You Laugh You Lose (SMILE EDITION)

28 mar 2020
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Today I did You Laugh You Lose... but even harder.

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You Laugh You Lose is a Challenge inspired by Wilbur Soot and Ludwig. Although this isn't Minecraft 1.16.4 on the Dream SMP Minecraft Server or The Funniest Minecraft Video Ever it is an awesome challenge that gives me lots of happy and funny laughs! Even though I completely stole this idea from Wilbur Soot, it's okay! Since once I met Wilbur Soot in real life... and now we're best friends!
You Laugh You Lose - the ULTIMATE YLYL featuring Twitch Chat who are really fun. This challenge was super fun and lots of laughs to record!

  • COPPA IS BACK FOR MORE [hence the removed comments :( ]

    TommyInnitTommyInnit10 månader sedan
    • Do it a 3rd time

      X TokosX Tokos2 timmar sedan
    • apples am i right chat

      BiteBite 08BiteBite 0813 timmar sedan
    • I get to reply for once. Pog

      BlueBlue15 timmar sedan
    • @Roosty XD hello 420th commenter, I'm 422!

      Shanaya ChoudhuryShanaya Choudhury19 timmar sedan
    • @Ghost maple that was so funny

      Roosty XDRoosty XDDag sedan
  • A p p l e s

    BlueFireBlueFire25 minuter sedan
  • Apples = Gae

    Anılefe AktaşAnılefe AktaşTimme sedan

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  • Apples am I right?

    CrabbyCrabby4 timmar sedan

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  • tommypinnit

    CactiCacti5 timmar sedan
  • I'm challenging myself by joining in with you

    BlitzoBlitzo5 timmar sedan
  • apple's

    RosaYYPRosaYYP5 timmar sedan
  • The first video tho

    panda cub gamerpanda cub gamer5 timmar sedan
  • I love how big t is like....................... What?

    Music AdictMusic Adict5 timmar sedan
  • Appels am I right chat

    Tatu LopezTatu Lopez6 timmar sedan
  • Ziggy donation 5 by me lol

    ZIGTACZIGTAC6 timmar sedan

    Addison HornsbyAddison Hornsby6 timmar sedan
  • wait so if i support racism does that mean tommy will too.....?

    Taijaan playsTaijaan plays8 timmar sedan
  • lol most f the vid memes are apples

    Marsh PotatoMarsh Potato10 timmar sedan
  • Apple here

    Samag ThakurSamag Thakur11 timmar sedan
  • i laughed because... of tommy

    Caleb AmadeusCaleb Amadeus14 timmar sedan
  • Apples

    Generator FilmowGenerator Filmow15 timmar sedan
  • i think you might be the next pewdiepie

    sadboisadboi16 timmar sedan
  • Tommy laughed at a dog hurting him self makes sense

    gιngerвread cooĸιegιngerвread cooĸιe19 timmar sedan
  • 8:32 fucking got me

    slothsloth19 timmar sedan
  • APPLE :b

    Shark kingShark king19 timmar sedan
  • 🍎🍎🍎🍏🍏🍏 apples

    Oscar RitsonOscar Ritson20 timmar sedan
  • Big chungus comes up and be like ay I’m tommy chinit

    Amer ChaudharyAmer Chaudhary20 timmar sedan
  • The most funny part is ur face reaction to all of them I am littarally dying lol

    Sal StrafaceSal Straface21 timme sedan
  • Tommy is not buff he is very very very very very very VERY skinny

    CoveyedNote 730CoveyedNote 73022 timmar sedan
  • 🍎

    Epic_brawler2424Epic_brawler242423 timmar sedan
  • Where is the mooscles

    Funnyrobert1Funnyrobert123 timmar sedan
  • 3:00 he was really struggling

    Clara MercuryClara MercuryDag sedan

    Phiniix OfficalPhiniix OfficalDag sedan
  • He laughed at Walter Bhahahaha Americans would understand

    Horse GirlHorse GirlDag sedan
  • 1:01 pog face

    awesomexxawesomexxDag sedan
  • apple

    minecraft playerminecraft playerDag sedan

    bultras 12bultras 12Dag sedan
  • Tommy's chat is so toxic and childish, I didn't laugh at any of the videos :/

    Lucia HérouxLucia HérouxDag sedan
  • Apples am I right comment section

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  • apples

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  • Apple 🍎

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  • appels

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  • 🍎

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  • Me not laughing but instead laughing at Tommy’s face trying not to laugh. {\____/} (,, • - •,,) < *awkward staring* / >

    • Dxvilxx •• Dxvilxx •Dag sedan
  • 8:09: my alarm went off right then, which was perfect timing, and I had a badass ringtone that fit perfectly with 'apples am I right chat)

    Blob Gaming and SSS officialBlob Gaming and SSS officialDag sedan
  • it was at this moment ( 9:42 ) that he knew he fucked up

    jaybird97jaybird97Dag sedan
  • Apple

    Miles OMiles ODag sedan
  • 🍎🍏

    Harvey MccullochHarvey MccullochDag sedan
  • 15% percent apples 25% smile and chuckle 70% *”whot”*

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  • apple

    Lucas WoodwardLucas WoodwardDag sedan
  • apples

    AxiaAxiaDag sedan
  • apples

    PKPlaysPKPlaysDag sedan
  • me (a beatboxer): LOL it looks like hes trying to do the face expression required for a liproll

    sensation cubesensation cubeDag sedan
  • 9:48 TommyInnit: I GOT NO GUMMY Me: Gummy? why did you say you got no candy LOL

    MrPringloMrPringloDag sedan
  • fuck off

    GitziGitziDag sedan
  • 3:44 Sans theme number idk what number

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  • 🍎

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  • Apples am I right

  • Apples

    Engineer GamingEngineer GamingDag sedan
  • The clip at 6:51 was DanTDM if you know him I reconize him by his first letter, bc his voice

    Xx Ocean_Fennec_Fox xXXx Ocean_Fennec_Fox xXDag sedan
  • apple

    William GlascottWilliam GlascottDag sedan
  • Anyone see the dude in the chat who put theres mums credit card in there comment??

    SpillzSpillzDag sedan
  • Mr the whole entire vid NOR FUNNY DIDN'T LAUGH

    EliteEliteDag sedan
  • apple. am i right gays

    Plays With StephPlays With StephDag sedan
  • 🍎

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  • apples

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  • Here you go!

  • Hey peeps! got a new upcoming channel! go hit the subscribe, it would mean so much to me and my friends! First viddeo coming in the next couple of weeks!

    Ruby WarburtonRuby WarburtonDag sedan
  • That one comment (1:57) comment: TimeDeo's boyfriend me:👁👄👁 🔫 excuse what-

    BluudiBluudiDag sedan
  • 1:09 poggy

    Ash_TGGAsh_TGGDag sedan
  • Applenox is such a fucking moron

    Ghost mapleGhost mapleDag sedan
  • 4:44 LMAAOOOOO

    ToriSenpaiToriSenpaiDag sedan
  • 9:29 the dog: imma go down the stairs. 9:33 the dog hold up... in doing this wrong. 9:38 the dog: fuck yea.

    Poppy RondeauPoppy RondeauDag sedan
  • I laugh because of his faces lmao

    raccoon boopy-snootraccoon boopy-snootDag sedan
  • 🍎

    ProPlayz MC XtremeProPlayz MC XtremeDag sedan
  • tommy: editor make this 20 mins editor: best i can do is 10:25

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  • Tommy’s arms be like 🥖 George’s arms are like 🦴

    Baddie SarahBaddie SarahDag sedan
  • Apples

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  • tommy dosnt know any memes

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  • Apples am I right

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  • So Uh..."How Many Kids Have You Entertained?"-*Kid At Minecon*

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  • Apples

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  • i smiled twice before the vid reached a minute...

    Da AKMDa AKMDag sedan
  • a video where tommy tries to be emo for once

    BlurbBlurbDag sedan
  • Child child child child child child much child Mcmenamy

    Gavinator SGavinator SDag sedan
  • 🍎

    Alessandra Louise AlbaAlessandra Louise AlbaDag sedan
  • Guess waht OwO I did'nt smile/laugh the whole time You still here cuz u thought I would've said sike? Nah I am telling the truth anyways... :) Apples.. am I right chat?

    Cali BechampCali BechampDag sedan
  • sorry dude i looked at the replay yah did

    god of war gaming123god of war gaming123Dag sedan
  • I’m sorry but.. THEM FACES 🥴😝😂🤣

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  • Apples

    Lando GamezLando GamezDag sedan
  • i would like to have the humor of a british 16 year old

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  • 3:17 what video is this?

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  • Apples

    The brown PandasThe brown PandasDag sedan
  • Apples

    The brown PandasThe brown PandasDag sedan
  • Apples

    The brown PandasThe brown PandasDag sedan
  • Apples

    The brown PandasThe brown PandasDag sedan
  • Apples App

    The brown PandasThe brown PandasDag sedan
  • Apples am I right chat?

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  • 🍎

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  • APPELS🍎🍏🍎🍏🍎🍏

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  • 🍎

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  • i can all moist smile but if i smile at all i am out- tommie innit 2020

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