Taylor Swift - willow (Official Music Video)

10 dec 2020
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Official music video by Taylor Swift performing “willow” - off her evermore album.
Listen to the album here: taylor.lnk.to/evermorealbum
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taylor swift
taeok lee
indiana cheairs
samuel silver
yoe apolinario
maria wada
jazz smith
gracie stewart
jake landgrebe
nolan padilla
mark villaver
robert green
mason cutler
sienna lyons
directed by
taylor swift
director of photography
rodrigo prieto ASC, AMC
jil hardin
chancler haynes
production designers
ethan tobman
regina fernandez
joseph cassell
sunshine madsen
first ad
joe “oz” osborne
co-first ad
ev salomon
visual effects
ingenuity studios
grant miller
david lebensfeld
jumanah shaheen

executive producer
rebecca skinner
kathy palmer
manny tapia
key grip
“pie” alexander griffiths
vincent lucido
the song
written by taylor swift and aaron dessner
produced by aaron dessner
recorded by jonathan low and aaron dessner
mixed by jonathan low
orchestration by bryce dessner
mastered by greg calbi and steve fallone
drum machine programming, percussion, keyboards, synthesizers, piano and electric, bass and
acoustic guitars by aaron dessner
synthesizers and drum machine programming by james mcalister
percussion and drum machine programming by bryan devendorf
violin by yuki numata resnick
electric guitar by josh kaufman
cello by clarice jensen
glockenspiel by jason treuting
flute by alex sopp
french horn by cj camerieri
keyboard and synthesizers by thomas bartlett
intro music
modular synth by benjamin lanz
A special thank you to our on set medics, COVID-19 compliance personnel and the crew for operating under the strictest guidelines including wearing PPE, practicing thorough sanitization and respecting social distancing during the video shoot.
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  • The best

    Ruan VictorRuan VictorTimme sedan
  • Did anyone notice that "taylor swift" for some reason, changed to "Taylor Swift" on all evermore tracks?

    SkittusSkittusTimme sedan

    Dahlia AnceroDahlia AnceroTimme sedan

    Dahlia AnceroDahlia AnceroTimme sedan
  • She come back stronger than a 90s trend

    Il MarcoIl MarcoTimme sedan
  • Music industry is Taylor Swift ❤️

    2TS2_08_ FRENGKI2TS2_08_ FRENGKITimme sedan
  • India loves you, Taylor

    evermore 13evermore 13Timme sedan
    • Hey! Are you Indian? I think you are the biggest Swifty. I have seen your comment on literally every song.

      Utkarsh KumarUtkarsh KumarTimme sedan
  • Hmmm. Not bad

    V1PERV1PERTimme sedan
  • Maybe some parts copied/inspired from Afeemi Afeemi(indian song). Some vibes.

    Anuj negiAnuj negiTimme sedan
  • yes, T. you rly come back stronger than a 90's trend

    Irma SetyaningsihIrma SetyaningsihTimme sedan
  • In her 14-15 yrs of career, she discovered 3 genres👏👏👏 and she nailed all 3👏👏

    evermore 13evermore 13Timme sedan
  • My fav 😍❤❤

    Vamsi krishVamsi krishTimme sedan
  • Now i know how angels look.

    SomiSomi2 timmar sedan
  • came here after watching Melisa performing this song in Indonesian idol show. I think that's the 1st live performance of this song in the world.

    Saras AndrianiSaras Andriani2 timmar sedan
  • She should be an actress too! And if she was she deserves an Oscar too♥️

    TinashaTinasha2 timmar sedan
  • 28k dislikes is nothing compared to the million likes.

    Cherie CaminoCherie Camino2 timmar sedan
  • The best creation ❤️

    Aisha SharmaAisha Sharma2 timmar sedan
  • Simply beautiful

    DanielDaniel2 timmar sedan
  • Subscribe to join the community of swifties here:)

    Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift2 timmar sedan
  • This sounds like a warm and breezy day of Spring

    vandana bhootravandana bhootra2 timmar sedan
  • This was amazing...

    mona amirsoleimanimona amirsoleimani3 timmar sedan
  • I was such a Swiftie in 2018 and 2019, but stopped listening to her when corona started, because I got problems with my mental health and stopped loving everything I ever did love. Now I listen to both albums she made in between the time and realized how much I’ve missed. Taylor is the most amazing artist to ever exist on this planet! Her lyrics are so damn meaningful

    Joline HoxhajJoline Hoxhaj3 timmar sedan
  • I listen this song daily.. How many daily listeners are here???

    mr boMbmr boMb3 timmar sedan
  • Shhh you have a taste of music💛 Keep it up have a nice day/night💛👉😢

    Squad Cousin'sSquad Cousin's3 timmar sedan
  • Teahhh

    PhuDauVEVOPhuDauVEVO3 timmar sedan
  • ❤❤❤❤❤

    Jake PhanJake Phan3 timmar sedan
  • It's a lovely song.

    Redux ModRedux Mod3 timmar sedan
  • Cardigan to willow

    julus gamingjulus gaming3 timmar sedan

    Johnlery ErlanoJohnlery Erlano3 timmar sedan
  • This is the best song I've ever head in my whole entire life

    Meenakshi BishariyaMeenakshi Bishariya3 timmar sedan
  • She could pick a genre on a wheel and she'd nail it.

    SOUL TIESSOUL TIES4 timmar sedan
  • nothing can replace the chills I get from listening to taylor.

    yoongi_is daddyyoongi_is daddy4 timmar sedan
  • ❤️ Tay

    AnishAnish4 timmar sedan
  • Kind of cheesy but I love kt

    Beth Lan_Beth Lan_4 timmar sedan
  • don't hear this pretty one before u sleep, for sure u can't sleepy because of ur soul take dancing until morning

    Seravina L.Seravina L.4 timmar sedan
  • Why so lowest viewing on new music video this song???..since lover era until evermore...

    acoi900acoi9004 timmar sedan
  • I think this song is powerful and small ring song voice.and she's always make feel great.i love such a great feeling to her thanks.

    Seunghwan HongSeunghwan Hong4 timmar sedan
  • When angels descend on earth, they call themselves *Taylor Swift*

    SomiSomi5 timmar sedan
  • _Life was a willow and it bent right to your wind_ it's so poetic!!

    SomiSomi5 timmar sedan
  • by far , Taylor is the only artist that has made music in countless genres and every single song has been , and will be a masterpiece , Forever ALL HAIL QUEEN TAYLOR !

    shiba mittalshiba mittal5 timmar sedan
  • Selamın Aleyküm Dünya 🇹🇷🇹🇷

    KoztorikKoztorik5 timmar sedan
  • Love u taylor❤❤❤

    UtkarshUtkarsh5 timmar sedan
  • Is she pregnant?

    Sarah SuttonSarah Sutton6 timmar sedan
  • I am super obsessed with this song !!

    Radhika JainRadhika Jain6 timmar sedan
  • _i am absolutely in love_

    AckerfuckAckerfuck7 timmar sedan
  • :0

    DarkVADarkVA7 timmar sedan
  • Un asco

    Benjamin CarrascoBenjamin Carrasco7 timmar sedan
  • Iam the fan of...Taylor ,selena

  • It's like 4 mins 13 secs of meditation.

    Radhika GuptaRadhika Gupta7 timmar sedan
  • Who needs therapy when you've got this song

    Radhika GuptaRadhika Gupta7 timmar sedan
  • Taylor help me pls... this song is in my head 24/7

    rashmi hemali Lewkebandararashmi hemali Lewkebandara8 timmar sedan
  • Last decade: ☑️ New decade: .........☑️

    shutyourmouthshutyourmouth8 timmar sedan
  • That's my girl

    Mochanran 13Mochanran 138 timmar sedan
  • The adhesive sailor critically boast because snowflake concordantly arrange beyond a temporary shoemaker. dreary, goofy frown

    Boerner WilliamBoerner William9 timmar sedan
  • last 11 million

    RadiumLikeRadiumLike10 timmar sedan

    Юрий ОдесситЮрий Одессит10 timmar sedan
  • Taylor's music videos are epitome of creativity and art.

    evermore 13evermore 1310 timmar sedan
  • Love love

    evermore 13evermore 1310 timmar sedan
  • This whole album is magical 😌😌❣❣❣

    Swastika janaSwastika jana10 timmar sedan
  • Not a fan of the lyrics, particularly the part with "Wreck my plans/That's my man." It made the song sort of choppy, but I really dig the tune.

    Jt FJt F10 timmar sedan
  • Vamos por esos 75 millones amigos míos!!!

    Polo Jacobo LeyvaPolo Jacobo Leyva10 timmar sedan
  • And this was the women who was your villain and snake. People find a new way to disgust me daily

    REMREM11 timmar sedan
  • An invisible string tied me to you 🥺

    REMREM11 timmar sedan
  • she is just brilliant one day ill be just like her mark my words

    AditiAditi11 timmar sedan
  • Is anyone else here because of the bardcore version?

    Garret JensenGarret Jensen11 timmar sedan
  • you came back!! I hadn't listened a song of you, that I loved so much, since RED album

    FransuhFransuh11 timmar sedan
  • Pensé que era el lazo de la verdad de la Mujer Maravilla ajajjaj

    GisselGissel11 timmar sedan
  • I can't explain it but this gives me a lot of Bridgerton vibes

    Andrea GarciaAndrea Garcia11 timmar sedan
  • The epitome of visual and auditory story telling melding

    LouissaLouissa12 timmar sedan
  • Genre: Taylor Swift

    Migue GadgudeMigue Gadgude12 timmar sedan
  • Love this

    MonicaMonica12 timmar sedan
  • manushyan alle pulle

    Abhiram NAbhiram N13 timmar sedan
  • 2021 hey

    boy troyeboy troye13 timmar sedan
  • ℂ𝕦𝕥𝕝𝕪 𝕒𝕕𝕕𝕤 𝕥𝕠 𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕪𝕝𝕚𝕤𝕥

    Alina LubyanyyAlina Lubyanyy13 timmar sedan
  • this song is cool and all but I miss the Taylor Swift who wrote reputation

    Sara GandhiSara Gandhi13 timmar sedan
  • i just realized that this song would be perfect for quinn and puck

    Madelyn PerdueMadelyn Perdue13 timmar sedan
  • So, this song is still relatively new, but SEworld somehow managed to send me a cover version before the original. Isn't the internet a funny place?

    CeilinhCeilinh14 timmar sedan
  • it’s the best for me 😍

    Alicia SantiagoAlicia Santiago14 timmar sedan

    Alicia SantiagoAlicia Santiago14 timmar sedan
  • I love the music video so much, loving the exploration and adventure of the occult. Just everything i love 😜😍 life is magical ✨

    Vida Just VidaVida Just Vida14 timmar sedan
  • People watching this in 2021

    Green Guy GlitchGreen Guy Glitch14 timmar sedan
  • Beautiful ❤️

    erinlovesyou311erinlovesyou31115 timmar sedan
  • Ahhhh Schnuckums!!! 😘🥰

    Iphone AppleIphone Apple15 timmar sedan
  • 1.5 million likes, 52 million views, 100k comments 😀

    archana saravananarchana saravanan15 timmar sedan
  • Este video es increíble.

    Ed RubíEd Rubí15 timmar sedan
  • Omg drivers license has more views than this

    • That song is going viral so it's kinda obvious that it'll get a lot of views

      Andrea GarciaAndrea Garcia11 timmar sedan
  • She's so beautiful 😍😍

    Kananda LopesKananda Lopes15 timmar sedan
  • 52 million views 1.5 million likes 100K comments Keep going Swifties!!!!!!

    htut khaunghtut khaung15 timmar sedan
  • Love you Taylor! So beautiful song!

    Profes de Música ISMProfes de Música ISM15 timmar sedan
  • Who else gets witchy vibes ??

    Kassie WillsKassie Wills16 timmar sedan
  • your man is a mouth-breather

    Mike OxbigMike Oxbig16 timmar sedan
  • Honestly, I’m waiting on Taylor to sing Willow live !!! 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    Nelson DuranNelson Duran16 timmar sedan
  • 3:14

    Fath Az ZuhriaFath Az Zuhria16 timmar sedan
  • This is the most beautifully made MV in recent memory

    dvrobledvroble16 timmar sedan
  • Heard this on the radio, enjoyed it so much ♥️

    ItzDylan PlayzItzDylan Playz16 timmar sedan
  • hey did you know? Taylor Swift is the music industry?

    Kayo PauxisKayo Pauxis17 timmar sedan
  • We all have this one person we think about while listening...

    Maahil aliMaahil ali18 timmar sedan
  • Am now sure that is my best Taylor Swift song ever Taylor surprise me n top this song in my heart coz wildest dreams had reached far

    mugabi piusmugabi pius18 timmar sedan

    Nicolas TabaresNicolas Tabares18 timmar sedan
  • This, and Hildegard Von Blingin's bardcore cover of it are just fantastic.

    Madison DinesMadison Dines18 timmar sedan