Why billions of people won't eat pork (or why we don't know)

26 okt 2020
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"The Sacred Cow and the Abominable Pig, "1987 book by Marvin Harris about meat taboos: www.google.com/books/edition/The_Sacred_Cow_and_the_Abominable_Pig/_iUdAQAAIAAJ?hl=en
2015 paper about how chicken may have supplanted pork in ancient Middle Eastern diets (not free): link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10814-015-9083-2
2015 paper showing that pig-eating persisted among ancient Israelites, particularly those in the Northern Kingdom: www.researchgate.net/publication/275026551_Iron_Age_Pigs_New_Evidence_on_Their_Origin_and_Role_in_Forming_Identity_Boundaries

  • Orthodox Jews don't eat pork only because God said so. No reason necessary. But that includes any other animal that doesn't have all the criteria as stated in the Torah. They don't eat shellfish either only because it is stated in the Torah as not having fins and gills. The Torah/God does not have to give reasons for man to understand.

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  • Actually Pigs Don't crap where they eat look it up

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  • “If I couldn’t eat pork or drink beer I’d fly a plane into a building too!”

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  • SEworld recommendation bring me to this

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  • In the Quran (the holy book of Islam) states that pigs eat poop and unhygienic materials that carry bad pathogens and bacteria’s that are in the meat, which doesn’t effect the pig but will effect the human digestive system thus it is haram ( banned from eating pork). The Quran has a ( to-eat or a not-to-eat list in it). Very helpful.

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  • If I wasn't non vegetarian I would be simply vegetarian. But chicken is lit

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  • Why would someone eat an animal that would have no problem eating them🤔

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  • Eww

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  • The main reason why the old testament prohibited these animals is bc they were worshipped, and most of the time eaten afterwards. So, it was a way to prevent God's children from partaking in their worship. This is bc in the old testament people were believing in God but they still doubted him a lot (ex. When they were in Egypt). It wasn't until the new testament where God allowed his people to eat anything (besides humans, blood, etc...) bc their faith was stronger and he has already washed their sins away with his blood. Thou, it says in the bible, if u think something is unclean to you, then it is unclean. It also says if u wanna be vegan, eat all animals, or eat some of them. it is ur choice and u shouldn't judge anyone else for doing it differently than u. God bless!

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  • Scientific name for pig

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    • Sus

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  • it s not segregating the culture. they just are not permitted to eat pork

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  • You forget the most important thing , a billion muslims don’t eat Pork because it is so commanded. We also don’t drink Alcohol or smoke cigarettes , at least those who actually follow Islam. That is the answer to your why. It’s a choice we make to obey, submit to a higher law. A Muslim is one who submit to the law of the creator. How can you make a video on Why and ignore that ? Your video is interesting from an archaeological perspective on why but you ignore the elephant in the room.

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  • Jewish law can be divided into 2 categories: laws that have a rationale provided to allow us to understand their purpose and laws that have no provided rationale. What foods are and are not kosher fall almost exclusively under that second umbrella. We can try as much as we want to come up with a rationale for these laws, but we'll never know the reason for sure.

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  • In the bible, leviticus 11, mod christian follow it, sda.

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  • No such place Ancient Isreal

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  • As a Christian who was always raised to see pigs as dirty and told to not eat them, this was extremely informative. Thank you.

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    • i want to try pig one day 🤫

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  • Man wrote a whole thesis because people think pigs are nasty and he doesnt

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  • Pigs are literally are humans in a different shape according to science, nice cannibalism

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  • Here in the Torah *opens a bible*

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  • Judaism and Christianity forbids pork too lmfao

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  • not true because pork with guns rioted humans in world war 1 2 and 3 now pork's no longer own guns due to peoples fear their wrath 😂😂

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  • 7:16 martin harris theory were voided when using on tropical rainforest climate. I live in one, pigs here eat anything they found. Even the region abundance with fruit and veggie, yet they still eat carcass and their own poops. Even shades is everywhere, they love rolling in the mud.

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  • Legit watching this while eating bacon lmaoo weirdos

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  • Pig eating poop

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  • I only eat bacon 🥓 but prefer beef and sheep.

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  • Thoughts before seeing this; They say cannibals say human flesh taste like pork. That's the reason I was Given for them not eating pork

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  • Why pig is forbidden to eat is because pig is sus

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  • Goat sheep chicken won't eat poop because is not in it and if it is that will be one in a billion but pigs it's is biological must eat poop garage and those pig eater they all have pig belly most of them and extra weight unhealthy body physically slow activities and too much pressure organ part and it cause others health problems and start taking pills and more ten name and in the end organ part not working and suffering or pain many way than Death and if someone lay down railway track one times say Ahhhhh and much better than eating pork

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  • Jews don’t eat pork because: A pig will eat shit A pig will eat another pig Basically a pig is completely unclean and it’s viewed that the unclean behavior passes into the meat. That’s why we also don’t eat shellfish Shellfish eat shit. We also don’t eat predators either.

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  • Good video

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  • I think Mohammad favorite animal is pig. So he said muslims don't consume pork.

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  • In muslim is not allowed to eat pork

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  • I still eat pork.

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  • Also the Bible disregards eating pig but you know...

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  • pig is a shameless dirty animal.. its meat is forbidden in bible n quran.

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    • @Kevin Nguyen I disagree. And even if I couldn't see God and the creator in everything. I was born in Los Angeles and have undeniable proof the devil exists.

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    • @Javiad Khaliq religion is fiction

      Kevin NguyenKevin Nguyen3 dagar sedan
    • @Drew R Religion is fiction

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    • @Javiad Khaliq It wasn't the life of the passover lamb that saved the people from judgment. It was the death of it. So God put forth his very best. One without Sin.

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    • @Javiad Khaliq My God does not require the blood of a lamb as Sacrifice Javiad. You should know this.

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  • Noooooooo body should not eat this shit

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  • This is why we have to build sheds for pig farms.

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  • So trichinosis is why my great grandpa ate his bacon BLACK

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  • Common sense "You are what you eat"

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    • So we are poultry just cause we eat poultry ??? "common sense"

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  • Religion poisons everything

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  • This made me so hungry

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  • So if the things are like this then I guess you can justify eating dogs,cats,rats and even cockroaches like the East Asians...

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  • Please follow islam don't eat pork meat because this very harmful for human please follow islam. Islam is a true way to alive in society good and healthy.

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  • Pork is cheaper compared to other. That's why.

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  • U wanna eat pork go on man ... nobody stopped you !!! Just don't talk bs

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  • this is such top quality research like your benefit of iron pots and why fructose corn syrup is bad, its impressive the range of things you cover with such natural skill

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  • So some dudes in bc didnt like pork and decided nobody should. Makes sense

  • May be for economic reason of the region on those days, they would have incorporated into their religion to avoid buying/trading in pork, into central Asia. Local to keep consuming local domesticated foods. Just like Swiss Dairy Mafia of recent days.

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  • "They basically eat what we eat" Ahh,yes,pig eat pig

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  • Influenza is the most likely reason.

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  • From a religious point of view (which Adam totally ignored) we don't claim that we know the reason why some animals like pork are forbidden. We just have enough evidence to believe that these books, in Muslims' case Quran is a revelation from the creator who created Everything, including pigs and knows his creation the best. Now how do the creator puts our belief to the test? He commanded us to do and not do certain things like not eating pork for example. We don't need to know why because it wouldn't be a test that we pass if we are given the whole explanation because then it would be for obvious logical reasons and not faith or belief. That being said, in Quran there are a lot of evidence that it is a revelation from a divine power, then there are some parts to put us and our belief to the test. It makes total sense from a religious point of view. Islam means "submission" to the creator btw and logically, that submission has to be put to the test. If you don't believe in these books then you're not part of the test and I don't see any reason why you shouldn't eat pork because there isn't any clear scientific reason not to as far as I know.

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  • Cannibals say human tastes like pork so for me that’s a turn off

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  • You are what you eat! I'm sure we all have heard of that.

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    • Idiot

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    • so you are a goat if you eat goat meat?

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  • Omnivores animals are prohibited in Abraham's religions. Pig eats both plant and meat. However goats don't. In abraham's religions animals with disections in hooves like goats bufallos are halal (permited) etc except pigs becuase they are omnivores. Any animals that eats meat and obviously bloof in it is prohibited just like carnivores. Birds have their own classification, if they are permitted or not. Islam and all abraham's religions emphasise that eating will have certain impacts on your life. Hence eating an animals that eats any kind of meat/blood is simply prohibted. I hope this helps.

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  • you do not know why pork is taboo there is clearly mention pork is taboo cause pigs eat there own shit in other Islamic books

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  • Pigs are ugly af pls.

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  • The Bible

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  • Was wondering about this

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  • The one thing i can add is we don't eat animals that eat meat i don't know the reason but even if there is no reason we obay allah

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  • I know if pork is delicious meat. But, God don't allow human to eat that.

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  • We not hate pig. But Allah said not to eat

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  • Haram detected

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  • When i asked my muslim grandfather he said that he was taught that pigs were humans punished by their god. Idk if this was true though because he wasnt that religious and was expelled because he married a christian.

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  • Christianity also forbidden to eat pork.

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    • No it doesn't.

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  • This video didnt really changed my opinion on pigs, meaning i still wont eat it. Even if i wanted to eat pig my country doesnt sell them so no point :/ Either way good video

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  • If you're trying to figure out why they think pork is unclean, you'll be disgusted to learn that they consider sewer water to be clean enough to drink and bathe with

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    • Umm no

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  • Moving aside from religion He missed a lot of key points on why pork is the most dangerous meat when compared to other farm animals . He didn’t mention that pork increases the chance of colon cancer by 18%. And also pork liver has a high chance of giving you hepatitis E also the fact that digestive system of the pig take a lot longer to digest food when compared to other animals meaning when they consume stuff like their faeces ect it will stay in their system for a while . Also he used the fact that they don’t sweat as a positive when in reality when animals sweat it releases harmful toxins but for a pig it can’t do that . Also the pig is the animal with the closest resemblance to humans as in they have similar hearts and skin ect. Also they are one of a few animals that can eat the dead (even humans) fully not leaving anything behind For this reason a lot of criminals have fed there victims to pigs in the past and also there are cases where pigs are their owners fully . Ok now ama give my take on the video ,everyone can agree pigs are the filthiest animal in the animal kingdom yet he tries to find points to argue his point that pork is good and it has no drawbacks to health he compares it to red meat and chicken which is known to be an extremely reliable source of protein with that is good nutrition for humans while pig is a fatty meat that in general is bad for health than it is good. I got a slight under tone that he was offended by the comment of sallahdin about how the franks streets are dirty that is why he made a sly comment towards the end in a sarcastic tone . Like I don’t understand why you would take offense about something that happened centuries ago and is not about you🤣. Another thing he should of touched up on is that Christianity also forbids swine meat but even if it’s stated in the bible it wasn’t and isn’t practiced by Christians . This point solidifies that nearly all religions forbid it not just the 2 . Anyway in conclusion the video had potential but the lack of information and the desperation for him to argue and prove his point made it useless . It brought point which is the one disease and stuck with it throughout the video without researching the 100s of other critical points that can prove the dangers of swine meat.

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    • cope

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  • "I never eat a pig cause a pig is a cop"

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  • Chickens don't just eat grain. I have seen them eat grass, mice, small snakes, and lots and lots of bugs.

    john wymanjohn wyman6 dagar sedan
  • Pork is the best

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  • 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

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  • Bruh I just ate 24 oz of pork chop for dinner

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    • im sure your mom is proud

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  • My guy you just freaking said the Muslims wanted to differentiate ourselves from those crusaders To me it sounds as if your trying to say a bunch of people wrote the Quran the rules and made the whole religion Islam, I think not, Islam is the only Correct religion it has scientific facts that were only discovered recently and there is a Quran that dates back 1400 yrs back and has scientific facts cba to go on I highly recommend that whoever reads this that you drop your arrogance and go find out about Islam it’s not as bad as think it is

    saif majidsaif majid6 dagar sedan
    • cope

      vegasuvegasu5 dagar sedan
  • My guy your taking quotes from salahudeen take quotes from Hadiths and you say that the people saw the pigs rolling around in mud and their own poo as if people made the rules and told Muslims not to eat pork however god made the rules so pls don’t do this ever

    saif majidsaif majid6 dagar sedan
  • Islam is the truth Alhamdrulliah..

    HardsurfaceHardsurface6 dagar sedan
  • You are what you eat.

    Gaurav ThakurGaurav Thakur6 dagar sedan
  • Hello im a muslim, in the quran and hadiths, i never come across that pork cannot be eaten due to its unclean (other muslims pls correct me if im missing smtg). The safest statement that i can give u is, we dun eat pork because its the instruction from our god, Allah

    Cydzer LightCydzer Light6 dagar sedan
    • @George He Edits also, if u come to a situation where u have to eat it (not because u want to) for survivability for example in a jungle and u only encounter wild boars, then u are allowed to it as stated in the Quran

      Cydzer LightCydzer Light6 dagar sedan
    • hm.. how dumb.

      George He EditsGeorge He Edits6 dagar sedan
  • In ancient times, pork went off really quickly in hot climates, plus there are a number of parasites in pork that weren’t good

    Johnathan SturricJohnathan Sturric6 dagar sedan
    • Also, in every other animal

      Badia J.Badia J.6 dagar sedan
  • Comparing the pig with man I would say that MAN can be a very dirty animal too: some people eat snakes, ants, rats, dogs, cats, frogs, grasshoppers, etc. The bad habits of pig eating is not global or the normal. Raised pigs eat decent food like corn, flour, whey, leftover vegetables and food. The corrals are cleaned and washed weekly so, I would say that pigs have a bad reputation due to the laziness of the people who keep them. If your pork recipes get less attention must due to the kind of your followers or the recipes are not to their liking, but this video was interesting.

    Neli BorbaNeli Borba6 dagar sedan
  • Complete pigshit

    Engr.M WaqasEngr.M Waqas6 dagar sedan
  • God said: its unclean! Don't eat it! I saw worms and parasites crawling out the flesh. Sorry, no THANK YOU😂

    King MufasaKing Mufasa6 dagar sedan
  • I hate to be the one to tell ya but pork roundworms can be so tiny that the fda can't even detect them and there are also other types of worms that go undetected...and,God doesn't ban foods that are healthy so if the bible,the Quran and the Torah ALL say do not eat pork-just don't eat it! God knows what we do not,therefore the ban on pork is for our safety! Just don't eat the damn pork don't try justifying why it's prohibited...

    Tara AdnanJDTara AdnanJD6 dagar sedan
    • So we should all just listen to some magic man in the sky? Instead of debunking what the actual truth is?

      Anonymous UserAnonymous User6 dagar sedan
  • Wow you are one smart son of a _____ Subscribed

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  • Pork meat removes your jealousy.

    GambaGamba6 dagar sedan
  • I know for one thing there's no such thing as ancient Middle easterners since the middle easterners invaded that land right around the time your people invaded this land it would sound crazy to speak on ancient Americans 😂😂😂 Silly rabbit😂😂

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  • Yummy pork

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  • I almost fell asleep

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  • Adam, please save it🙏. Is it safe to eat or not?

    dek koonerdek kooner6 dagar sedan
    • It is

      JellyJackyJellyJacky6 dagar sedan
  • Here in the highlands, Northern Philippines, we Igorot butcher pigs for every occasion. Chickens or other birds don't cater for crowds so pig is much more economical than cows or carabaos. Dogs are usually taken with alcohol. Sheeps and goats are for special occasions. Yum!

    Jack BalitokJack Balitok6 dagar sedan
  • you dont eat pigs you dont know what is the real god's creation. we ate pork for generations and we live longer than you. go figure.

    Spike TwoSpike Two6 dagar sedan
  • Do you believe in God, dude? So when your God say DONT , wht will u do? Obey or not? Muslims dont eat pork because we believe in our God. And we dont need to ask why. Just obey. Got it!? Fuck!

    Xc900Xc9006 dagar sedan
    • you're a fucking idiot

      RazzRazz6 dagar sedan
  • All animals are good and have their purpose. doesn't mean we should eat everything.

    TothetopTothetop6 dagar sedan
    • @Johnny Z'Salt - My original statement didn’t have anything to do with the Bible. Anonymous user took it there and I was able to provide him direction. It’s called being educated in multiple facets. Sorry talking about the Bible makes you sensitive. Why shouldn’t you eat pork? Majority of the cuts of meat are unhealthy as they’re high in saturated fats, sodium and the organ meat carries diseases. Not to mention they’ll eat anything under the sun. Rotten meat, veggies and feces. Better?

      TothetopTothetop5 dagar sedan
    • @Tothetop You aren't making any points. You are pointing to words in a book written and tainted by mankind for a couple millennia. The bible is not a source of proof. Do you have any other arguments that don't use the theory of religion as a basis for fact?

      Johnny Z'SaltJohnny Z'Salt5 dagar sedan
    • @Anonymous User - First, God says we shouldn’t eat everything not me (like I didn’t make it up). And I just gave you 2 reasons. Do your DD and read all of Leviticus.

      TothetopTothetop6 dagar sedan
    • ​@Tothetop Your argument said that we shouldn't eat everything but I'm struggling to find out why you can eat certain food but not others.

      Anonymous UserAnonymous User6 dagar sedan
    • @Anonymous User - Of course it’s a valid argument. If you had understanding though, you’d know it has to do with God’s cleanliness law. We’re not supposed to eat land animals who eat carrion and blood. As we’re called to not eat carrion or blood.

      TothetopTothetop6 dagar sedan
  • Seems pigs would rather be citizens of Islamic countries than Christian countries if they had a choice

    SingingEatingLoving ProfileSingingEatingLoving Profile6 dagar sedan
  • Are u kidding me? Pure example of leave the books go out and see how pigs live. I have a video and i seen so many time pigs eating s**t

    舉動現代的舉動現代的6 dagar sedan
  • Things are very clear and that goes for all animals, because they are killed, stabbed and butchered all the while enduring most cruel of circumstances. If it were humans it click imstantly but that is speciism at its best. We don’t need any meat and the food is much healthier, cheaper, sustainable and most of all nobody had to die a cruel death for others pleasure. Many people thank God are waking up to the fact.

    TariqsloTariqslo6 dagar sedan
  • @Adam Ragusea, my impression is that you have not asked Muslim/Jewish scholars. And with that, you based this video on an incomplete picture of their laws and their connection to other laws; resulting again in smearing Islam/Juadism, even though I believe that you meant well. Let me try to explain how I understand one of the reasons for the prohibition of eating pork. To prevent discussions about which research is correct or not aspect, as you clearly stated in your video about some researchers being biased, I will keep to something that is irrefutable: As you mentioned in the video, blood contains most of the negative substances. The Abrahamic faiths subscribe the believers the most humane way of slaughtering animals to inflict minimal pain and to ensure that the least amount of blood remains (hygienics). This method requires a single swift back and forth of the knife severing the artery in the neck. As a result, the animals feel nothing, while at the same time, this method leaves the least amount of blood, since the heart pumps out the blood. This method cannot be done on pigs due to their high percentage of fat surround their necks. This in effect, means that pigs cannot be slaughtered without causing pain and so it is not allowed to slaughter them and therefore eat them. Please do your own research and rectify your video.

    racmaximusracmaximus6 dagar sedan
  • i don’t think I could handle a life without bacon or ham. it’s so fucking good. anyways I think it’s pretty clear that all religions are full of human made laws that don’t really make a lot of sense or come from origins that are confusing and maybe arent relevant anymore.

    sammy soppysammy soppy6 dagar sedan
    • Its still relevant and no human dont make those laws

      Oscar RickyOscar Ricky5 dagar sedan
  • People think pork is dirty, just remember farmed fish live in their own waste and eat chemical laced fish food that causes health problems in humans.

    RainshadowsRainshadows6 dagar sedan
    • So does non farmed fishes, they swim on the same water they wastes. That doesnt mean they have any effects on human health. And no, not all fish food will cause human health problems. If they do then who on earth will consume farmed fish and why fish farm exist in the first place?

      Oscar RickyOscar Ricky5 dagar sedan
  • TLDR : haraam

    Akshay KumarAkshay Kumar6 dagar sedan