Minecraft Negotiation Tactics

7 aug 2019
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Resolving differences is our specialty
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Minecraft Negotiation Tactics

  • the monkey boy is defying logic

    lori peskeylori peskeyMånad sedan
  • What is this texture pack?

    JcLmRocksJcLmRocksMånad sedan
  • Watching this again and travis and his water is still ducking hilarious

    s.drxkes.drxke2 månader sedan
  • 10:53

    Gummy bearGummy bear3 månader sedan
  • "What is.. Is that a cannon?" "Its a cann-" "ITS A NEGOTIATION TACTIC"

    StoicStoic4 månader sedan
  • Travis is like the little kid listening to his family argue

    CholyCholy6 månader sedan
  • This sum weird roleplay

    GodNoodlesGodNoodles7 månader sedan
  • you could extend the name to make SWORDS Sun Whale Ordeal Resolutions and Defense Solutions

    RoligRolig7 månader sedan
  • 11:18 to 11:33 Lmao

    CursedCursed8 månader sedan
  • Should’ve done voltZ war already

    DigitalRabbitDigitalRabbit9 månader sedan
  • i miss tekkit :(

    Sloan HealdSloan HealdÅr sedan
  • travis is just the little brother who had to tag along with them because their mum told them to

    kBZkBZÅr sedan
  • the mafia au i didnt know i needed

    Hal PalHal PalÅr sedan
  • Pokay's response though 😂

    TytleTytleÅr sedan
  • What modpack is this?

    EzzocorbiEzzocorbiÅr sedan
  • What t3xture pack and mod is that

    Christian FaselChristian FaselÅr sedan
  • Everyone yelling about the condenser *Traves:* GET IN!

    KearzKearzÅr sedan
  • I love traves slow turn to sneegsnag when he gets rid of the water

    Zac LawrenceZac LawrenceÅr sedan
  • This feels like a yogscast series... but its 2019

    reayleareayleaÅr sedan
  • Idk why but I just realized how similar Ted and shlatts voices are

    IreikesIreikesÅr sedan
  • Scuffed Yogscast...... speaking of which I shall watch the Yogscast as i wait for the next upload

    deV.deV.År sedan
  • Schlatt refuses to play the game of minecraft and is determined to get stuff through RP and its actually amazing

    LoxuLoxuÅr sedan
  • Is it true, that you got killed in minecraft skywars by a girl and a boy? If its true, you got recked by me

    ChaosXoXChaosXoXÅr sedan
  • No one: Travis: *Get in*

    JitseJitseÅr sedan
  • dude i love the swds logo it’s clean af

    katie dumbokatie dumboÅr sedan
  • t

    Raven XRaven XÅr sedan
  • Found out you skate regular, respecc.

    loganmop kloganmop kÅr sedan
  • I love trav he such a softie gah- like his just not speaking and just staring at people then his water

    s.drxkes.drxkeÅr sedan
  • Schlatt 2020

    oh my godoh my godÅr sedan
  • 'Let's get these Highwaymen' Farcry New Dawn reference? 🤔

    kamskeydkamskeydÅr sedan
    • probably

      cscoopcscoopÅr sedan
  • cooper runs the mafia

    CassWhyCassWhyÅr sedan
  • Wait is smplive dead now?

    XamareikXamareikÅr sedan
  • what's the name of the texture pack?

    luigiymario2luigiymario2År sedan
  • Somehow the zoomed in of schlatt's face is the funniest shit I have ever seen

    Saturn VISaturn VIÅr sedan
  • what version of tekkit is this

    FrankieTheMemeDealerFrankieTheMemeDealerÅr sedan
  • Why did I not get the notification ;(

    CallMeXanelsCallMeXanelsÅr sedan
  • Which tekkit is this?

    SpiralSpiralÅr sedan
  • old school yogscast vibes

    JustSmugJustSmugÅr sedan
    • that's the goal

      cscoopcscoopÅr sedan
  • The Codfather

    That Dapper NavajoThat Dapper NavajoÅr sedan
  • ITS gotten to the point where I'm subbed to everyone and their LIVE channel

    Jimmy MooreJimmy MooreÅr sedan
  • Why did I get a notification of this I'm not even subscribed

    JoelJoelÅr sedan
  • What about the vidcon video

    Nice GoodNice GoodÅr sedan
    • second channel doofus

      cscoopcscoopÅr sedan
  • great video cooper

  • why is noah at 2 hearts and doesn’t eat the whole time? it’s a big bruh moment.

    lucia eldridgelucia eldridgeÅr sedan
    • he lives on the brink

      cscoopcscoopÅr sedan
  • Energy Condenser? I hardly know 'er

    GarreyyGarreyyÅr sedan
  • Thank you cscoop. Very cool.

    A RA RÅr sedan
  • cooper: threatening people with literal firearms and cannons travis, ape boy: *get in*

    erin lolerin lolÅr sedan
    • its monky

      skuqreskuqreÅr sedan
  • does anyone know what modpack this is i know it's tekkit but idk what version

    CamelOutletCamelOutletÅr sedan
  • I like how they starve Noah

    Antonio RodriguezAntonio RodriguezÅr sedan
  • penis

    JeremiahJeremiahÅr sedan
  • adbœ

    Baku 6600Baku 6600År sedan
  • Wow a live stream video on the main channel wow

    Benji BudicBenji BudicÅr sedan
  • Noah: "Allow me to demonstrate" Connor: "I have no idea what's going on, but I'm ready to fight." Travis: "Get in."

    Mazal123Mazal123År sedan
  • 2:47 That’s how lucifer works 😈

    ArnoldinhoMP4ArnoldinhoMP4År sedan
    • Coopers been real quiet since this came out

      Occasional Fan-ContentOccasional Fan-Content5 månader sedan
  • bruh why schlatt sound like Ted nvidia wtf

    ThatEmoEmuThatEmoEmuÅr sedan
    • no he sounds like schlatt

      cscoopcscoopÅr sedan
  • Anyone know the outro song ?

    HRU17HRU17År sedan
    • cscoop thank your

      HRU17HRU17År sedan
    • description

      cscoopcscoopÅr sedan
  • 3:49 column 3 row 13

    FthanFthanÅr sedan
    • Fthan WEED EX

      Jack DJack DÅr sedan
  • this series is my fav

    eloiseeloiseÅr sedan
    • glad to hear it

      cscoopcscoopÅr sedan
  • sun whale defense solutions made money off the iraqi war

    CHUHGCHUHGÅr sedan
    • @cscoop DOD CONTRACTORS

      CHUHGCHUHGÅr sedan
    • @CHUHG lawyers

      cscoopcscoopÅr sedan
    • noticed how you did not deny it

      CHUHGCHUHGÅr sedan
    • our lawyers will be in contact

      cscoopcscoopÅr sedan
  • You’ve been off the goop for far too long

    dangoltydangoltyÅr sedan
  • This is where Britain is going wrong they are not bringing cannons to their Brexit negotiations

    Terbor626Terbor626År sedan
  • I really like the thumbnails that you've had for the last 3 videos! The artist did a really good job and it gives your channel a unique aspect to it :D

    YU YUYU YUÅr sedan
    • go follow her, link in description

      cscoopcscoopÅr sedan
  • Booper

    billy69billy69År sedan
  • When you get free Gorilla Glue after you shot your brother on "Accident" 😂👊

    Sacred O MoonSacred O MoonÅr sedan
  • get in

    The flowThe flowÅr sedan
  • “now you see this here... is called a cannon” that cracked me up dude

    SciaeilSciaeilÅr sedan
  • G e t in

    cheesecakefox11cheesecakefox11År sedan
  • I am so confused

    fourifouriÅr sedan
  • Great video coopie I love the different perspectives and the sunwhale logo

    thomasthomasÅr sedan
  • who remembers when cooper had 5k subs and played good ol survival gamers

    ZʏxøʀɪᴠZʏxøʀɪᴠÅr sedan
  • This has always been my least favorite world-skin choices. Its just yuk

    hhÅr sedan
    • @Timothy Driver Yeah!

      hhÅr sedan
    • I think you were trying to say you have always disliked the texture pack they're using

      Timothy DriverTimothy DriverÅr sedan
    • @cscoop tbh cooper idek, I wrote that late last night. Apparently I disliked how the world/game looks in the vid.

      hhÅr sedan
    • what

      cscoopcscoopÅr sedan
  • G E T I N

    Rc_mandRc_mandÅr sedan
  • noah holy shit eat some damn food

    monkeywithdementiamonkeywithdementiaÅr sedan
  • Sun whale defense solutions logo is GREATTTT

    Marisol AlfonsoMarisol AlfonsoÅr sedan
    • creator is in the description if you're curious!

      cscoopcscoopÅr sedan
  • What’s the texture pack called?

    zackzackÅr sedan
  • god i love Business

    Annie SitlingerAnnie SitlingerÅr sedan
  • If this were the Cold War, both sides would have nuked themselves.

    Oleg's BalaclavaOleg's BalaclavaÅr sedan
  • 4:21 : *_wait that's illegal_*

    Skully4705Skully4705År sedan
  • Why are there such big gaps between uploads?

    TelitubyTelitubyÅr sedan
  • Coop u need a woman to repopulate the brain cells

    t6t9t6t9År sedan
  • love u coop. nice vid

    jazzyjazzyÅr sedan
  • Why tf my notifications not working :(

    ollli9ollli9År sedan
  • How do I get this mod pack?

    Giorno GiovannaGiorno GiovannaÅr sedan
  • What is this mod

    MangoLulMangoLulÅr sedan
  • these thumb nails are really cute

    Kennedy GerberKennedy GerberÅr sedan
    • glad to hear it

      cscoopcscoopÅr sedan
  • The adboe

    LaceyLaceyÅr sedan
  • This was chaotic live

    Specter114Specter114År sedan
  • I like how this is scripted but it don’t feel scripted

    Cesar MelendezCesar MelendezÅr sedan
    • Im dummy fam I feel like schlatt in the beginning

      Cesar MelendezCesar MelendezÅr sedan
    • it's all improv dude

      cscoopcscoopÅr sedan
  • w h ale

    Christina HoangChristina HoangÅr sedan
  • This is going to be a fucking saga.

    JesseJesseÅr sedan
  • !z

    Kimberly ReyesKimberly ReyesÅr sedan
  • what tekkit are they playing

    EthanEthanÅr sedan
    • Classic

      ryusuiryusuiÅr sedan
  • how i just got the notif , how lame

    Kimberly ReyesKimberly ReyesÅr sedan
  • this makes me feel like a kid again watching yogscast videos

    Mexicanlover 06Mexicanlover 06År sedan
  • the master of negotiation!

    Rush LiteRush LiteÅr sedan
    • absolutely

      cscoopcscoopÅr sedan
  • *c* *o* *o* *p* *i* *e*

    kysbabeykysbabeyÅr sedan
  • Minecraft on the main let’s ho

    Menji NapMenji NapÅr sedan
    • cscoop ruined my illusion.

      Menji NapMenji NapÅr sedan
    • check the community tab

      cscoopcscoopÅr sedan
  • I hope poke gets sweet revenge

    hello hellhello hellÅr sedan
  • Ya ever came? Exactly me too

    lifhaksdontwrklifhaksdontwrkÅr sedan
  • Use Technoblade's number you have aquired in the deal, to collect their taxes.

    MinebamaMinebamaÅr sedan