Everything That Had to Go Wrong for "Grizzly Man" to Meet His Demise

27 dec 2020
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Timothy Treadwell, the Grizzly Man who spent 13 summers living with the bears, was part activist, part actor, and mostly mystery. His dreams of Hollywood stardom never panned out, but you could argue that his life story is something straight out of a movie. Actually, he's been the subject of a few documentaries, the most famous being Werner Herzog's Grizzly Man.

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  • Tim thought the world owed him because he didn't get the part on the hit sitcom cheers. Tim tried out for the part way back when. but so didn't woody harrelson. anyhow tim felt cheated by hollywierd. and went through some personal battels and end up taking advise from a friend that suggested Tim go out to Alaska for vacation and view some bears. Tim ultimately returned after and decided he would stay awhile. and against Park official advise he decided to live with the bears and think he was protecting the bears. Tim was constantly warned and issued fines for thinking he was doc dolittle. and multiple other Park violations continued. well for 13 years Tim thought he could push boundaries with bears. but he finally encountered the 25th bear. the one that doesn't want anything to do with no human or other bear. and with a thousand lb hungry bear with a attitude and ephasia knawing at his stomach all it took was one wrong move and the inevitable happened. 🐻

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  • What a stupid man

    speedy gonzalesspeedy gonzales25 minuter sedan
  • This guy wanted to be like Steve Irwin, but Steve Irwin knew to not to mess with animals and knew how to respect them. Grizzly Man clearly fooled himself into thinking he could be best friends with a wild animal known for attacking and being unpredictable. It's like going up to a lion pride, setting up camp next to their watering hole, keeping jerky on your person, messing with the cubs, and being surprised when they don't like you

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  • You got eaten. You are not the master you were an appetizer. Sorry but true 🐻

    Hillary MackHillary MackTimme sedan
  • MACHINE, died at the hands of MAN, sorry for all. "not pets"!!!

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  • Everything that had to go wrong? A bear got hungry.

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  • In Alaska they call liberals bear food

    shawn michaelshawn michael2 timmar sedan
  • Bear says Timothy "Tastewell"

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  • I respect the wild and they should be protected..To many wildlife going extinct but I also know to not get close or try to friend these animals...He was dumb but I heard some of the audio..He didnt deserve that!!!No one does...

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  • I mean- he meant well but ultimately just did the opposite of what he wanted. You do not change the image of an animal that is very much demonized in media to something positive by going out and dying to them. Bear was just being a bear and had to pay the price because this dude decided he wanted to push boundaries and prove a point that might work in "theory" (especially to those who are not educated in ethology) but just doesn't work practically.

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  • Numbnut!!!

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  • I think he lived life his own way. He had a dream and he lived it. He knew the risks. The man had bullocks

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  • I’d like to hear about, how 2020 Democratic Party Stole a presidential election from the People of America.

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  • I was watching the original "Discovery Sunday" documentary on Treadwell in my late father's den--I was spending as many weekends at my parent's house as I could to keep my recently widowed mother company--and I called my mother in to witness the show. My exact words at the time: "You've got to see this. This idiot is going to get himself killed!" I don't remember the exact date of that show, but it couldn't have been much more than two years before my prediction was confirmed--too bad that the fool got a young lady killed too. I've read that she tried to drive the bear away from Timothy.

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  • Somebody watched way too much winnie the pooh series

    PEKO PEKOPEKO PEKO5 timmar sedan
  • Basically white ppl

    Prokid JuniorProkid Junior5 timmar sedan
  • Bruh had it coming i dont feel bad and nor do i think the bear should have got put down

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  • “Girlfriend”. Lol

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  • We are all indeed children of the universe. Innocent bystanders born from stardust. We all come from the same place, and are all truly, literally related. But bears be hungry.

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  • All we can say is that he was a good kind man and he will be missed

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  • Smh

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  • Darwin Award- he was clearly missing some brain cells from that cali kush

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  • He should got ate by three of them

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  • 0:32 You will be.....bear shit🐻💩

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  • We all get the result of what we associate with. Real Life Fact.

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  • Play stupid games win stupid prizes!😂💩

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  • Insanity at its best. Recorded for all to see. I wonder if he named any of the bears Yogi or booboo.

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  • God i wish i could hear that audio...sounds fucked up but just out of curiosity.

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  • You left out the most juicy details.

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  • Everyone in these comments seem to lack empathy, the end of the video said it all: He always KNEW he was playing with fire and he was far from ignorant to his surroundings-now was he naive, hell yes. He just really thought he wouldn't be hurt by them. It's similar to a friend backstabbing you, it's not like we ever expect it but it happens. I for one, feel for him and his wife.

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  • Mite as well walk up to a bull and swat. It in the nose who f......s with brown bears they are apex killers or be killed a hungry brown bear is strate up killing michine 1000 lbs of rage

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  • He seemed like a nice guy but he was foolish.

    damkayakerdamkayaker20 timmar sedan

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  • He had it coming!

    Beyond RealityBeyond Reality22 timmar sedan
  • I'm gonna quote Richard Pryor. " Act a fool, Get ya seat "

    craig starlingcraig starling22 timmar sedan
  • I guess he did die for these bears no doubt about it!

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  • The fake audio of this guys death has haunted me for years since I first heard it. But Seymour Skinner is calming to listen to, so all is good now.

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  • Kids don’t do drugs . All that hippy mumbo jumbo you are one with the universes sjw nonsense is fake . Unless you wanna be inside a bear be my guess

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  • What was he thinking? Moron!

    Victor KellerVictor KellerDag sedan
  • You know I really hate people like him who think that interacting with animals not meant to be interacted with is fine when it's not

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  • He was trying to prove something, and died proving it..! His greatest success was likely befriending a bear to the point of him being able to kiss its' nose. Stupidity didn't kill this man, bad luck did. Although, it wouldn't have hurt, if he located his tent in a safer area and/or packed some bear spray. You can domesticate animals, bears even, just not all of them..! He probably realised this himself, but was too stubborn

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  • Everything ? How about just one thing. Why keep coming out with more stories about this fool? Hasn't this been discussed to the nth degree already ? We all know the answer ; he was a delusional foolish idiot, end of story. And he got one of his precious animals killed by his own stupidity.

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  • Due to him a animal was killed it was the exact opposite of what he wanted

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  • This guy was a idiot with a death wish. He didn't care about his girlfriends life at all.

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  • He had it coming. I'm so sorry about that bear he named "machine".

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  • Everything that had to go wrong. One. Try to be friends with a bear.

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  • Natural selection at its finest.

    The Red TsarThe Red TsarDag sedan
  • A sense of grandiosity and a tendency to see bears as little people in furry suits is a deadly combination. It's amazing he wasn't killed sooner.

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  • Timmy met a bear. The Bear was bulgy. The bulge was Timmy.

  • You wouldn’t believe the stuff some of MY BFFs have done to me, pal.

  • “ I will die for these animals “ Wish granted ..

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  • He had it coming. I'd like you to do a video on the Donner party if you haven't already

    Raymond ZRaymond ZDag sedan
  • Darwin's principles at work

    Mark SMark SDag sedan
  • See ya......nutjob!

    B HarmonB HarmonDag sedan
  • in reality, he killed himself, his girlfriend and the bear that ate them.

    john welchjohn welchDag sedan
  • It happened 😂😂

    Bobby cBobby cDag sedan
  • Dude and his misfit girlfriend became a grizzly food truck. Probably draws a lot of one star reviews on Yelp.

    K JohnK JohnDag sedan
  • He wanted to die by bear attack clearly.

    Ian DanielIan DanielDag sedan
  • An ex employee of mine has 40 years experiance on Kodiak Island Accordingly you can walk by a 1500 lb Bear 1000x over years and the bear could care less ,(The 1001 time YOUR DINNER) No sane person ever gives a bear an oppertunity as the above was beyond dumb !!

  • When the bears tried to eat his brain, they found nothing there.

    Benjamin MaughanBenjamin MaughanDag sedan
  • Honest John the fox was sadly the only one who liked him and would let him pet.

    paschallhoustonpaschallhouston2 dagar sedan
  • That Bear didnt turn his back cuz it trusted him, it had 0 fear of him and thats a scary thing.

    Mereduth GrubbMereduth Grubb2 dagar sedan
  • This mans ego got himself killed and his girlfriend's stupidity got her killed. If u truly love something like he thought he loved the bears, u dont put its life in danger, which is exactly what he did.

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  • This wasn't Winnie the pooh

  • He had lunch with the bears

  • This is crazy, because of him a bear was killed, I don't feel sorry for what happen, he had it coming, I feel sorry for his family and friends but it was going to happen sooner or later. These grizzly are not pets.

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  • That guy clearly was delusional.

    Dietmar SteinhausDietmar Steinhaus2 dagar sedan
  • I feel sorry for Amy..she was terrified of bears and rightfully so! Women! Do not listen to your boyfriends when they lead you into dangerous territory in any shape or form!!!

    Marcia EovinoMarcia Eovino2 dagar sedan
  • He was a tad bit on the delusional side

    Robert HeflinRobert Heflin2 dagar sedan
  • First story that aired about him.. knowing grizzlies all to well, my father and I bet $100 pole on what month and year he would be eaten alive.. I called it during bulking month and my dad had to pay up! But we didn't know he brought extra meal for the fallen bear..RIP big bear!

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  • By the end of the film Grizzly Man I was rooting for the bears

    Holly KociubaHolly Kociuba2 dagar sedan
  • Bear on 1 day to other bears : why this dude camping around in our area ?? Other bears: maybe he dont know the rules. Bears avoided him for a month Bear 1: wtf!! he still not yet gone, it would be better, if I teach him a lesson so other campers won't take us lightly like he is doing Man: no no no I got it, just leave me this time

    chunky pandey NETchunky pandey NET2 dagar sedan
  • He tied friendship band on bear's hand many times but deep inside in bear's mind, they all hated it

    chunky pandey NETchunky pandey NET2 dagar sedan
  • Had it coming and a bear was put to death because of his stupidity.

    Greg BernardGreg Bernard2 dagar sedan
  • Idiots, can’t fix stupid !

    Ronnie kamperRonnie kamper2 dagar sedan
  • animals can sense mental people, I think they considered him a dimwit and left him alone until he encountered the 25 th

    ragnarmiamiragnarmiami2 dagar sedan
  • If he had survived he could have become an Antifa leader , saving the republic from faschist anti war patriots , dammed !

    Alexander GolkeAlexander Golke2 dagar sedan
  • I'm upset that they killed the bear. I think he should have been allowed to continue the digestion process. This way his meal could have become excrement and ole Timothy could have completed his spiritual journey from one end of a bear and out the other.

    J WoodJ Wood2 dagar sedan
  • Very sad ending. Just proves no matter how much you think you're "connecting" with powerful, wild predators (bears, tigers, sharks)... if they are hungry, and in many cases near starving, you are just another available food source.

    bobafeet74bobafeet742 dagar sedan
  • The guy just seemed unhinged to begin with x

    Charles ChewCharles Chew2 dagar sedan
  • Respect for not wanting to hurt the bears, but I'll bet when his arm was getting ripped off he probably wished he had a .45 Also sorry but how irresponsible to throw caution to the wind with his girlfriend by his side, who he knew was afraid of the bears. This guy understood bears better than anyone and knew he was asking for trouble....he betrayed her unconditional love for the sake of his obsession. Like the pilot in the doc said, thats the real tragedy.

    Natey McBateyNatey McBatey2 dagar sedan
  • So the bears died because?wtf.whoever made that decision is a real piece of shit.you know shit,like the kind of shit the bear would of shit,Tim shit

    belly flopbelly flop2 dagar sedan
  • Poor bear

    Mario JonesMario Jones2 dagar sedan
  • I don't understand why the bear was put down for mauling them, the bear was just being a bear, the bear got put down for the stupidity of these people why was the bear condemned for the actions of 2 very STUPID people

    will be realwill be real2 dagar sedan
  • May they RIP but people like this definitely have suicidal tendency they should be heavily medicated and stop living in denial

    will be realwill be real2 dagar sedan
  • It is unfortunate that some people decide that the ways of Nature somehow don't apply to them. He not only got his partner and himself killed, he was responsible for the death of the bear.

    Baruch Ben-DavidBaruch Ben-David3 dagar sedan
  • He did something stupid, thinking he was special and paid with his life, as well as the life of his girlfriend. That's about the sum of it.

  • Well looks like Timothy didn’t....treadwell 💁🏼‍♂️+🐻=🥩

    Edgeofthevoid13 Void13Edgeofthevoid13 Void133 dagar sedan
  • ppl say "he was stupid". he was not, he was on a suicide mission (look at how/where he set up the camp), and i don't care really if he did, BUT he took his girlfriend with him, which is murder/suicide, and i'm not sure he told her about it. he didn't want to go back to society after the summer. he decided in that airport that he wanted to be back there, escaping to his phantasy world, once and for all. there is no other explanation, because he didn't do this before, and he knew better. btw, her fate was really, really tragic and brutal. it took 6min from the attack to her death. 6min. that means she witnessed the attack, tried to fight the bear off, failed, stumbled around in the camp for minutes knowing what would happen to her, and then it happened to her. i can imagine no worse fate.

    TNM001TNM0013 dagar sedan
    • And this at night.. nowhere to run. Absolutely terrifying!

      Marcia EovinoMarcia Eovino2 dagar sedan
  • Anybody noticing how Treadwell is sometimes repeating the same phrase two times? That and the "I will be the master" ... it's hard to say with just a few sound bites, but it lookes like a mix or romanticising and ego, wanting to be the special friend of these huge, dangerous (= super-manly) creatures.

    JuliaJulia3 dagar sedan
  • Moral of the story: Girls, listen to your own instincts above 'if I don't share my boyfriends weird hobby he'll pout for days". _Please_ listen to your instincts. Treadwell picked his own friend, but I hate that Amie Huguenard died for trying to be a good girlfriend.

    JuliaJulia3 dagar sedan
  • He never got over losing out to Woody Harrelson for the role of Woody on Cheers

    nowonyunonowonyuno3 dagar sedan
  • He had it coming. Real narcissistic behavior and a fool. Also, totally gay no matter what he might think of himself.

    Steve MorrisSteve Morris3 dagar sedan
  • Grizzly man was a very, deeply disturbed man. It's such a sad story.

    Matteo PreziosoMatteo Prezioso3 dagar sedan
  • Messing with wildlife is no joke, he was an idiot and delusional into thinking he can be friends with them.

    Sonora0RedwingSonora0Redwing3 dagar sedan
  • What?they kill bears for doing what they do??fucked up!

    rumplestiltskin mcrumplestiltskinrumplestiltskin mcrumplestiltskin3 dagar sedan
  • So, girlfriends of extreme sports guys, nature freaks...just date me. You won't be eaten, decapitated, engulfed in flames, drown, plummet, starve, dehydrate, be crippled or disfigured. But, I will annoy you.

    HeatDeath 2021HeatDeath 20213 dagar sedan
  • Unbearable.

    HeatDeath 2021HeatDeath 20213 dagar sedan
  • An obsessed stupid guy and she placed to much trust in him as well!

  • Give him credit,for the best reality show...

    Dave PelleyDave Pelley3 dagar sedan