Why billions of people won't eat pork (or why we don't know)

26 okt 2020
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"The Sacred Cow and the Abominable Pig, "1987 book by Marvin Harris about meat taboos: www.google.com/books/edition/The_Sacred_Cow_and_the_Abominable_Pig/_iUdAQAAIAAJ?hl=en
2015 paper about how chicken may have supplanted pork in ancient Middle Eastern diets (not free): link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10814-015-9083-2
2015 paper showing that pig-eating persisted among ancient Israelites, particularly those in the Northern Kingdom: www.researchgate.net/publication/275026551_Iron_Age_Pigs_New_Evidence_on_Their_Origin_and_Role_in_Forming_Identity_Boundaries

  • umm you forgot to mention that pork and wine are prohibited in Christian bible too lol look it up

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  • imo, Wild Boar + Man = Pig (man has been messed with) 🙄

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  • 8:20...you might want to look into that city you pictured, i suspect it is Cyrene in Libya, a city established in the first or second century BC, like most Roman cities, they used the effluent from their relatively sophisticated toilet systems...as fertilizer, they tilled the fields with the waste that they had pre mixed with lime, and left the field fallow for a year, this was easy because they divided their land into 3 or 4 sections thus never exhausting the soil, they also used CROP ROTATION, from the era of THIS city, Roman agriculture grew much larger, ...this was practiced up until recently when artificial super phosphates came online....i dont think they ever had pig farms here though, sorry....this little commentary referencing Cato's Agri Cultura, you might find amusing..."The Romans did not have the fight against sour land which is the heritage of the modern farmer after years of continuous application to his land of phosphoric and sulphuric acid in the form of mineral fertilizers. What sour land the Romans had they corrected with humus making barnyard manure, or the rich compost which Cato and Columella recommend. They had, however, a test for sourness of land which is still practised even where the convenient litmus paper is available. Virgil (Georgic II, 241) gives the formula: "Fill a basket with soil, and strain fresh water through it. The taste of water strained through sour soil will twist awry the taster's face".....yikes.

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    • What makes you say that?

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  • Be safe...eat bat soup.

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  • I always remember the story when jesus sent demons into pigs and then they drowned. But I eat pork with thanksgiving ☺️

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  • I 've eaten a lot of pork but not necessarily because I prefer it to other types of meat. About five years ago I read an article online about the parasites that pigs carry. It also stated that they ate cancerous growths off each other. This article went into great detail about all the chemicals in processed pork products. I avoided pork for a few years until bacon and spare ribs looked absolutely delicious.

    AnomynousAnomynous2 timmar sedan
  • I always had the idea that someone important had gotten food poisoning from eating pork and that started the ban.

    fanofthefollowingfanofthefollowing3 timmar sedan
  • When i was in 10th grade, my history teacher said that eating pigs were taboo to the islamic because they competed for water and in a desert, water is hard to come by. I still dont believe that there was no reason for a taboo. I just finished the vid and saw what i basically said.

    Carlos RosarioCarlos Rosario3 timmar sedan
  • Big concern for eating pork is tape worm. In Vietnam, I avoided eat pork due to the blue ear pig epidemic, Products of CCP biological warfare labs.

    Larry LamLarry Lam4 timmar sedan
  • Man i love bacon...

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  • Well he is right about Hindus not eating pork .we don't have any forbidden law but in India specially in northern part it's actually a cultural thing ..I eat chicken and mutton but I could never eat pork😅

    Shrishti KashyapShrishti Kashyap5 timmar sedan
  • I feel like if you eat it, you should at the very least honor the animals you eat: seworld.info/will/gom2psuur3il0J8/video

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    • Your username tells me you’re the type of person to comment this.

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  • Whoa whoa whoa, I raise chickens for eggs and you have to keep them and the coop clean so they don’t get stressed therefore creating more eggs. Oh and there are no such thing as “Northern Jews.” In the southern kingdom mostly consisted of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. The northern kingdom consisted of the tribes of the other 10 brothers, regularly referred to as just Israel. Israel today still consists of the tribes Judah and Benjamin, and Jews come from the tribe of Judah. The northern kingdom is scattered among the face of the earth.

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  • carion is not rotten meat it is meat not killed by the animal eating it. But in muslim case not Halal

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  • Didn't know Markiplier had a cooking channel

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  • this was fascinating.

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  • Well the answer is simple ...theres a Christian believer and muslim believer... If your are non of the above you can eat it...

  • I don't eat pork because Pigs are intelligent.

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  • The Tora and the Bible are recordings of revelations thru a righteous person or Prophet to Gods children on the earth.... Amos 3:7... "Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets". ... if he reveals not to covet... you will figure out why.... you've gone thru many details of what swines eat, ... and they were not kept animals in ancient times as we do today... when people are in famine, they will eat anything too... even swine... or humans... some just want to obey God... and don't question why... because obedience is the first commandment of our God.... hope my views help a tiny bit...

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  • We didn't notice that he looks more like model in that t-shirt.

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  • ssWhat you exclude and barely touch upon are two things, and that they are that the pig has no ancient ancestor and is a biological mystery as to its origins and has no other ancestor other than its cousin the boar and the hog and all are hybrid animals with a relationship biologically to the rodent. The pig, as you mentioned, has no true excretory system and does not effectively get rid of its waste through its skin as other animals effectively do, therefore, it retains much of the salt and sodium waste that otherwise would be excreted through its skin and since it cannot get rid of its waste properly because it has no sweat glands. The metabolized waste of the Pig becomes a part of the animal since it does not properly excrete waste through perspiration and normal digestive process as other animals do. The normal digestive process facilitates the means by which toxins and poisons are removed from its body. The pig retains a high capacity of sodium, and since a pig does not sweat, the toxins remain within its body and in the meat and this is why the symbol of the Bank is the Pig, because allegedly what goes in "Should stay within the Piggybank or at least be released slowly" in order to have proper wealth retention of what goes in must stay within is key. Because it has a much different digestive system than from other animals, the pig has a tube on its hind legs that allows for slowly secretes or exports much of its waste through a pus-like formation and the meat of the pig has to be cooked at a much higher temperature to kill inherent parasitic worms. The swine and pigs have over a dozen parasites within them, such as tapeworms, flukes, worms, and trichinae, and because of that, you will never eat raw or have a rare or medium-rare piece of pig meat ever. There is no safe temperature at which pork can be cooked to ensure that all these parasites, their cysts, and eggs will be killed. Pig meat has twice as much fat as beef. What you fail to realize or mention is that Biblically and Qurancially is that God forbid this food as it will speed up the Death Process of its eater and anything antithetical to Life is probably what the Bible and the Quran were attempting to get across to its adherents and readers.

    Cortez CharlesCortez Charles11 timmar sedan
  • wait .. what ? the bible forbids eating pork ?

    Mior KhairiMior Khairi11 timmar sedan
  • The first thing swine's flesh does when you consume it is, it begins to consume you, and attacks your immune system. It provokes & promotes the malignancy of cancer cells. Although raised on pork, I have come to realize that bacon and ham lovers like the smokey & sweet taste added in the smoking process. Anything that will eat it's own feces is not a desirable food no matter how you twist and strain the truth to legitimize your palate for it. Notwithstanding the foregoing facts, swine were kept as garbage disposals, and a source of incomparable brush bristles, and we're good for clearing land as they would root out & up stubborn brush and drive out snakes, ground hogs, moles, etc. They were a cheap but unhealthy source of protein to those that would risk their consumption.

    Jon West SrJon West Sr12 timmar sedan
    • Dude I have no idea what you’re smoking, I could pan fry an unseasoned unaltered porkchop and it’d still be delicious.

      DogolDogol6 minuter sedan
  • Adam is that kid who tries to look smart but doesn’t have enough info to prove it

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    • Nah he gave plenty of very interesting proof

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  • Probably BC they eat 'trash' and rol in mud etc

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  • Pork meat is close to human meat, also pigs eat their own excrements.

    1000 Subs With No Video?1000 Subs With No Video?15 timmar sedan
    • Goats and chicken also can do that as well.

      Daniel CuevasDaniel Cuevas10 timmar sedan
  • Pork is forbidden in Islam because it is inherently impure and by this it is meant it eats filth. Historically pork has been thus widely accepted in a somewhat poorer societies because itgave lots of meat, caring for it was easy as it could literally live in filth and eat filth. Cost of upbringing was damn cheap

    Mohammad RahmanMohammad Rahman16 timmar sedan
  • Pork is a animal made to eat waste or clean the earth. Just look what they eat

    Anthony 2019Anthony 201916 timmar sedan
  • ill stick with chicken and beef thank you! In fact I probably should cut beef as well!

    Sid SinSid Sin16 timmar sedan
  • You do NOT know everything. STAY AWAY FROM SWINE !!

    HonestFozHonestFoz17 timmar sedan
    • Why do you think you know better than him?

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  • sir my culture is not the matter of your opinion

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    • I don’t think that’s the point of this video

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  • This might be the next liberal president. This person took facts and twisted them into "Convenient" truths. The swine does not perspire. It is a garbage can. I'm sure this guy would be happy to advertise possum pie or rat stew if someone was willing to pay him for manipulating facts. Remember, the bigger the lie, the easier it is to believe. The more often it is told, the more people believe it is a fact. Pork is a waste of calories. Back in the 70's the USDA deemed it useless. Thanks to lobbyists that give people who lie with statistics the ability to twist facts into "Convenient" truths, the new "White meat" was marketed. Pork is crap. Don't eat it.

    Dennis HandelDennis Handel17 timmar sedan
  • Pigs are scavengers. A Recycling animal, not for eating but for cleaning the environment.

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  • We must not promote something which is forbidden by our Holi book in the name of business...we must dear God the almighty.

    Sk Abdul muzidSk Abdul muzid18 timmar sedan
  • If you are are a Christian you must not do what is forbidden by Jesus and Bible (peace be upon him).

    Sk Abdul muzidSk Abdul muzid18 timmar sedan
  • In Bible more than 3places and in Qur'an more than 4places mentioned not to eat pork....if you are Muslim or Christian you must not eat pork....it's totally forbidden.....

    Sk Abdul muzidSk Abdul muzid18 timmar sedan
  • Regular pork eaters are found hypertension, obsession,Heart attacks more in numbers..that's why US is suffering from it.

    Sk Abdul muzidSk Abdul muzid18 timmar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/rY-X2MbJmmRonZs/video

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  • Mary Douglass did an exhaustive study of the purity laws in Deuteronomy, and concluded that what makes something "impure" is that it violates or doesn't fit neatly into categorical systems for organizing the world. Because the very existence of liminal creatures or substances calls into question the sense of order which categorical systems provided, they represent the threat of chaos and death. Mixed fabrics - cotton/wool blends etc. are "impure" because they are neither one substance nor another. Shrimp are impure because they live in water like fish, but have legs like land creatures. They don't neatly fit into either category. Deviations from heterosexual norms are prohibited because they call into question the binary categories of male and female. And pigs are unclean because they fit neither into the category of clove-hoof creatures which chew their cud, nor into the category of non-cloved, non-cud-chewing animals. The boxes and categories we use to understand and organize our world provide a sense of order in the face of chaos, and anything which doesn't fit threatens that sense of order, and invites the sense of chaos.

    nimonusnimonus19 timmar sedan
  • Human tastes like pork. As you said, pigs are similar to humans. Similar to the point that we use them as a substitute to human cadavers. Maybe that's why? (Just a theory, don't rain down fire and brimstone on me, please)

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  • 👎🏿

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  • I'll take the Qur'an's.

    deep Savannahdeep Savannah20 timmar sedan
  • At Salt Blade salami in Seattle, WA we only use Olson Farms pork (some beef) from Colville,WA and it rocks! Anyone remember when we called it the"other white meat"?

    Bill MorganBill Morgan20 timmar sedan
  • Maybe it's because pigs make a mess rooting around in the dirt and they smell terrable.

    Chris B.Chris B.21 timme sedan
  • Hi Adam, I hope you could take the time to go through my comment, The real story of some people not consuming pork is long ago the people who lived in middle east hunted and ate pork / wild boar, Its Mohammed their preacher who created these rules claiming (its a dirty animal living in filth) that was his argument, In india people eat meat and pork its not ristricted to Christians even we Hindus eat pork, Our ancestors hunted and ate pork they even worshipped a Devine form called VARHA AVATAR of lord vishnu who carried the planet earth between his horns, After islam entered India in the 12th century they started prohibiting pork as its haram for them they even went about vandalizing Hindu temples with depiction of Varaha/ wild boar, Please dont generalise and Include us Indian Hindus with muslims of the world, There are certain sects / caste of people in the Hindu culture called Bhramins, lingayaths etc who dont eat any meat......But it doesn't mean Hindus dont eat meat, Only Beef is a taboo for all Hindus as its considered too holy and rightfully so it used to be the sole wealth of a farmer India being a nation relying on farming a male bull is used to till the land a female Cow gives milk and the various nutritious by products like curd butter ghee/clarified butter cream etc...., The dung is used as manure and dried and used with fire wood to cook so there you go Cattle are a sacred possession of Hindus.....

    vinish shettyvinish shetty22 timmar sedan
  • The final point of using it to differentiate doesn't make sense, since it was part of their holy books already. It wasn't adapted later.

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    • I was thinking this when he got to that part. Everything else was interesting though

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  • great video.

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  • They have to put something on The death certificate

    Michael DavisMichael DavisDag sedan
  • I’m an atheist but am ethnically Muslim, my father who is a Muslim and I both eat pork though he avoids it for the most part. He always told me that the pork ban was because of disease from the pork in ancient civilisations and their poor health standards. This video was very informative.

    Sani WadaSani WadaDag sedan
  • Something tells me that "Adam" does not have much firsthand knowledge of pigs, nor any such source, or the livestock industry, which shouldn't surprise us. That's why I don't like having to spend time trying to get something worth knowing from SEworld. It's not curated by content, just how many < synonym here> watch it. Oh, well.

    Marc BachmanMarc BachmanDag sedan
    • Why’d you put quotes around “Adam”?

      DogolDogol3 minuter sedan
  • I don't eat pork, chicken, beef, farmed fish, etc., due to the disgusting/bestial conditions they're reared in, the chemically treated food they eat, the forests the destroy to grow their food, the gas they fart into the atmosphere, etc,etc....

    Alfred ReithermannAlfred ReithermannDag sedan
    • Dude I couldn’t give less of a shit about GMOs or chemically modified food

      DogolDogol2 minuter sedan
  • Here in the Torah 1:04 Wipes out the Holy Bible

    SafiyaSafiyaDag sedan
  • Although I eat pork once in a while and I love a well-prepared ham, but I feel a kind of conscientious. Pigs are very intelligent animals. They can become excellent pets and friends to us. Maybe the taboo originated from that feeling of the early Israelites. Who knows?

    Antoine CompagnoniAntoine CompagnoniDag sedan
  • I am an exmuslim but I still don't eat pork , because it looks gross and disgusting .

    Jim JumaaJim JumaaDag sedan
    • I always found it delicious

      DogolDogol2 minuter sedan
  • Story of the pork. God crate pig/ pork on noah ark, to clean it from animal pup

    r bsr bsDag sedan
  • The main take away from this is , it is good that different segments and groups of humanity eat different species of animals, the reason being there will be lesser competition and conflicts for scarce resources, if everyone wants to eat the same food animal then there will be heightened competition for that animal. If different human groups eat food animal that the other doesnt eat , then there is no food fight and competition that may lead to wars and land conquering . As it is now, non pork eaters leave pork eaters alone to do their own eating, it may raise an eyebrow, and disapproving clucks, but food wars are averted.

    Shenglee ChenShenglee ChenDag sedan
  • Markiplier's more cultured cousin

    khalil mteirekkhalil mteirekDag sedan
  • 10:00 Surprisingly chickens, depending on their size can eat mice and frogs, if given the opportunity. They are omnivores.

    _Paws__Paws_Dag sedan
  • thats why we eat vegetables we called as hinduism..got it.

    Kumar TrendzzKumar TrendzzDag sedan
  • Pork is haram , what else do you want? Hehhh !!!!!

    Frontal AsliFrontal AsliDag sedan
  • Pigs are good for Europe, more for us.......the middle east dosnt deserve pigs

    Ryan TremperRyan TremperDag sedan
    • now that’s edgy as fuck!

      DogolDogolMinut sedan
  • They will eat ANYTHING. That’s why.

    Nesha CruzNesha CruzDag sedan
  • Ever seen what a chicken eats? Ever seen what a duck eats? Mine loved beef and pork and lamb. They would even eat chicken. My ducks ate any critters. Including frogs. I still remember how each of my four ducks grabbed one foot of a frog and the frog was devoured. Peking duck anyone?

    Frank BurjanFrank BurjanDag sedan
  • I love pork schnitzel.

    Frank BurjanFrank BurjanDag sedan
  • stupid arguement

    Thanreiyo ZimikThanreiyo ZimikDag sedan
    • What argument was he trying to make? It was an informative video where he wondered why people dislike pork. It’s not like he was trying to persuade you of anything.

      DogolDogol13 sekunder sedan
  • Eating pork while watching this video hits different

    JoJoDag sedan
  • You're not a believer you're a scientist,its clear for believers in the holly books that they shouldn't eat pork and thats what they follow. You will never get a clear evidence of not eating pork as well as scientist wouldn't get evidence of existence of God who created me and you. Pig is dirty while chicken is clean,if you split a kerosene on pork, worms evolve but neither with chicken.

    bushira musabushira musaDag sedan
  • I heard every time you eat 2 strips of bacon a pig goes to heaven ,, so i try to eat as much as i can

    brad fiserbrad fiserDag sedan
  • A cat or a dog , would do anything to keep their selves clean ... I have never seen them rubbing their backs in the shit

    Adriana Bonita AzizAdriana Bonita AzizDag sedan
    • @Chris B. I'm sorry but if she wasn't immune neither are you. *Their* not there.

      Baron FeydBaron Feyd20 timmar sedan
    • Dogs role on anything and everything eat there own poop and vomit cat poop is one of my sister's dogs favorite snacks which is why the litterbox is behind a baby gate.. You don't know dogs.

      Chris B.Chris B.20 timmar sedan
    • Then you have never owned a dog. Dogs often roll around in dead carcasses to cover their scent so they can hunt. A hold over from when they were wolves. Evolution for the WIN. *Themselves* clean.

      Baron FeydBaron FeydDag sedan
  • We muslim doesnt really care why we are not allowed to eat pork because it is stated in the Quran that if Allah says something then just follow it and dont question it

    AxyAxyDag sedan
  • You have the same translation of the Qur'an , as I do. Unfortunately , I realised that this is not a really accurate translation. I'll translate the Qur'an all by by self . In Shaa Allah.

    Adriana Bonita AzizAdriana Bonita AzizDag sedan
  • Yes, history is always taken out of context and used in a preferential way.

    z borgz borgDag sedan
  • I'm eating pork while watching this

    HAOHAODag sedan
  • As I have heard pigs eat human shit that's why most people avoid eating pork.

    Nathen xpNathen xpDag sedan
  • With respect I am a Muslim and you’re programme does show information which is highly appreciated I have no interest on disputing the above I there fore would like to ask you a simple question from you’re programmed As I do not have knolidge of animal tearing Could you please show with clear evidence as you clearly stated that goats do or will eat human poop Hope to hear from you soon Many thanks

    nurul goninurul goniDag sedan
    • What about the description?

      Daniel CuevasDaniel CuevasDag sedan
    • theres 10000+ comments and I dont think hes going to reply to yours

      HAOHAODag sedan
  • He's eyes are too close together... freaks me out!!!!

    KingDong McLongKingDong McLongDag sedan
  • Islam says Pigs were created for the Ark to recycle all the animals poop hence it’s meat became forbidden to consume.

    Shon KhanShon KhanDag sedan
  • Poor old pigs

    julian shepherdjulian shepherdDag sedan
  • Alongside swine, the Torah forbids camel meat commonly consumed in the middle east. Torah also forbids crustaceans, crab, prawn, fish without scales, bats, snakes, hare etc.

    blessindia1blessindia1Dag sedan
  • It doesn’t matter if they were clean before living in the forest- what matters is the fact that they can live in gross conditions- they WILL eat shit! Why on earth would you put that inside your system 🤢nasty!

    The Urban Crystal HealerThe Urban Crystal HealerDag sedan
  • Pigs are nasty.

    RobertRobertDag sedan
  • Its economic perhaps pigs need more water and the mid east is dry?

    Johnny PlunkettJohnny PlunkettDag sedan
  • The upper classes in Hindus are often vegetarian (not always) because they can afford to be. The silent majority enjoys their meat quietly but due to expense, rarely.

    Romi DograRomi DograDag sedan

    Mad BrawlerMad BrawlerDag sedan
  • pigs are scavengers...we are what we eat....

    mikha007mikha007Dag sedan
  • Hey Adam, this video helped me correctly answer a jeopardy clue! Thanks :)

    4D Chess4D ChessDag sedan
  • 🐖 is the only peaceful being in the Islamic world.

    SoorajSoorajDag sedan
  • I don’t eat pork because I’m allergic

    Destinee AdamsDestinee AdamsDag sedan
  • You don’t need scholarly sources to look at a pig and see it’s dirty AF lol

    Exodus fivesixfivesixExodus fivesixfivesixDag sedan
  • Bible is 1 book not 2..take out the middle page..he is the same forever

    Donna TierneyDonna TierneyDag sedan
  • Pigs don't sweat,, and they hold all toxins and poisons within.. even their neighbours poop they will eat,,, even yours if you put it down..God says..if he says..I believe

    Donna TierneyDonna TierneyDag sedan
  • I rarely eat pork cause I dont like the flavor of it it's just so bland to me.

    GrowmanceGrowmanceDag sedan
  • I'm from a place called coorg in Karnataka... India, pork is our main dish & v luv it 👍, but ur right most people in India avoid pork.

    Biondi SubbaiahBiondi SubbaiahDag sedan
  • Just eat your pig and stop trying to justify eating animals

    Copper Skin AcademyCopper Skin AcademyDag sedan
  • Pork is the most delicious meat in the whole wide world. Period. I eat them almost everyday. I am from Northeast of India.

    Mathew AndrewsMathew AndrewsDag sedan
  • In Ancient times there were lots of FAMINES which sometimes resulted in cannibalism because there was nothing left to eat. Pigs (supposedly) taste the closest to humans so they were then banned from being eaten. Theory here is that people wouldn't be so edible if you didn't know how tasty we are. Religions then put their 2 cents in to prevent human consumption of other humans and here we are today where there is only occasional cannibalism.

    Jim MzikJim MzikDag sedan
  • Spent many summers on a farm Goats do eat poop ,Dont feed them for 2 weeks and lets see what they will eat

    The WatcherThe WatcherDag sedan
  • (1) I would love to do some more research and respond properly ;) (2) I know the main point in Islam is the purity of what we consume, our earnings, food, etc... The purity aspect of pigs in general, would love to more research. And the point we leave them as such, what about the other animals, in similar conditions, would they do the same? I am not sure, need to do more research. (3) I understand the need for others who grew up in a certain culture. For those who didn't, I mean we have all the animals in the world we can eat, why care if we can't eat one or two. It makes absolutely no difference, we are not dying of hunger etc... and that's why I guess no one need to research. (4) And for those faith based individuals. For them it is simply, if it is said, like for alcohol, interest and many other vices, stay away from pork, for whatever reason, understood or not, well he is the expert in the creation so I would just listen and do better things like world hunger, social reforms etc...

    Hassan MasoodHassan MasoodDag sedan
    • @shen 92 Hi Shen. I am not sure if that is a fair conclusion. The Qur'an itself is called a criterion (Ch 25). The purpose of it to set the criteria on theology, morality, social reforms, interactions, and so forth. It sets the vision, what we should do, and what we should stay away from for our own good. The above is then supported (additional information) by the actions and the sayings of the Prophet ﷺ. And then we have further the companions of the Prophet ﷺ who lived with him and the scholars and so forth after. To take one of your examples, the qur'an talks about fasting, and when we don't have to fast (e.g. traveling, sick or so on) but other logistics are then derived from the Prophet ﷺ sayings and actions. The logistics of when to start our fast, when to break it, and the actions during the fast and so on. And one might think, why not put everything in one place. It is one giant book which for someone like me would be daunting, why not put it into those think books. We wouldn't have to worry about the authenticity of a narration and so much more can be avoided. I didn't think of this until this video tbh, so thank you Adam. I now see it, it is because the application has to doable. The Prophet ﷺ didn't order others avoided what he preached, he did it himself, so the companions and the scholars afterwards since around year ~600. I mean now I can look back and say what excuse do I have if they also did it and in literally worse conditions than we have nowadays. The other reasoning is because of it allows flexibility in the applications. The scholars can differ on how the final variation looks like on some of trivial matters. And that fluidity makes it adaptable to lots of the moral culture we have around the world. It reminds of a case a friend of another faith had discussed with me (in the US). He spoke about his cousin whose husband had cheated on her. And because the family was on the conservative side, they are (now) forced to stay together and not seek divorce (because it says in the scripture). You now have a case where the wife has to live woman has to live, unwillingly, with a unfaithful man, and the man has to live with this woman who he was unfaithful with. This is what I think can happen, when the scriptures are dense, thick with so much information, and the application part is missing. The Qur'an is direct, as it reads in the second verse of the second chapter, and the "more information" comes from the application of the Prophet ﷺ. I mean many convert to Islam only by reading the qur'an so for them it is enough, and for many of us as well. And I think is a beauty by itself, those who even read a page, can learn something from it and improve their lives if they were seeking it. This of course needs a proper discourse. We can't generalize 1.8 billion people. Thanks for commenting though.

      Hassan MasoodHassan Masood16 timmar sedan
    • u know what i feel funny about this video as a Muslim is that Quran doesn't tell us much about why pork is banned ,in fact Quran doesn't tell us much about any thing at all. u know what's even more funny Quran doesn't even not tell us about how to worship, how many times a day to worship, where to worship and when to worship. I think Quran is only book which a billion of people read but have no idea what they are reading ,now ain't that a shame .

      shen 92shen 92Dag sedan
  • My great grandmother lived to 110 years old ate bacon everyday of her life, There's a lady in Brooklyn who lived to 116 years old she ate BACON grits & eggs every morning, You have people who don't eat pork but use drugs ,eat processed food drink Alcohol,and god knows what else

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