SCP-847 The Mannequin (SCP Animation)

13 jan 2021
2 211 006 visningar

TheRubber brings you SCP Foundation EUCLID class object, SCP-847 Animation.
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SCP 847, also known as The Mannequin, is a human female mannequin, 156 cm tall and 27 kg in mass, constructed of human hair and an unknown composite fibrous polymer that abrades and shatters similarly to porcelain.
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Music by Gravity Sound.

  • has anyone else made "oh a 'rubber' has another meaning" joke yet?

    SmallRobotSmallRobot9 minuter sedan
  • So, the D-Class in the test was a Sexual Predator before he entered the facility?

    Flare FoxFlare Fox42 minuter sedan
  • So what if it meets with a trap?

    SpheeSpheeTimme sedan
  • She is just an sad women respect her

    eggs Benedicteggs Benedict2 timmar sedan
  • I would hug her too

    Manuel raul Gutierrez acevedoManuel raul Gutierrez acevedo3 timmar sedan
  • What happends if you just give the poor thing a hug? She seems to need it

    Slavicc BoiSlavicc Boi3 timmar sedan
  • Would you rather [L. Look at shy guy] or [C. Look at the Manequin]

    MarshyTheMello MTM K.O!MarshyTheMello MTM K.O!3 timmar sedan
  • scp 9999

    Sudheena RahimSudheena Rahim5 timmar sedan
  • Because of that I afraid of Mannequin

    Refan BklRefan Bkl8 timmar sedan
  • Is scp real rubber

  • Don't let Markiplier near this thing

    Benito JRBenito JR9 timmar sedan
  • 1:58 bro is that stroheim?

    Sarip RashidSarip Rashid10 timmar sedan
  • 8:04 *cringelord 9000*

    Kakyoin NoriakiKakyoin Noriaki10 timmar sedan
  • Wonder how it'd react to a thirsty lesbian that lust for it. For research purposes. Please record everything during that experiment and submit it to Researcher Eggplant.

    They Told Me I Could Become Anything, So I became an EggplantThey Told Me I Could Become Anything, So I became an Eggplant10 timmar sedan
  • 8:04 Perfect pose

    thunder lordthunder lord11 timmar sedan
  • Why am i suddenly Hornily-Curios?

    BlazeTrail 1269BlazeTrail 126911 timmar sedan
  • I'm 'bout to go to jail.

    BlazeTrail 1269BlazeTrail 126911 timmar sedan
  • S, I mean, his arms are corrosion, I'm sure it's scp 106's job.

  • I do wonder how she would react to someone who is transgender or genderfluid

    Teeth ***Teeth ***12 timmar sedan
    • they should have test that so we would know the answer. :P

      Ricky DiscordRicky Discord3 timmar sedan
  • SCP-847 be lookin thicc ngl

    Zappy on youtubeZappy on youtube12 timmar sedan
  • Everybody gansta till circus baby turns in a manniquin

    Richy dogeRichy doge12 timmar sedan
  • That D-class gave off the most mixed signals I've ever seen. Like *ever.*

    Kobe KolaKobe Kola14 timmar sedan
  • I just realized it's probably called pattern X and Y because of XX(female) and XY(male) chromosomes "Z" is probably just for consistency of the alphabet

    Kobe KolaKobe Kola14 timmar sedan
  • SCP-847: •ω•

    Rinkachi's 旅Rinkachi's 旅14 timmar sedan
  • Someone show this to Markiplier

    AdofoAdofo15 timmar sedan
  • What if csp 387 was applied to her body

    Grim Pictures EntertainmentGrim Pictures Entertainment16 timmar sedan
  • 8:07 the mannequin: why are we still here? just to suffer?

    Big Smoke RailfanningBig Smoke Railfanning17 timmar sedan
  • The rubber is a sus name like WHAT ARE U RUBBING????

    Christol ThompsonChristol Thompson18 timmar sedan
  • I'm not gonna fuck the mannequin.I'm not gonna fuck the mannequin.I'm not gonna fuck the mannequin.I'm not gonna fuck the mannequin... I'm probably gonna try to fuck the mannequin.

    Gamzee MakaraGamzee Makara19 timmar sedan
  • The Mannequin reminds me of Eleanor from Fazbear Frights.

    The Checkmate KingThe Checkmate King19 timmar sedan
  • Ah yes the yandare mannequin

    Stalky 77Stalky 7720 timmar sedan
  • the mussy

    Danny FascianaDanny Fasciana22 timmar sedan
  • Just kill it. Same for many other SCP's. Containing is nice, but destroying them is better.

    Slevin ChannelSlevin Channel22 timmar sedan
  • 8:05 that dab...

    ItsBedrockMCItsBedrockMC23 timmar sedan
  • Ok hear me out

    Solo DoloSolo DoloDag sedan
  • Scp 052 video

    Kaku HembramKaku HembramDag sedan
  • If "I only have guy friends, girls always bring so much drama ugh" was an SCP

    Bunk KimberBunk KimberDag sedan
  • Do people only speak in memes in the comments now? That in it of itself seems like Anomalous behavior. Anyway, idk what’s creepier SCP-847 or D-7294’s reaction to it.

    d tczykd tczykDag sedan
  • Because why scp 847 attacking females because scp 847 dont want to females a wife

    Dennis PaclibarDennis PaclibarDag sedan
  • XD when the electrict was on rubber rubber was cookenXD!

    Dennis PaclibarDennis PaclibarDag sedan
  • Will 847 kill fembois?

    LolLolDag sedan

    Mina NawabiMina NawabiDag sedan
    • It’s not an scp

      Rushing2gameRushing2gameDag sedan
  • "It made more noises while D-7294 played with it" Me:I See

    Kurama haikalKurama haikalDag sedan
  • What if she see a kid that is a boy

    SouhannSouhannDag sedan
    • 😳

      Rushing2gameRushing2gameDag sedan
  • no one: some umbrella academy fans: **is screaming**

    _cxmetsrose_cxmetsroseDag sedan
  • Idk if (DONT LEAVE ME!) means she’ll just kill us .-. Bc I don’t think she’s even real

    Luluizdah_BEEZTLuluizdah_BEEZTDag sedan
  • I heard there is a scp-000 his name is Error idk why its file is glitched or Erroe

    Persius MarkPersius MarkDag sedan
  • SCP-847: mannequin Me: insert starship music And we can build this thing together

    Alexis BagacinaAlexis BagacinaDag sedan
  • 8:04 the legendary DAB! the DAB should be an SCP itself 😂

    Tim WestTim WestDag sedan
  • This was sadistically wholesome...

    JustChill'nJustChill'nDag sedan
  • Woah what a cute scp

    benny zunigabenny zunigaDag sedan
  • for once im glad im male

    Grain 567Grain 567Dag sedan
  • But what does the mannequin is within 50 meters of a rubber

    CharlieplaysgamesCharlieplaysgamesDag sedan
  • ngl shes kinda cute 😳 Edit: I'm a girl tho so-

    catcatDag sedan
  • It makes you wonder if she attack a transgender person

    Komodogirl5Komodogirl5Dag sedan
  • Non binary person *exists Scp 847- visible confusion

    WholegrainmarbegrianWholegrainmarbegrianDag sedan
  • YO!! I just got a trailer about SCP!!! They’re making making books now!!! ARTBOOKS!!!

    Xx_Madam Danga_xXXx_Madam Danga_xXDag sedan
  • Get the cross get the bible get holy water and u ready for the yandere apocalypse

    Water bottleWater bottleDag sedan
  • I swear all of you will simp for her, degenerates

    troll1 troll2troll1 troll2Dag sedan
  • Scp 173's cousin

    JustTheAveragePersonOnTheInternetJustTheAveragePersonOnTheInternetDag sedan
  • Feels bad for mannequin man. I wouldn't mind being with her, but SCP foundation would probably say no. Not to mention, we don't even know if she can add silicone constructs to herself.

    Totally UnknownTotally UnknownDag sedan
  • Didn't know 847 was a bottom

    2 ideots with a phone2 ideots with a phoneDag sedan
  • she says trans rights ✌️✌️

    sou hiyorisou hiyoriDag sedan
  • Nobainary person:enters 847: now listen here you little sh**

    2 ideots with a phone2 ideots with a phoneDag sedan
  • the only woman most of us will ever get

    death dragon4400death dragon4400Dag sedan
    • 💘

      Michael MyersMichael MyersDag sedan
  • "Im still simping on the thumbnail 😋❤️😍"

    Michael MyersMichael MyersDag sedan
  • Anyone here from that one til tok?

    Amethyst RoseAmethyst RoseDag sedan
  • Am I the only one who questions who the blonde guy is 1:58

    Davian QuezadaDavian QuezadaDag sedan
  • D-7294 :me that litterly is just a BUFF MAN

    Phuong LyPhuong LyDag sedan
  • Okay. It like man and hate woman. What's about genderless?

    DarkFoxly ClawzDarkFoxly ClawzDag sedan
  • What if a tiny child, that is a girl is 50 meters of SCP-847? Will it adopt the girl? Or still kill?

    Kokichi Kirby 2.0Kokichi Kirby 2.0Dag sedan
  • I is she safe class

    Hewwo ThereHewwo ThereDag sedan
  • "If there's a hole,there's a way."-Albert Einstein,i suppose.

    Otaco FedidoOtaco FedidoDag sedan
  • Jesus Christ loves everyone and you,and scps if there real

    Codyasian RiceCodyasian RiceDag sedan
    • Hii

      Codyasian RiceCodyasian RiceDag sedan
  • Dab

    kat reyes-usikat reyes-usiDag sedan
  • so hear me out. im not saying i would but im not saying i wouldnt

    Yolo Right125Yolo Right125Dag sedan
  • Damn she looking fine

    Mii Yaoi._Mii Yaoi._Dag sedan
  • “it will stand in front of any available full body mirror and pose” suddenly i’m an scp

    The EscalatorThe EscalatorDag sedan
  • I wonder if it gets triggered by trans men or women or does it just act on appearance????

    Zeke Is A DadZeke Is A DadDag sedan
  • What happens if a trans woman (a woman turned into a male) came into the room?

    MangoMangoDag sedan
  • 7:57 this is sus

    RalfinoRalfinoDag sedan
  • How about 847 vs 191

    •gacha kat••gacha kat•Dag sedan
  • W-wow,is like a real girl but it's porcelain

    Isaac SamuelIsaac SamuelDag sedan
  • Hol up- what would it do If a female child was around? just curious

    Jessica RohnolJessica RohnolDag sedan
    • She'd Kill her.

      Fernando RománFernando RománDag sedan
  • Just found this channel and I already find this video interesting-

    Twisted.StudiosTwisted.StudiosDag sedan
  • "Real eyes, porcelain skin" *hears coughing in the distance*

    Derek GleasonDerek GleasonDag sedan
  • So Basically a yandere

    Christophe DucasChristophe DucasDag sedan
  • What's with the "I got a boner" pose

    DeeDoubleUDeeDoubleUDag sedan
  • 4:36 Mannequin: Slept In 5 Minutes

    Omega Alpha’s EyesOmega Alpha’s EyesDag sedan
  • This low-key looks like baby from Five nights at freddy's

    •Untrust 47••Untrust 47•Dag sedan
  • SCP-847: *Exists* Rele 34: Allow me to introduce myself.

    Just a local RetardJust a local Retard2 dagar sedan
  • Me as a d-class personnel would put my peener in it.

    NeorainNeorain2 dagar sedan
  • 8:04 but why

    Night 999Night 9992 dagar sedan
  • yo what if it tried to give you some slurple brain

    Jerry CarmodyJerry Carmody2 dagar sedan
  • I never went near this

    Dr. BrightDr. Bright2 dagar sedan
  • The perfect girlfriend doesn't exi-

    Unknown SameUnknown Same2 dagar sedan
  • Yup that scp is very useful for the boys

    SiLeNt killer XDSiLeNt killer XD2 dagar sedan
  • I'm not saying I would but I'm not saying I wouldn't....... she just needs a guy bruh and like I said I'm not saying I'm down but I'm not not down

    Chib OlenChib Olen2 dagar sedan
  • *Wtf he is nuts*

    daven 3A sdkpnkdaven 3A sdkpnk2 dagar sedan
  • Me:Got in the SCP's Cage

    daven 3A sdkpnkdaven 3A sdkpnk2 dagar sedan