyBread Guy3 dagar sedan
  • 1:18 Best Part

    Evonne SavageEvonne Savage5 dagar sedan
  • Can u do a video explaining all the drama of kicking fed from offline tv

    Bruce WaneBruce Wane5 dagar sedan
  • Coolest most awesomest Saga ever seen!!

    Meghana ParidaMeghana Parida5 dagar sedan
  • Yes, I can turn into a dragon. Thanks, Andrei.

    WilfurWilfur6 dagar sedan
  • This is so awesome!

    TotallyOgNameTotallyOgName7 dagar sedan
  • Your Animations are so good that even if I am not aware of what's going on around the world I get a brief idea from your videos. I am just suggesting this idea, many English stories don't have good animated videos on youtube especially for school-related English Story lessons. So how about making another channel with those animated stories. Again this is just an idea and this might sound stupid. Anyway, keep up the good work. And I do programming videos, if anyone is interested can check it out.

    Py WorldPy World9 dagar sedan
  • My manz be flexin out here

    Owen IckesOwen Ickes10 dagar sedan
  • Ngl this was a dumb way ro promote yoo0htooz

    supah Animator alexsupah Animator alex10 dagar sedan
  • :o

    Crossed Out_ WizzkillCrossed Out_ Wizzkill10 dagar sedan
  • How does this only have 300K views, also I copped

    Just some IssacJust some Issac12 dagar sedan
  • I never knew Wilfur could do that.

    Doge BoiDoge Boi12 dagar sedan
  • WTF

    Destroyer 1010Destroyer 101013 dagar sedan
  • Holy crap man all this for a ad

    Sans the gamerSans the gamer13 dagar sedan
  • This is why andrei had a high iq

    im not gonna lieim not gonna lie13 dagar sedan
  • “Wait it’s all youtooz ?” “Always has been.”

    SriramSriram14 dagar sedan
  • Sir i what to buy i have no money please help me buy toy

    Ayush KumarAyush Kumar15 dagar sedan
  • yo shameless self promotion

    GameruntGamerunt15 dagar sedan
  • I am all kinds of Confusion...

    Smart Alec VideosSmart Alec Videos15 dagar sedan
  • all that for a little figure... worth it

    Christian Quimi GuerreroChristian Quimi Guerrero16 dagar sedan
  • I think this is my seve nth video

    sabteca allensabteca allen16 dagar sedan
  • What adverts should be like

    FrogoToastFrogoToast16 dagar sedan
  • Genial bro

    Adi TudoranAdi Tudoran17 dagar sedan
  • This is the best marketing Ive ever seen

    samuri shadowsisamuri shadowsi18 dagar sedan
  • OMG it’s wilfur’s true FORM!!! 1:26

    SeanDu SheeepSeanDu Sheeep18 dagar sedan
  • You know what,I just prefer to be in goose form.

    wilfurwilfur18 dagar sedan
  • 1:19 ok this is a legitimate Beauty

    KalpacasKalpacas18 dagar sedan
  • ngl ever since from the start I was watching andrei his animation keeps improving when he had like 50k subs something like that idk happy new year

    lethalshed22lethalshed2218 dagar sedan

    DUDE FUCK YOUDUDE FUCK YOU19 dagar sedan
  • Wilbur is a dragon

    Sab3rToothSab3rTooth20 dagar sedan
  • How the fudge did wilfur break the glass

    mightycake 337mightycake 33720 dagar sedan
  • Make this a series

    R HamlinR Hamlin20 dagar sedan
  • this is one of the best youtooz promotion i ever seen

    RowearRowear20 dagar sedan
  • All popular genres in one

    KjellKjell21 dag sedan

    Valentino IvaValentino Iva21 dag sedan
  • this is amazing.

    Richard the engineerRichard the engineer22 dagar sedan
  • these visuals are everything

    bea likes lasagnabea likes lasagna23 dagar sedan

    bea likes lasagnabea likes lasagna23 dagar sedan
  • Merry Christmas

    Minerva RebollarMinerva Rebollar23 dagar sedan
  • O lol

    •Black Rose YT••Black Rose YT•23 dagar sedan
  • This is the coolest!

    A Pink And White FoxA Pink And White Fox24 dagar sedan
  • yes

    theboikingtheboiking24 dagar sedan
  • What if: there was a movie of andrei terbea.

    Scott SalinasScott Salinas24 dagar sedan
    • Funny video

      i just want to make you smilei just want to make you smile24 dagar sedan
  • Wilfur is really powerful

    John RybinskiJohn Rybinski25 dagar sedan
  • Noooo o vreau

    MATTEO 5MAMATTEO 5MA25 dagar sedan
  • All hail our lord and savior wilfur

    Madalin SingedMadalin Singed25 dagar sedan
  • Why the hell did you put so much talent in to a gosh darn youtooz

    Cayden ReedCayden Reed25 dagar sedan
  • This is like SCP containment breach But more simple and more not scary

    2021 S1G2 02 CHEN CHAK FUNG LUCAS2021 S1G2 02 CHEN CHAK FUNG LUCAS25 dagar sedan
  • who else tried to scroll more upward so they can see more picture, im not the only one

    justaiconjustaicon26 dagar sedan
  • E

    Idiot TubeIdiot Tube26 dagar sedan
  • Top 10 most epic anime fights

    khoa nguyenkhoa nguyen26 dagar sedan
  • Best 2 mins of my life

    IToxicHyperIToxicHyper26 dagar sedan
  • You should make a actual cartoon

    Myriam AngazoMyriam Angazo27 dagar sedan
  • I got GOOSEbumps watching that Alright, I'll see myself out now

    Brian HuBrian Hu27 dagar sedan
  • I literally did not understand anything 😂

    Paul MauridisPaul Mauridis27 dagar sedan
  • Um.......this is wierd as hack

    cry baby pandacry baby panda27 dagar sedan
  • Andrei Terbei: Escaping the complex

    RedRed27 dagar sedan
  • OH SHIT u didn't tell us that Wilfur was a goddamn shape shifter

    Sairendhri Deora ChampawatSairendhri Deora Champawat27 dagar sedan
  • That was amazing

    Ent7aryEnt7ary27 dagar sedan
  • This is so good

    Muhammod HassanMuhammod Hassan28 dagar sedan
  • 1:30 In their tongue, is Wilfurkin

    Something baloonySomething baloony28 dagar sedan
  • It's still a shame that this is just an advert for a Youtooz

    RiskyBuss 678RiskyBuss 67828 dagar sedan
  • im the 327,000 viewer

  • This guy can make a WHOLE animation movie by himself, and put it on the cinema if possible

    Gameritb Yt 2Gameritb Yt 228 dagar sedan
  • I life how wilfur become super cool Phoenix

    LightonLighton28 dagar sedan
  • The duo has awakened ゴゴゴゴ

    Sans405Sans40528 dagar sedan
  • And this is how babys are made..

    BroerhBroerh29 dagar sedan
  • This would be an awesome franchise!!

    Matthew WilliamsMatthew Williams29 dagar sedan
  • Andrei probabil nu o sa vezi asta dar daca da ma poti ajuta sa incep sa fac youtube? M-ai inspirat foarte mult aratandumi ca chiar daca vin din o tara indepartata tot pot deveni un youtuber "universal" m-ar ajuta foarte mult daca m-ai contacta cumva, dupa cum vezi sunt roman si de aceea as dori ajutor.

    WolfyWolfy29 dagar sedan

    giulgu17giulgu1729 dagar sedan
  • Great ad

    Minecraft tMinecraft t29 dagar sedan
  • Did Wilbur just turn into a giant ass bird, I love it

    LoopadoopLoopadoop29 dagar sedan
  • Wipfur reminds me of mewtwo

    Zack HumphreyZack Humphrey29 dagar sedan
  • is this the start of first Wilfur War ?

    SharadSharad29 dagar sedan
  • I literally thought I was watching a anime🤩

    Janet RivasJanet RivasMånad sedan
  • you have saved the duck

    wendigowendigoMånad sedan
  • Wait how did they not drown in the lab water?

    Alfred GichukiAlfred GichukiMånad sedan
  • w,t,f, did , i just , witness , this , makes , no , sense

  • i feel like this was the best way to say "guys i have a funko pop now lol"

    Alan Calderon-AguilarAlan Calderon-AguilarMånad sedan
  • confused screaming

    Error 404Error 404Månad sedan
  • Dam thats better then most animes

    محمد خالد عبد الله البغداديمحمد خالد عبد الله البغداديMånad sedan
  • My theory was right it was a Youtooz promotion

    stuff studiostuff studioMånad sedan
  • So sad that this only has 300K views

    Ben DoverBen DoverMånad sedan
  • 1:14 speaking of da wae I typed into my moms car navigation search and the result it came up with was wactherbach Pack your bags everyone I found da wae

    MuntherdoesstuffMuntherdoesstuffMånad sedan
  • Dream speed running be like

    MuntherdoesstuffMuntherdoesstuffMånad sedan
  • Is this cannon

    Dechoosed 1Dechoosed 1Månad sedan
  • Imao when the aliens left the place they walked into the wall bc when andrei left there was a wall-

    Tiki HuynhTiki HuynhMånad sedan

    Sheikh MaskSheikh MaskMånad sedan
  • I'm gonna buy 3

    meowmeowMånad sedan
  • Sickest advertisement EVER

    MLG234 _MLG234 _Månad sedan

    Pouya cooperPouya cooperMånad sedan
  • Andrei = Danerys Targarayen

    FG Rana GamingFG Rana GamingMånad sedan