Among Us but with the NEW 10,800 IQ SHERIFF ROLE... (custom mod)

9 jan 2021
2 484 124 visningar

Disguised Toast and friends play a custom Among Us mod with a Sheriff Role. The Sheriff is able kill impostors but will die themselves if they mistakenly target a crewmate.
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#amongus #mods #disguisedtoast

  • first for some reason alright...

    sleepylionsleepylion4 timmar sedan
  • First for some reason

    Pc PlayerPc Player4 timmar sedan
  • ‘give us a crumb.. toast’ 😂😂

    Ellie RobertsEllie Roberts5 timmar sedan
  • first for some reason

    ColiemonColiemon7 timmar sedan
  • first for some reason alright....

    CUIR NOIRCUIR NOIR8 timmar sedan
  • first for some reason....

    CUIR NOIRCUIR NOIR8 timmar sedan
  • Old content when?

    Emotional avocadoEmotional avocado9 timmar sedan
  • 12:27 this is what happens when you play a lot with Sykkuno

    JT 19JT 1910 timmar sedan
  • I seriously feel like they need more roles in this game, if they wanna last any time in the long term they gotta start adding some game changing things along with actually difficult task that take more then 1 brain cell

    fobo420fobo42010 timmar sedan
  • *"Huh, this guy's toast"*

    Takaishi SakuragiTakaishi Sakuragi11 timmar sedan
  • lol

    Shahrin NajwaShahrin Najwa11 timmar sedan
  • first for some reason alright.....

    Andres LuzAndres Luz11 timmar sedan
  • First

    Weston BallWeston Ball12 timmar sedan
  • Ssundee

    ScarlessMCScarlessMC12 timmar sedan
  • I really want to see more of sheriff mod

    6words6words13 timmar sedan

    Priya RaiPriya Rai13 timmar sedan
  • 31:19 What in the furry

    Lycan BaneLycan Bane14 timmar sedan
  • Nobody talking about toast’s IQ getting larger every time he makes a video.

    D13G0 B10D13G0 B1015 timmar sedan
  • Just like sand box murder mystery

    Anthony MontesAnthony Montes15 timmar sedan
  • "Smells like bullshit sherrif" was so funny😂

    maisonlemaisonle16 timmar sedan
  • First for some reason alright...

    DynamicRaven34DynamicRaven3417 timmar sedan
  • last for some reason alright..

    thegirlyinthegirlyin17 timmar sedan
  • Orange sykkuno and Green Leslie with a plant. This is not right.

    KraghKragh18 timmar sedan
  • toast is in offlinetv XD

    TAN GUAN XU 2020TAN GUAN XU 202018 timmar sedan
  • So at what point will you guys play trouble in terrorist town?

    CrazyAsianNinjaCrazyAsianNinja18 timmar sedan

    Alvin ZAlvin Z18 timmar sedan
  • Thank You For Playing Our Game! We Love The Content.

    Among UsAmong Us19 timmar sedan
  • Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. (Isaiah 55:7 [KJV]) ~ & ~ When Jesus heard it, he saith unto them, They that are whole have no need of the physician, but they that are sick: I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. (Mark 2:17 [KJV]) ~ & ~ For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23 [KJV])

    contrite sinnercontrite sinner19 timmar sedan
  • yay plagarism

    Riley AndrewsRiley Andrews20 timmar sedan
  • I wish there was a Zombie MOD. Where there are 8 crewmates and 2 Policemates. Zombies appear at random spots based on every task crewmates do. And the policemen have to kill the zombies. Kill cooldown is about 10 to 15 seconds. So they will be shouting around, getting trapped in rooms and looking for the police. Eventually if things don't go well, there will be a Horde of Zombies :P

    Midas EyeMidas Eye20 timmar sedan
  • naaahhhh im srry socks does thy vids better

    ma lil shrek kneesssma lil shrek kneesss21 timme sedan
  • I just realized that disguised toast sounds like dis guys toast lol.

    hannah lawrencehannah lawrence21 timme sedan
    • Yeah. It is “This guy's toast”.

      CornCorn10 timmar sedan
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  • Corpse figured it out

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  • first for some reason

    Lucas ReadLucas ReadDag sedan
  • toast just singing at the end made the win so much better

    Ak1hiroAk1hiroDag sedan
  • Copied Socksfor1

    Izuku MidoriaIzuku MidoriaDag sedan
  • 9:22 why is handy moaning?😳

    Lemmon Juice505Lemmon Juice505Dag sedan
  • "Listen to your hEaRtTt..." ~Toast

    Keith Margaux IgnacioKeith Margaux IgnacioDag sedan
  • How do you use the proximity mod along with the sheriff mod?

    DezDezDag sedan
  • How do u get those mods?

    Estela ArrovaEstela ArrovaDag sedan
  • not first for some reason alright...

    jrodgizzlejrodgizzleDag sedan
  • 6,000th for some reason...

    noobyynoobyyDag sedan
  • Can someone explain, how to get this mod 👀 cause Idek

    junjunDag sedan
  • Toast am pretty sure we’re all subscribed 😑

    horace bennetthorace bennettDag sedan
  • How do you get mods? Pls, pls, pls answer I have asked everywhere and I just can’t figure it out someone PLEASE answer

    Cat LoverCat LoverDag sedan
  • wait did he make among us???

    Blind Bandit BalanceBlind Bandit BalanceDag sedan
  • hafu at 9:30 was so annoying

    ZēmptツZēmptツDag sedan
  • So cool man Great work

    Ajavion RiversAjavion RiversDag sedan
  • 10:41 in the video go now the dvd thing hit the corner

    Ben PinkertonBen PinkertonDag sedan
  • First for some reason

    TurtlesandCowsRuleTurtlesandCowsRuleDag sedan
  • damn remember when he was like 100k and played only hearthstone

    Mekhi KrichenMekhi KrichenDag sedan
  • I love how if u put subtitles it says something that they didn't say

    Gladys ShekGladys ShekDag sedan
  • Im the 6k coment

    Gabriel Hernan AcevedoGabriel Hernan AcevedoDag sedan
  • YOu CaNT SaY PoG ChMap reee

    ColeColeDag sedan
  • I thought I was watching a tango tek video...

    Red BerryRed BerryDag sedan
  • first for some reason alright...

    Angelo VelasquezAngelo VelasquezDag sedan
  • among us is dead game

    RealShureymRealShureymDag sedan
  • Just like the vigilante in mafia then damn

    ArtyPotatoArtyPotatoDag sedan
  • Okey, he got me... I will subscribe

    Randy PutraRandy PutraDag sedan
  • Finally, my two worlds of among us meet

    MartoMartoDag sedan
  • I always thought toast was sykunno

    Mr. EmoMr. EmoDag sedan
    • same!!!

      Kayla KookiesKayla KookiesDag sedan
  • Jack's a real HOMIE RESPECT 100

    Sanskar SongaraSanskar SongaraDag sedan
  • Murder Mystery 2.0

    Noisykid9048Noisykid9048Dag sedan
  • which number should i use for an iq count now?

  • this game is dead

    Jakub WojtyloJakub WojtyloDag sedan
  • The nest few episodes the sherrif After the sheriff The JESTER

    Lamih Adam ShareefLamih Adam ShareefDag sedan
  • first for some reason alright...

    Nathan WolfNathan WolfDag sedan
  • gg's 8:56 no one is beating them

    ItzNebulaItzNebulaDag sedan
  • I low-key like it better like this.

    ExQticsExQticsDag sedan
  • Murder Mystery 2.0

    ExQticsExQticsDag sedan
  • I think dumb dog is better now after watching him a few times I love toast always thought he was the goat but idk dumb dog seems pretty smart

    meerkat manormeerkat manorDag sedan
  • Toast seems to like spicing up those IQ numbers every subsequent playthrough

    Gautham Krishna.HGautham Krishna.HDag sedan
  • last for some reason alright.......

    Nida ServillonNida ServillonDag sedan
  • How do you get the sheriff mode?

    Julia BianchiJulia BianchiDag sedan
  • first for some reason alright...

    Federal Bureau of InvestigationFederal Bureau of InvestigationDag sedan
  • Hafu:My palms are sweating Me:knees weak arms are heavy

    JB btwJB btwDag sedan
  • ‘first for some reason alright...’ -Toast 2021

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  • Leslie will never trust jack or toast again

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  • how much more content can be weaseled out of this game

    sundaysundayDag sedan
  • Y'know, I was watching some Disguised Toast, and I wanted to comment "I would like modded Among us videos" but there is actually one, the sheriff role. I would like more modded among us, specially the special roles. If there is any other video of disguised toast modded among us, please tell me.

    Malo ver.1.0.0Malo ver.1.0.0Dag sedan
  • did this man just actually do an intro pog

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  • why is this from alexace

    kleah naduratakleah nadurataDag sedan
  • why is this from alexace

    kleah naduratakleah nadurataDag sedan
  • Hafu desire to kill is strong

    Crimson ReadsCrimson ReadsDag sedan
  • To be honest I feel like it would've been more realistic if the Sherrif killed himself AND the Crewmate. There would be more stakes.

    Ete TGGEte TGGDag sedan
  • First for some reasons right.....

    K4'Just'K.OK4'Just'K.ODag sedan
  • hafu hit climax during among us streaming

    KingOfSoysauce™KingOfSoysauce™Dag sedan
  • Me and my friend who streams would love to play woth you guys

    Lennyhh DeweyLennyhh DeweyDag sedan
  • How much iq man

    MxskedMxskedDag sedan