Blizzard LISTENED! Asmongold Reacts to Shadowlands NEW PvP Gearing System & Vendor | Stoopzz

22 nov 2020
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WE DID IT! Asmongold watches a video by Stoopzz who breaks down the massive Shadowlands changes to PvP after Blizzard entirely reworked the PvP Gearing system, the PvP Vendor and how Honor points will be able to be spent...
Original Video:
It's Over! New Shadowlands PvP Gear System & Vendor Overview
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  • For the first time since MoP, blizz is handling pvp better than Rift did before it died. Finally time to start pvping again boys.

    FenPFenP14 dagar sedan
  • So you think your out and they pull you back in. Cant wait to play pvp again

    Timothy HoosierTimothy Hoosier22 dagar sedan
  • i left wow evne if everything else is crap to play. its that bad. i just left 6 month presub rot.. its hello kitty adventure MMORPG now. they basicly broke everything fun in the game, and now its a big iddle game

    X3L N4G4X3L N4G429 dagar sedan
  • This will be The first expansion I buy and my first time playing retail. It's finally time :)

    MecanotechMecanotechMånad sedan
  • Its too late. I gave up wow during Legion. I loved PvP up until end of WoD. Not going back to WoW. I can play a great MMO like Eve Echoes. ON MY PHONE. Eve's devs listen. And they don't f up pvp and redo everything every 2 years.

    Travis MackeyTravis MackeyMånad sedan
  • For what is pvp gear idhetit where is resilience

    Montreal heyMontreal heyMånad sedan
  • pvp changes for plate wearers totally sucks. If it is truly 1v1 then I have often as a DK killed a rogue but as a warrior? hell no. warriors now suck in pvp

    Inachu IkimashoInachu IkimashoMånad sedan
  • there is no point for a casual player to do random bgs the max ilvl gear is 197 you can get ilvl 207 from you covenant upgrades.any player trying to get bg gear capped is getting farmed ffor honor. casuals should not random bgs for the pvp gear because all you will be is

    hvd ivhvd ivMånad sedan
  • Meh arenas were bad for pvp. I only ever did them and got to required ratings to get the gear for world pvp. That being said its way better then RNG

    James BrittJames BrittMånad sedan
  • you guys rock thank you for helping to save pvp

    Nature LoverNature LoverMånad sedan
  • damn im so hyped and i dont event play WoW

    Augusto CordiAugusto CordiMånad sedan
  • Why are his eyebrows all over the place when he talks? Its really distracting.

    Jon JayJon JayMånad sedan
  • :O some hope

    xdwadaxdwadaMånad sedan
  • Keep your nose clean!

    Eric LiseeEric LiseeMånad sedan
  • BfA was an entire pvp moment they got the bonus by being in warmode, and if pve wanted a bonus they had to submit to being crushed.

    Charles OCharles O2 månader sedan
  • First time watching Asgold? Read a comment about his eyebrows being a sound bar when he speaks, now I cannot stop paying attention to it

    lt_juicelt_juice2 månader sedan
  • This guy on coke or meth?

    Chum leeChum lee2 månader sedan
  • Good job everyone, together we will make that expansion to go even further beyond! Keep going lads for the better future! Special tnx to all the big and small streamers for all the videos and all the talking about that pvp problems, so the blizz heard as, finally! Separate mention for our favorite Rextroy guy, whos works at single can prove that BFA is the worst pvp content we ever saw in our lives, and hope we will never see such shame again!

    By4oBy4o2 månader sedan
  • Everyone has PTSD from blizzard pvp changes... now we are expecting something must be wrong 😂 where’s the catch???

    Bang BangBang Bang2 månader sedan
  • My PvP soul is saved

    daredeflondaredeflon2 månader sedan
  • BFA Catered to the pve'rs, now its catering to PvP and im into it

    SuperSerb TVSuperSerb TV2 månader sedan
  • Holy shit... My dreams.. never thought I'd see the day when PvP actually had value in retail again. ❤️😭😭😭😭

    ProjectpvpProductionProjectpvpProduction2 månader sedan
  • Im not a regular watcher of asmon, is it normal for you to not get distracted by his eyebrows moving every single word he says? Does he have some form of tourettes like no joke and no disrespect, but its that prevalent to me as a new watcher

    KnightwormKnightworm2 månader sedan
  • sadly u too wrong , check how to get socket..then tell us how happy when u fu k it... 10 times 5M+ will not stop pvper, but 1000+ pve quests will stop a pvper..... pvper say bfa was bad because they need do 1000+ pve to get the fu king sockets, not beacuse they did 5m+ weekly...think about it. 10+ times pve to Getting pve a gear is not the problem of us so sad, as a pvper, u dont know what u want and what u truly hate.

    yupianzhouyupianzhou2 månader sedan
  • Why make 1 bad system when you can make two and get praise for not using a bad system

    Paul NewtonPaul Newton2 månader sedan
  • Maybe someday we will finally get soloque

    Ярослав АлексеевЯрослав Алексеев2 månader sedan
  • that's cool i guess but i just cant care abt incremental stats based progression.

    FractalPrismFractalPrism2 månader sedan
  • Is this an out of season april's fools joke ?

    Shiva BlackShiva Black2 månader sedan
  • This man’s eyebrows working overtime

    BR0TH0RITYBR0TH0RITY2 månader sedan
  • wtf??? why do you keep lifting your eyebrow??? that is so desturbbing!!!

    Danie ErasmusDanie Erasmus2 månader sedan
  • while watchin this guy just thinking what happend to humans.. wtf?! he needs help by doctors

    ClemensClemens2 månader sedan
  • Fuck you, unsubscribed, did you just say Whataburger sucks? Wow.

    John DJohn D2 månader sedan
  • So no PvP Stats? No thanks, almost got me back but nooo.

    Peter DimitrovPeter Dimitrov2 månader sedan
    • Pvp stats are gaaaaay

      Marcell PetersonMarcell PetersonMånad sedan
  • Now they need to bring back reforging. And we're almost to where we were eight years ago...

    Deos NADeos NA2 månader sedan
  • I'm not entirely sure how the first win of the day mechanics work in SL but if I can get the first win of the day for each category you will receive 1300 honor from just the first win of the day prizes. That means I only have to play 1 match of all three categories a day for 5 ish days to get the vault maxed out.

    Kevin TunneyKevin Tunney2 månader sedan
  • casual pvp players like me will absoluteley hate shadowlands. enjoy your elitism dear rated pvp players. there won't be much casuals in random bgs you can roflstomp....

    Sesch137Sesch1372 månader sedan
  • the best thing for me was when i could spam dungeons, convert my justice points to honor. and get a "decent" pvp set. 100% through pvm. no it wasnt a conquest set, but it was pretty close.

    Tmac2020Tmac20202 månader sedan
  • This makes me want to start playing World of Warcraft, a game I've never played before.

    XedachiXedachi2 månader sedan
  • I'm still waiting for the catch btw. Anybody, hello? Where the fuck is the catch?

    Broad ManBroad Man2 månader sedan
  • "blizzards not smart"

    pjh97pjh972 månader sedan
  • What is wrong with his eyebrows. Its annoying at 2x speed

    EvercoldlessEvercoldless2 månader sedan
  • That's some smooth eyebrow movement!

    RhodeyRhodey2 månader sedan
  • So in this clip, you raised your eyebrows 4759 times while speaking. An increase of 273 raised eyebrows from the last clip.

    jerryjerry2 månader sedan
  • The only logical explanation is that a wow designer went rogue. Bobby will probably hunt him down

    TheSadLittlePandaTheSadLittlePanda2 månader sedan
  • People that are happy don't complain. People that are unhappy complain. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. PvPers were happy for a while then PvEers got their complaints heard. Now PvP is back but it shouldn't have to be mutually exclusive. It's so fun to suck at PvP then practice and grind up gear simultaneously and then kick some butt.

    Justin CampbellJustin Campbell2 månader sedan
  • the thing about the "but i dont like rated content" or any other "hard content" you should not get good gear - im with asmon in this. Put it like this, everyone that works in the healthcare will get 500 dollar more every month, straight up nationwide then you dont go and say "it aint fair to us that are not in healthcare"

    KhatarliaKhatarlia2 månader sedan
  • We're like Reek, in GoT. Seeing Ramsay, bringing in the whores, just waiting for the catch. And as soon as Ramsay, has convinced him it's for real, he cuts our dicks off..

    BiffiiBiffii2 månader sedan
  • Bruh the eyebrows 😂

    Be EzBe Ez2 månader sedan
  • "Blizzard listened!" No they didn't.

    MasonMason2 månader sedan
    • How so?

      VentemVentem2 månader sedan
  • Bfa was the worst pvp xpac by far. I pretty much quit wow. I MIGHT think about coming back if pvp is good again.

    Rob JarvisRob Jarvis2 månader sedan
  • MoP had one of the most balanced pvp experiences ever, people just hated the expansion because pandas.

    Yourven ParianenYourven Parianen2 månader sedan
    • It looked like it was going to be stupid but mop was really fun. People that didn't play in mop really missed out.

      Rob JarvisRob Jarvis2 månader sedan
  • 7 hours in, Mining 150/150 and Engineering 99/100. I need to get exalted with bastion to get a mount schematic because its the last thing that can progress engineering.

    Kyle VernonKyle Vernon2 månader sedan
  • Why return pvp incentives if pvp itself is so depressingly broken. Id find more satisfaction on a wow clone made on roblox

    Taraelea LorastanTaraelea Lorastan2 månader sedan
  • His eyebrows keep trynna jump off his forehead every video i watch lol

    5GRAMMZ5GRAMMZ2 månader sedan
  • please stop moving these eyebrows

    Angel StanchevAngel Stanchev2 månader sedan
  • The shit that sucks is you can't use your heart or azeroth abilities in PvP anymore.

    Mike MunozMike Munoz2 månader sedan
  • They removed honor apparently

    T•S•M TrippyStateOfMindT•S•M TrippyStateOfMind2 månader sedan
  • PVPERS RISE AGAIN. Pisses me off when people say wow is only pve. Pvp is just fun man simple as.

    MunardsMunards2 månader sedan
  • "We have a system that works" *character not found*

    JeremiahJeremiah2 månader sedan
  • the furthest i ever went in arena was 1700 i always wanted to find some folks to get 3k+ rating with in like 2 34 and 5's

    joseph parduejoseph pardue2 månader sedan
  • i like the way it sounds i like raiding mythic plus and pvp i havent pvped much since mist thats last time recall good decent rbgs i think i was close to hiting 2k in rbgs when wod came out

    joseph parduejoseph pardue2 månader sedan
  • All i have to say is Whataburger does not suck. How dare you!

    Corey GibsonCorey Gibson2 månader sedan
  • I’m so happy I can’t stop moving my eyebrows in excitement!

    Savi YouSavi You2 månader sedan
  • It would be nice to make an appreciation post for the devs for their amazing turn around in listening to the community recently and their hard work during what must have been a pretty grueling crunch.

    Alec HaliciAlec Halici2 månader sedan
  • finally .. BG dudes!!

    Silent ShadowmonkSilent Shadowmonk2 månader sedan
  • Its rich listening someone who get's carried hard in both pvp and pve part of the game ,lecture people how they should work hard to get rewards. Hypocrisy that this dude brings its just absurd. He is 1400 rated LFR 11/12 type of player without his fans.

    C 4C 42 månader sedan
    • Yeah I've watched him pvp, he really is terrible

      Not SureNot Sure2 månader sedan
  • Damn, maybe I'll start playing BG's. It'll let me unlock those artifact appearances too which will be good for transmog

    Chill man, chill!Chill man, chill!2 månader sedan
  • Even though I'm broke right now I feel like I'm gonna go home after work and get shadowlegends.

    David SDavid S2 månader sedan
  • Inb4 community finds the next reason to complain before this video is even over

    XCeazyXXCeazyX2 månader sedan
  • After watching this video... I think I'll give Shadowlands a shot. The game's not worth it for me if the PvP is dead

    MonsteroflopogisMonsteroflopogis2 månader sedan
  • It‘s in cooldown for one Expansion 🤣

    dennis schulzdennis schulz2 månader sedan
  • I think the ABILITY to do multiple different types of content is great. Being able to gear up in any way you want and it being equal. However, I think that if you like doing ONLY one type of content, that should also be allowed. Basically just make the game equally fair across all content so players can choose how they want to play. Asmon has been saying this for a while and I agree.

    Casual GamerCasual Gamer2 månader sedan
  • Why is everyone acting like this changes everything lol

    Zader666Zader6662 månader sedan
  • this is the best marketing video for shadowlands, Blizzard pay this guy !

    jon borgjon borg2 månader sedan
  • I've done the math and his eyebrows travel a distance equal to a mini marathon every stream.

    Predictor BibulousPredictor Bibulous2 månader sedan
  • Blizzard is making it to where you NEED to be a well rounded and skilled to be at the top, I LOVE IT.

    J WJ W2 månader sedan
  • I'm sorry, Asmond, but I have to whole-heartedly disagree with you on something... Whataburger is fucking amazing.

    Rafael GutierrezRafael Gutierrez2 månader sedan
  • Fuck yea

    Big beaver !Big beaver !2 månader sedan
  • They're still forcing people to rank up to get PvP gear instead of just leaving it at "If you PvP eventually you can buy gear." They'll never change that and so PvP is eternally broken. This doesn't fix it, it just reverts it to a less broken but still broken time. All they have to do is give you honor for all PvP and make all gear cost honor. No extra shit on top of that. That's the whole system. Fixed.

    The Drizzle 404The Drizzle 4042 månader sedan
  • Wod system still superior.

    SkywalkerSkywalker2 månader sedan
  • Dude giving the rallying cry of the players lmao.

    Matthew CaldwellMatthew Caldwell2 månader sedan
  • Nice! Guess I’m buying the game after work haha

    Optics 801Optics 8012 månader sedan
  • Wow wow wow wow

    Feanuruz ZFeanuruz Z2 månader sedan
  • So rated BG or arena is still the best way too get good gear, but random bg's are more rewarding now? Am I understanding gaming right? Also its easier finding rated bg? I need to change gulid man

    Catwo NorskCatwo Norsk2 månader sedan
  • Best video on you tube. hands down

    SimonSimon2 månader sedan
  • Everyone hyped for things that should be a basline, man...blizz really has no idea what blizzard or warcraft or fans wanted for the last few expansions...just tapping in the dark and wondering why nobody likes solo stuff in a mmo game...more cinematic yes, but way less repeatable. They lost touch as the saying goes and i wonder whats gonna be upsetting more than pleasing.

    ____2 månader sedan
  • I hated Rbgs I only did them when they were mandatory to cap conquest during Mop.

    MoslinMoslin2 månader sedan
  • HMM good changes blizzard! good stuff!!,pitty kinda getting too old for pvp lul but maybe some yolos

    buzz killbuzz kill2 månader sedan
  • Clap !

    MetalMetal2 månader sedan

    BigD888123BigD8881232 månader sedan
  • never played wow, now i willl

    XybroXybro2 månader sedan
  • 22:40, exactly why runescape is so popular, it gives you a world with things to do that range from extremely easy to extremely hard, rewarding different things, it's up to you to complete it and reap the rewards.

    AloneAlone2 månader sedan
  • This doesn't sound like Blizzard

    Harry PotterHarry Potter2 månader sedan
  • The fukken great ! iam still between what to play but with this i can play one call in pve and another in pvp :D

    DurelusDurelus2 månader sedan
  • The catch: PvP battle pass, $25 from the in-game store for a season.

    EloElo2 månader sedan
    • This is incorrect. Don’t worry, whoever is reading this he is just trolling. Last I checked it was only $20. Stop trying to scare ppl Elo.

      mK_-mK_-2 månader sedan
  • Holy Shit! This is insane! Please don't fuck us Blizzard!

    ProlapsedProlapsed2 månader sedan
  • Finally pvp actually has a purpose again. Getting random gear from rated was just stupid. Also how can people be upset about this change? If you don't wanna pvp then don't. But getting upset about something you don't have to do just fucks part of the community.

    Rob BrownRob Brown2 månader sedan
  • I almost cried Oh my lord

    Ozan OzerOzan Ozer2 månader sedan
  • Shadowlands sounds like a lame gear grind, where tf are the fun new systems?

    TitaniumTom007TitaniumTom0072 månader sedan
  • Why does his eyebrows move like they are the ones talking?

    HeidrosignHeidrosign2 månader sedan