Why the Modern Sonic Stories Just Don't Work

22 jun 2018
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Prior to the Sonic Advance Retrospective last summer, I had been alienated by the turn the Sonic Series took in the 2010s, but still casually enjoyed the likes of Lost World or 4 Episode 2. Now that my interest in the series has been restored, I decided to give my take on why the series' stories have been so poor from my perspective in recent years, and explore what series had meant to me. Whether it be Generations, Lost World, or most recently, Forces.

  • Why do I consider Unleashed or Black Knight “Dark Age” Games, despite enjoying? Well I just did a video to answer that question! seworld.info/will/imjVraaojXtjnYU/video

    J's ReviewsJ's ReviewsÅr sedan
    • @qisotwprofessional sentvid How old are you? How can you possibly think that Shadow the Hedgehog was a good game and had a good story.

      Johannes BrahmsJohannes Brahms20 dagar sedan
    • @MoonMan Jeff The Story in Black Knight was pretentious and was shit.

      Johannes BrahmsJohannes Brahms20 dagar sedan
    • seworld.info/will/d3qtqdiap3WmyIk/video Colors done right.

      Blaque LinkBlaque LinkMånad sedan
    • @Fran Co You should take that back because the games from 1991-2009 are still better than the meta era, with the exception of Generations and Colors, this also includes Sonic 06, J says he has a bit of a soft spot for it, I hope he explains it in his future videos

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    • It’s Ok

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  • One thing I hate about the Sonic Fandom is when they criticize Sonic for having dark & mature stories because he's a "BluE HedGEhog who RuNs at ThE SpEed oF SoUnD & fiGhTs a EgG ShApEd DocTor with A TwO TailEd FoX" something that even SEworldrs I like with SomeCallMeJohnny use. With that logic I shouldn't take TMNT seriously since it's a bunch of turtles doing martial arts taught by a giant rat, or that Batman & Superman can't be taken seriously since it's dudes in tight suits fighting bad guys. People shouldn't hate on the stories for being dark & mature, they should hate it if it's poorly written. Another thing I hate is that they also like to use the word "Edgy" to describe dark Sonic stories. I feel that people who use that word doesn't fully understand what it means or anything that isn't lighthearted & goofy has to be edgy.

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  • What still doesn’t make sense is why Classic Tails can talk and Classic Sonic can’t.

    YakkoManiaYakkoManiaDag sedan
  • Sonic games shouldn’t be completely serious nor should they be completely based on comedy I think the game should be kind of 50/50 you know For example sonic 06 Took itself way too serious when it comes to story While sonic colors was throwing jokes left and right the whole story I think the Adventure games are a good balance not perfect but it was good Maybe it’s just me But I don’t think sonic is targeted at kids I think it’s targeted at teens/preteens And that’s why I think of 50/50 balance of comedy and seriousness would be perfect for sonic Its sad what happened with sonic forces it’s tried to be dramatic but it wasn’t it also tried to be funny but it wasn’t it’s weird because infinite could’ve been so interesting as a character especially since i’ve seen fan comics right infinite better than the sonic team Imo

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  • 19:06 Sonic R, anyone?

    Ethan ##*#*##*Ethan ##*#*##*3 dagar sedan
  • did the thumbnail just change? I remember sonic's eyes being normal...

    plojs 0plojs 04 dagar sedan
    • The background became blue on September 9th.

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    • @J's Reviews When did it change. I remember the background always being blue...

      plojs 0plojs 04 dagar sedan
    • His eyes were always like that, but the poses of Tails and Eggman has changed, and the background color is blue now, as opposed to red.

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  • Love the patchy reference from spongebob

    Nate FurmanNate Furman11 dagar sedan
  • Sonic unleashed is the best story

    Multiplayer 3185Multiplayer 318514 dagar sedan
    • @Johannes Brahms 6BS retcons can you give examples so I can see

      Patrick HeneghanPatrick Heneghan3 dagar sedan
    • @Johannes Brahms 5fanfic story elements I disagree they aren’t too awful

      Patrick HeneghanPatrick Heneghan3 dagar sedan
    • @Johannes Brahms 4 no character development I agree

      Patrick HeneghanPatrick Heneghan3 dagar sedan
    • @Johannes Brahms 3boring and slow paced story don’t really know what your talking about

      Patrick HeneghanPatrick Heneghan3 dagar sedan
    • @Johannes Brahms 2bad voice acting honestly it’s not awful nowhere as bad as colours

      Patrick HeneghanPatrick Heneghan3 dagar sedan
  • I agree. They need to stop with the whole meme and nostalgia references in future Sonic games. Enough is enough, Sega.

    Tiko LeakTiko Leak16 dagar sedan
  • I'm gonna be genuine here, but I always thought the entire Sonic games never had good stories. Maybe I always prefer the comic books by Archie and Fleetway, but seeing the games from the Genesis era to the Dreamcast era were probably decent.

    Tiko LeakTiko Leak16 dagar sedan
  • Ratchet & Clank = Bad Boys 😼🤖🧨 Conker = Scarface 🐹💣

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  • I had fun playing shadow..

    Ahmad DakhlallahAhmad Dakhlallah24 dagar sedan
  • ALMOST TO 1,000,000 VIEWS LETS GOOOOO!!!!!!📣📣📣

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  • I like lighthearted stories, but they have to be, y’know, *charming*, not some cringe ass shit flying out of your tv’s speaker. Once in a while, I like me a good dark and deep story because it really gets you enthralled and curious about the story in a good way.

    SleepyPuffSleepyPuff26 dagar sedan
  • I agree with this video completely. The Adventure games were an extension of the Genesis games. It's what Sonic should've stayed as. Mario found what works and stayed with it. Sonic should've done that too :/ But I do look the boost games to an extent

    Litten FireLitten Fire26 dagar sedan
  • I thought Sonic's comeback to Zeena was pretty good though

    Litten FireLitten Fire26 dagar sedan
  • I honestly thought the copyright joke was pretty funny.

    Darius G.Darius G.27 dagar sedan
  • i’m now coming to the conclusion that most of the sonic community believes that 2000-2010 sonic was the worst, when i believe he was the absolute best, most immersive and nostalgic. Sucks to see the rest of the fandom don’t want games like this. Sonic Adventure 1+2 Heroes, Sonic riders 1+2 and Shadow the hedgehog will always be top tier games and hold a special place in my heart

    Kevin StandsKevin Stands28 dagar sedan
  • forces had the 3 days left plot but I just forgot it. Maybe remind me with a cutcene or the stages design like make some of the locations look like bad future versions. Like the wise man garrulous 64 said it needs a bit spice sonic forces doesn't have any Comedic stories must have funny jokes (but tone it down) Serious stories must have spiciness (but dont make it edgy or cringy so you look cool)

    sphere yahyasphere yahya29 dagar sedan
  • To be honest, I liked Colors and Generations stories. Both stories are short and simple. (Don't really consider them to be bad or good.)

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  • I miss the old voice actor at least he made sonic grown up yeah he still jokes but get serious when he need too

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  • I've been sharing your videos on Twitter so hopefully Sega and Sonic Team will listen to their actual fans and not the damn harsh as hell critics that don't actually like Sonic games ign admitted Sonic was never good.

    Mad Society20294Mad Society20294Månad sedan
  • I just want the cool Sonic back.

    symphony-of-the-mintsymphony-of-the-mintMånad sedan
  • Sure lost world story is bad but why does it have square trees

    MangoMangoMånad sedan
  • Sonic Boom did NOT have good ideas. You get mentally deficient Knuckles, edge lord Shadow who's even worse than the one in Shadow the Hedgehog, and a really annoying Sonic that's cracking jokes all the time.

    HynotamaHynotamaMånad sedan
  • 13:40 That extremely high pitched and flamboyant "killed" has me in litetal tears and my stomach is killing me

    NixUniverseNixUniverseMånad sedan
  • Stupid classic stories

    Rohini NaikRohini NaikMånad sedan
  • Classic sonic stories were worst

    Rohini NaikRohini NaikMånad sedan
    • Same goes with modern sonic

      Nedhal OmarNedhal OmarDag sedan
  • Sonic: *gets caughted* Sonic Forces writers: "and then, Eggman won and took controll almost all over the world, because his friends are totally useless"

    Prixto TNTPrixto TNTMånad sedan
  • If only Sonic Generations was an adventure style game. It could have been amazing.

    Blaque LinkBlaque LinkMånad sedan
    • @Johannes Brahms if it was anything like Project 06, I disagree. Story would've still been terrible

      Southpaw SlimSouthpaw Slim20 dagar sedan
    • @Southpaw Slim Sonic 06 wouldn't be good even if it was finished.

      Johannes BrahmsJohannes Brahms20 dagar sedan
    • It was meant to be a celebration of the entire series. 06 was an Adventure style game and I think would've been amazing had it been finished

      Southpaw SlimSouthpaw Slim26 dagar sedan
  • 4:29 it is my favourite line in colors

    Sanat BhanjaSanat BhanjaMånad sedan
  • First time I played sonic lost world I skipped all the cut scenes

    Rjthatiger 518Rjthatiger 518Månad sedan
  • Sonic lost world wii u is over hated

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  • I don't like orbot and cubot's designs. They're just shapes. Bring back scratch and grounder.

    MostlyPoniesMostlyPoniesMånad sedan
    • Bonus: Bocoe, Decoe and Bokkun. They're also much better than Orbot and Cubot.

      tiru lirutiru liru17 dagar sedan
  • Why have all these characters if you don't get to play as them? Each character should have their own playstyle and role in the story. If they're just going to be in the background then don't focus on them so much.

    MostlyPoniesMostlyPoniesMånad sedan
  • Sonic unleashed is the only boost game that felt like a sonic game Colors had good music and new cool level designs but it was too 2d and the story was trash Generations had really good level design but again too much 2d but its a least less than colors.. And the story is just meh. It's bad but like does it count its also the first game with nostagia pandering Forces is a horrible game. But at least it had some new ideas and levels unlike lost world which was shiet all the way through except at least some of the levels in lost world could be fun

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  • Nintendo after the wii u "THOSE ROTTEN, SNEAKY"

    dragonator 101dragonator 101Månad sedan
  • #ClassicSonicIsBest

    Sarp SoysalSarp SoysalMånad sedan
  • As far as I can tell, Shadow straight up completed Sonic somehow which is peak Sonic. After SA2, you literally FEEL the decay of "bad joke" Sonic which goes back to severely tired Sonic Eggman tropes.

    STYLES: Conejo VS SillyConSTYLES: Conejo VS SillyConMånad sedan
  • 12:07 Jesus Tails was an unlikable prick in the game. Really out of character for him

    Do NathanDo NathanMånad sedan
    • @DarkSonic180 he kinda did, he acknowledged his stupidity which I kinda liked

      Do NathanDo Nathan21 dag sedan
    • @Demetrius Kafkoulas yeah at least he acknowledged that he did something stupid and tried to fix his mistake but Tails was constantly giving him bullshit acting like a petty douchebag for no reason and starting unneeded drama just when Sonic broke up the fight between him and Eggman. Never have In my life have I seen Tails act so unlikable and that's saying something cuz I never really liked him

      Do NathanDo NathanMånad sedan
    • @Do Nathan lol i guess i'll always love eggman but sonic was constantly whiney and did stupid things like kicking the conch and trying to jump on the trap capsule.

      Demetrius KafkoulasDemetrius KafkoulasMånad sedan
    • @Demetrius Kafkoulas Sonic and Eggman were probably the most likable characters here

      Do NathanDo NathanMånad sedan
    • Everyone in that story was unlikable.

      Demetrius KafkoulasDemetrius KafkoulasMånad sedan
  • Tbh I think the Shadow the Hedgehog game is very underrated and just because it doesn’t have typical sonic gameplay and doesn’t have sonic as it’s main character, doesn’t make it a bad game. I don’t think the story is too bad either, it does a good job talking about the backstory of shadow that they glazed upon in SA2 and I love that they implemented multiple endings to the game to give it more replay ability. It’s definitely not a perfect game and a little bit of the writing could’ve have a little twinking to it but it was very memorable for me not to mention how it set up team dark’s story in Sonic Heroes. This is my opinion and it won’t change so don’t try to convince me otherwise.

    Likonu ShepardLikonu ShepardMånad sedan
  • Sonic needs a complete reboot with set gameplay and plot to stop many plot holes and dramas in sonic community and i think that's a fact

    MaRsHMaRsHMånad sedan
  • It's sad how hard it is to just combine great stories and great gameplay

    little guy*little guy*Månad sedan
  • the deadly six? more like the deadly SEX

    Noah HaferNoah HaferMånad sedan
    • 🗿

      GalacticHypernovaGalacticHypernova2 dagar sedan
    • More like "Shitty Six".

      tiru lirutiru liru25 dagar sedan
  • ngl even if those sonic games are bad I still like the music.

    End animates stuff 336End animates stuff 336Månad sedan
  • I couldn't agree more with this video seeing how bad the 2010's stories were makes me appreciate the 2000's Sonic stories with their buildup. Adventure 1 & 2, Unleashed, Rush, Black Knight and even 06 and Shadow are better than the 2010's garbage

    Do NathanDo NathanMånad sedan
    • @Michiaー same

      Do NathanDo NathanMånad sedan
    • Yeah I agree too. I miss the old Sonic storytelling...

      MichiaーMichiaーMånad sedan
  • I finished playing Lost World last week and I liked the story. It had the best Eggman cutscene since Sonic Adventure 2.

    Ezra RamosEzra RamosMånad sedan
  • As a 6 year old, I loved Colours’ jokes and the explanation did help me, but now coming back to it, it’s really obnoxious.

    Ethan ##*#*##*Ethan ##*#*##*Månad sedan
  • I hate the meta era games, and what they've done for sonic games as a whole. It means no one will think you're genuine when you say "I play sonic games for the plot".

    Matthew KrausMatthew KrausMånad sedan
    • *Cough* Sonic Unleashed plot was good. *Cough*

      PK_PK_20 dagar sedan
    • Sonic stories just aren't that good

      BitchChillBitchChillMånad sedan
  • It really feels nowadays that the people who make Sonic are embarresed by it. They think the franchise is lame and the only thing they can do is poke fun at it

    Profiteer ProphetProfiteer ProphetMånad sedan
  • Me: Alternate dimensions? Forces: *Well yes but actually no.*

    Echo SolarisEcho SolarisMånad sedan
  • i know sonic o 6 time travels rules make no sense but make more sense than kingdom hearts dream drop distance time travel rules burned

    Joel CastroJoel Castro2 månader sedan
    • Exactly! Sonic 06 had a better story than the meta era stories. (Imo)

      MichiaーMichiaー29 dagar sedan
  • Sonic Chronicles should have got a sequel

    cabdragon333cabdragon3332 månader sedan
  • Does the game play well? That's all I care about

    BitchChillBitchChill2 månader sedan
    • No. They suck. See: Forces.

      InsaneEnergyInsaneEnergy11 dagar sedan
    • @DarkSonic180 How are they good?

      BitchChillBitchChill20 dagar sedan
    • @DarkSonic180 How exactly?

      BitchChillBitchChill21 dag sedan
    • @DarkSonic180 or just somebody with different tastes

      Skibot99Skibot9921 dag sedan
    • @DarkSonic180 For stories in videogames, especially Sonic ones. Even the "Best" ones are just mediocre or average

      BitchChillBitchChill21 dag sedan
  • No need to make this video, I already know why.

    Gilberto IglesiasGilberto Iglesias2 månader sedan
  • I noticed you changed the thumbnail background color from blue to red. How come? I thought the red was a good contrast. Or was I imagining things?

    Skibot99Skibot992 månader sedan
    • Looking back, I personally find that shade of red to be an eye soar. But, to each their own.

      J's ReviewsJ's Reviews2 månader sedan
  • I am actually disappointed how sonic team handled Tails. He is a shadow of what he was in the dark age. I just need to compare Adventure to forces. In adventures Tails fought chaos 4, E-102 Gama, and Eggman in a killer robot. What does he do in forces you ask? Well just crying for Sonic because Chaos with a total of 0 Chaos emerald is walking torwards him. TAILS HAD AN ENTIRE CHARACTER ARC IN ADVENTURES WEHERE HE LEARND THAT HE DOESNT NEED SONIC AND THAT HE IS STRONG ON HIS OWN. So why the hell is he terefied of a chaos that is at least 4x weaker than the Chaos that he defeted back than.

    MaximusMaximus2 månader sedan
    • Because Tails thought Sonic died and he took it hard.

      Ezra RamosEzra RamosMånad sedan
  • Sonic Forces has a story?

    Andy HughesAndy Hughes2 månader sedan
    • The story was there, but it was poorly exploited and I cannot stand it because the characters stated they 'did ' something, but they stand around and do nothing and let the two Sonics and the avatar do all their work😞😑😐😐, that's what irks me the most.

      Leonardo GarciaLeonardo GarciaMånad sedan
    • Yes -_-

      Mau PrMau PrMånad sedan
  • Sonic Unleashed did it perfect. Sonic works brilliantly in a Pixar-style environment and story. Sadly y’all hated on it bc of the werehog and now we’ll never get a high budget, deep story, huge level sonic game again.

    Calistus JayCalistus Jay2 månader sedan
    • I certainly appreciated it a lot when I first got it as a kid for PS2, even to this day and age, I still play it for PS2 and Xbox360. Recently, I finished the whole game for the many times, because I appreciated its entirety for what it is, I unlocked all of the achievements and I FINALLY got an S rank in the Eggmanland stage after the numerous, grueling trial and errors of it and of the Hot Dog challenges (missions); and I still find the story amazing because of the dramatic moments, its light heartened moments and but also some jokes that aren't as try hard, or laughable as the 2010-2017 series, except for Mania. For those who considered Tails weak or useless in this game, think about this: 1.) The only reason why Tails was terrified by Dark Gaia's Minions was because he had no Intel on them, and the Gaia manuscripts state about the history of Dark and Light Gaia and of the planet, plus Professor Pickle may have mentioned the name to Tails while he visited but he never explained what they were; 2.) If it wasn't for Tails, he, Chip and Sonic would never have traveled nor supplied Sonic with the Tornado's Defense and weapons to fend off the Egg Cauldron in the travel to Spagonia and infiltrating Eggman's base for the final Gaia Temple. And the ending with Chip's final words, that is very deep because he is always with Sonic no matter where he goes or the trips and memories they've made. Especially when Chip told Sonic that he is too strong to lose himself, because he never gave in to the night or the darkness in his heart. Honestly, I find this game completely better, story and gameplay wise, than Forces and Lost World. And I NEVER hated Unleashed at all, it's still etched to my heart and mind and it'll always will be.

      Leonardo GarciaLeonardo GarciaMånad sedan
    • As a gamer, I still enjoyed, went back and restarted the game all over again for the story, cutscenes and stages (both night and day) to this day still😃😃. Especially still with Sonic Colors DS and Generations (both 3DS and Xbox) though their stories did have a story, but not completely, I still enjoy the gameplay with the wisps and levels, Generations was an exception with wisps cause you are traveling through time and space, but I would want to revise the stories more efficiently so they can have a buildup similar or different to Unleashed.

      Leonardo GarciaLeonardo GarciaMånad sedan
    • @Mau Pr I agree but the game was trashed as a whole! No one appreciated the story/budget/graphics at the time. And so Sega has stopped trying.

      Calistus JayCalistus JayMånad sedan
    • The werehog isn't that good

      Mau PrMau PrMånad sedan
  • I’m the guy who will mention the thumbnail change

    SonicrayjSonicrayj2 månader sedan
  • I am supposed to be the fastest, but I was too slow to save my buddy... *The only problem of being faster than light is that only darkness awaits you*

    Videos JuandieguinchiVideos Juandieguinchi2 månader sedan
  • mega man x 6

    Jadarie PlaysJadarie Plays2 månader sedan
    • ...why does that name haunt me? It's the only thing I can remember. And that gruesome image...

      IggyminiousIggyminious2 månader sedan
  • Other than Sonic 06 and sonic boom, I dont think their bad and I enjoy them even today.

    Will-i-m gameplayWill-i-m gameplay2 månader sedan
  • I wonder exactly when Sonic became a meme icon? Was it due to the toxic fanbase or when Sonic 06 and Shadow the hedgehog got released?

    Nobody JustmeNobody Justme2 månader sedan
  • chaos control can send u through or back in time and it can stop time u can teleport so what does chaos control do it makes no sense how they can make travel throught time

    score bombscore bomb2 månader sedan
  • also

    score bombscore bomb2 månader sedan
  • look at last of us part 2

    score bombscore bomb2 månader sedan
    • look at date of upload

      J's ReviewsJ's Reviews2 månader sedan
  • uh

    score bombscore bomb2 månader sedan
  • PS2 Jak games LOL

    TheBrazilRulesTheBrazilRules2 månader sedan
  • I thought Sonic unleashed had a good story. It had a mix of darkness and happy moments

    Fm 64Fm 642 månader sedan
  • J your a classic prejudice in sonic Fandom

    Ali AlbannayAli Albannay2 månader sedan
  • “LostWorlds story makes Colors, Generations and even Forces look like the Last Of Us” So LostWorld’s story is The Last of Us part 2 basically

    The MinecraftThe Minecraft2 månader sedan
    • TD Sonic LostWorld’s story is worse

      The MinecraftThe MinecraftMånad sedan
    • Even Lost World is better than the Last Of Us 2

      TD SonicTD SonicMånad sedan
  • >kid 1 gives a teacher homework that is unfinished, and mostly wrong, but across the page, crossings out and calculations make it clear that there was a heck load of effort put in >teacher gives criticism where it's due but appreciates the effort >kid2 gives teacher homework where only a few important looking questions were finished, but it clearly only took 5 minutes, and the kid is clearly just scared of getting absolutely anything wrong, justifying it by saying that practically, 100% of the h/w is right i would imagine the teacher would be pretty damn disappointed in kid 2, because at least kid 1 tried the same basically applies to this new era of sonic

    pure evilpure evil2 månader sedan
  • The classic games is better,but let´s hope Sega will save the francise.

    Kaio Gabriel TheGDAngryBirdsAndPowerpuffGirlsFanKaio Gabriel TheGDAngryBirdsAndPowerpuffGirlsFan2 månader sedan
  • I'm glad you dont make videos anymore, your to bitchy for this kind of stuff.

    X marks the spotX marks the spot3 månader sedan
    • My last video was a couple of days ago, next one coming tomorrow! I know time moves slower slower for you younger folks.

      J's ReviewsJ's Reviews3 månader sedan
  • Personally, I never thought any Sonic game had that great of a story. Most of them are basically: Eggman does bad things, let's stop him. Though I agree that previous games had their certain charm. They were cool, sometimes funny stories with hints of maturity but nothing seriously notable. Even Adventure 2 story feels cheesy by todays standards which is why I hope there will be full remake to properly reintroduce Shadow's character (give him more depth other than serious and edgy) show his relations with Maria, Gerald's Robotnik's past, etc. More serious stories can certainly work but most of said stories are carried by it's main character's emotions and given how Sonic's char development is basically non-existent in most games due to dumb mandates, it'll be hard to achieve.

    Paweł Newman 95Paweł Newman 953 månader sedan
  • Here are some sonic games with actually good stories: SA SA2 Sonic Riders Sonic Riders Zero Gravity Sonic and the Secret Rings Sonic and the Black Knight Sonic Unleashed Sonic Heroes And here are some with not good stories: Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic 06 Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Sonic Free Riders Sonic Lost World Sonic Colors Sonic Generations Sonic Forces

    DJ RICHESDJ RICHES3 månader sedan
    • Bonus good ones: -Advance trio -Rush trilogy (counting Colors DS) -Sonic X (anime) -Shadow's in '06 -Silver's in '06

      tiru lirutiru liru13 dagar sedan
  • Come on now the eggman hairline joke was funny

    Dreamcast DaziaDreamcast Dazia3 månader sedan
  • You sonic fans are picky why don't y'all make a game story then under pressure ungrateful trash

    Trippy OGTrippy OG3 månader sedan
  • Sonic 1,2 and 3 are better

    Andy BarclayAndy Barclay3 månader sedan
  • I like to think of it like this: Sonic from 1991 until about 2009 is like Teen Titans, the “Meta Era” is like Teen Titans Go.

    Terry R.Terry R.3 månader sedan
  • Bruh stop shitting on the jokes they're just trying to make us laugh

    Sonic The HedgehogSonic The Hedgehog3 månader sedan
  • Modern sonic is good

    MaricMaric3 månader sedan
  • I miss the real Sonic. Sega, please give us Sonic back

  • Sonic lost world was made by Nintendo and sega

    what nowwhat now3 månader sedan
  • I will NOT stand for slander against Lost World. It has one of my favourite Sonic stories, along with & Knuckles, Adventure 1, Heroes, Shadow, 06, Rush Adventure, and Forces.

    Genya KozlovGenya Kozlov3 månader sedan
    • @DarkSonic180 Yeah exactly. And I actually defended Lost World. But the Story is just the *worst.*

      MichiaーMichiaーMånad sedan
  • I felt like ever since 2001 when sega decided to go and make games instead of consoles the sonic games has been hit or miss and they keep going back to the well way too much exactly sonic 4 episodes 1 and 2 sonic generations and sonic mania it seems like sega has run out of some fresh ideas with sonic

    Eddiward JohnsionesEddiward Johnsiones3 månader sedan
  • Classic is the best era of sonic

    fenix tiziofenix tizio3 månader sedan
  • I grew up on the 16-bit Sonic games, which hardly had any story at all, and these post-90's games look absurd. IMNSHO, all of these new characters -- and whatever "lore" has developed -- should be stricken from the canon going forward, and new characters introduced rarely if at all. One of the most strikingly charming things about the original Sonic (and Sonic CD, which given Oshima's involvement is arguably the true "Sonic 2") game is its timeless abstract nature. The series should lean heavily into this.

    BartTrzynadlowskiBartTrzynadlowski3 månader sedan
  • Wait, people care about the story in Sonic games??

    lstacey143lstacey1433 månader sedan
    • @Johannes Brahms LMAO! Okay bro, I agree with you on the Werehog since it is on concept a weird idea. But at least the werehog is at least involved with the story(unlike classic sonic in Forces). Plus you think Unleashed's style of storytelling is bad? Bruh Colors and pretty much the ENTIRE of the 2010s is where the Sonic and every other character got hit the WORST! Especially since Sega hired writers who knew nothing about the characters and how they act. Also on the point of Sonic losing his "EdGe" in Unleashed is because not only eggman SPLIT THE WORLD INTO SECTIONS and endangering everybody, but now Sonic has the deal with his werehog form. Which does depress him sometimes. So Yeah, he's a bit more mellow since he's taken things more seriously. On the topic of tails, at least tails did help out sonic in some instances. He helped Sonic to get to Spigonia and Eggmanland. Not only that but tails did help Sonic getting introduced to professor pickle. Amy had some sweet moments as well as when she found out that Sonic was the Werehog she still stick by him anyways. I disagree, there were character development, Sonic and Chip's friendship did grow throughout the story. Which was very nice to see. The story is not the most original thing In the world but at least the story was executed better than 06 and ESPECIALLY Shadow the hedgehog.

      Superhedgehog 64Superhedgehog 64Månad sedan
    • @Superhedgehog 64 The story is cliche and is a rip off. It's like a stupid fanfic. The werehog is stupid. There is no character development. Eggman's motivations on splitting the planet apart was never explained. Eggman is a self-beating buffoon, Tails is like a weak little girl and Sonic lost his edge. The lines are all forced. They are so forced that the characters won't even leave an impression on you. The voice acting is forced and doesn't sound like real people talking. Sonic somehow survives the earth's atmosphere.

      Johannes BrahmsJohannes BrahmsMånad sedan
    • @Johannes Brahms BULLSHIT, if you don't like Unleashed's story then that's fine. But don't just call it blatantly bad because you dislike it. At least explain to me how it's bad Bruh. Unleashed has the perfect balance between being lighthearted and being serious. Sonic and chip's developed friendship was also nice as well.

      Superhedgehog 64Superhedgehog 64Månad sedan
    • @Superhedgehog 64 Lies? I think the only GOOD stories are Sonic 3, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes and Sonic Riders. Also, Sonic Unleashed had a really BAD story.

      Johannes BrahmsJohannes BrahmsMånad sedan
    • @lstacey143 Lies bro LIES. I get that it's your opinion but the ONLY sonic stories that actually sucked are Shadow the hedgehog and Sonic 06 to lesser extent. Every other story in Sonic games are decent (Heroes) to actually really good (Unleashed). Hell even the classic sonic games had some stories especially Sonic 3 and Knuckles. The 2010s is really when stories and the characters starts being shit.

      Superhedgehog 64Superhedgehog 64Månad sedan
  • Look, I get people want a return to the darker tone of adventure, but the dark tone kept ramping up until Sonic 06. I feel an overlooked part of the game’s story was how pretentious and full of itself it was by taking itself WAY too seriously. Colors story is “Eggman captured the aliens! Stop him!” I think the more simplistic story telling can work. Yes, the writing has sucked for Lost World and Forces, but Forces’ story was weird for trying to tell a SATAM story in Adventures of Sonic’s tone, and Lost world had no reason to exist. Mario has had the same story for 35 years, and no one has said the story sucks because of it. As much as I love the adventure games, the story’s do take themselves too seriously. I don’t think Sonic should be an epic with each game a different part of an overarching 13 year long saga like Kingdom Hearts. A simplistic story can work, as long as it’s written well. I think made someone mad by posting this.

    Blockman VideoBlockman Video4 månader sedan
    • @Blockman Video I never said that but it's another problem they should fix. Forces' gameplay was so automated and so linear that the game plays itself, it's not the fault of the boost formula since they used it well in the past but they should create more oportunities for exploration with the boost to make it feel less like a straight line, also, return the drift and the ring counter for the boost, those Wisps need to dissapear. I didn't want to say "come back to the Adventure formula" directly since that's an easy argument for people who dislike this gameplay, i just proposed something to fix the already current formula.

      Dragon Del SurDragon Del Sur3 månader sedan
    • @Dragon Del Sur so story should take precedence over gameplay?

      Blockman VideoBlockman Video3 månader sedan
    • Colors had a bad writting, especially when it comes to jokes and Sonic being the annoyingest thing alive. Lost World's story is laughable and terribly cringe. Forces' story tries to take itself seriously but fails at doing so. The problem is not that Sonic's stories take itself too seriously that it's cringe, they worked really well in the past, the problem is that those newer games deliver the story poorly, Mario has the same plot because no one plays for the story but Sonic's case is different.

      Dragon Del SurDragon Del Sur3 månader sedan
  • maybe if we support sega instead of keep blaming them for making bad sonic game we just might be able to get a good sonic game

    [ asta][ asta]4 månader sedan
  • Laughs in Sonic Adventure 2

    Clorox bleach chocolate flavorClorox bleach chocolate flavor4 månader sedan
  • Oof you weren't wrong about having some controversial opinions haha. When I heard you say you played Sonic 06 to completion I was just thinking "what an absolute mad man he actually FINISHED that shit?! How?!!?" I remember buying that game when it came out, I was so disgusted and insulted by just how horrifically bad and glitchy it was, I think I played it for about 2 hours and when I moved out of that house I left the game there. Granted I was... 19 when that game came out so I guess that makes a difference, for me the Sonic games I played as a kid were the Genesis games when they came out. For me SA1 and SA2 are the best of the 3D games, with Heroes just behind them, but everything after that; 06, Black Knight, Lost Worlds, Forces, etc I would personally have preferred they'd never been made lol.

    Jonathan GarradJonathan Garrad4 månader sedan
  • Sometimes I feel ashamed being the only person on the planet who still likes Colors nonironically.

    NintendoTV64NintendoTV644 månader sedan
    • I like Colors.

      Michael EverettMichael EverettMånad sedan
  • Sonic forces is a good game

    aj gamezaj gamez4 månader sedan
    • I'm glad I made you laugh can we be friends

      aj gamezaj gamez2 månader sedan
    • I personally think its the least fun and interesting out of all the boost formula sonic games. Level design felt extremely bland compared to other boost games with too many straight hallways with no challenge and uninteresting 2D sections, the controls needed more polish (especially for classic sonic), the game was extremely automated at times and the story was underdeveloped. Its not awful, but it certainly isn't great by any means.

      Demetrius KafkoulasDemetrius Kafkoulas2 månader sedan
    • It's not a joke Sonic forces is a good game

      aj gamezaj gamez2 månader sedan
    • That's a very funny joke you got there. Made me laugh quite a bit

      Demetrius KafkoulasDemetrius Kafkoulas2 månader sedan
  • In my opinion the early 2000s was the golden age of sonic

    J DawsonJ Dawson4 månader sedan
  • Not gonna lie, I thought Al Jerico was a drug cartel leader.

    SteveCrafts2kSteveCrafts2k4 månader sedan
  • I really enjoyed your review. You nailed it.

    ZEZZEZ4 månader sedan
  • 5:38 lmao I can't believe I laughed so hard at this 🤣

    Sheikh USheikh U4 månader sedan