27 mar 2020
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I went on the AUSTIN SHOW to find love! Reminder that it's just a show and nothing serious heehheeheheh
STREAMED LIVE ON TWITCH: www.twitch.tv/quackityhq
THANKS TO RAJJ: www.twitch.tv/rajjpatel
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  • I went on the Rajjchelor to find love! Reminder that it's just a show and nothing serious heehheeheheh follow me on twitch: www.twitch.tv/quackityhq

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    • E

    • B

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    • 🥵

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    • Is your twitch subscriber only :)

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    • @Murtss what- body shaming is not pog

      Skye BeardSkye Beard2 månader sedan
  • 14:22

    •zay••zay•4 minuter sedan
  • I don’t like kaceytron

    jayden cloudjayden cloud3 timmar sedan
  • kacey is getting on my nerves

    xoxo bunnixoxo bunni4 timmar sedan
  • I think Kaceytron deserved to just burn in hell and not be on the show (Because of the Dream situation).

    ThatGamerCyanThatGamerCyan7 timmar sedan
  • isnt kandyland like 27 yrs old

    VaneVane8 timmar sedan
  • idk why but i can see the mia resident evil irl will be looking like sunflower😫 they are both so pretty!

    hellhell10 timmar sedan
  • 21:42

    Matyas DedekMatyas Dedek17 timmar sedan
  • Kacey kinda carried with Minx and Quincy

    DowntownDowntownDag sedan

    Arriella IslasArriella IslasDag sedan
  • I laughed so hard 😂

    depro 1o1 Gamingdepro 1o1 GamingDag sedan
  • this is the funniest shit i eva seen

    Put It In Reverse TerePut It In Reverse TereDag sedan
  • "Hello Alex" *2 secs later:* "What ur name?"

    synth -_-synth -_-Dag sedan
  • Quackty's son: dad how did you met my mother. Quackty: she won in a dating show and marred me

    Blaze بلايزBlaze بلايز2 dagar sedan
  • ,,I'm not gay BUT"

    Cociętoobchodzi PietrzykCociętoobchodzi Pietrzyk2 dagar sedan

    Quackity SIMPQuackity SIMP2 dagar sedan
  • kaceys such a mood tho

    Sarah KhanSarah Khan2 dagar sedan
  • So why is he sitting in the kitchen-

    1nstant_ Regret__1nstant_ Regret__3 dagar sedan
  • where's karl

    NechonotNekoNechonotNeko3 dagar sedan
  • Kandy land died 2 months later of covid 19

    iamharry1404iamharry14043 dagar sedan
  • I’ve seen her! With the black jacket her real name is baddy

    Althea MontecilloAlthea Montecillo3 dagar sedan
  • If sunflower went to be a teacher in any other grade higher than 1st, her kids would never learn anything and they’d always be distracted for a reason you should already know

    Redwolf 312Redwolf 3123 dagar sedan
  • Slappy was actually really cute

    Kwnstantina RountiKwnstantina Rounti4 dagar sedan
  • Its just a little fever. 1995 - 2020 kandyland

    Valentino sorhaindoValentino sorhaindo4 dagar sedan
  • I'm will kill my self or kill everyone for my sister 😊😊😊

    Sharmila RaneSharmila Rane4 dagar sedan
  • Girls fighting over a minecraft drug dealer, its epic

    AoiAoi5 dagar sedan
  • "I tried to be funmy like i thought you liked humor" GIRL- PLS

    ThatGirlJolandaThatGirlJolanda5 dagar sedan
  • "It sounds like a Disney show"😭

    ThatGirlJolandaThatGirlJolanda5 dagar sedan
  • me thinking quackity blushing

    John Michael Bob AñonuevoJohn Michael Bob Añonuevo5 dagar sedan
  • Comment who you would choose I would've chosen Sunflower

    Alex The Almost GreatAlex The Almost Great6 dagar sedan
  • wasnt kacey 29 or 30 in this? holy shit ur 19 like pls nO

    NotAPearchNotAPearch6 dagar sedan
  • not kacey

    jasmine elisejasmine elise6 dagar sedan
  • Did anybody notice lickithong wast there any more?

    Xavier LXavier L6 dagar sedan
  • I mean 13:10

    Xavier LXavier L6 dagar sedan
  • 1:01 ayo who that

    Xavier LXavier L6 dagar sedan
  • “If we’re gonna die we’re dying together” said by three people, quackity, and Bonnie and Clyde

    Oskar SchulmOskar Schulm6 dagar sedan
  • It looked like quackity hated love. It was hilarious😂

    DiNiKo gamingDiNiKo gaming6 dagar sedan
  • when he pulls out the capri sun and you just know he was an ipad kid from the start

    malakmalak7 dagar sedan
  • 21 the thing says 41 im worried

    Jemina IlmonenJemina Ilmonen7 dagar sedan
  • emily freaking jane :D

    Sophie Schulman-CahnSophie Schulman-Cahn7 dagar sedan
  • when people bring up Arabic i gasp i dont know why its like rare to see that lmao

    LeahIsntInnitLeahIsntInnit7 dagar sedan

    alyysiaaaalyysiaaa7 dagar sedan
  • Me seeing this 1 year later

    the guy is coolthe guy is cool8 dagar sedan
  • YESS

    the guy is coolthe guy is cool8 dagar sedan
  • Ah yes,a kitchen,the best place to attend love or host.

    ıtż_Đarknəssıtż_Đarknəss8 dagar sedan

    Basicaly i do STUPID STUFBasicaly i do STUPID STUF8 dagar sedan
  • they way he's just on the kitchen lmao

    Namjoons Lost AirpodsNamjoons Lost Airpods8 dagar sedan
  • Honestly minx is my favorite

    Pop CatPop Cat8 dagar sedan
  • I think quackity had a plan for this

    Jacob MangobaJacob Mangoba8 dagar sedan
  • "lickithong" u mean the pokemon lickitong?

    kageyama's sisterkageyama's sister9 dagar sedan
  • 7:13 *She really though tho*

    StuffStuff9 dagar sedan
  • This is Like a Scene where You Become a Traitor To Your Friends


    KarlinaKarlina9 dagar sedan
  • Ok

    YoshiBobYoshiBob9 dagar sedan
  • im as tall as quackity and im 9 LOL

    Bacon ShowcasesBacon Showcases9 dagar sedan
  • You can’t deny it, you’re still 4.7 inches

    GlitcheedGlitcheed10 dagar sedan
  • Kandyland is so annoying i cant stand her

    marly prymarly pry10 dagar sedan
  • why is quakity in the kitchen

    Lance VehemeneteLance Vehemenete10 dagar sedan
  • Kandy saying Coronavirus is just a flu...this aged well

    WatchingYoutube17WatchingYoutube1710 dagar sedan
  • Quackity: "All women do is lie" Literally half the women on this show: "Time to lie"

    SirJeffersREBELSirJeffersREBEL10 dagar sedan
  • ok but kandylands accent is too swedish

    E r iE r i10 dagar sedan
  • Invite me to a show to just watch I'm act funny as fuck bruh

    Shawn GudatShawn Gudat10 dagar sedan
  • its almost 2 am i have 3 exams tomorrow that i havent studied for and im watching this fml

    Extra ThiccExtra Thicc11 dagar sedan
  • kacey was high the whole time!

    wilson jimwilson jim11 dagar sedan
  • Quincy: I think it was just one night ya know Quackity: oh no I found multiple

    神Stealth神Stealth11 dagar sedan
  • Minx is the best fuckin person in this show

    Anti ChillinAnti Chillin11 dagar sedan
  • There fighting for quackity

    The AceThe Ace11 dagar sedan
  • the sweds don't really care about covid lets be honest here all my sweds

    dav raf Carterdav raf Carter11 dagar sedan
  • 5:42 when u see ur bad report card

    Pablo moralesPablo morales11 dagar sedan
  • umm this actually ruined my child hood bc i didnt know quackitys real name is alex :ooooo

    Zoey Xian BarilZoey Xian Baril11 dagar sedan
  • Minx was a whole mood and I fucking loved it

    NatsumiNatsumi11 dagar sedan
  • Yo lo sabía BSHHAYSDLMbhahaha dios

  • I like a lot watching Quackity videos, but he seems a little sexist, in his videos he do jokes about sexism but i understand dark humor and i don´t get offended for that kind of jokes, but here he is being a lot more natural and he is a little bit sexist no joke.

    goldezgoldez12 dagar sedan
  • "That sounds like a Disney show"

    Zoe Not04Zoe Not0412 dagar sedan
  • momo.

    Riley GrayRiley Gray12 dagar sedan
  • lmao kandy is a fucking SIMP

    Federico PittierFederico Pittier12 dagar sedan

    pog champpog champ12 dagar sedan
  • I seriously thought u were going to choose minx quackity😂tg its sunflower

    Bryer LarsonBryer Larson13 dagar sedan
  • 13:18 I’m just saying I’m 5 foot 10 in the 7th grade soooooo

    Rkent11 GamingRkent11 Gaming13 dagar sedan
  • Kandy is super... stupid?..

    kilunnokilunno13 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations on getting a wife mr quackity , our lord and saviour HAS FINALLY BRANG US SALVATION!!

    Uce UchihaUce Uchiha13 dagar sedan
  • how does kandy know how minx smells that is kinda sus???

    master shifumaster shifu13 dagar sedan
  • what is a suger daddy?

    master shifumaster shifu13 dagar sedan
  • i bet quacki was so embarrassed

    AcasultAcasult14 dagar sedan
  • My first reaction "IM SORRY BIG Q WAS ON LOVE OR HOST?!" No offence lol

    •Ër4Ør_Ãvä••Ër4Ør_Ãvä•14 dagar sedan
  • well I’m 4’7

    TheMackSimulator 6TheMackSimulator 614 dagar sedan
  • I like Mix, and love watching her fight back :>

    KatKat14 dagar sedan
  • Seeing Kacey here makes my blood boil but at least she didn't talk much.

    チェリーCherryチェリーCherry14 dagar sedan
    • same

      Jynx DododoJynx Dododo13 dagar sedan
  • Tits

    Daniel GarrettDaniel Garrett14 dagar sedan
  • 22:56 no bc i got up to get one too

    nikolai idknikolai idk14 dagar sedan
  • Little Ali is from Quebec dude AND I AM TOO SO IF QUACKITY don’t want her can I have her🥺

    Mikhaël CharpentierMikhaël Charpentier15 dagar sedan
  • idk i got super mad when kacey didn't get voted off first but im glad that she didn't win

    Anais RichardAnais Richard15 dagar sedan
  • EleeMoon aka MrsBeast lol

    Erik Lajos GrószErik Lajos Grósz15 dagar sedan
  • Quackitys a whole mood😂 dude really did his research, he ain't letting no one get over on him.

    Starlight ForeverStarlight Forever15 dagar sedan
  • I love Sunflower’s personality! 🥺🌻

    ꧁Delilah Nugget꧂꧁Delilah Nugget꧂16 dagar sedan
  • he kept the ugliest 4 and eliminated all the hot ones, great job xD

    Niveau LosNiveau Los16 dagar sedan
  • emily should have won (or sleppy)

    General kenobiGeneral kenobi16 dagar sedan
  • when i saw Kaceytron i was like i dont know you, but i already dont like you.

    JakeTheShireJakeTheShire18 dagar sedan
  • Over a year ago but a good decision to choose sunflower

    Ruben BautistaRuben Bautista18 dagar sedan
  • Can anyone tell me what's Host, I kinda wanna know about it

    PewDieFan no1PewDieFan no118 dagar sedan