The hidden secret behind the Dubai Police supercar fleet

22 feb 2021
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Tim Burton, @Shmee150 explains the real story behind the amazing and mysterious fleet of supercars and hypercars that have joined the Dubai police fleet.
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  • Hi shmee I'm guys

    notDonald FagennotDonald Fagen7 timmar sedan
  • I doubt that. There r super cars abandoned everywhere cuz if u fault on debt for even a month they can put u in jail. So people flee and jus leave the cars there without a key. So they used a few of them that had keys

    MuffinTopNoMo 87MuffinTopNoMo 879 timmar sedan
  • Is this a podcast yet

    Steve LevineSteve Levine15 timmar sedan
  • How many times has shmee already been in this show?

    Margus SakkMargus Sakk17 timmar sedan
  • Police in dubai dont use this cars :(

    nikoladinnikoladin20 timmar sedan
  • This guy feels comfortable in front of the camera. He should start his own youtube channel.

    PhDPhD23 timmar sedan
  • The f1 plates were brought over by shmee as a present, because Ed is always on the hunt for it. It's on shmees channel this week as he visits Ed and films his flooded ferrari.

    Steve MarshallSteve Marshall23 timmar sedan
  • Hidden secret!? Only one word: MONEY

    Dimitris JkDimitris Jk23 timmar sedan
  • Oh helll yesssss SHMEEEEE

    Garrett BrooksGarrett Brooks23 timmar sedan
  • Side note: The italian police had two gallardos, mostly used to transport organ donations and such. They crashed both.

    Max S.Max S.Dag sedan
  • I always thought those were confiscated cars.

    Max S.Max S.Dag sedan
  • Gee I wonder if the world larger oil supply has anything to do with the money Dubai has....

    Joe jJoe jDag sedan
  • I heard that they were some of the confiscated assets of people that fled Dubai. You see lots of them dumped at the airport or stranded in the desert.

    chasedwar2chasedwar22 dagar sedan
  • Least he gets to see BMW X5 cop cars in his country, while us Americans have Ford Explorers

    NikhilS1996NikhilS19963 dagar sedan
  • These cars belong to the Dubai police force they are not owned by private collecters or anyone in the force.

    OEAHOEAH3 dagar sedan
  • Dubai, contrary to lavish appearances, is a toilet run by vicious, corrupt barstewards, built on the backs of Indonesian slavery. People don't think of these things when booking their vacation...

    Schrödy BrodieSchrödy Brodie3 dagar sedan
  • Gt500 🐍

    Logan HebdaLogan Hebda4 dagar sedan
  • That lisp is whipping my ass. That said, I wish him all the best.

    Sticky McBeatySticky McBeaty4 dagar sedan
  • Shmee, the best lisp on SEworld and it drives me crazy just listening to him talk. But a great guy with alot of success and me with a 04 acura TL with 200,000 miles and not so bright future 😞.

    Smooth_OpsSmooth_Ops4 dagar sedan
  • Dubai Police have been doing the exotic and vintage parades since the beginning of the Dubai Shopping festival days -1996-97. Saw the parade during the first Shopping festival.

    rgt llcrgt llc4 dagar sedan
  • Our local PD got a C6 Corette in a drug bust and basically did the same thing with it, some patrolling but mostly school shows and community events. Still kinda cool to see though.

    Dennis YDennis Y4 dagar sedan
  • The idea of supercar police cruisers in the Dubai police force actually started because of the supercar abandonment crisis there was to many supercars being impounded that the Dubai Police Department decided to step in and pick out some of those cars to use.

    RzRRzR4 dagar sedan
  • The French Grandmare had Alpine 110 & Citroen SM in regular service.

    trespiretrespire4 dagar sedan
  • That wasth a twwheet poleeth car guyths

    Dustin BoydDustin Boyd5 dagar sedan
  • How corrupt are you? Dubai: Yes

    DanielDaniel5 dagar sedan
  • I woke up in a new Bugatti .... true story

    MineHunterMineHunter5 dagar sedan
  • If you are ever in Dubai go.Check out the construction industry its amazing how they grt things done

    cameron Gibbscameron Gibbs5 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one that thinks he’s annoying?

    Kevin EncinasKevin Encinas5 dagar sedan
  • Oh shmee on vinwiki

    GamezTryMeGamezTryMe5 dagar sedan
  • Sorry but none of the super cars in this video are near as good looking or stylish compared to the e46 M3 with competition wheels at the end

    Joseph KriegerJoseph Krieger5 dagar sedan
  • That Aston Martin must be the most limited car of them all, cool video!

    Tore HansenTore Hansen6 dagar sedan
  • They get these cars from the hundreds that are abandoned because their owners fled the country because they couldn't pay their loans. Apparently you go to jail if you can't pay your loans so people dip out and leave the cars behind.

    Steamin Bimmin F30Steamin Bimmin F306 dagar sedan
  • I love the new intro but it's a bit long

    Leo GougeonLeo Gougeon6 dagar sedan
  • The Lamborghinis given to the Italian police force serve several practical purposes, the most special being organ transportation. The cars even have special built coolers in the trunk for that reason alone. Which in my opinion is much cooler reason to have supercars than "just for publicity" as it is in Dubai.

    Even BrautEven Braut6 dagar sedan
  • And here I thought that they repurposed some of the abandoned super/hyper cars that they have over there.

    andromedafanandromedafan6 dagar sedan
  • It’s like I sent my 5 year old off to London and he was taught about cars .

    1231236 dagar sedan
  • There are also license plates plates witch cost even more than thoses supercar plates with one number cost millions in dubai

    FoulekdakingFoulekdaking6 dagar sedan
    • Lol, some Bugatti veyrons have 1mil$ plates

      GamezTryMeGamezTryMe5 dagar sedan
  • For me the most amazing is the One-77 Idk if it was only to show or is actually used on the fleet

    orlando garciaorlando garcia6 dagar sedan
  • Hi Tim, as others have stated below, we have seen vlogs that clearly state these car are actually repos the police confiscated when debtors fled the country to avoid jail. Can you clear this up for us?

    TOM C.TOM C.6 dagar sedan
  • They’re not police cars they’re wealthy propels cars dressed for fake publicity

    VideoMediaTvVideoMediaTv6 dagar sedan
  • Hey shmee it’s guys

    Phil H.Phil H.6 dagar sedan

    RECoyoteRECoyote6 dagar sedan
  • completely natural thought, Wow I love Saudi Arabia!~

    Wimly DWimly D6 dagar sedan
  • Starts video...realises who is in it...hits the dislike button 😂

    It's a MINI MINI WorldIt's a MINI MINI World6 dagar sedan
  • Cops here get fancy cars by stealing them from drug dealers😂

    Thedudeman HerobruhThedudeman Herobruh6 dagar sedan
  • The are framing the shot around Shmee to include that very interesting plate. I’m sure the story is in the pipe line. Let’s go Ed. Now we are interested. EL CHAPO F1 maybe. ???? Not likely.

  • i say dubai is doing it right lmao if i had a bugatti pull up behind me im pulling over im not running i know i aint getting away

    John CaslerJohn Casler6 dagar sedan
  • Great new intro!

    Spencer NighitngaleSpencer Nighitngale6 dagar sedan
  • so basically they are not police cars just promotional cars in livery

    DUKE NUKEMDUKE NUKEM6 dagar sedan
  • His over the top cheer on trivial details is annoying here and his channel. Cringey to say the least.

    Branden AltmanBranden Altman6 dagar sedan
  • Sup with the gay intro ?

    MelvinFTWMelvinFTW7 dagar sedan
  • I remember being pulled over by a Dubai Police Aventadour back in 2017, I can say they DID use these cars for Patrols but for a short period of time

    MrBenzMrBenz7 dagar sedan
  • I thought that I heard that these cars are abandoned vehicles of people fleeing UAE due to potential prison time. i.e. being late on your credit payments, defaulting on a loan, or becoming a bankrupt all leads to prison time. Many people are trying to live a flashy lifestyle, overextending, and then are not able to afford these supercars. Abandoning a car on the street/in a parking lot and fleeing the country is a solution

    Victor KononenkoVictor Kononenko7 dagar sedan
  • Carly is so good it can even change your e46m3 to an m2

    HTgt2HTgt27 dagar sedan
  • Human Rights abuses carried out on the scale of the UAE require some serious transport... At least they don't allow chicks to drive them, let alone park them. FYI: I'm aware of the PR stunt "female unit" and I've been to Dubai several times. I'll never return though, being a person who is not heterosexual makes me not welcome and that's fine with me.

    C. Fecteau-AU-MJ13C. Fecteau-AU-MJ137 dagar sedan
  • Would people tolerate the U.K. arresting people for being LGBTQ? Why are people silent on the U.A.E doing this?

    Corbin SmithCorbin Smith7 dagar sedan
  • Finally Tim's in the chair! It's about time.

    that_G_EvanPthat_G_EvanP7 dagar sedan
    • Tim has been here before, can’t remember what he spoke about last time tho:/

      AExoticCarsAExoticCars5 dagar sedan
  • Ed bought the F1

    Stigs722Stigs7227 dagar sedan
  • What’s. McLaren. F1. Plate in the back ground. Has he got it . Or just Dream

    ADAM BINNSADAM BINNS7 dagar sedan
  • Driving a super car at any speed you want and getting paid for it. Dream job!

    S-BS-B7 dagar sedan
  • They also have a fleet of South Asian salves 😏

    yass123yass1237 dagar sedan
  • Bet the handcuffs are sterling silver and the prison meals 5 star catered..............either that or you catch a beat down with gold batons (18k they have to compromise somewhere)

    Lycos SurferLycos Surfer7 dagar sedan
  • Dumb idea

    Jenna08848Jenna088487 dagar sedan
  • In America, Defund the police! Dubai Police, do you want to drive a Bugatti or a Lamborghini today

    BryceLovesTechBryceLovesTech7 dagar sedan
  • Clickbait, useless video

    Theodore NicolouliasTheodore Nicoloulias7 dagar sedan
  • Who does the research here this is poor. They have the cars because people have abandoned them in Dubai. You go to jail for missing car payments in the UAE.

    ruthlessdruthlessd7 dagar sedan
  • This guy irritates me

    colin ashbycolin ashby7 dagar sedan
  • The netherlands had porsche 911 targa in their normal highway police force before 2000

    legojasper13legojasper137 dagar sedan
  • Shmee won’t like this comment 🙃

    Hussain !Hussain !7 dagar sedan
  • I assume shmee knows how annoying he is?

    brogenvillebrogenville7 dagar sedan
  • Love vinwiki and shmee's channel, but I'm sorry the UAE should in no way be looked up to imo.

    crispy baconcrispy bacon7 dagar sedan
  • Am I the only one thinking of how ridiculous it is that this is where tax money goes? Presumably Dubai has a poor side as well, no? Maybe they need services?

    William LevineWilliam Levine7 dagar sedan
  • In Italy they use the Lamborghini mainly for organ transporation, where arriving in time is key to a succesful transplant.

    AdrianFRacingAdrianFRacing7 dagar sedan
  • Sorry Ed ..... But shmee and rabbit are the hands down story tellers !!!!

    Cory FiegelCory Fiegel7 dagar sedan
  • those cars must be a maintenance nightmare.

    viscountalphaviscountalpha7 dagar sedan
  • How tf you gonna ram

    Greg FergusonGreg Ferguson7 dagar sedan
  • Dubai is flexing by having supercars as police cars

    Speaker Boy442Speaker Boy4427 dagar sedan
  • many people flee the country after they cannot pay the loan for these cars, after stranded the car so they impound the car and many days later the got to use as a police car not paying loan in uae is a crime and you can go to jail for that

    saajan singhsaajan singh8 dagar sedan
  • IIIIIM prettty sure some of these cars were left abandoned by fleeing debtors and the police put them into service after their recovery.

    Indonesian SasquatchIndonesian Sasquatch8 dagar sedan
  • apparently some of them are cars which were abandoned and then seized by the police

    Perth Plane Spotting HDPerth Plane Spotting HD8 dagar sedan
  • Wow whats that song at the start of the Carly ad!?

    a51mj12a51mj128 dagar sedan
  • Heyythhhh guythhhh ithhh thmee sthmeee Never have this guy on again 🤣

    PazPaz8 dagar sedan
  • breaking in someones house in dubai *the police arrive before the call was even made* the robber: why did i do this😭😭😭

    InrineInrine8 dagar sedan
  • was waiting for this collab !!!

    Reese QuinlanReese Quinlan8 dagar sedan
  • the mustang and gtr are "sports cars" not "super cars"

    BigTX 77BigTX 778 dagar sedan
  • This video is probably the worst one I have ever seen on Vin Wiki, but what should I expect with anything involving Shmee!

    Zoran MilosavljevicZoran Milosavljevic8 dagar sedan
  • "Blues and twos" how stupid.

    JameR GameR007JameR GameR0078 dagar sedan
  • There was a Top Gear episode of Richard Hammond was driving a Mercedes G63 6x6 in Dubai and he got pulled over by the police aventador.

    SuperProH2oSuperProH2o8 dagar sedan
  • Ha - I was at that Dubai Grand Parade! One of the wildest car things I'd ever seen

    CamCam8 dagar sedan
  • 35 to county....

    interpol007interpol0078 dagar sedan
  • Shmeeeeee is a bonehead

    dave9999 999938dave9999 9999388 dagar sedan
  • he forgot about the Lykan hypersport

    Ajinkya tawdeAjinkya tawde8 dagar sedan
  • What’s the point of having super car police cars when they know the guys speeding are just gonna pay them of

    User unknowns RBUser unknowns RB8 dagar sedan
  • I heard an opinion that those were abandoned by their original owners (fleeing from jail time) and sorta got "drafted" to police force as representative vehicles? On the contrary Italian Polizia have two fully preped Lambos (now Huracans, before it was Gallardos) in order to patrol the highways in Italia (including compartments to transport organs).

    EcekEcek8 dagar sedan
  • I see that Shmee brought you a present for the background “P440 CPJ” U.K. number plate!

    Andrew KayAndrew Kay8 dagar sedan
  • Atleast in Italy they use them for good use

    Joe TeeJoe Tee8 dagar sedan
  • I thought that most of them were cars left behind due to people not being able to keep up with payments just re purposed so they wouldn't go to waste and also for publicity

    Joshua BuckleyJoshua Buckley8 dagar sedan
  • Shmee is just a shit annoying human that should no longer exist, please stop giving him a platform and air time.

    Roger FlorenRoger Floren8 dagar sedan
  • I notice Tim notices things.

    purepalmpurepalm8 dagar sedan
  • Italian police still have an Huracan and a Gallardo They are in service and used for high speed transport of organs and blood in areas where an helicopter cannot go Also the italian Carabinieri ( its another type of police ) has 3 or 4 Alfa Romeo Giulia Q.V. for high speed chasings

    Francesco ManentiFrancesco Manenti8 dagar sedan